Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sarah Palin, always appropriately dressed...

Vice president Joe Biden visited the troops in Kosovo in May. A month later, Gov Sarah Palin decided to visit the troops in Kosovo. One didn't think he had to pretend to be a soldier by wearing a t-shirt and combat trousers. The other....

Pictures (click to enlarge):
Joe Biden posing with soldiers
Sarah Palin meeting with Minister of National Defence Rasa Juknevičienė, of Lithuania.



wes_ben said...

You know I could go along with the causal dress when meeting with our troops, but to disgrace her office and thereby all Americans (i.e. us), is inexcusable. You do not meet with government officials of foreign countries dressed like that. Does she not have a brain in her head??

wes_ben said...

And now that I think about it, didn't the rethugs give Obama a hard time about not wearing a suit coat in the white house???

What a bunch of hypocrites...

basheert said...

Look, she never learned how to be appropriate under any circumstances.

Pond scum always rises to the top.

You can't take the Hillbilly out of S&M Sara. Instead of hitching herself to a STAR, Megasaurus hitched herself to an imploding asteroid.

Then again - we all know what S&M is don't we?

Anne Whitney said...

What is even worse is that she specifically tried to do a backhanded dis of Biden in her speech - specifically pointing out that she had seen photos of Biden all dressed up in her suit - but that she felt more comfortable meeting everyone in her casual wear. I think she was trying to indicate that she was more real and down to earth dressed in her tshirt than the VP in his suit. She would be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Amusing isn't she? She never learned how to talk or act. She doesn't understand language - English - and she just doesn't get that no one is really into her.

She lost the election for John McCain when she opened that uneducated mouth.

Haters never win. There are too few of them around to count. She, Eddie Burke and Meg make an adorable 3-some don't they? Obviously they appeal to each other for some reason.

The rest of us don't care what kind of activities they participate in, in their spare time.

Too bad about Michael Jackson. He really knocked her out of the news didn't he? Too bad he had to die to do it.

She really is a loser and a very sad excuse for a human being.

Anonymous said...

like i said before.. the cult leader has to morph into whatever character she plays next

old weary vets get the peep toe shoes
young soldiers get a fellow soldier
gotcha media gets a school marm

Anne Whitney said...

I hope she felt like an idiot sitting next to the Minister dressed like that, but I doubt it since she is sorely lacking in self-awareness.

sandra said...

What did she learn from her stint as Veep candidate? The great hope is that she could make up for her inexperience by learning, but all the money spent on handlers was wasted.

Maybe her luggage got lost. There must be an explaination.

Anonymous said...

maybe her head got lost?

Anonymous said...

Sandra, yes, the explanation is that she is an idiot. The fools that vetted her are dumber than shit, also, too.

Anonymous said...

The other time that Sarah visited the troops (remember the picture where she is aiming the gun/rifle?) she also wore her best T-shirt.

I know what this picture really says:
"Ever since they took back my $150,000. wardrobe, I don't have anything to wear. Can I use my webathon money to buy a nice outfit?"

Oh, and it's not a sexist comment to remark about her poor choice of clothing. The role model is sitting right next to her. The MSM took note of the fact that Dick Cheney wore a hunting parka when he visited a former concentration camp in Europe. Bad taste is bad taste. And, the hairdo is pretty bad, too, also, therefore.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

The Lithuanian Minister of National Defence: dark, long-sleeved dress, neat hairdo, stockings, check...

GINO: sloppy T-shirt and pants, FRENCH MANICURE ?!!?, check...

Help me out here, girls, isn't that what it's called when the ends of the nails are painted/penciled white on the underside, a French manicure?

What's SP doing over there, anyway? Doesn't she allegedly have a state to govern? A great steaming pile of pending ethics investigations? Ooops, guys, gotta go to Kosovo! I'll get there fast, and then I'll take it slow...

Roget said...

Look, she never learned how to be appropriate under any circumstances.

Pond scum always rises to the top.
Methinks you owe pond scum an apology.

Anonymous said...

Anon @20:02
I'm sure we could all tell her where to find her head.

basheert said...

Roget: You're right - I'd like to issue a formal apology to pond scum everywhere for defaming it by comparing it to nilaP.

Pond scum is vastly superior and far more useful than her.

This example of wearing apparel is proof that she is unfit to be a human being in public. There is no class in this hillbilly (ok, apologies to hillbillies everywhere).

Is there some ridiculous inanimate object that she exemplifies?????

sandra said...

It just came to me. SP is aping Fidel Castro. Remember how he showed that he was one of the "people" by wearing fatigues and letting his beard go wild.

This is the feminine version with t-shirts, hoodies, and ancient hairdos. It may be working. Ordinary people can identify with her. However, how much respect does it earn her?

Anonymous said...

There are alot more pictures of Sarah visiting the Arctic Eagle soldiers in Kosovo at Digital Video & Imagery Distribution System. ( She is wearing the same ratty T-shirt and baggy pants in all of the pictures; she also wears a black jacket in one picture. My guess is that they lost her luggage, or she was told that she could only bring one small bag and her makeup took up all the room.

I am trying to get ahold of their website url, but whenever I try it out, it sends me someplace else.

I found all of these pictures courtesy of our C4P Friends. Scroll down past John Kerry, Hollis French, Palin in Germany and finally near the bottom after her tiresome speech, it reads more here (here is highlighted in blue to make the link) additional photos. I am just not tech smart enough to make a link or direct you there in any other way.

Note to Regina or anyone else: Be sure to save the pictures to add to Sarah's Fashion Faux Pas page. Hurry up before they read this and take in down.

KaJo said...

Basheert said, "This example of wearing apparel is proof that she is unfit to be a human being in public. There is no class in this hillbilly (ok, apologies to hillbillies everywhere)."

Basheert, there is one rung lower on the idiot/hillbilly ladder that she could have stepped down -- wearing one of her "Valley Trash" t-shirts.

Either she forgot it, or the Army base couldn't get one printed up fast enough for her.

Hey....there's an idea...blank t-shirt in that picture just aching for a photoshopped message...

basheert said...

Absolutely and I'm no good at Photoshop altho Wonkette has some FABULOUS stuff up today.

I have a question though???? When she finally does disintegrate, how will be we able to tell?

She's either at the edge of the sanity cliff or stepping over - but with her, it's hard to tell what "insanity" is.

Anonymous said...

If Sarah Palin is dressing like Fidel Castro, does that mean she's a communist? :-)

Anonymous said...

In her soldier costume
I'd like to see her go through true bootcamp
The moment a Sarge told her that her bed wasn't made right she'd go on a mission to "get him"

Could she last a day without her makeup covering up everything and fancy glasses.. Don't think you could wear $700 frames

She's tough.. when it is her gig and people adore her
The soldier costume is a joke

lilmssunshine89 said...

Having done my stint for Uncle Sam, Palin is wearing military issue "grays." I can only assume she is entitled to those as titular "commander-in-chief" of the AK National Guard. In one of the street pictures you can see some soldiers wearing the same thing she is---it's the "off-duty" uniform.

AP reported that the Lithuanian minister asked to meet with Palin and dropped by the base to do so. If that's true and the meeting happened at the camp, then Palin is not embarrassing us too much as that would be proper attire while on base.

Anonymous said...

You know she DOES look like a communist!! Sde is nonverbally saying "I am one of the people."

She runs Alaska as a communist state.

She is against the first ammendment! She is telling her staff to ony send her good news to tweet. She is having someone draft legislation to keep all people quiet about the ethics cases. She has stopped ADN from writing things.

Her focus is on increasing the money coming from Alaskas resources and then dividing the money among everyone who lives in the state.

I could go on and on but there is no question she believes in communism and is a communist

don't y'all think?

Anonymous said...

I really hate her schoolmarm, sexy librarian up do, especially now knowing that most of the hair is fake (extensions).

Sorry to be catty but what decade is that updo from? The 50's or 60's?

the problem child said...

Yes, Mrs. Biscuitbarrel, that looks like a French manicure to me. A favorite of brides and hairdressers across North America. High-end callgirls, also, and perhaps slutty flight attendants. Oh, and apparently far-Northern governors.

Anne Whitney said...

I knew the French manicure was over when my SIL showed up with it on her toes!

Anne Whitney said...

I get the feeling she thinks that if she dresses up as a soldier it counts toward her foreign policy experience.

Anonymous said...

It's her "keeping an eye on Russia from my front porch" outfit...sorta makes it official.

FEDUP!!! said...

Here is a collection of some of her quotes:

mdlw56 said...

wes_ben @ 19:07 & 14 - I totally agree. Casual off-duty attire when the Lithuanian minister was expected showed disrespect to "out of town company!" As a political official from Alaska, a suit would have been expected.

Joe Biden dressed in his regular attire; ol' GINO's working an illusion. Methinks she is going for that folksy look. You know, I'm one of you, he's one of the elite. Clothes won't change her principalities. God always looks at the heart.

I loved Colbert's suit he wore while in Iraq! What class!

midnightcajun said...

The fact that she went trotting over their on Biden's heels shows just how mad she still is that she didn't become VP. She must have thought she was parachuting into a war zone or something. The People of Kosovo are very proud of their rebuilding efforts; for her to go over their dressed the way she did must have infuriated and shamed them. She has humiliated all Americans with her ignorance and lack of sensitivity.

I love the Castro reference, but I'm convinced Sarah is too ignorant to know anything about him. If she's imitating him, she doesn't know what she's doing. She's a natural born fake.

Anne Whitney said...

New SP tweet - apparently she's visiting Landstuhl now - "Sacrificial soldiers who fought for freedom put it all in perspective: time/resources wasted on pettiness is futile- ask what really matters" - is she calling our military "sacrificial soldiers"?

Anonymous said...

She should talk about time wasted on pettiness!! She is a very petty person!! And vindictive! I bet she is talking about everything on the Internet. She probably makes her staff report back to her.

Sacrificial soldiers? What an IDIOT! And I am so tired of her talking about freedom. It is such bullshit coming from her.

Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering WHY she was on the base for so long. That just isn't done either. Hiding???

My wv is appropriately "dress." LOL! When will she learn to DRESS? LOL


Anonymous said...

lilmssunshine89, "the meeting happened at the camp, then Palin is not embarrassing us too much as that would be proper attire while on base."
I disagree.
First, she is not an "off-duty" soldier by any definition, at any time. She is the Governor of the State of Alaska, and has no record of military service.
Meeting with the Lithuanian Defence Minister, a NATO official, she should wear civilian attire appropriate to the occasion - respectful to the office of the person that she's meeting with, respectful to the administration that she is directly representing, and very important - respectful to the troops that are watching her in a 'commanding officer' role.
In that role, she should consider the military dress code REQUIRED of her troops. At no time would off-duty fatigues be appropriate.

If she's going to play the military card, then she needs to kit herself out with formal dress uniform - black skirt below the knee, white blouse buttoned to the neck, hose, flat black shoes, and hair in a bun.

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, it appears that none of the Heaths and Palins have done military service.

Track would be the first.

regina said...


Some people disagree with highlighting Sarah Palin's dress sense and think it's petty, etc.

I'm far from conventional, but we live in a society where certain rules apply.

There have been politicians who broke with the rules and came across as eccentrics, but if we look back, they had prodigious brains and foresight. Dress codes became irrelevant.

In Sarah Palin's case, a prodigious brain is out of the question and all she has to offer are tired soundbites and general ignorance. She has not earned the license to buck the trend. She chops and changes, ranging from Valley trash to slick (when supervised) to hot or role playing in army fatigues.

If she wore shell suits and sneakers all the time, she would make a stronger statement and would be accepted as being unconventional. The trouble is, she doesn't have anything substantive to say, she would be just an empty shell suit...

I would welcome the day when substance is more important than style, but until then, we do play by the rules, specially in public life. It will take somebody much, much superior to Sarah Palin to bring these changes about. She simply doesn't cut the mustard.


Anonymous said...

Look What The 'PEACE,LOVE AND WOODSTOCK' Generation's 'Morphed Into:

Something From A Bizzaro Unpublished Hunter Thompson Novel:


I Hate...Hate..HATE!!!

------Have A Nice Day!-------

******PALIN/LIZ CHENEY 2012*******

Gary said...

You poor pathetic losers!

You are so freakin' jealous of Palin you can't stand yourselves. She is everything you will never be:

Incredibly successful, incredibly brilliant, and incredibly beautiful!

Palin is CIC of the Guard. It's pretty legit for her to go visit her people. Which is why she went. And she has Maj Gen Craig Campbell in tow.

BTW, this is what the General thinks of Palin as C-I-C

Then she went of to Germany to visit wounded troops.

The Chicago street thug blew the troops off when he was in Germany. He was to busy apologizing to the world.

It says something about what pathetic losers people like you are to follow a total asshat like Obama.

For your viewing pleasure:

You guys are so pathetic. Just angry loser liberals. That's OK, you shot your wads with Obama. He has set back your movement 1000 years. Pretty soon a liberal won't be able to show it's face in public because of the humiliation!

Palin/Cheney (Liz) 2012

Anonymous said...

I'm not a liberal. I'm not part of any movement. I might be a loser, can't comment there. : ) Not particularly angry. Always interested in my world.
I am a genuine conservative; not in emotional views, but certainly in government.
I believe in many of the same things that Sarah does, except for the church stuff and science-based things like evolution, global warming and sex education for our teenager.
I was privileged to vote in the Alaska election that earned Sarah the governorship. At that time, my thought was that Sarah could govern Alaska as a fabulous 'breath of fresh air' under two conditions - first, that she REALLY make postive change for Alaska; and second, that she gain a bit of education on all issues and a broader world view and better understand the people that live here in Alaska.
I thought that she might be unsophisticated and a bit 'privileged housewifey', but thought that it really didn't matter and that she could overcome with maturity. I TRULY believed that she was genuine about being open, transparent, honest and accountable. And that was most important to me.
If that had been true, she could have really been a governor to be proud of.

She's betrayed the people in Alaska who voted for her, from every political party.

Every complaint and criticism comes from a place of disappointed hope and jaded experience with Alaska politicians. She's directly responsible for the criticism she receives - it's comment on her actions.

Anonymous said...

Gary, I'm not jealous of Palin. I'm jealous of you. What do you see in her that others do not? Do you have special magical powers? Are you a wizard? Do you surround yourself with icons?

Anonymous said...

@Gary, that 'cuda is one tough old fish!

Anonymous said...

@Gary, quick grammar lesson. Its = possessive. It's = It is.

Anonymous said...

Palin/Liz Cheney 2012? Now that's a 3rd party slate fer sure. Go for it! Romney/Pawlenty would sleep quite soundly if running against Palin/Liz Cheney in the primaries.

anonymous@19:32 said...

Good feedback, Regina.
I've never commented on Palin's appearance before. Frankly, I couldn't care less about French manicures, hair extensions, her shoes, or wearing sweatshirts.
What I do care about is her devisive approach to clothing in general, as part of the pandering. She uses her appearance and her clothing choices for appeal to specific groups. And still, I avoid comment because there are so many out there assessing and evaluating those clothes and styles.
I'm not. I'm interested in how my public officials present themselves at meetings, representing Alaska's administration. And her competency in meeting with international leadership. That's where clothing choices reveal position and send messages.
It's nothing to do with whether or not she's "stylish". I'm perfectly okay with eccentric clothing. I'm not okay with manipulation.

When she presents herself in inappropriate clothing, she's styling herself outside of convention to appeal to us unwashed masses, the commoners, as if we would all do the same.It's insulting.
When she shows up underdressed to a meeting with a dignitary, she's making an open statement that she's unimpressed by the other person's stature, and that the other person isn't important enough to _her_ to care about her presentation.
No different than a job interview or what the pastor wears to church. If I show up to a corporate job interview in a t-shirt and pony tail, will I get the job? If the preacher shows up in a tank top and sweats, isn't that disrespectful to the congregation?

This business with overtly sexy at one meeting, disheveled at the next, is too much.
At one time, she dressed like anyone else would. She dressed simply and appropriately in 2006. She should just be herself, whatever that is. That's my point.

Michelle said...

When someone like Gary posts, "incredibly beautiful" in regards to Sarah Palin, and then to say liberals "shot your wads" in regards to the President. Well....what can you say?

Intelligent discourse not going to happen!

Gary Ernsthausen said...

So what is the big deal of how you dress? I can see Joe Biden real easy, Sarah blends in with the troops. If it were a hostile area, wearing anything other than fatigues is dumb. This is 4 th of July where is BO? to scared to get close to lead? The troops care less about BO but Love Sarah! What a web site, complaining about Sarah letting you down, 16 to zero on the ethics charges, tell me, what are you bitching about? Honestly, I have not heard one thing bad about Sarah!

Sarah Palin/ Rick Wagoner - NOW!

Anonymous said...

This blog and comment wall reminds me of the petty jabs by the immature teens in "Mean Girls". This sort of criticism is so pathetic, you should be embarrassed to post it. It is quite clear that the military people love Governor Palin. They trust her because she understands their position and is truly a commander-in-chief that they will feel good about putting themselves in harms way for. Quite the contrary for our current Commander-in-Chief where you see the military only present because they have to be. Governor Palin has it all: fiscal acumen, good knowledge and judgment in regard to national defense, good character (this Palingate stuff is nonsense), and the charisma to go all the way in 2012.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:07 - Eddie Burke, is that you?

Anonymous said...

@Gary and Anon, you praise Palin's behavior in front of the military? Sarah Palin disrespected a decorated Vet on foreign soil in front of the military, breaking many military rules in a partisan speech. Palin is not patriotic. You guys owe the Vets and Sen. Kerry a huge apology!

Ennealogic said...

Ms. Sarah couldn't do honor to our military and our vets and our struggle for independence if she stood on tipee-toe and whistled and winked and sang the star spangled banner all at once.

Ms. Sarah thinks our troops are sacrificial lambs, and she's just sorry she isn't the one sacrificing them.

Ms. Sarah has no freaking clue what it means to be an enemy target, no matter how many fatigues she wears.

Ms. Sarah is all about herself, and trying to bolster her cred when it comes to foreign affairs -- if you don't believe me just read the "I AM THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF" message on her AK state site.

I wore the uniform. I gave comfort and aid to our wounded (returning from Vietnam). I volunteered to fly in the medical choppers, but because I was female and enlisted, they wouldn't take me then. I sewed up cuts and gave shots and did mouth-to-mouth when someone OD'd. I took care of special needs kids and cried when the brain-dead died.

Sarah has done nothing like that.

Anonymous said...

Remember how she got caught for "almost stealing"?

Anonymous said...

Rewriting this from another blog. Sorry if it's redundant for some.
This is my personal impression. If it’s in quotes, it’s what she actually said.

The LAME Tour 2009 part II

Feeling underdressed? Wasn’t it on purpose? “Biden addressed you more formally…how would I…and you know…and the patches I received from you guys…if I were in a suit and tie? So I had to keep it casual.”
I think she strategized how she could be more appealing to the troops.

Oh, there it is:
“America will be that ‘Shining City on a Hill’…we are that beacon of hope, of light, for the rest of the world.”

Addressing budget cuts in the US: “Heaven forbid…the travel issue…what nonsense…Some of you are not funded fully enough to return home…unless it’s on your own dime.”
What?! Soldiers at the end of a tour of duty don’t have a plane ticket home? Since when? How would that work? The US military is going to leave a bunch of citizens in the countries that they were deployed to? REALLY?! And why would you tell the rest of the world that?

[Wow. Did she really just say all that? Dissed the Vice President, delivered a message that American troops are not supported (uh oh), offered numbers of Americans in the military (damaging, regardless of veracity), made statements about budget cuts to the military, and tossed out an insult at an American senior statesman and honorable veteran, 19 years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, whose father served in Foreign Affairs under Eisenhower.
In less than 10 minutes. Addressing American troops on foreign soil. In the Balkans. With NATO staff and international forces present. ] It’s possible that she’s done more damage in a single international moment, than Bush did over several years.

Sarah, we need to be a unified front. For our own safety and the safety of Americans everywhere, including combat troops. If you really support those troops, don’t make it hard for them. Sarah, never ever ever again disrespect your country and leadership in a foreign land, in front of European allies.

“…Alaska is his (God’s) creation, he just dumped extra beauty there. But, here halfway across the world, it really makes me realize how gorgeous, how beautiful, how pristine, the rest of the world is too.”
“Thank you for helping to clean it up, in more ways than one.”

How are they cleaning it up and what are the “other” ways? If it’s ‘pristine’, then why does it need to be “cleaned up”?
The word “pristine” doesn’t come to mind, describing Kosovo and Prishtina. Or Amsterdam or Munich.
“Children of Conflict” Faik Konica (the school that Palin tweeted about)

“How do you keep up on the news? How do you keep up with what’s going on? Yeah, [giggle] you know, some of that stuff you see on TV [eyeroll gesture], you don’t wanna believe it…[giggle]”

What did that have to do with anything? As the “chief of the Alaska National Guard” and a mother of a soldier, she knows perfectly well what communication services are provided for the troops.
Disingenuous. Manipulative. A transparent attempt at damage-control for bad publicity based on your poor choices and lack of discretion. Shame on you.

Consider your venue and location, Palin. You were in Kosovo, not the State Fair.
She addressed 140 aviators. I guess that counts as “100’s of troops”.

Cheering Kosovo Capital Prishtina Welcomes US Vice-President Joe Biden
“Cheering Kosovo crowds welcomed Thursday the US Vice-President Joe Biden. The newly independent Republic of Kosovo awarded Biden its highest medal, the Golden Medal of Freedom.”

Anne Whitney said...

Anon - Something struck me as really weird. I looked at the article linked to in the last from Balkan Insight and at the bottom is this quote:

“As commander-in-chief, Governor Palin is the one we look to for leadership and inspiration while serving and defending the sovereign boundaries of Alaska,” said Lieutenant General Craig E. Campbell, Adjutant General of the Alaska National Guard.

Is Alaska full of separatists and AIP folks? I grew up in FL, and I don't recall ever hearing anyone talk about defending the sovereign boundaries of FL? When the National Guard members are serving overseas aren't they defending all of the USA?

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Anne Whitney said...
I get the feeling she thinks that if she dresses up as a soldier it counts toward her foreign policy experience.

SP is a big admirer of GWB; guess she wanted her own "Mission Accomplished" moment.

I hope the Gary trolling here isn't the same one Gary who used to be my brother-in-law. That would explain everything.

Anonymous said...

She likes to wear those t-shirts when visiting the boys. Several years ago, she went over wearing a t-shirt and there were a couple of pictures where she gave the boys a view of her hard nipples.

She is quite the woman!