Friday, 5 June 2009

Sarah Palin, shoes, lips, logos... and a parade!

Sarah Palin is going to Auburn, NY state, for the first Founders Day celebration on June 6. Alaska and Auburn are linked through William H. Seward, who lived much of his adult life in Auburn and was secretary of state under Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. Seward negotiated the deal with Russia in which the U.S. bought Alaska on March 30, 1867, for $7.2 million.

The other link is Meg Stapleton, who hails from Auburn. Her father, lawyer T. David Stapleton, sits on the board of the Seward House in Auburn, and wrote the invitation on behalf of the city and the Seward House.

The date has no historical significance for Auburn or Alaska. Alaska became a state in January 1959; Seward Day, an Alaskan state holiday, falls on the last Monday in March.

If you're hoping to get a glimpse of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin when she visits Auburn on Saturday, you're in luck. There will be plenty of viewing and photo ops.

The parade: First, snare a spot along the route of the Founders Day parade, which starts at Fulton and Genesee streets at 11 a.m. Palin is riding in the parade, and she'll be in some easy-to-spot wheels -- a 1959 Cadillac, the year of Alaska statehood. Bill Heary, of King Ferry, will be her driver. Palin will be in the first group of elected officials at the front of the parade.

It's easy to spot Sarah Palin: look for red shoes.

Will she favour her Franco Sarto red patent leather with cork soles? They go REALLY well with a mini-skirted black suit! But she has already given them a shout-out when she introduced the guy who will educate America, Michael Reagan... you know, the one who thinks the solution to the Middle East crisis is to insert a hand-grenades up the butts of babies...

Maybe she'll give a shout-out to another pair of red shoes. We know she won't be wearing the Naughty Monkeys, they're soooo last year!

In case Sarah wears one of her peep-toe black numbers, people could look for the tattooed lips instead.

I doubt Artict Cat have a summer line, but perhaps they have t-shirts with their logo, that would be very nice and appropriate.

Maybe another of Todd's sponsors could provide some cool attire with a large logo for the governor. It would be silly not to cash in on the governor's celebrity status, when there are so many photo-ops, specially now that we know that it's "totally" ethical for her to advertise her husband's sponsors!


Dianne said...

Woohoo! Can't wait for those photo ops! Hopefully, Regina, it will give you much material for your posts.

She has until June 1, 2010 to announce whether or not she will run again for guv. I think she's just feathering her nest for that gosh darn presidential run in 2012.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

OMG! Reg? How could you! The peelanders are all upset b/c you posted a PUBLIC announcement from a local NEWSPAPER where and when GINO is tomorrow! OMG!
No sign of worry about the nut that's running loose and wants to go after the President....!
They are sooooo worried about GINO!
Maybe if she doesn't wear the red shoes the evil boogyman won't see her???? Do ya think???
Oh boo Hoo.
Oh Reg...shhhhh! We are not supposed to know it but we are "Troofers"!!!!
Just b/c we want to find out Who really is Trigs MOM!
Just b/c we already KNOW who IS Trig & Trips mom!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sarah can now start wearing clothes that resemble those of pro golfers ... as long as they keep her warm!

Multiple company logos on front, sleeves and collars. Maybe a hat with Arctic cat logo so Todd's company keeps sending the gifts, snow mobiles and cash.

Sarah is such a money grubbing unethical person anything is possible.

KW said...

Celtic Diva has the opinion of an ethicist on the outcome of the Arctic Cat complaint:

regina said...


Are you serious? Are the pees really upset?

They crack me up!



crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Yes...One is really upset :O

Someone wrote on there:
RAM did you get my email?
by sunday your girls toast.

So now their all worried wanting to call authorities to report the threat!
And the one posted about the Troofer blog that posted "where and when and even what car" she will be in...
like I said no concern for the President,
only for the BIG BAD PITBULL with LIPSTICK and RED SHOES! How stupid is that??? Oh if anyone trys anything dud will beat him up....
gag a maggot!!!!1

regina said...


I think the comments were deleted, I couldn't find anything about it. Do you remember which post it was?

Oh well, are irresponsible, eh?! I only gave half of the itinerary, they gave the whole route...


Anonymous said...

She might look pretty good after she primps for hours in the morning but can you imagine having to look at those lips sans the lipstick first thing as she is waking up. YIKES!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

it's on fri open thread.

Anonymous said...

I've been listening to the talking heads on cable discussing Obama's speech in Cairo, and in the next minute, I saw a clip of Sarah Palin's speech, introducing M.Kennedy in Alaska. To say "What a world of difference" is an understatement. By contrast, Sarah comes across as petty, nasal, the typical mean girl from high school-- hardly the tone that would be beneficial in healing political differences on world scale. We've seen that she doesn't see how she looks (Oh, those pretty red shoes, I don't care what the fashionistas will say). She also does not listen to her own speeches to hear how she sounds. I remember that rabid crowd during the 2008 campaign they couldn't get enough of her. Thank goodness she speaks to an increasingly narrow base.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, she not only left Trig home but her Blackberries were conspiculously absent in the one photo I've seen of her in NY. I wonder which she misses most?

Anonymous said...

ot: Anchorage Daily News: Palin lost privilege when e-mails went to Todd

Our view: E-mails and advisers
Two court cases seek to uphold the public's right to records

'Troopergate' report, at 263 pages, may be released today

"I had hundreds of conversations and communications about Trooper Wooten over the last several years with my family, with friends, with colleagues, and with just about everyone I could - including government officials," Palin said. "I talked about Wooten so much over the years that my wife told me to stop talking about it with her." Todd Palin

Tara said...

I live not very far from Auburn, those poor people. I was tempted to head that way just to see but honestly I don't think I could stomach her and all those idiots fawning over her.

BTW It has been on every local news channel and website since she agreed, nothing top secret about it. The local news started this morning by posting a spotting at a restaurant. Funny that C4P is getting their panties in a bunch over you though, lol. I can't stomach them either.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the SP fashion parade. I hope you re-post one of my "favorite" SP photos of her outfit at the Library on Juneteenth. Her silver treachcoat, jeans, and weird little fur-trimmed disco bag / purse made it an "absolutely fabulous" wardrobe moment.

You know, those high-priced makeup and wardrobe consultants earned every penny (during the campaign) in their daily efforts to make it appear as though this woman was presidential material.

All a very expensive illusion, as you can see her relapse into the Wasilla hillbilly she is, god bless her heart (or whatever she uses to pump the ice water in her body).

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Regina. Red shoes for the purpose of drawing attention to the legs and red lipstick to draw attention to her mouth, and don't forget the winks. She loves being the 'hot' gov...and she's working on keeping it.

I noticed on KO that instead of running a clip of Palin speaking, her words were put on the screen and read by David. It made folks focus on her words without any distractions.

Anonymous said...

hey Tara, could you please post links to local channels that have been covering her?

Tara said...

sure, I like this one, there was a story a while back she was coming. Today there is a top story from Auburn and it isn't her, lol.

KaJo said...

More red shoesies (OK, really dark red) and red toesies pictures for your album, Regina...


espresso4me said...

Palinista Fashionista takes fashion to BOLD places that few have ever dreamed or dared to go. The BOLDness of corked heels offset with red found its match with a stunningly simple,but plain black suit that all but screamed OUCH, I need red!

The multiple BOLD red shoes have a place with anything that the Fashionista decides to wear. Moose hunting? Fishing? Grandchildren‘s birth?

And, by the way, the tattooed lip liner is so BOLD that it defies explanation.

That’s the BOLD genius of it all. Nothing is sacrosanct in the world of the BOLD Palinista in red shoes and lipliner!

Tara said...

I sucked it up and visited C4P. It's amazing how they think all 20,000 people in a town with a pop of almost 30,000 came JUST and ONLY to see her. Of course, not a single one was there that doesn't like her or sees her for what she is. Certainly no one who doesn't like her went just for a good laugh either. I live in a town similar to Auburn, we usually turn out as many for a parade and other events and do it without her. Now if they turned out 100,000 which wouldn't be difficult with surrounding towns (not too mention it seems fans would be willing to travel further) I might be impressed.

Tara said...

Now they have changed their numbers to 10,000- 12,000 with a portion of quiet protesters in Obama shirts. My guess is they collected their candy from the parade and headed home before being subjected to her speech. Unfortunately some of these nuts think she is the greatest thing ever.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

One of the links from BlowPopPalin led me to a rather frightening fan site that actually had this comment on SP:

"I hope I am not the only person that feels that she isn't being advised wisely enough. I hope she isn't being naive and not brushing up on some issues. If she decides to run again, she will be scrutinized like no other politician on the national stage. They will play on ever slip up she has on the campaign trail

"She needs to understand that... I am trying to be negative here, I love her but she needs to be prepared for the war that's ahead."

Hee hee. I seriously doubt that SP WANTS cogent advice. Now that she's cast off the fetters of the McCain campaign, she's running headfirst toward... well, we'll see.