Friday, 26 June 2009

The pitbull needs a muzzle...

It looks like Sarah Palin's latest rant (via Meg Stapleton) has backfired. A refresher:

"Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother's love for a special needs child."

Wonkette has a good post about it with lots of links, including one to a forum dedicated to photoshopping the iconic photo. This is going to go on for a while...

Keep digging, Sarah!


KaJo said...

There's been a new entry posted at Wonkette, too, Regina, that piles on the "sacred" "iconic" humor with one of the reader-submitted Photoshop pictures -- deservedly so because Palin has already fired across John Kerry's bows after his remark that she should have been the Governor that disappeared, not Sanford... :)

And she did THAT while speaking to the Alaska National Guard Troops in Kosovo. Wottagal!

She's going to have her hands full of Faux Outrage by the time she gets back from Kosovo.

regina said...


That's the link I posted...

There was an earlier post on wonkette about it. But I went with this latest one.


Anonymous said...

Meg.....enjoy what you unleashed.

Regina... we may need a contest to vote on the best photoshop of the iconic image.

jo said...

Here is a response to the strange anonymous poster from Bob Lynn's blog:

"Anonymous said...

Palin has already neutralized this threat. She is not afraid of you and your silly scare tactics. I know you think you have something huge, but Palin has been working behind the scenes to kill this and has effectively done it. You'll find out soon enough.

Epic Fail dude. Good try though.

9:19 PM"
The guy had last said that Todd's brother had threatened him/her. Does Todd have a brother? I don't know what's going on with these cryptic postings, but it did get the attention and response from someone. We know Palin and/or her minions follow all the AK blogs.

MSM needs to cover much more on her very, very spooky "religion". Focus needs to be made on Todd too.
He maybe the one controlling everything she does. After all he has been copied hundreds of emails, sits in on gov. meetings, and the AIP thing should be really big. He needs to be vetted with this much involvement her politics. Why does she get a free pass on these issues? There is so much wrong with this family, but I think these two things should be enough to scare the crap out of everyone. Where is the outrage? Are there just too many delusional people in AK and the outside supporters? I know people have been lied to all their lives by religious leaders and they so much what answers some can be fooled. No wonder they what people dumb, so they can control them. This has been true with the church forever, and the fanatics have taken over the Republican party starting strong with Regan. I pray that these people will start to become aware that they are not doing Gods work at all, not even close. They have been greatly deceived.

jo said...

I did see a comment about CD at the ding bats site that had the words epic fail in it. Funny how they what to silence anyone who dares speak against their god. They go crazy saying things about us that fits them to a tee, it's like they are talking about themselves. We put up with their stupid comments, but even if you politely beg to differ with them, they attack viciously like rabid dogs.

beth said...

Crazies4Palin are exactly that: CRAZY.

C4P = The Cult of Saint Sarah

Anonymous said...


I think Sarah has a bro. Todd, I don't know.

I read somewhere a similar comment about Levi. Like he had been taken care of by Palin.

I don't know what to make of either the cryptic one or the response.

I doubt the Palinbots know anymore about IRS,ATF,FBI or any of the ongoing investigations then anyone else. The anon 'Epic Fail dude' sounds a little juvenile, maybe one of Bristol's wasted Wasilla pals. It is a small town and they stick together and stand up for each other.

midnightcajun said...

I've mentioned this recent comment from Mansour elsewhere because it was so Orwellian, but something else just struck me about it ("Soon it will become apparent to these people that attacking her children is not acceptable. Sexist attacks on her are also not acceptable. We are working to establish the boundaries of acceptable discourse." June 26, 2009 4:07 AM)

Notice she says "We are working." WE? is she, like, employed by Sarah Pac, or maybe by the Dog Barbecuer? I know she came out with that line "iconic photo of a mother's love for her s. n. c." (sorry, can't say it anymore without gagging) before Megamouth used it. Seriously, given the time Mansour devotes to that site, someone must be paying her (I know they accuse us of the same thing, BUT!)

And while I'm at it, WTF is GINO wearing in that photo? A jogging sweatshirt and crocs? OMG

More Cowbell said...

Sarah's remark about Kerry was stolen from a David Letterman joke! Hope Dave mentions that.

Ella said...

sea 4 pee says they did not criticize the photoshop pic of GINO and Letterman because they did not see it. They are ALL OVER the one Dr. Chill did of GINO and baby Eddie Burke (who is NOT Trig). They will likely claim that they do not see the MANY other photoshops today (thanks to Wonkette). Methinks they just wanted to attack Diva because she is exercising her right to obtain copies of e-mails. Will someone please send Rebecca Mansour the numerous pictures from Wonkette? Her email is on c4p site (I cannot do so, long story). It may take the heat off Diva and Dr. Chill (who is taking some time off from the blogs due to this hoopla). The people in the sea DESERVE to see all the newest cartoons, right?

Vaughn said...

Todd does have a brother named
James JD Palin. He's the general manager of NANA Oilfield Services.
I think it's located in Anchorage.

He also races in the IronDog every

Anonymous said...

Todd has a brother name JD Palin, married to Wendy Palin, an esthetician with Dr. Manuel in Anchorage.

Ennealogic said...

Title should be more like,"Skeleton needs feeding so digs for grubs!"

J/K.... but she is a shadow of who she was, physically, at the beginning of the '08 campaign.

basheert said...

Oh Yuck - "she has neutralized the threat"? For real? These idiots are for "real"????

Did she release poison pixie dust? Are we all going to die from anthrax poisoning?

She's "neutralized" a "threat"? How incredibly in love with herself she is ... I am in awe of her rank amateur self-love!

Geez this woman lives in the Land of Demons doesn't she? Did she even GRADUATE from Junior High??? Did they give her a degree to get rid of her?

Man-Sour? So she's another one who's sour on men? Or maybe just half a man? Half a woman? Half a human? It can't write, it probably can't read and it obviously isn't capable of getting a job other than for a twit.

Perhaps they both need colon cleanse???

Anonymous said...

Rebecca Mansour strikes me as someone that will see what she wants, when she wants or can no longer deny. If she has a job, other then her service to her icon, what is it? She might have bagged one of those rich old dudes or she lives off of a trust fund. She prefers that we guess. I can't imagine she made a dime from her film career. Does she get money from all the sidebar ads? I can only take so much at a time, but it can be fun to read some of their take on things. They are BIG FAT LIARS, but I look at it like a fantasy land so I don't get too disgusted.

Mansour was on the Tammy Bruce Show, radio.
Tammy claims she is a democrat. She is famous for a book, 'The New Thought Police: Inside the Left's Assault on Free Speech and Free Minds' and being Dr. Laura's pal. I haven't read the book but heard some about it. I'd like to hear from someone who has read it. It is along the lines of what Zeigler does. They are out to prove how the liberal media is out to destroy, now it is Palin. It use to be Dr. Laura. They tell the same lies over and over until they can convince people it is a fact.

I don't read the SarahPac blog, I hear it's useless. What do they do collect money and spend it on Sarah's fantasy trip to the White House? Stapleton works for them and not the State of Alaska, right? Mansour is turning out to be Sarah's main handler. The whole bunch look so out of whack. How are the Fire Letterman protests coming along? They did need a distraction from that.

Bones AK said...

I haven't seen BS PALin or Meg Stapletongue say ANYTHING of substance, since when............darn it has been a long time

KaJo said...

"Sexist attacks on her are also not acceptable. We are working to establish the boundaries of acceptable discourse." June 26, 2009 4:07 AM"

Reverse sexism, of the sort Sarah Palin snarked at John Kerry about his long face, however, is all OK -- because after all she's still 14 years old emotionally and she has to shout back, "I hate you!"

I don't think I've EVER seen a so-called politician with absolutely ZERO sense of humor, like Sarah Palin. She should have laughed off John Kerry's joke, because it was topical, and she had worked hard to be in the news the past 2 weeks...

(p.s. Regina, I hadn't clicked on your link -- I assumed it was the earlier one -- sorry! :) )

Lisabeth said...

That neutralize the threat comment really made me mad so I responded to that monster. I meant to put anonymous and didn't though. Shoot! I think these are very creepy scary people who do threaten others. They are so full of themselves and I do look forward to the day they are brought down!

Kyra said...

Been away for awhile, but just wanted to say Regina, way to go! Linked by Wonkette! You've arrived!

basheert said...

"Sexist attacks on her are also not acceptable. We are working to establish the boundaries of acceptable discourse." June 26, 2009 4:07 AM"

Translation: We are attempting to instill fascism as the accepted form of governing and will kill anyone who disagrees with us.

This includes trashing the U.S. Constitution and an individual's right to Free Speech.

Morons for Palin 2012

Anonymous said...

Wonkette has the site listed that is doing one heck of a job at trying to grate on the peelanders & Sarah's nerves when it comes to photoshops.
If they thought was Diva & DrChill did was bad, then they are in for a rude awakening as to what "bad" really is.

Check it out...

Anonymous said...

Sarah and that shiny Gold shovel in Her hands will never be able to dig out of all the 'poo' they have inflicted upon themselves. She better change into some rubber boots soon... all the poo is piling up around Her.

CelticDiva said...

Hiya Regina!

Thanks for your support!

By the way, Blue Oasis got 201,500 visitors yesterday!!!!! That's so far beyond a record, I can't even describe it! Thanks Meg!

Interestingly enough, the real story has now gotten out...the records request. I've gotten a number of emails that have said they'll be watching closely the outcome of this one!

Thanks again!


regina said...

Celtic Diva,

You're welcome, but you should be thanking C4Pee for your increased traffic!

Keep up the good work. When the dirt starts to come out about the "transparent" governor, a lot more people will be aware of the governor's shenanigans.



Anonymous said...

Just so you guys know, downthread on Gryphen's blog, a certain C4P-er is posting that they are gathering quotes from all of the blogs that thanked them for helping to raise $$ "as proof" or evidence that Celtic Diva and progressive bloggers used the photo of Trig in the manner SeaofPee claimed. For an upcoming ad or something?

Seriousy, if they do that, what a PR disaster for them. I so HOPE they do it. (PLEASE DO IT, C4P!) They continue to prove to the world that they don't understand irony, parody, satire or comedy! They are missing a "funny" chip or something.

What is wrong with them? Their brains are all--I dunno--stunted? It clearly affects their ability re: critical thinking as well. They are unable to recognize or process basic metaphorical statements. Any sort of layered, bifurcated, or sophisticated thought is beyond their reach. (Fifth graders do better than that!)

And now, with this post, I am done posting about them for good. Truly. They are never going to get Palin anywhere IMHO.

But keep at it, everyone. Great work, Regina!

Virginia Voter said...

OMG...Stapletongue has no idea what she has unleashed...the photoshops with the stormtrooper helmet and Rush Limpballs are money.

When will Sarah learn to rise above these things? Oh, yeah, never because she has the mentality of a 13 year old jr high mean girl...apparently so does Man-Sour....

Just a remider this photo taken of Sarah was at an OFFICIAL ground breaking for a prison. There is NO OTHER GOVERNOR OR MAYOR in the country who would have dressed like this on the job.

Anonymous said...

To anon 15:05--- you described it well- they are simply not very bright. Otherwise they would see Sarah more clearly as well. There is so much evidence that Sarah is crooked, phony, viscious, vindictive, uninformed, ignorant, unprepared, self-serving and more. They don't see any of it. Therefore they will keep doing things like this recent fiasco, that make Sarah look bad. They could do good things for her, but they don't see that. Even their marching around the Internet and writing simpleton statements like "Sarah is such a brave and beautiful woman" and all the religious nonsens make Sarah look bad. If this is their election approach, wow, it will be entertaining for us but very bad for Sarah.

Maybe they are uneducated too, who knows but they could learn a thing or two from President Obama and the positive campaign he ran. But nope, Sarah is already going negative. I guess she didn't learn a thing from the last election except that she loves pageant walking in front of a croud.

Great leaders surround themselves with the best and brightest and Sarah listens To C for Peee, RAM the bully,and Meg Stapletongue and Snowmachine Todd.

Anonymous said...

Anon 15:05 where on gryphens blog do you see them talking about an ad? Thanks

Anon15:05 said...

@16:04, It's way downthread, on "Palin camp desperately lashes out at progressive Alaskan blogger," 6/25.

There is one post from a C4P-er about gathering comments, and a follow-up from someone else against the idea of a C4P ad.

Patrick said...

Yes, Todd has a brother, he is called JD Palin.

I don't know much about him. He lives in Palmer or Wasilla and took part in the Irondog in 2001.

Patrick said...

Sorry, I just saw that somebody mentioned JD Palin before.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Anon 15:05 where on gryphens blog do you see them talking about an ad? Thanks

27 June 2009 16:04


C4Per JuJu is thanking everyone for their comments proving that this whole situation was about Trig and how the comments were being saved for an ad.

They seem to forget that they are not the only one who can "save" comments for proof of things! ::BIG GRIN::

PERFECT: wv..seafear

basheert said...

TRIG? This is about TRIG?

How f*ing stupid are these people?

S&M (the sadomasochistic SarahMeg) twins need their heads examined.

This is NOT about Trig - it's about his dimwit of a mother and her S&M Twin Megasaurus.

Go Wonkette - get the word out. The Peeing in the Sea crazies are coming unglued. They actually believe their own garbage....

Anonymous said...

An ad?? What a stupid idea. I am glad they are ruining Sarah's political future. But seriously if they truly cared about her, they would not do such dumb things. Palin's reputation is turning into a crazy over reactive nut with a bunch of nutty followers who react to everything and think they can change and police people to their idea of morality.

Don't they realize that America would NEVER EVER elect someone who is so over reactive to everything to any national position?? Oh my God, imagine what she would do if the leader of a middle eastern country or Russia said something degrading about her! Would they take out ads against him and make ridiculous comments? I would like to actually write out a pretend dialog between Putin and Sarah. She would lead us right into a nuclear war!!

C 4 pee are the ones who are helping her create this image. They are really hurting Sarahs image not helping her. Are they blind OR stupid?

I could care less. I am glad and find it funny and entertaining.

Don't they realize what they are doing is huring her? Taking an ad out to say how people on the internet are so mean to her children?? It is ridiculous and makes her look thin skinned. No one can control the negative talk and I don't know why she is trying.......Her whole approach is damage control now and she is doing a terrible job.....

It sure is entertaining though.