Saturday, 27 June 2009

Does this explain Sarah Palin's whining?

Someone believes Sarah Palin's problems may be simpler than we thought.

WWW. GOP12.COM a republican website attacked Dr. Burton S. Schuler, a foot specialist of Panama City, Fl about a comment he made concerning Gov. Sarah Palin and a medical condition she has, known as the Morton's Toe.

According to Dr. Schuler the website, published a photo, on June 11, 2009 showing Gov. Palin having an long second toe, which according to Schuler is the hallmark of a Morton's Toe.

Dr. Schuler knows what he is taking about. He is a leading expert on the Morton's Toe and it complications and the author of the new book Why You Really Hurt: It All Starts In The Foot, the story of the Morton's Toe. He feels that Gov. Palin, just like anyone else with a Morton's Toe maybe hurting, and under some abnormal stress because of it.

"It has been well documented, in numerous medical journals, and textbooks, for over 80 years, that a Morton's Toe can cause many painful conditions of not only the foot but the whole body. The larger question is can the pain and suffering caused by a Morton's Toe be so severe that it causes a person to temporary loose perspective. Schuler states this is in response to Palin reaction to David Letterman's bad joke about her daughter."

OK, so her toes cause problems. But I think her main problem lies much further up...

(H/T to Dianne)



onejrkitty said...

I think we really lower our own bar when me make comments on her manicure--I see no problem with white tips and don't see why it is considered "slutty"--Shannyn Moore admits to have a "french manicure" as well.

Her Morton's toe is not something she has any control over and to focus on it is small. The good doctor Schuler seems over the top himself to even imply that it could hurt so much it would influence one's thinking. He is looking for HIS 15 mintues of fame.

There is so much wrong with Palin--we do not need to stoop to her level in criticizing her.

We hurt our own validity when we get this petty.

Now the design on the big toe (fine in private--not in public) in an open toed shoe when you know you are being photographed is just the hill billy in her.

Criticize her for being inappropriate in appearance on the national stage and cite the big toe design is fine.

But to bring up a physical attribute over which she has no control is just wrong.

PLEASE do NOT put me in this position again i.e having to "defend" Palin.

regina said...


I have this Morton's Toe myself and don't have any other problems.

The point of the post is not to attribute her problems to her toes or other physical features. I don't know if toe problems can cause so much pain as to cloud anybody's judgement.

It's a tongue-in-cheek post which gave me the opportunity to point out that her main problem is the way she thinks, not toes, toenails or French manicures.

Please read the last sentence again:

"But I think her main problem lies much further up..."


Anonymous said...

Oh man would you just STFU onejrkitty. Your messages telling people what they should or should not say are getting really annoying. It's reginas blog so she can say what she wants. if you don't like it start your own damn blog where u can control what is said

Anonymous said...

Onejrkitty, your whole post was just fine, I thought...till the last part. Suggesting what people focus on and talk about, from a strategic standpoint? Fine.
But telling us not to put you in this position again? Not so fine.

Best advice I ever got on emails applies to blog posts, too: Stop and read it before you send it, especially if you are upset. Usually that keeps me from confusing my message with my emotions.


Anonymous said...

Regina, for what it's worth, I recognized your post immediately as "satire."

Maybe someone should create an irony/humor/comedy/satire/parody quiz, so that we can get people some help if they are irony-challenged! We need to identify these folks who can't recognize humor and get them the HELP they need. Their Rx: to laugh! So let's get them laughing!! ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Maybe everyone is just so frustrated with Palin getting away with so much, they have lost their sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Sarah has Morton's toe. I think that the tip of her big toe was cut off in a Moose Hunting Accident. Or maybe by a runaway snow machine.

I don't think that she displays good taste in wardrobe when she dresses herself. I don't care if the T-shirt and pants were supposed to be government issue. She's not One of the Boys (and Girls); she is acting as Governor and should wear proper business attire like the Minister did. When Stephen Colbert went to Iraq, he wore a handsome tailored suit made from camouflage fabric; he looked sharp.

Besides, she's been photographed in that ratty T-shirt before. I'm glad they gave her a new one for her collection of tacky outfits.

Besides, it's not her toe that is giving her hissy-fits right now. She is wondering how long Michael Jackson and Governor Sanford are going to hog her spotlight. Next thing you know, some guy in Iran will make a speech and steal her limelight again. Sarah is now secretly whispering under her breath, "Don't make me go to Iran! I don't even want to go back to New York again!"

Ella said...

one jerk kitty - for the record re this statement:
"I see no problem with white tips and don't see why it is considered "slutty"--Shannyn Moore admits to have a "french manicure" as well."
A french manicure is clear polish with white tips, very clean/classy look. SP has red toes with some kind of design on big toe (AK flag?) and LOL, I DO NOT KNOW WHY I CARE ABOUT THIS AT ALL!

Anonymous said...

People? PEOPLE!!! We're starting to feed on each other. I suspect a Palinbot is near and sucking the life out of us. Altogether now. 1, 2, 3 OOOHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Thank you, thank you. Please no applause. (bows and leaves)

womanwithsardinecan said...

As long as we are actually talking about the Morton's Toe, instead of Regina's satire, it can be fixed with surgery (the toe,not Regina's satire). I have a friend who just had the surgery done a few days ago. Now can we go back to the satire? Just askin'. also too.

betty said...

Onejrkitty says:
"We hurt our own validity when we get this petty."
I agree. But, I guess it is just our method of comic relief during much frustration at SP getting away with serious, damaging actions.

sandra said...

As a Dietitian, I usually suggest sauteed liver for irony deficiency.

KaJo said...

The problem is actually "Morton's neuroma", and as the word suggests, it's a growth of the nerve -- which is indeed painful and nearly always needs surgery.

And indeed, onejrkitty, take a chill pill -- this isn't the first time you've tried to hammer a fellow commenter on someone else's blog.

If Regina doesn't like it, she has options. So do you.

basheert said...

...and speaking of "sense of humor":

basheert said...

WWSC: HILARIOUS - good grief! No one can fix Reggie's sense of's totally in tact.

Then there is megasaurous (rhymes with Stegasaurous and is just as dumb and nasty).

GinaM said...

Great smackdown of GINO in the comments section at the Alaskan Standard blog. It’s an alaskan conservative site but Dan Fagan is no fan of GINO. Post titled “Is Sarah Palin neglecting family for career?” Here’s the link:

PS. Syrin has some interesting comments herself.

Michelle said...

I have Morton's toe - I was always told it was a sign of "Royalty" ha ha, it always made me feel better when I was in that self-conscious teenage stage.

Now, if it causes PAIN, that's a different story. Foot pain is deadly, it can really mess everything up.....that said, I agree with Regina, I think the problem lies much further up!

trish in SW FL said...

Michelle, you said it before I could!

It seems to be a trait in my family, on Mom's side. Lots of us have that longer 2nd toe, and we were always told it was a sign of royalty! Sure did boost our egos, LOL!

Now, in the case of GINO...I agree with Regina--her problem definitely lies MUCH further up!

AKPetMom said...

Sarah probably has tatoos as well. That would be just like the hillbilly in her.

onejrkitty said...

Funny how people complain that I tell them what to say or not say and then tell me to "stfu."

Now how is that for 1) rude and 2) telling ME what to say/not say.

Hypocritical? You betcha !

onejrkitty said...


Without body language, inflection, tone, facial expression, sarcasm, tongue-in-cheek, facetious expression can be hard to pick up.

I too think Palin's problems like "farther up."

Oh, and to the other poster, I did comment on Palin's inappropriate-in-public-if-you-are-going-to-be-photographed big toes. Looks like maybe you did not real my entire post before commenting.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Regina, can you get in touch with Gryphen ASAP and let him know there is something wrong with his site, Internet Explorer keeps kicking it off.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

PLEASE do NOT put me in this position again i.e having to "defend" Palin."
Sorry I didn't see Regina asking for your opinion, or defense of GINO.
Why are you always trying to tell people what to say or do? It really tiresome & rude of you.
Someone said take a chill pill, yes and a cup of STFU too!

trish in SW FL said...

ProChoiceGrandma, I was having problems there too, with IE. Using firefox seems to have fixed it. Not sure what the problem is, but I know others were having problems too?

basheert said...

I have had constant problems with Gryphen's site. I am running Firefox on a MacbookPro. I am always getting shut down.
This does not happen on any other site.

OK OK OK:::::::I admit it. I have a French manicure and have my nails done every two weeks....

ARE YOU ALL HAPPY??????????????????

(sob sob sob) - I CONFESS...


ProChoiceGrandma said...

Basheert, I am exuberant! Can hardly wait for Regina's next post!

Can you imagine what Letterman can do with this?? He of course must come out as OUTRAGED that anyone claims his pregnancy was a hoax, and show the BIRTH CERTIFICATE to prove he gave birth last year.

sandra said...

We should be more careful about criticizing nail jobs and tatoos. These really are very cultural and not a reason to vote for someone. I recently was on a trip with people from all over the United States. We compared our wardrobes and make up and realized we were products of our recent environment. A lot of this boils down to wearing white shoes after Labor Day stuff.

FEDUP!!! said...

Basheert: I have problems there, too, but in the way that I cannot cut/paste ANYTHING onto/from his response site. It has been going on for more than a month by now, and I have contacted him several times, but he cannot/does not do anything. It is very frustrating, because I have had some good responses from online sources to several of his topics, but they were way too long to type, so I simply did not respond.
I use Firefox, and have no problems on any other sites either...

AKPetMom said...

Basheert, why aren't you using Safari as the browser on you MacBook Pro? I have a MacBook and have never had any issues when using the Safari browser. Just wanted to share.

KaJo said...

I switched over to Google Chrome browser several months ago, and have had no problem whatsoever with Gryphen's blog ever since.

Before, I was using Microsoft Internet Explorer, which as everyone knows has many issues; and I suffered the same weird problems everyone else has been reporting.

Try Google Chrome if Firefox isn't working for you. I'd say if THAT starts showing problems, Gryphen should maybe get a computer tech to sweep his entire site for nasty little malware bugs.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Basheert:LOL! French mani/pedi?

I've also had problems intermitenly with cut and paste there. I am using Firefox. I think Gryphen has experimented trying his site with another computer IE and Firefox.
I suspect palinbots are loading malware there.
Sometimes I can cut and paste and sometimes not?
I think his is concerned but doesn't want to make to big of a issue about it on the blog ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm Borrowing A Great Quote From The Movie,'Gladiator':

To Pres. Obama On Nov 7,2012:


*****PALIN/RUBIO 2012*****

Anonymous said...

Anon@1:08 - I am borrowing a great quote from "A FEW GOOD MEN":


Obama/Biden forever

Founder of Snarkville said...

@1:08. Have you spoken to Kevin Rubio about this? I don't think he's planning on leaving the NBA.

Anonymous said...

The last thing I want to be concerned aboutis SP's toes.

Also have big problems with Gryphen's site. Use IE 8. this is the only site where I have problems. I think it's some kind of bug too.


womanwithsardinecan said...

Yes, surgery is only needed if a neuroma develops. The long toe can result in extra pressure on the metatarsal (or some similar toey thingy), especially if person wears high heels, which can produce a tumah (said in Ahnold voice). The neuroma tumah (say that fast) can be very painful. The surgery consists of removing the tumah, then cutting out a slice of the morton toe to make it shorter, then stitching the whole thing up. Royalty has now been demoted.
Yes, if I had to listen to this gory description the other night, then you guys do too. Unfortunately, I can probably say, concerning Sarah's brain problem, that it is not a tumah.

Anonymous said...


*****Obama/Biden Forever???*******

I Am Borrowing A Quote From The Movie "Tombstone."


....PALIN/ANYBODY 2012...

Citizen of Snark City said...

As Dorothy says in THE WIZARD OF OZ, and as many good fairy tales end: "There no place like home."

It's gonna be: Palin is a Nobody, 2012. Sorry.

Elephantus non capit murem.

Anonymous said...

Citizen Of Snark City-

As Doc Holiday Says To Johnny Ringo In 'Tombstone':


******PALIN/ANYBODY 2012*******

onejrkitty said...


onejrkitty said...
Funny how people complain that I tell them what to say or not say and then tell me to "stfu."

Now how is that for 1) rude and 2) telling ME what to say/not say.

Hypocritical? You betcha !
28 June 2009 10:33


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...
PLEASE do NOT put me in this position again i.e having to "defend" Palin."
Sorry I didn't see Regina asking for your opinion, or defense of GINO.
Why are you always trying to tell people what to say or do? It really tiresome & rude of you.
Someone said take a chill pill, yes and a cup of STFU too!

28 June 2009 19:53

What's that old song?
"The girl can't help it."

OK, let's try this ONE more time: WHY is it that people who get mad at me for telling them what to say/not say, think it is ok to tell me what to say/not say? And that they are not rude when they use such expressions as STFU?

Really, why use such language?
And why do you speak for Regina, who I am sure can speak ( and did !) for herself?

That's right: "The Girl Can't Help It." LOL LOL LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

I think Sarah's second toe is longer because she sucks it!