Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Sarah Palin, hot president?

Sarah Palin's visit to the East Coast had the usual dose of high drama. Back in March, she wouldn't commit to appear as the headline speaker at the GOP fundraising dinner, but changed her mind:

She hadn't been expected to attend until last week, when her advisers approached organizers saying she would be near Washington and would like to come.

Following some pressure from Fred Malek, Sarah Palin was re-invited:

After being invited — for a second time — to speak to the annual joint fundraiser for the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Palin was told abruptly Saturday night that she would not be allowed to address the thousands of Republicans there after all.

Sarah Palin's camp didn't react kindly to this:

Stapleton said she told the NRSC staffer: “Why, at a time when we’re trying to build the party, would you pull a move like that on somebody who earlier in the day just attracted 20,000 people?”

They say the governor was happy to appear and fire up party loyalists, but that, yet again, GOP operatives and officials in Washington would just as soon try to marginalize her.

The Alaska governor may now skip the dinner altogether, and her allies are miffed at what they see as a slight from the congressional wing of the Republican Party.

But Sarah Palin ended up attending the dinner after all.

Ending weeks of she-said, they-said drama, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin turned in a cameo appearance at the gala fundraising dinner for her party's House and Senate candidates in Washington Monday night.

On Monday, just hours before the dinner kicked off, Palin reversed herself and said she would attend, even though she would not have a speaking role.

Her dithering appears to be having a negative effect:

Palin beginning to irritate some Senate GOPers

Sarah Palin has begun to get on the nerves of Republican senators who say the former GOP vice presidential nominee is taking her own White House aspirations entirely too seriously.

Several GOP senators offered searing criticism of the Alaska governor when asked in recent interviews whether she could pose a credible challenge to President Obama in 2012.

Her high-profile foray to the East Coast has not been without its stumbles — and a scheduling spat with the Senate and House Republican fundraising committees threatens to raise more questions about her viability as a national party leader.

“She’s had some struggles, saying yes and no to the invitation."

Republicans are frustrated that Palin has wavered over whether to accept an invitation to appear as the headline guest at Monday’s fundraising bash for National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

She reportedly worried that she could overexpose herself on the national political stage. But several GOP senators said she has much graver problems to worry about than attending a private dinner to raise money for Republican candidates for Congress.

“She lost support among the independents and moderate Republicans, and a lot of them give money,” the lawmaker added.

Palin’s team was offended that Republicans rescinded the offer to speak at the mega-event and threatened not to send the governor to the dinner, even though she was scheduled to be in Washington on Monday.

Palin has shown herself to be a magnet for political drama since McCain tapped her as his running mate in August. This penchant for melodrama has left a bad taste among some members of the stately GOP Senate conference.

One GOP senator questioned whether Palin has enough gravitas for voters to trust her in tough economic times.

Playing hard to get, then offering herself at the last minute wasn't a very clever strategy. Sarah Palin may draw the crowds but all the drama surrounding her, together with other bits and pieces, seem to be turning the governor into an embarassement for the GOP.

Which brings me to the bits and pieces, which are not necessarily political, but reflect badly on someone with aspirations to the highest office in the land.

Sarah Palin's tabloid family have been active lately. Bristol Palin made appearances on behalf of Candie's, an organization torn between promoting overt sexiness and sexual abstinence. She gave interviews to Matt Lauer (with her "out cold" baby Tripp) and Chris Cuomo. People magazine also reported on her difficulties as a teen mother, her graduation, etc.

Levi Johnston, the other teen facing difficulties as a parent, also kept a high profile, with TV appearances with his mother and his sister and an in-depth article on GQ magazine.

Willow appeared on stage while her mother addressed a crowd about autism in the shortest of shorts and the tightest of t-shirts. Nothing wrong with being young and dressing like that for a day at the beach or some private event, but it was the wrong choice for the occasion.

These family issues can't help Sarah Palin's image as a serious politician.

Sarah Palin herself doesn't contribute to such an image.

Her choice of clothing and general appearance leave a lot to be desired...

Mini skirts, inappropriate shoes, inappropriate pedicure, hair extensions... these are more Victoria Beckham than governor of state with designs on the White House.

Sarah Palin's hair on May 15, then on June 6

Let's make a little list of things weighing against her:

1. Constantly bashing the "feds", Sarah Palin's "affectionate" term for federal government.

2. Lecturing on the economy, criticizing the president's recovery plan with all the knowledge of a "D" student.

3. Lying to the GOP, using Alaska as an excuse not to accept their invitations, then changing her mind and getting offended when they don't bend over backwards to accommodate her whims.

4. Tabloid family.

5. A serious style problem, totally at odds with the office of state governor. Sarah Palin could get away with it in the Last Frontier, but Washington is different kettle of fish.

Can you imagine Sarah Palin in the White House, conducting serious business in her Franco Sarto shoes and mini skirts? Can you imagine Sarah Palin travelling to other countries, meeting heads of state dressed like that?

Would she turn up for world summits or would she keep everybody guessing until the last possible minute? How would the rest of the world regard her "D" views on the economy? How would her "We win, they lose" approach to foreign policy go down in a very unstable world?

Just imagine how many shoes would be hurled at her... designer shoes, with sharp heels!

Apart from her very narrow base, I can't see anybody else taking Sarah Palin seriously.

She's an embarassement to the state of Alaska and now she wants to embarass the whole of the United States as well.

Hot president? Pigs might fly...

Interesting article on Washington Post



Anonymous said...

I really do wonder if she is manic. The flamboyance, the exhibitionistic tendencies, the inappropriate attire, the grandiosity, the apparently racing thoughts . . .

In some ways, it would be more reassuring to think she has a disorder like mania, because the idea that a 45-year-old woman who is just mired in an extended adolescence could come within a couple million votes of the White House is terrifiying. At least mania can vary and that would explain why people like Culvahouse and McCain who are supposed to be our wise senior statesmen might have missed it. If she really is just a superannuated teenager, they really couldn't have missed it, there has to be a darker explanation.

midnightcajun said...
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Anonymous said...

Another brilliant post, Regina. Palin is totally erratic. No one as erratic as Palin (from her threatened "no-shows" to her fashion faux pas style) will ever be taken seriously in the US again. I love the quotes from the GOP senators about her. She is a joke, even within the GOP.

If she didn't have such severe issues, she would do what any normal person would do with a family and state is such need of care: she would stay at home and take care of them. But she won't due the responsible thing, either towards her state or her family. Who would want her to try to take care of more when she can't handle what she's already got?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, too little caffeine...should be above: "But she [Palin] won't DO the responsible thing..."

Anonymous said...

don't forget the hideously obvious orange contour blush circa 1984.


Sarah in SC said...

Oh, I totally think that's her real hair--not extensions. After all, any woman who can grow a 6 pound baby in 3 weeks can grow their hair that long in just a few days.....easy peasy.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Regina. Thanks for all the info. I see ol' GINO has knee wrinkles. And I was shocked by Willow's outfit, or lack thereof.

GINO has too much baggage to be taken seriously. I think the GOP will use her to raise monies, but that is about it. If she tries to run for president, all those gates will open wide.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

The GOP will eat their young.

Rove convinced voters in 2000 that John McCain had a illegitimate black child.... what does Sarah think they will do to her and her bs story about Trig?

More and more GOP people will drop bombs on Sarah .... The Hill article is just the start.

Lilybart said...


Sarah in SC said...

Oh, I totally think that's her real hair--not extensions. After all, any woman who can grow a 6 pound baby in 3 weeks can grow their hair that long in just a few days.....easy peasy.

Virginia Voter said...

There is so much wrong with that family...I never know where to begin, but you did a fabulous job Regina.

I also have to give props to Sarah in SC...

Most women know as you age, more hair just drags you down, and makes you appear older...does Sarah thinks she's Britney Spears now? Those extensions look like a rat's nest! Unless you are blessed with the genetics of Cindy Crawford or Brooke Shields, it is best to not go much past shoulder length.

To make an appearance in a jean skirt, white sweatshirt, cork heeled wedges, and red talon toenails (they look hideously long) is just crazy. To top it off, they let their daughter go on stage in daisy dukes and the tightest of t-shirts. WTF? Do they really think they need to reinforce the Wasillabilly stereotype?

FEDUP!!! said...

Not only was she pouting till she was blue in her face and they finally let her come, but then she demanded to be publicly acknowledged, and not only that, but then she pulled this stunt: (from WaPo)
"After the dinner guests had taken their place at the 200 tables, Palin, wearing black, took an unannounced stroll across the stage, accompanied by Gingrch and their spouses."

Attention whore anyone?

(Love the comment above about the hair expensions, too! :) )

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

I do think mania might be one of SP's problems. Any natural tendency in that department got seriously exaggerated since SP entered public life. And since last year, when SP got an overdose of bright lights and rapturous followers, she appears utterly desperate to keep any attention at all on her. "On her" in part explains why SP didn't notice/didn't care that Willow appeared at an official event (paid for by the public dime) dressed in skimpy, skin-tight clothing, with her short-shorts raveling.

Someone (Gryphen? Patrick?) commented that Willow's legs look powerful enough to kick a soccer ball through a fence, so if there's any major-league Palin catfighting in play, I'd stay out, thankyouverymuch.

not that sarah said...

If you google "sociopathic narcissist", you will see all of Palin's odd characteristics as symptoms. Even the speech pattern that no one can understand.

She must be adored, she must be the center of attention, she must be deferred to(remember when she wouldn't give an interview unless she was shown the proper "deference" as if she were a queen???) the desire for revenge, the cruelty to those who helped her get where she is, her desire to be surrounded by people who went to high school with her (cronies over competence so she can be admired and treated like a queen), etc.

she should be kept far away from any position of power. And I mean it. As scary as her "beliefs" are, I don't think she even has any real beliefs except in herself and her entitlement to be POTUS or Beauty Queen. If only she had won something just once...she won't rest until she has us all in her grips so she can pay us all back for every single thing we've ever said against her.

She's a sick ticket.

Virginia Voter said...

Mrs. TB...you have a very valid point. My late mother suffered from bi-polar disorder and manic depression. One of the key signs are extreme self absorption and often wacky and inappropriate clothing choices. I just watched the Hannity interview over on Mudflats, and Sarah did not let him get a word in edgewise. She sounded like she was on speed. ...this is also very common in manic patients. Maybe she needs her lithium levels adjusted.


Anonymous said...

In regards to the medicated state.. In some interviews..her eyes take on a glazed over bloodshot haggard look when she is sitting and listening ..and then she pops alive.. very bizzare

lynnrockets said...

I believe that Palin purposely engineers these situations where it is questionable whether she will, or will not, accept invitations or attend events. It seems to build a sort of tension which keeps her in the spotlight. If this is not the case, then she is just an equivocating imbecile.

basheert said...

Media whore covers it.

Just plain whore is also appropriate.

Dear Trailer: Your trash is missing.

No seriously though - there is no way this pile of mental illness syndromes can come within "a couple million votes" of winning the WH. Even if all the men she slept with voted for her.

The current GOP comes in at about 20% - 21 generously. SP has a 7% rating among them.

So if you add up the mentally ill, the incompetent the trailer trash, and the cemetary vote, maybe she could get 200,000 votes. Then add up the people she'd sleep with for a vote ...

There ya go folks. Ya betcha?

She's pathetic, ill and hopeless. If she wasn't so hilarious to make fun of, I'd feel sorry for her family.

Anonymous said...

The real reason we hate Sarah is not related to how she dresses or looks. Some of our comments our way too focused on that and we should be careful! Whore, wrinkled knees, fat calves,rats nest,slutty? Come on. I knownit can be fun but it isn't right to talk about a teens legs or to call any of them names based on looks.
Saying she dressed inappropriately is ok but if we keep doing this it takes away from the very dangerous politician she is. Our goal is to make people aware of her shortcomings, please let's not stoop to the level of the Republicans and how they talk about Michelle. I propose no name calling and sticking to things that show her character and job performance.

regina said...


I'm aware that the posts about SP's appearance invite nasty comments. However, I focus on her dress sense from the point of view of her not being appropriately dressed for the job.

She tends to dress to look hot, which would be OK in another setting. She attends certain official functions in very inappropriate clothes and looks unprofessional.

If she attempted to dress like she did during the campaign, even without the budget, she would come across as ready for business and these distractions about her clothes wouldn't be an issue.

Ultimately, she's responsible for the image she projects. But we don't have to be so nasty and resort to name calling, I agree with that.