Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sarah Palin attacks!

Martha, a long term mudpuppy, sent me a list of Sarah Palin's attacks on a number of different people. I added a few others I could remember. Feel free to add your own. Attackgate?

  • Bloggers (multiple hits)
  • Lyda Green - most notably laughing at her being called a bitch on radio show
  • Walter Monegan - Troopergate
  • Andrew Halcro (multiple hits)
  • President Obama (multiple hits)
  • Andree McLeod - supposedly turned on SP when not granted a job: "falafel lady"
  • All other ethic's complaint filers
  • Katie Couric - the world doesn't revolve around you
  • Tina Fey - "job security"
  • Ashley Judd on aerial wolf hunting - "extreme fringe group" using AK and her administration to raise funds
  • Hillary Clinton - called her a whiner
  • Media (multiple hits)
  • Caroline Kennedy & the media
  • Kim Elton - when he took the Interior Dept position
  • Beth Kerttula (democratic representative for Juneau) over the Kim Elton Senate post
  • Senate Democrats - secret meetings - rejecting Senate picks
  • Juneau Democrats - for backing Senate Democrats
  • Bob Poe (democratic gubernatorial candidate) - "political grandstanding"
  • Whoever and everyone for "bad mouthing" WAR - AG candidate
  • Levi Johnston - preemptive strike
  • David Letterman - dumb joke
  • Celtic Diva - photoshopping an iconic image
  • Dennis Zaki - preemptive strike over trip to Emmonak (DZ's Alaska Report posted upcoming ethics complaints and IRS/embezzlement problems)

Most politicians don't react to jokes and certainly don't resort to slanging matches with their constituents on their official websites. But this is Sarah Palin...

Sarah Palin's style is incredibly negative, reactive and divisive.

In addition to attacking all and sundry, other things she's fond of doing are: misquoting the Founding Fathers, misinterpreting the Constitution and borrowing material from other people.

Sarah borrowed a joke from David Letterman (the "perverted pedophile", a major threat to ALL young women) to get back at John Kerry during a speech to the troops in Kosovo.

In 2004, John Kerry made a joke about GW and it backfired. Letterman said this at the time:

"To his credit, John Kerry was very, very upset about the joke and he apologized. ... As a matter of fact, all day long, he's been walking around with a long face."

Oh, the irony...

While photoshopping is a hot topic, check this out.


FEDUP!!! said...

OK, before I forget,and a bit O/T, here is another great picture of how GINO knows how to dress appropriately:
(If the pic doesn't show up correctly: It is the last picture at the bottom of this report:

She is meeting Minister of National Defence Rasa Juknevičienė in a T-sirt and some fatigue-colored pants...

midnightcajun said...

I was thinking last night that someone should start collecting all of Sarah's snarky comments in a long wall of shame. This thought was provoked by her snide Twitter aside that CNN probably wouldn't report something from Alaska because it was "good news." How high school mean girl can she get?

Mind you, it would be a full time job--until AKM pointed it out, I'd missed the "Democrat Party" slur in the Madonna and Child Desecration press release.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden - she has criticized him openly many times.......

She is a very negative person, she believes in negative campaining. She actually uses this as her prime method because she isn't bright and so she doesn't have any ideas of her own.....

She also criticized the people who where there to HELP her during her VP run. Yet after the election, stories came out how she was demanding with them and rude and was a total diva. They also said she wanted to do everything her own way and would not take advice. That is why they had to tightly control her. She has no idea how stupid she is...

lisabeth said...

Maybe we should start collecting all of the statements that C for Pee ers are making on their blog and on other blogs.

We could then take out a big ad or start a web page just with these statements. It would really show what kind of supporters she has.

I can barely stand to read their page. But I like the idea of a webpage devoted to their statements. How would I do this? As a blog? Regina or Patrick, any ideas for me? Do you think this would be interesting?

Trying to think of a good name....

OH midnight cajun, I just saw your suggestion which is also VERY good. What do you think of a blog devoted to statements her supporters make. I guess we could have a section of her snarky statements. I don't know if I have time for this but I would like to do it.... I would just collect statements or have people send them as an entry and then I would just post them. So I wouldn't have any of my own commentary.....

What would be a good name for this and maybe I will start a blogger blog....and set up an email. I better be prepared for nasty emails though-hmmmmm, I don't know, Anyone want to do it with me?

Anonymous said...

What a perfect picture of the Sea of Pee-ers (they're always "pissed" off) icon advertising her philosophy of life..."Palin First"

Anonymous said...

the little link to the photoshop PROFESSIONALS is incredible!!! Everyone needs to see this. I haven't laughed like that in days!

Ripley in CT
PS. love your blog.

Cathy in Colorado said...

lisabeth said...

Maybe we should start collecting all of the statements that C for Pee ers are making on their blog and on other blogs.

Trying to think of a good name....

27 June 2009 19:26

I like your idea and this is my suggestion for a name:

Palin Devotees Unplugged

ProChoiceGrandma said...

My favorite picture is this one:

Just add a caption of John McCain saying: “I just threw up in my mouth!”

the problem child said...

lisabeth, I think that is a fine idea. While commentary might not be necessary, context, sourcing, and accurate time and dating would be.

On the other hand, commentary (ridicule?) in the style of a humour blog like Homemade Hilarity would be something to consider.

As a plus, perhaps people would send the revealing comments to you instead of sharing them on blog comments for unrelated blogs. One can only hope.

Suggested names:
"Asinine Alert"
"Palinbot Panderings and Ponderings"
"Saracites and Enablers" (ask Ennealogic before using saracites, though) "Sarah's Enablers" works, also, too
"Sarah Palin's Brain Trust"

the problem child said...

Hi Cathy in Colorado! I posted my comment before seeing yours. I see we agree about the unplugged part. Unhinged is also, too, appropriate.

lisabeth said...

Thanks for the idea.......! I started working on something but I honestly don't know if I have the time now. It REALLY made me appreciate the time that all of the bloggers (Regina, AKM, Gryphen etc etc) take!! We'll see where I get with it...

I do think it would really be great to track the comments she makes and her supporters make by the day. There are millions out there-I started looking and was shocked by what I saw......

I don't know who is more inarticulate - Sarah or her supporters... It is really clear who she attracts and actually there was a study recently by Pew I think (on Progressive Alaska blog) and it showed the demographics of Sarah's supporters They are the least educated.

You came up with some great names.!
I'll keep you posted if I seriously work on it or not.

Thanks Regina for your hard work. This could take over your life if you are not careful and that isn't healthy for any of us.

KaJo said...

That "Family Values" photoshop was TOO funny!!

I saved it for future reference, just for laughs.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Wooten.

Helen said...

I love lists when it comes to Palin...they just practically form on their own...lists of spiteful comments, lists of scandals, ethics lapses and word salad speeches, lists of bone head moves, lists of Republicans that won't let her speak, lists of clothing blunders, lists of places in America that she doesn't consider American, lists of who she will hold hands and pray with and who she won't, lists of jokes she doesn't like, lists of websites that love to lampoon her...

see what I mean? Literally an eternal motion machine spitting out an ever growing downward spiral of scrolling loopiness...

Anonymous said...

If I were going to do a blog like you described, I would not use the name of another blog in the name. I would note the controversy: Obama,Couric,Kids,Letterman (you get the idea) and paste the comments made by her supporters under each topic. I would not post any comments. Just use it as a compilation site of snarky things said by Palin and her supporters.

That way the Palinbots would have nothing to argue with except their own words. I don't think it would be a good idea to start a flame war between blogs. It would make us look as mean and snarky as they are if comments were allowed. Or if you decide to allow comments, monitor them closely.

regina said...


I think you have a very sensible approach to this. If quotes are presented objectivelly, without comments, they carry more weight and speak for themselves.

It's a case of less is more...


Helen said...

Hi this is probably late but I want to say:

1. first lisabeth that I think this is an EXCELLENT idea - I think it would be very impactful especially later if BS goes on a book tour or campaign trail.

2. In my opinion, if it is legal, I think it should be directly named about what it is - I think it should be called "The True Conservatives4Palin" or something along those lines...

3. I agree that there should be no comments whatsoever, it should only be a compilation - no editorial. Let what is posted speak for itself. It should be sort of a wall of shame that shows the special brand of nastiness that flows forth, ultimately from Palin. She is responsible for the tone of her rhetoric. If she accepts money for example from C4P, she de facto endorses their website.

I have some other ideas, but I'd rather not post them here. Email me at if you see this and I would like to exchange ideas and encourage this!

Anonymous said...

the person she ran against for mayor

the librarian and museum employees

the leg. beat her to helping the natives


mccain campaign managers

the list goes on