Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sarah Palin plays hard to get

I'm having trouble remembering all the events Sarah Palin didn't or will not attend. I managed to make a list of five events, together with the excuses she used to decline invitations.

1. In January 2009 Sarah said she was too busy governing Alaska and couldn't go to the RNC winter jamboree. Then she showed up at the Alfalfa Club dinner. On the same weekend, Sarah had a private dinner with dog killer-Jew counter Fred Malek.

2. In February she was still busy governing and didn't attend the CPAC convention.

3. In March she declined an invitation to a GOP dinner on June 8 because of the legislative session. The session ended on April 18.

4. In early May the floods in Alaska prevented Sarah from attending the White House Correspondents dinner and an event to promote Alaska seafood. The First Dud attended both events in her place.

5. In mid May, another no show at the NRA banquet, where she was going to be presented with a state-of-the-art customized AR-15 assault weapon. This time Sarah is not busy governing, there are some family commitments stopping her from going to the banquet.

The one event she attended was the Evansville anti-abortion banquet, where she gave the famous "choice" speech. That was on April 16, in the last days of the legislative session.


MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Fine work on this timeline, as always, Regina. I'm still seething over SP's association--of all the people in the Washington, D.C. area--with Fred Malek. Not only was he a Hitler Youth as a boy, but yes, he did have an official role in Nixon's White House "counting Jews" in the media and government.

I hope I never meet Malek, because I would probably punch him in the snoot. This would mortify my children.

Anonymous said...

Did you see this article?

It says the Alaska "Attorney Generals Office" approved this book. I thought there wasn't an Attorney General there? There is only the acting one APPOINTED by Palin. Is this ridiculous or what?

I agree its time for people to start writing to federal offices. People here say they are writing CREW and the FBI but I would add the FEDERAL Attorney General to the list. What a crooked mess it is in Alaska. Does she appoint everyone? No wonder no one will say anything about the truth around babygate. They don't want to lose their jobs.

Anonymous said...


I found a new site that actually initiates lawsuits pertaining to separation of church and state. Yes, my bad...I emailed them your post with the monies to the Juneau Christian Center listed asking them to check the post, particularly the $25,000 amount and what it was for. I was so excited I found the site; hope that was okay.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Their mission: Americans United (AU) is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to preserving the constitutional principle of church-state separation as the only way to ensure religious freedom for all Americans.

Maybe a couple of other folks sending the information will spark an interest. I saw several current lawsuits they initiated listed on their site.


lisabeth said...

Hey anonymous, that was a GREAT FIND! I am going to look into it and try to send a letter. I am not sure exactly what to include though. I think I can figure it out though. How do we show that she definitely gave that money to those relgious organizations? She needs a huge lawsuit and more to stop her. GREAT FIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

regina said...


Have a look at the Religiongate posts. There's a lot of stuff there, in terms of evidence, loads of links. Just click on Religiongate from the list of "gates" on the sidebar.


lisabeth said...

I am having trouble reaching the site. I think a good thing to send them in mail (which is what I will do) is a copy of the letter she wrote to legislatures and a sum of the amounts we know of. Are you sure that is the right website?

I am paranoid about writing too much on here for some reason. I am sure Palin has spies. I think we need to get a large group of people sending letters to these various groups. Thanks for doing your post on where to send things. I just want to be sure to send the RIGHT things and not "frivolous" (HAHA) information and certainly nothing "malicious"
Just the facts!

Her most illegal offenses I think are religiongate and housegate. Also how everyone is appointed by her, but this is not illegal. Who the heck set up Alaska this way? Citizens need to write letters to your representatives telling them this needs to change. The AG should be elected and the personnel board should not be appointed by Sarah. Something much more objective needs to be put in place. It is obvious these people they are hiring or going to dismiss everything, whether it is frivolous or not.

lisabeth said...

Regina, I will include all of that, thank you. Does it say on there how you know she gave those exact amounts?
I'll look again. What do you think of the idea of writing up some "talking points" with references to give to people who would like to send letters.
I subscribe to some Democratic groups that do this and it makes it simple. They send the talking points and a list of who to send letters to. Letters are better then emails I think, but I am not sure. Just an idea.
Your list plus newspapers and media contacts. We could have a whole list of who to send the letters to and "talking points" with info on each thing. I don't know if you have time for this of course! If I can find some time, I can try to write this up and send it to you but I am about to go on vacation.
You do so much already. This just came to mind as an idea I thought I would mention it. People on other forums are all saying they are going to write letters, if we had a big organized effort it could be really effective. Of course some C4P or Sarah lover will see this, but oh well, this isn't my real name!

LisanTX said...

anon. at 14 May 2009 14:24--

There is a great article about this on Celtic Diva's blog. The acting AG is ignoring (1) the code of ethics, (2)advisory opinions of the prior AG, and (3)ethics documents each Exec. branch employee gets upon beginning employment!!

See the article about the Dept. of Law being the puppet of Palin:

Anonymous said...

OzMudflats has a fun parody of the Preamble to the Constitution--see "We the Sheeple"