Monday, 20 April 2009

Sarah Palin discovers the obvious

Sarah Palin finally appointed a Democrat to the vacant Alaska Senate seat, ending weeks of extremely childish behaviour by the governor, who was happily playing political games at the expense of Juneau voters.

In this long process, she tried to turn the law upside down, received dodgy advice from her "Attorney General" and insulted the intelligence of the Senate Democrats by appointing people who had only very recently become "Democrats". Sarah Palin tried everything to have her own way, all her appointments going against the wishes of the local Democratic party.

This is what she had to say when the matter was resolved:

"It became more and more obvious that the Senate Democrats were looking for someone that was going to be acceptable by the local Democrat party."

Duh? Wasn't it obvious from the start? Did she really expect them to accept a Republican?

If things were reversed, I don't think a Democrat would have been acceptable to the local "Republic" party...

ADN article


The Dame said...

She is quick to pick up on things isn't she. . .geez

Ennealogic said...

Gah, did she really say that!? She can't be that dumb. Seriously, she's crazy, but she's not that dumb.

Emily said...

What is it with these conservat Republics calling their opponents the Democrat party?

As for Palin's apparent surprise at the Democrats wanting a Democrat, I suppose that's her magical thinking at work again.

Daisydem said...

To Ennealogic: yes, I am afraid she is.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Doesn't Alaska state law dictate that the state senator or representative appointed to fill a vacant seat must come from the same party as the person who left? What part of that does GINO not understand?

Also, if enough of us start calling Republicans "members of the Republic party," maybe they'll catch on. But I doubt it. Too subtle?

basheert said...

From the Politico article:

She has the experience of a bowling alley waitress....

MORON doesn't do her justice. She is just plain STUPID - she didn't like BethK because BethK is smart - she has an actual "resume" with "qualifications" - and she wanted her own person there so she could control the seat.

Politico now suggests that Democrats should contribute to SarahPac because it will rip the Repigs in two.

A thought?

get real said...

Wow. Just wow.

Palin is breathtakingly ignorant!

Recall. Impeach.

basheert said...

But then we will miss the fun of watching her head explode!

No seriously, think about this. SP is rapidly becoming a HUGE liability to the Republics. Again, her SPac is siphoning DOLLARS that the Republics need and as Newt says (oh great we are listening to a lizard), she is "unelectable".

Therefore she will be set up. C'mon guys we've made it this far. What WILL the nasty Republics do to their BrainDeadBarbie?

No clue but she's going down because the Republics do not waste dollars on losers ... (heh heh)

CrabbyPatty said...

Leave it to Palin to turn a fairly simply appointment into a bloodbath that exhausted the last little bit of political goodwill she might have had left.

And when will she learn that her press releases always BLAMING someone are getting very old? Apparently, it's the fault of the Democrats that they were looking for ...... a Democrat?

Anonymous said...

I finally watched some clips from Sarah's Indiana speech-- the Alaska Geography lesson. I think that a fourth grader could have handed in a better geography report, and delivered it better. She was ill-prepared, read badly from a script (what, no teleprompter?), and talked much too fast. Her makeup was awful and the lighting was worse. What a difference it makes-- the McCain handlers, make up artists, someone else's well crafted speech, a little rehearsal. Shows that she can't do it on her own. It might have played well in Alaska, but now its just laughable. Add to the mix all of her recent disasters: no to the Attorney General, the stimulus, her legislative flubs and so on. It was probably easy to govern Alaska when times were good and there was no national attention-- in those days, a wink wink and you betcha worked. Now, it's a little tired. So taking a cue from Regina's last post, "What will Sarah Palin do next?" I'm thinking that she'd better work on getting her act together-- the trouble with the beauty pageant circuit is that there is always someone younger, cuter, smarter, more talented coming up. We should all be cheering for her; she drives the Republicans so far right that they'll have no attraction to middle, those Soccer Moms, Regan Democrats, moderates, anyone.

Anonymous said...


Just had to say - DITTO to all comments above.

You routinely come up with the greatest pictures and graphics of Scarah, but this one is my very favorite. Still laughing. Perfect picture of her craziness.

Thanks so very much for all you do for us! ....Kat

Anonymous said...

It's "THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY." Do adjectives allude her, also, too, along with predicates and subjects? Has Palin never studied grammar? Palin is an embarrassment and a retroLimbot.

Lee323 said...

Excellent post, Regina.

Palin never fails to express herself miserably but...I think she held the senate seat over the heads of the Democrats in order to get other things she wanted from the legislature in the waning days of the session. Her machinations came off clumsy and manipulative, as usual. Didn't do her PR status any good at all.

lisabeth said...

Great comments and post!!! And that photo makes me gag!!! What the H is wrong with her supporters??? Seriously! Are they stupid or just blinded by their anti womens choice agenda?

Anonymous said...

AKM explained over at Mudflats that unless a replacement were appointed and confirmed by the end of the session, there would have to be a special election and Kerttula would win it. Unable to give the real reason, Palin was left with a dumb one.

Of course, if she were really bright, she'd have played the game a couple of moves in advance. So she's dumb, but not that dumb.

Anonymous said...

Everybody Run
Barbie's got a gun