Monday, 1 June 2009

What does Levi know? Should he write a book?

One my regular readers - who had a big hand in some previous posts - has sent me what I consider to be a guest post. UQ is a tireless researcher and a concerned citizen and I'm happy to provide the space here for some of his thoughts and questions.


What does Levi know? Should he write a book? posted by UQ

According to latest GQ article, Levi has been involved with Bristol for over three years and has been around Bristol, Track, Todd, Sarah and other family members since 2006. Through this contact, Levi would have learned many details about the Palin clan. Levi’s friendship with Track Palin may precede his involvement with Bristol and may give him inside information of the Palin family prior to 2006. What details and Palin secrets does Levi know and how damaging is this knowledge to Sarah’s current political career and her future aspirations?

Rex Butler in a recent NYT interview said Levi has a very interesting story worth millions of dollars. Rex also said the story would affect the 2012 POTUS election. The GQ article and several other reports have mentioned that Rex Butler is trying to shop a book deal for Levi.

The following list is speculation on what Levi may know and what could be in a tell all book. Please feel free to speculate on other items Levi may know in the comments to this posting.

  1. He would know who baby Trig’s birth mother is (and most likely who is Trig’s father).
  2. If Levi is Trig’s father, he would have access to an official copy of Trig’s birth certificate.
  3. He would know the actual birth dates of both Trig and Tripp.
  4. He would have access to an official copy of Tripp’s birth certificate.
  5. He would know the truth about Sarah’s claim of being Trig’s mother.
  6. He would know details regarding Track and Bristol’s alleged drug use and party life style.
  7. He would know information of court proceedings against Track and the reasons Track was sent to Michigan and why Track joined the service.
  8. He may have inside information on family discussions regarding Sarah’s political aspirations and hopes prior to being selected by McCain.
  9. He may have knowledge of who really built the Palin home in Wasilla.
Obviously Levi writing a book may be Sarah’s biggest nightmare. The rumors of Sarah paying Levi for his silence could be true.

Is the threat of a tell all book just a strategy move by Rex Butler in Levi’s custody case? Is this threat meant to be real or is it just an effort to seize the upper hand?

Apparently the book threat was enough to get Chuck Heath to stop calling Levi a deadbeat dad and to stop the white trash comments regarding the Johnston family. The threat also appears to have increased access and visits with Tripp.

Should Levi write a book?

The big question …. what are the benefits and downsides to Levi actually writing a tell all book about Sarah Palin and family? Does Levi win or lose by writing this book?

There are many benefits to writing the book.

Levi will escape the grip of Sarah’s influence and control and be free to get on with his own life. Levi will shed the burden of carrying the secrets of the Palin family. By telling the truth, Levi can be more open in future interviews and not have the fear of letting information inadvertently slip out.

Levi can accumulate monetary benefits that will set him up financially for the rest of his life. With this money, Levi could become a hunting and fishing guide and spend time doing the things he enjoys.

The most important benefit of a Levi book is possibly ending the threat of Sarah Palin ever having national political power.

There are very few downside risks to writing a book.

The current level of anger and hostility directed at Levi by Sarah, Todd and Bristol will increase for some period of time. This would dissipate with Sarah’s loss of political power.

Access to his son(s) will be established by the court and will not change because of a book.

Levi, write the book! You will end up winning far more than you will lose.


KaJo said...

"The current level of anger and hostility directed at Levi by Sarah, Todd and Bristol will increase for some period of time."Not to mention the hostility from Palin's wingnut fans and followers, and those political kingmakers and pundits who have already invested time and money in making Palin more than what she really is.

THAT'S what Levi Johnston has a bodyguard for. Those people are nuttier than a jar of cashews.

basheert said...

Levi needs to write a book as quickly as possible before SP's hitman takes him out.
Writing a book will keep him safe.

And I will buy it!

Floyd M. Orr said...

I question whether Levi actually has the guts or the brains to write the truth in a book. He likes life in Wasilla too much. He also does not want to deal with all that hostility for the rest of his life when he tries to enjoy life with Tripp. I think the better chance for a book that tells the truth will come from some unnamed individual who is ready to take the money and run as far as possible from the rednecks, snow, and the threats in Wasilla. Doesn't anyone want to move to sunny LA or FL? Mercede, you've been to FL; don't you want to move there permanently? Wasilla is a pimple that needs to be popped, and whomever pulls out the needle, needs to be prepared to move to a safer location!

AKPetMom said...

I saw Sherry and Mercede at Fred Meyer in Palmer last Thursday and gave them my best wishes. (right after Sherry was at Palmer courthouse for her trial date). I don't know them personally but they live right down the road from me. Mercede is absolutely gorgeous and I see why Bristol might not like her. Not to be snarky but Mercede, even given the fact that she did not grow up rich and privileged as Bristol did, has that very natural beauty that money and makeup can't buy. That Levi is just adorable as well; Sherry and Keith certainly produced some good looking kids.

I just hope that Levi and Mercede will use some of this fame and attention to put themselves in a better place; above the petty world of small town politics. I see them both having potential to go further in life than the Palin kids if they play their cards right.

I also hope that all of this hateful behavior coming from the Palin camp has taught them both how to be better people and rise above such behavior.

Sarah has created a "mini me' w/her Bristol. I don't think Bristol is a kind person. I feel that she is angry and confrontational just as Sarah is.

Regardless of opportunity, Mercede and Levi have a chance to show the world how tolerant people should behave. It sounds as if Levi is getting some good coaching from Tank and Rex regarding how to get past some of the hate and intolerance that is present in my fair city of Wasilla.

I went to the "Wasilla Teabagger" event yesterday for about 10 seconds and decided to leave because the hate factor was too high. I was happy to see that there were only 150 people (max) there so perhaps Wasilla is becoming more moderate. I sure hope so.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Someone ought to write the book FOR Levi, and Levi should move to rural Canada, in a place in which the lifestyle would be similar, and were he would be safe.

KaJo said...

AKPetMom, I'm going right over to some other sites now to see if the right wingnut estimates are 10 times your estimate of 150 people.

(hee, hee)

b-p-p said...

He should write a book. There is no reason he can't have a collaborator. The Johnston family can all contribute. It would be perfect to make into a movie. The money would be much better then any "pay-off." The family would be free. They could build their own walled compound! While Tripp is a baby they could split the time with him 50-50. He would not have to go on media tours with Bristol, she would win by looking like a better mother.

I have a tendency to agree with Floyd M. Orr, if they want to remain in a small town like Wasilla they may not want to go into more detail and open more scabs. Didn't I read that Keith Johnston at some point talked often with Todd? AKPetMom would know more about this, but aren't the dads from the same typical Valley blue collar worker culture?

Levi wants to be close to Tripp and that is a factor. I'd like to see a quality documentary. Father's rights are an interesting part of Levi's story. If he is going to just lean over and let them give it to him in the butt, that is the end of it. But if he does stand up and show the world he means business when he talks about his son, that would be redeeming and a valuable story for all.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Levi should not procrastinate about the book, because many are already beginning to figure out the who, what, when, where, and although we will never be able to fully understand the bizarre why, that is also coming out. As long as he has the good counsel of a gentleman like Rex Butler, his rights with his son are protected by the courts.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I had not seen this before - interesting article from 9-5-08 about SP and why so many are afraid of her. I fervently hope that Gryphen, and/or Palin’s Deceptions or someone will expose this lying witch sooner rather than later so she will not be in any position to bully anyone or impose her crazy fundamentalist beliefs upon others, whether in Alaska or anywhere in the U.S.

or here is tinyurl:

ella said...

There is a bigger picture regarding Levi and the book. Levi can actually be an American hero if he saves the United States from any possibility that the "whackjob" GINO is permanently removed from the political arena.
The safety, security and future of our Country may rest in the hands of this teenager from Wasilla!

ella said...

above post should read "if he saves the United States from any possibility that "whackjob" GINO is NOT permanently removed..."
Bad sentence, but I hope you get the gist. Levi must know a lot (dated Bristol for years, lived in the Palin house) - his expose' could save America.

Lisabeth said...

If it comes out that both Bristol and Sarah are lying about Trigs parentage, would Levi possibly be able to get full custody? That is if Bristol was the real mother of both kids?
I do not think Levi owes Bristol or the Palins any more loyalty. The amount of money he could get for a book/movie deal is much greater than what the Palins could pay him. Most imporantly, as the author wrote, he will be free if the Palins control and vindictiveness. Go for it Levi. You only have one life and the truth is always better.

b-p-p said...

Thank you for the excellent article. Levi would win far more, I see no win if he buckles into Sarah's schemes.
ella, How true.

Anonymous said...

Can you just feel how palapable the recent silence is with the Palins. Its been very difficult to get Sarah in front of a microphone and a questioner lately. There is something really big brewing and Sarah knows it. Levi needs to do the right thing for himself and his son. Just listen to the startegic silence, it's almost deafening coming from the Palins. When Sarah has spoken, its been only to distract in my opinion (ADN).

Anonymous said...

If the rumors about the Todd Palin offering to buy a car for Bristol if she broke up with Levi are true---- what kind of tough-guy offer do we think that Todd made to Levi? Remember, Todd is the guy whose threatening telephone calls were recorded in the Troopergate affair, trying to get his former brother-in-law fired.

Right now, Levi has to wait until his mother receives her sentence in the drug trial (July?) After that, I think he should go for it!
Then he'll have the resources to pursue his custody case regarding Tripp.

onejrkitty said...

I too think Levi should write the book and I think he eventually will.

I also think that timing will be of the utmost importance as well as who helps him write it and how high a bar is kept. It must NOT be a "tell all gossip" type of book. Hopefully a good writer will write it with info coming from Levi.

I think Butler and Sherman will and MUST guide the timing and the execution of ALL interviews as well as "The Book."

I believe they are doing that now and will continue to do so.

This is not something that can or should be done "overnight" both many reason, two come to mind immediately.

1) Butler is controlling Palin by "threatening" to release info on her. Not a bad way to control a narcissisit. Yes, Levi is gaining access to his son(s) and not being badmouthed as much. IT IS IMPORTANT FOR LEVI TO ESTABLISH A HISTORY OF BONDING WITH HIS SON(S) AND SHOWING HE IS A LOVING FATHER, EVEN IF NOT ABLE CURRENTLY TO FINANCIALLY SUPPORT THE KIDDO(S),

2) Butler needs to assure that Palin WILL NOT IN THE FUTURE try and deprive Levi of access to his son(s) NOR WILL SHE BE ABLE TO ATTACK HIM AS SHE DID WOOTEN. Note I said "able" as she most assuredly will attempt to attack Levi. 3) Palin is a revengful, spiteful, mean spirited, no holds barred adversary. SHE WILL NOT FORGET NOR FORGIVE " THE BOOK" NO MATTER HOW WELL DONE AND THE MORE TRUTHFUL ( and therefore the more revealing and UNassailable it is) THE MORE SHE WILL NEED TO ATTACK LEVI FOR EVER WRITING IT.

Butler has to manage not just "the now" not just the future, but the long range future of his clients, both Levi and Sherry.

Having to deal with someone like Palin, over such a long time frame, and to assure the physical safety of his clients as well as their financial futures has got to be a hell of a daunting task.


Our need to know, our need to see Palin fall and our need to be "one of those in the know" is juvenile compared to what is at stake here.

Please do not underestimate the damage Palin can and would likely love to inflict on her "enemies."

When Palin is long gone from the spotlight and we are on to new and other corrupt bastards, Levi, his son(s) and Sherri Johnston will hve to spend the rest of their lives dealing with Palin and they are counting on Butler's work now to make that future liveable for all concerned.

I personally think Palin will shed somebody's blood before this is over and "over" could be long after the spotlight is no longer on her.

People have murdered for far far less.

Please lay off the "iceberg is coming" from Rumor Central and let Butler alone as he walks this tightrope.

Needing to be part of the "in crowd" can get other people hurt.

The Dame said...

The person that I am sure that knows as much as Levi is Mercede. From the first glimpse we had of her from MySpace --the Baby Trig pictures to dressing for Prom with Bristol clad in a sweat shirt.
She knows why Cindrella stayed at home while she went to the ball.
Palin's Deceptions dated that prom picture, I believe Trig was born well before then. But I digress.

While Levi is the big media draw now I think we will be hearing more from sister Cede soon. Also too, I am not buying Cede's story on why her and Bristol are not friends or that they were never really friends. If you watch Larry King and Tyra Banks when they bring up Bristol and Mercedes friendship or lack of, she is very uncomfortable with her story. It doesn't roll off her tongue easily. I think it is a lie, covering for a bigger lie. But on other subjects she is much more sure footed. So the lies of omission are easy because what she actually can say from the script is true just not all of it. But that story about Levi's ex girlfriends told at least twice on camera, doesn't sound right and even less credible if we are to believe that Bristol and Levi were together for 3 years. (another improbability) So Bristol is worried about someone (s) that he dated when he was 15, and wasn't it 3 years for Lanesia before Bristol. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO THE BRISTOL MERCEDE "WE ARE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE/ NEVER WERE" STORY.

The Dame said...

Levi and Mercede also know what was on the Johnston family computer that the RNC wiped clean. Why would they need to wipe clean / or take a computer that belongs to the family of the boyfriend of the daughter of the vp candidate BEFORE he was even identified as the baby daddy? And why did McCain have his PR people hanging out at the Johnston's? I have wondered if any of their civil rights were trampled on and if Sherry Johnston and the rest of her family could sue the McCain people. I can't imagine someone clearing off my computer without my consent for a relatives election. Did they have any "choice"?

Anonymous said...

OFF TOPIC but I just saw this. From:

Who does this sound like below?

The Department of Homeland Security issued an internal report last month which Director Janet Napolitano received criticism from conservative groups for saying just that, defining rightwing extremism as:

A movement of rightwing groups or individuals who can be broadly divided into those who are primarily hate-oriented, and those who are mainly antigovernment and reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority. This term also may refer to rightwing extremist movements that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration. (also known as far right, extreme right)

Anonymous said...

The Dame
I also read another MySpace friend of this group, they complained about their pictures being removed, it was around the end of August or first of September 2008. I don't know who did the shuttering. It seemed very strange. That person supports Sarah and claimed not to know Bristol. The latter is doubtful. It doesn't look like the Johnston's were the only ones cleaned out. If that is the case, why clean out the minor players of friends of friends before the daddy was identified? Johnny Chandler was another part of the scene. He may have also been identified as a possible Trig or Tripp daddy? One or both?

anon 11:22
Sarah Palin: Abortion Clinic Bombers Aren't Domestic Terrorists

Anonymous said...

My Goodness onejrkitty, your posting is far worse than the iceberg posts!! You spoke of all that you did as if it is fact! That is all you speculation and opinion so kindly refrain from telling the bloggers what to do and what to say! Your post is far more full of fantasy than theirs. How do you even know MrButler is doing all that! That is far far above what most lawyers do for their clients. He also has other clients.

Anonymous said...

onejrkitty...I liked your post. Well said and something for all of us to consider!