Friday, 26 June 2009

Sarah Palin annointed?

Sarah Palin has achieved sainthood and photos of her with her prop Trig are described as iconic, according to her spokesperson. In the last thread, Buffalogal posted a link to an excellent site, where they explore the many ramifications of Sarah Palin's chosen faith. The videos below illustrate some of the articles.

I always find all things related to Sarah Palin's religion very disturbing. Pastor Muthee is particularly sinister. He makes reference to Brazil and how important it is to make inroads into a very Catholic country. I have observed Assemblies of God temples proliferating in Brazil. They target the ignorant and the dispossessed.

Poverty and lack of schooling contribute to a vicious cycle of illiteracy in Brazil. Some areas of Brazil have more than half of the population that cannot write their own name.

That's how these churches assemble their armies. They have rich pickings where ignorance and poor education exist.

Education doesn't appear to be a high priority in Alaska or among some of Sarah Palin's followers elsewhere. Muthee and others like him aim at controlling all aspects of society: goverment, financial institutions, the media and so on...

D. James Kennedy, the evangelical pastor who blessed Bush before his run for president, summed up the essence of the teachings behind the Assemblies of God, its missions and its associates in this quote:

"Our job is to reclaim America for Christ, whatever the cost. As the vice regents of God, we are to exercise godly dominion and influence over our neighborhoods, our schools, our government, our literature and arts, our sports arenas, our entertainment media, our news media, our scientific endeavors -- in short, over every aspect and institution of human society."

The annointing of Sarah Palin should send shivers down our spines. She keeps a fairly low profile regarding her church attendance and allegiances because openly embracing the Pentecostal principles and targets would constitute political suicide. But she's still working at them and she would become bolder if she ever achieved higher office.

If Sarah Palin had been a squeaky clean politician, without any "gates", the religion aspect alone would be more than enough to set the alarm bells ringing...


Buffalgal said...

I agree, Regina - The religion affiliation is the thing that rattles me to my core and is my motivation for working to bring the real Sarah into the light.

The concept of "end times" has been a research topic of mine for many years. In Sept. 2008 , when I first read that she was a member of the Assembly of God , every warning bell in my body went off. I kick myself now for not saving footage and articles that I found early on because some of the good ones disappeared pretty quickly. There are enough left though to make a very, very clear statement about her.

When you read or hear speeches by some of these leaders you can hear Sarah all over the place.

At this point I'm convinced she has no chance for president but I fear her being in any position of power. I have a post that I'll add shortly that shows a bit more of their agenda. Chilling.

I am working on a project that will shed light on this. Hopefully it will launch in a few weeks.

Buffalogal said...

An article about the evolution of the Assemblies of God

**** Unbridled by no denominational accountability, they developed concepts of sinless, sainted, perfect leaders that would themselves become gods or godlike. Others saw themselves as first century apostles leading a reformation, not for the saving of souls, but for temporal power. Many evolved cultic control over members, demanding deep submission to "anointed" leaders.

Ministries were created to penetrate business, church denominations, governments and political parties. Prayer breakfasts have been held at the Pentagon that won over many generals and admirals, for instance. When Sarah Palin was campaigning for Governor, Wasilla Assembly of God held a special service to outline the need to penetrate government, business, media, education and other social sectors and then laid hands on her for winning the election.

Many recruited to the task of being placed in positions were instructed to keep their affiliations and mission secret so that the true scope of the campaign would not be known until they took power. Others went further underground, organizing cell churches to prepare for apocalyptic battle. ****

Scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

That is scary stuff. But Saint Sarah Huntress (or SSH) must be a huge disappointment to them:
1) She has been identified! So nothing she does now will be "under the radar."
2) She is doing a terrible job as governor.
3) She blew her one and only chance at national office.
4) Evidently she is about to undergo some long-rumored major personal/political blow which is going to make her political "poison" for quite some time.
5) Her own party doesn't like her either at the local or national level.
6) Everything she tries to "achieve," the opposite happens.
7) A murdering domestic terrorist has contributed to the "branding" of her admirers as "the lunatic fringe," not "normal people."

If I were in the "Assembly of God movement," I would be looking to find someone else other than Saint Sarah Huntress to fight my "holy wars" now. She has been "compromised." They can continue to pray about it, but the spiritual writing in on the wall. If you can read the "signs" it's time now for someone else to have a "turn."

(Of course, I hope they don't do that, because it is so easy to keep track of people like SSH and Michele Bachmann the way they currently operate.)

Anne Whitney said...

I so agree that SP's religious beliefs are the most dangerous thing about her quest for higher political office!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

My #1 issue about Sarah Palin is her fanatical religious associations. Unlike Buffalogal who has researched for years, I had NO knowledge that these “religions” even existed until I saw the Pastor Muthee video last September on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown. From that moment on, I fact-checked everything that Republicans and Democrats said. The alarm bells continued to mount the more I researched the so-called churches associated with Sarah Palin’s beliefs. Chilling is a gross understatement! Another site that is a good resource is Theopalinism.

My #2 issue about Sarah Palin is babygate only because it showed the “whacko” judgment she employed to fake a pregnancy just to cover-up her 16 yr old daughter’s pregnancy. With that kind of poor judgment, it is evident that she would be unable to handle any kind of national or international crisis. It has become more apparent that she cannot handle any kind of crisis in her own state. She is too busy trying to cover up all of her “gates”.

Once again, Regina, thank you for an incredibly important post. You have an amazing ability to research everything you write and provide the facts and documentation for everyone to see. The Palin cult followers, on the other hand, incessantly repeat the skewed talking points fed to them, well, because someone said so. Sheesh!

basheert said...

Although I find Religiongate the most dangerous thing about SP, I also believe she has been compromised in her quest to rule the world.

Regardless of what her flying monkeys say, SP is NOT popular and many people in the country find her a joke. She is not taken seriously as a candidate for anything and in fact, the Republic party has backed away from her toxic personality.

It doesn't really matter which of her many issues puts a stop to her influence, because whether it is religiongate, babygate, or just her sheer stupidity and lack of tact/ethics/morals, it's working effectively.

Now, it's Alaska's turn. We know what you have on your hands. Don't bother sending her our way. Or we'll kick her political a*s again...happily.

Religiongate is being taken more seriously than anyone really believes. She is a dangerous influence and it won't be allowed to happen in this country. She may resemble Kim Jong Il but unlike N. Korea, her influence will be halted. American's don't like religious fundamental dictators. It will not be tolerated in this country.

Anonymous said...

Having had some experience in the pentecostal community, please know that not all pentecostal churches, in fact most are not rabid in their beliefs about taking over every aspect of the world. They live in accordance to the bible quietly, sharing the gospel to whoever is interested. The "Dominionism" doctrine is not embraced by many pentecostals. In fact, it is warned against, because Jesus said "My Kingdom is not of this world".

Just to clarify that. And, as far as Sarah Palin, it may be hard to know her true motives, but Jesus taught, "by their fruits you will know them", meaning that followers of Christ will be recognized by their love of others and kind actions.

The "iconic" word by Meg Stapleton shows maybe that they are reaching out to this "extreme" christian base. This extreme group feed the Gov. and her entourage with promises of greatness and Queenship, and as evidenced, maybe it is getting to her head. Yes, it is a dangerous thing to believe that a photo of a mortal human and her child are iconic and it's a desecration to manipulate the image. The real problem is the possible mental delusion that the Governor may be experiencing now. This behavior does more to ostracize people from true christians, to distrust them. Her behavior is divisive and not because of the "you will be persecuted for My sake" that Jesus taught, but because she is blindly ambitious and seems to think she is above all accountability. Her persecutions come not from following Jesus, but from hiding and using, and treating others pretty badly.

Buffalogal said...

Anonymous - Point well taken.

I think one of the ways that they cloak and stay under the radar is to allow the illusion that they are Pentecostals or a version thereof. I keep seeing that the subterfuge seems to be very important. They keep the spiritual mapping and conversion at all costs and the really scary "infiltrating of the business, government, etc sectors" under wraps. Thank goodness for the internet!

She is in no way walking the path of Jesus. When I heard her at the rallies I kept thinking, ' What Would Jesus Do? Well sure as heck not THAT!"

ProChoiceGrandma said...

"American's don't like religious fundamental dictators. It will not be tolerated in this country."

However, Basheert, how does one explain that W was in the White House for eight (8) years? In many ways, George W. Bush was a religious fundamental dictator, imposing his beliefs into policies that adversely affected millions of people at home and abroad. The same creeps behind the scenes that put W into position to become President are still lurking out there. I do not believe those puppeteers actually have any religious faith, they just manipulate the "faithful" as useful tools to attain power because the "faithful" have been conveniently brainwashed since childhood and therefore easy prey for money and votes. They recognized how easy it was when televangelist Jimmy Swaggert, etc., bilked millions of dollars out of unsuspecting faithful, often donating their life’s savings. That is when they seized the opportunity to use the same televangelist tactics for the Republican Party. And THAT is when abortion became a political issue. It is all about power, not faith. Once they get into power (and declare wars), their policies can mega-enrich their private enterprises. Cheney and Halliburton comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

You've all made excellent points, and echo my deepest fears about the religious extremists. Regina, thank you so much for continuing to shine the light. With all of SP's many other gates, it seems this one (probably the most dangerous of all) gets overlooked. There seems to be a protective teflon wall around these fanatics because no one has the courage to face up to them and stop them.

What is doubly frightening about SP is her Scientology connections. Their cult has the same goals as the Dominionist Pentacostals - world domination. So she can go either way. Thanks heavens she has so little intelligence, and continues to show her true colors.

You're correct, this isn't about faith - it's about power. SP is power mad and will try to get it anyway she can. She's amply proven she'll use anyone to get what she wants.

I used to have faith in the American people's ability to see through these tactics, but GW's two elections destroyed that. I was elated at Obama's election, but remain skeptical and afraid for him.