Saturday, 6 June 2009

Googling Sarah

Sarah Palin's fan sites are worried about Google. They see a new conspiracy emerging!

Sea of Pee:

Google Flagging Messages from SarahPAC as Spam?

Why would this be classified as spam? A PAC which sends three e-mails, over a period of months, to people that have specifically subscribed to the organization's mailing list is not a spammer. This would require either a special measure by Google (unlikely, though they do openly support Obama) or an organized spam-reporting attack by Obots.

(The latter is probably more likely - we've been getting e-mail tips, and Free Republic is reporting, that an organized Obot attack is in progress on Governor Palin's Facebook page.)

A couple of their comments:

"Google is a left wing empire with an agenda. Searches are biased too. That's why I use YAHOO!. They give me better search results."

"Google sucks. It's run by a bunch of f-ing pinkos. Dump your gmail accounts and get something decent."

Team Sarah (via The Messenger):

Google! There is a Serious Problem!

So whenever I "Google" the Governor, up pops some nice photos of her .. followed by nasty videos, including one by Matt Damon (what qualifies him to appear at the top of the most widely used search engine?), and only later does serious news about the Governor appear, most of it slanted from a "left" perspective. Does anyone have any connections at Google? Or know how to lodge a complaint about their disrespectful treatment of Gov. Palin? The photos are nice, but c'mon ... she's the governor of a large state and a contender for President in 2012 ... What do we do about this?


"Google is a major supporter of Obama. Obama ads and pics are sometimes popped into Republican pages. Google takes down stuff that is not complimentary to Obama. I was referred to a story about Obama's girlfriend Vera... and it has been taken down. There are many search engines including; which is a Conservative search engine."

"The good Palin material is not the first ones you have to comb through the junk; I think they try to bury her on purpose."

"Media malpratice...internet malpractice goes on as well.We had to deal with this mess during the election.It is monitored.Very unfair!The owner of google worked for Obama during the election.He had his staff move negative stories to the top.Anything positive will be buried deep."

"From what I read about Google is that its set up with a program that puts the most viewed or selected items first."

Maybe somebody should tell the person who thinks is a Conservative search engine that it's simply Google dressed up to look like a Palin search engine...

The last one seems a bit more sensible, they're not all completely stupid, after all.

The fact is, as far as the palinbots are concerned, if a search engine doesn't return Sarah Palin farting rainbows right at the top, they must be DNC operatives!


KaJo said...

Is (Google dressed up to look like a Palin search engine) legal?

Or some kind of infringement of Google's rights, to change the image but retain the function?

regina said...


I think Google is ok with it. I suppose people can "customize" the search engine and Google profits from it.

The funny thing is that the idiotic palinbots think they're using a Conservative search engine. The results are exactly the same!


Lisabeth said...

These statements prove without a doubt hoe STUPID these peoplevare. And paranoid and insane! Clearly they are dumb. I work with google a lot and it us all automated. Why to they think Sarah is that important that Obama or google would care!?

Seriously these comments from them are frightening in the sense of their lack of knowledge. What is wrong with them?this isn't a Republican vs Democratic issue! I know lots of Republicans who are not this dense. They actually believe this nonsense?? Yahoo is more for Sarah than google-hahaha!!!! So stupid!!!!!
I have a webbiz that has a lot more emails than Sarah PAC and sometimes things are marked as spam! Do I think it's a conspiracy? No it's a computer!!!!

Anonymous said...

they're in love and obsessed with her, that's what's wrong with them......cult groupies.

Lynnrockets said...

Good story. It's always humorous to see the spin that Palinistas put on everything. You'd think that the earth, the sun and the moon all revolved around Palin.

BuffaloGal said...

Ok - this one takes the cake. They really believe there's a consciousness behind a search engine ??? And this consciousness is ALSO against Sarah?? What's next ? Kitchen appliances with an anti-Palin agenda?? If Sarah's toaster burns her bagel in the morning does mean it's gone rogue and treasonous? Perhaps Axelrod snuck in under cloak of night and paid it off ?? OY!!

And, I just had to have some fun by going over to the "palin" search engine and plugged in Palin + Trig. I had fun watching the first three results being sites questioning whether she truly birthed him. Ha! I guess treason is everywhere!!

It's like they are an entirely different species. Feels alot like "Alice Through the Looking Glass".

Patrick said...

Hi everybody, here is Patrick from palindeception. I have set up a twitter account for updates and further information: Please become a follower. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to do permanent damage to ones eyes from rolling them repeatedly?? --- b/c these ravings from the GINO-squad have mine in permanent swivel mode. Sheesh, they're loons!

-Bea (from Mudflats)

Anonymous said...

Geez, their ideas are completely nuts. These must be some of the 50% who dropout out of school. Can people really be this ignorant?

honestyinGov said...

It would appear that they are merely reinforcing Palins opinions... so to speak. Palin said.." Katie... the universe does not revolve around you".
If THAT was true... they have interpreted to think that because Sarah said 'IT'... the universe actually revolves around Sarah. So easily ' misunderestimated' by those with a Palin Brain.
It's a Science thing... and they don't believe in Science.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Buffalo Gal, I threw back my head and laughed at the idea of David Axelrod "paying off" the Palin toaster to burn SP's morning bagel. My only quibble is that even Lender's frozen bagels--known around our house as "Wonder bagels"--would be considered dangerously, you know, ethnic, by GINO. Fine, let's burn her Wonder bread! Her PopTarts!

Now that the Internet has made vast quantities of information easily available to anyone, it's much harder for Palinbots to control the spin. Unless they only listen to Faux, and only access Big-Sister-approved blogs. Let them gnash their teeth all they like: it's much harder on their teeth (and more expensive to repair) than the harmless eye-rolling over hear in Team Reality.

My WV: preggi. Could even I make that up???

Helen said...

DISRESPECTFUL TREATMENT? Sarah's being dissed by a search engine?

And they say it with such perfect confidence in the correctness of their statements.

I officially now believe that "Palinbots" is not a term of derision, but of fact.

Lisabeth said...

Buffalo gal, that is hysterical!!!

So does anyone have a guess what iceberg Gryphen is talking about? And does that mean 1 iceberg or 2? My head hurts:)

midnightcajun said...

Oh.My.God. These people are scary crazy. Just like her. Maybe that's why they love her so much. They recognize a fellow being.

KaJo said...

Slightly off topic (it probably should be several topics below), but well worth your reading:

Go to HuffPo and see what Geoffrey Dunn has to say about Sarah Palin's speech last Wednesday, which is remarkably similar to her latest speech in upper NY state today.

Seems BOTH speeches were cribbed directly from a speech by Newt Gingrich and Craig Shirley 4 years ago.

Since Wednesday most of who've either listened to or read the text of that Wednesday speech figure she wrote it herself, because it's her typical word salad.

Just like that January State of the State speech, it was full of weird phrasing.

As you can see, though, she changed the syntax of the Gingrich-Shirley speech to fit her own word salad way of talking -- but according to Dunn, it's a clear case of plagarism. And it ain't the first time.

Amazing. Just jaw-droppingly stupid.

(my WV is "deada" -- as in Palin's political career)

EyeOnYou said...

midnightcajun said...
Oh.My.God. These people are scary crazy

You have hit the nail on the head. While reading some of the comments on the C4P site I came across this gem...

If God smiles long enough on America to see the beautiful Governor elected POTUS, rest assured there will be a pandemic of psychotic hysteria and even waves of mass suicide among these people. Her victory will make their hate and rage completely boil over, pushing them into acts of desperation. And while the mass suicide thing may be the single best reason to vote for her, people of their sociopathic mindset who are pushed into that position very often don't care about what collateral damage their actions may cause. The harming of innocents is justified in their own sick minds as long as they can indulge their hate.

These people are seriously dangerously delusional when it comes to their devotion to Palin.

Anonymous said...

"These people are seriously dangerously delusional when it comes to their devotion to Palin."

Agreed. They are a wacko cult worshipping at the altar of celebrity, not a political group. Here's my psychologically-based suggestion:

As progressives, we need to deal with them the way we would deal with a cult. Many of them have Palinized Stockholm Syndrome. How does one de-brief or re-educate an entire cult? First, one has to deal with their pain, anger and rage, when their leader falls.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

"The fact is, as far as the palinbots are concerned, if a search engine doesn't return Sarah Palin farting rainbows right at the top, they must be DNC operatives!"

Reg, you crack me up! You always find the "good" pics of GINO, completely demented!
Bea-hear you about the "eye-rolling" lol! According to a peelander (from his personal blog) GARY says, all us dems have Alinsky's playbook on our beds whether we admit it or not! Yeppers, Gary he knows what Dems read!On his blog he outlines many other "secrets" its enough to make your eyes roll completely and stay inside your head! lol!
Ah yes GINO farting rainbows...!
That's the peelanders!!!

Anonymous said...

@crystalwolf, I do not venture into Peeland anymore.

But you can tell GARY that I have the following books currently on my bedstand: GIRLS LIKE US: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon--and the Journey of a Generation by Sheila Weller; THE SECRET LIFE OF APHRA BEHN by Janet Todd; THE NEW RULES OF LIFTING FOR WOMEN by Lou Shuler; THE CHAMELEON"S SHADOW by Minette Walters; THE LONGEVITY BIBLE by Gary Small; and VOICES by Arnaldur Indridason.

I've checked my husband's side and he doesn't seem to have Alinsky's playbook over there either. Sorry, GARY, wrong again.....

trish in SW FL said...

I don't have Alinsky's playbook here either.

Can barely tolerate a short venture to peeland, and can't access meaT haraS.

The "farting rainbows" is just perfect, and cracks me up everytime I read it!

PATRICK: I saw you on Twitter, following now, and RT'd you. Hope it helps with the good fight!

Anonymous said...

These followers are like the Ellen Jamisons in John Irving's The World According to Garp. They would cut out their own tongues if that is what Sarah did. The blind faith following is truly frieghtening to know there are so many of them. Although, as a troll on TeamScarah I have noticed those who are on line numbers have dropped consistantly in the last several weeks - as few as 40 online at one time, down from the 100's soon after the election.