Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sarah Palin's Valley: fox guarding the henhouse, transparency, teflon, no wrongdoing. Sounds familiar?

On May 23 I wrote a post about Sarah Palin's Valley friends.

The executive director of the Wasilla Chamber of Commerce, Cheryl Metiva, had allegedly "inappropriately spent" money for personal expenses and without board approval.

Five board members resigned over the dodgy affair. (Some people have principles...)

The rest of the board, however, voted unanimously to keep Cheryl Metiva as executive director.

ADN reported a couple of days ago:

Board member Mike Gabel at a chamber meeting Tuesday said the board had voted unanimously to retain Cheryl Metiva as executive director in light of the results of an internal review.

He said it would be inappropriate to hold Metiva solely responsible for those expenses. He also said the total amount of the expenditures was "not significant" and was not to blame for the chamber's current financial crunch.

In an interview later, Gabel declined to provide the total amount of Metiva's expenses or give a ballpark figure. At the meeting, he asked three chamber members who are licensed financial professionals to volunteer to review the books.

It looks like Sarah Palin has taken the Valley code of conduct and extended it to the state. If we substitute the names and some words in the paragraphs above, they read exactly as some of the stories about Sarah Palin's ethics complaints...


Anonymous said...

As always, great picture!

It wouldn't surprise me if within the next decade we see a made for TV mini-series about the doings of the Palin/Heath/Johnson family. I think Celtic Diva should be played by Gillian Anderson, because she is a such a convincing redhead.

Anyway, on topic, sadly for Alaska, it look as though putting a little something extra from the kitty in your own pocket is considered business as usual.

It is disturbing to me that no dollar figure was divulged. $10? $100? Several hundred? Several thousand? Why hasn't she apologized and at least started to pay the amount back?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Why are we "shocked"???
These "valley" people are all her Wasilla Bible church friends! Ya know "Family values" Xtian values!
It is the fox guarding the henhouse literally, that's why the 5 resigned.They are rats on a sinking ship, they others, are probably guilty as well, of course they won't vote her out.
Change is coming to the valley. Looks like GINO won't be around much longer...

KaJo said...

One wonders if the 5 board members who'd resigned, had stayed -- would this Wasilla Chamber of Commerce fraud business have a different, just, appropriate ending?

Or were they threatened into silence, thus into exile?

Anonymous said...

Alaska chose.
Alaska needs to clean up it's own mess.