Saturday, 6 June 2009

Britain’s Got Talent.

Britain has a hot politician too! Red seems to be a theme with "femme fatale" types. Ms Flint is unhappy, though...

Gordon Brown made it through the most tumultuous 24 hours in recent political history yesterday – only to be knifed by a jilted minister.

Caroline Flint put herself at the head of the campaign to oust the Prime Minister after her gamble to hold out for a better job backfired.

Flouncing out of Government, the glamorous Europe Minister aimed a stiletto heel at her boss by accusing him of using her simply as ‘female window-dressing’.

I think Caroline Flint should ask for Sarah Palin's advice about red shoes. The ones she's wearing don't really go with the dress, they're the wrong red.


Anonymous said...

Ms Flint, should never have openly staed her most fervent support of Brown the night before. If she wished to be seen as a serious politician, she should never have agreed to the "glam" photo-shoot.

She was absolutely outflanked over Europe on Question Time last week.

I agree about the shoes - what is it about red shoes and daft/dumb wanna be femal leaders eh?

Josephine (East Sussex, UK)

regina said...

Welcome Josephine!

I was very irritated by Caroline Flint on Question Time. She came across as very arrogant.

By posing for the glam shoot, she labelled herself as female window dressing, no?

Women can look presentable without having to resort to overtly sexy attire.

They can't have it both ways. Looking "hot" is distracting and doesn't add one iota to their CV.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no prude and don't think they should wear burkhas, they can dress as they wish in their private lives.

But if they want to compete with other politicians, male or female, by resorting to sex-appeal, they come across as unprofessional.

People can look well turned-out without flashing their assets!



MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Regina, regarding our SP footwear vigil, I keep hearing an early Elvis Costello song, whose refrain goes, "Red shoes! The angels wanna wear my red shoes! Red shoes!" Has that ever happened to you?