Friday, 12 June 2009

Sarah Palin, please shut up!

Following all the criticism Sarah Palin received for dressing "hot" this past week, she appeared on the Today Show to answer some questions about the Letterman issue. Notice how conservativelly dressed she is, notice the old librarian hairstyle.

Sarah Palin switches from hot to matronly to suit the occasion.

She claims Letterman's jokes contribute to a culture that devalues young women. Hello? This is the hot governor who can't see how the image she chose to project devalues other women's achievements. This is the hot candidate who sexualized the vice presidential campaign.

The hot governor who claims her children perform official state duties so she can charge the state for their travel wants the media to stay away from her children.

As state officials I would think they're open to scrutiny like any other state officials, no? Can Sarah Palin have it both ways?

Sarah Palin has a family member for every occasion. Trig for Down's Syndrome, Bristol for teenage pregnancy, Piper for hockey games and cutesy moments, Track for serving in Iraq, a nephew for autism, husband Todd for rugged sports and a spot of advertising his sponsor for no personal gain at all, etc etc.

Willow was the wise one, so far. She spotted Trig's Down's Syndrome, she was quoted in a Glen Beck interview as having insight into the economy, the girl was the clever one.

Last weekend Willow appeared at a fundraising event in skimpy shorts and tight t-shirt. I mentioned it before. The shorts would have been OK in a more private setting, but it was a poor choice in the circumstances, as were Sarah Palin's red Franco Sarto's and mini skirt.

There's no evidence that Willow was at the game which became the focus of jokes, counter-attacks and which now appears to have turned into an endless saga, but Sarah Palin's fanclub, C4P, was very quick to suggest Letterman was advocating statutory rape and all that.

I doubt Letterman can tell the Palin girls apart and probably can't even name them. The jokes were aimed equally at Palin's eldest , A Rod and Spitzer in a certain context. C4P and the Palin camp removed the jokes from that context and turned them into something that's much more offensive to Letterman than to any of the Palin children.

Some are asking for a backlash against President Obama's girls, saying liberals are hypocrites. The big difference here is that President Obama never exposed his daughters to the same degree, they were at school for most of the campaign, not being paraded up and down the country as political props. President Obama never claimed his daughters were entitled to free travel as state officials. He never used his family for political gain.

So, Sarah Palin, I'll ask you again: sit down and shut up.


CC from far away said...

Hey Regina:

Wonderful post, as usual. I am almost over the edge on this particularly devious political stunt. What a fabrication!!!!!

I cannot bring myself to see the whole interview so I very much appreciate those who have taken one for the team and have paraphrased it for us.

I'm not up to full coherency at present (as is evident...tee hee!) so I'll spare you my rambling ... but hello??? MSM???... excuse me but the last time I checked we elected Barak Obama as PRESIDENT. I am so sick of all these comparisons with Chelsea and the Bush twins (can't remember their names right now) ...absolutely ridiculous. They were Presidents' children. As much as she likes to think so, she is not THE PRESIDENT ... she is the FAILED VP CANDIDATE. How dare she and those other idiots on the right even mention them in the same sentence???? Someone in the MSM needs to make this point over and over again when these comparisons take place!!!!

She is always so disrespectful to our president. It is ALWAYS about GINO ... good grief!!!!

Last night I was mentioning to my son how very sad it is that we finally have a President who commands respect and admiration the world over ... and the ones who pay the least respect and wish for his demise, and other far more horrible thoughts, ARE FROM OUR OWN COUNTRY!!!! Alas ...

C---who is sorry for the rambling and needs to settle down ...

wv= broozo ... should have been BOZO!!!!

CC from far away said...

*Barack ...

Sarah is now affecting my typing, too ..... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

basheert said...

CC: deep breath .... we are all "up to here" with her stupid comments and her exploitation of young women while bitching about exploitation of young women.

I don't care what her kids wear, they are her kids and her problem.

She just goes on and on and on...the energizer bunny has nothing on the mouth of this one.

Elections have consequences. She lost it for McCain (still giggling about that). She is an unelectable loser. The Lower 48 made dam* sure she is not going to EVER be taken seriously. She is a giant joke.

Her problem is that she is making it impossible to ignore. Since none of us take her seriously to begin with, we had to ignore her to protect our own mental health. At this point, I can honestly say I hope a really large hole opens up and swallows her. If only to shut up that moronic mouth and the babbling drivel she spews.

Where is a giant sucking black hole when you need one?

Anonymous said...

I think that Sarah did some pretty tacky things regarding her own children, long before Letterman or anyone else was making jokes about her.

By way of "proving" that Bristol couldn't have given birth to Trig (we still don't know that one for sure) she revealed Bristol's pregnancy, as an unmarried 17 year old. There was no need to embarrass Bristol, and it proved nothing.

She put Bristol in some terrible situations, appearing on Fox with Tripp, posing for a People Magazine cover in graduation cap and gown with baby. Advocate for abstinence, and spokesperson for sexy preteen clothes. All of this is so undignified, and not protective of her daughter's privacy. And, for the record, the girl is still unmarried; how's that for family values?

When she allowed Willow to appear in that dreadful outfit, she was disrespectful of the serious nature of the event. It is the same tacky image as appearing at a memorial for soldiers in thigh high mini skirt and strapy sandals. In fact, the way Sarah outfits herself, makeup, hair and all invited the "slutty flight attendant" joke. No wonder she toned down her look for the latest TV appearance; those pictures and remarks got through to her.

Sarah has blown the Letterman joke all out of proportion. For 30 years, he has been poking a sharp stick in the side of big egos, especially anyone who is a hypocrite or liar. John McCain lied to Letterman in canceling an appearance last September. McCain was the target of unrelenting jabs and jibs, all deserved. I don't remember McCain calling a press conference to attack Letterman's jokes.

Sarah has used hate speech during the 2008 campaign. She never spoke out against the cries of, "Kill him!" Now, she is engaging in the same hate filled rhetoric asking people to "rise up against Letterman." (Letterman never said "rape.") If she has any serious political ambitions for the future, this is not the best way to show how cool and reasoned she is under pressure. On the other hand, maybe she auditioning for one of those foolish talking head positions that appear on Fox, spewing hate. She has shown us that she is perfect for that job.

My wv=press, because Sarah always has to be in the Press (media). Her followers are using all of this for fundraising, so we can expect her to keep it up.

Anonymous said...

s Palin headed for a breakdown? I am compiling a list of what I have seen on TV in the past 8 days and I don’t even know her.

1) She plagiarized Newt Gingrich.
2) She threatened to be a “no-show” at a GOP event, but then came to it anyway. They had to replace her as speaker because she was so erratic.
3) She is in a fight with a comedian over something he didn’t even really say.
4) She is now taking on the culture in America against women in the media, even though she herself:
a- forced rape victims to pay for rape kits while mayor of Wasilla;
b -made her daughter become a paid spokesperson for a sexy shoe company which targets tweens;
c-laughs loudly HERSELF at degrading jokes about women on recorded radio & TV shows (e.g.,the “Lyda Green” incident, the Hillary remarks, the Montreal radio pranksters)
d - never confronted Eddie Burke for the comments he made about Bristol and “going to keggers” last month
e - has never upbraided Rush Limbaugh or FOX news for the degrading things they have said about women for the past 10 years
5) Signed a contract with the one oil company most Alaskans do not want to be in business with.
6) Called Pres. Obama “the candidate who must be obeyed” on NBC this morning.

These are just off the top of my head. Anyone else?

midnightcajun said...

Lets see... She told Matt he's naive. She said Katie thought she was the center of the universe and accused her unethical conduct in cutting up Sarah's interview responses to make her look stupid. She called Dave a pathetic buffoon and essentially called him a pervert and a pedophile... Wow, how to win friends and influence people in the media.

What makes me sick is how many people are falling for this stunt of hers, including NOW, shame on them. She gets her unwed daughter (and baby) a job as spokeswoman for a company that uses sex to sell their product to teens; she exploits her kids and her own sexuality, and then she dresses up like a school marm to act act like the outraged protector of young women. Eeoww.

And where is the public outrage over her inciting of terrorists? The shooter at the Holocaust Museum refereed to her and quoted her! Why isn't anyone asking her about that? I, too, have just had it with this woman. Enough is enough. There is more than enough ammo out there for the media to take her down. She told enough provable lies in her interview with Matt that an awake journalist could crucify her. Why doesn't someone do it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Midnight Cajun. I just posted this on Gryphen's blog. Hopefully it will show up later:
Why didn't Palin give a speech against HATE CRIMES & VIOLENCE this week? A rightwing terrorist murdered someone at the Holocaust Museum; he was a known fan of hers. She should have stepped up and given a major speech against murder, hate, and anti-Semitism. Instead, she attacks Dave Letterman?

It makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

I have a wickedly wild suggestion. There are plenty of beloved right wing conservative icons who have said much worse things than David Letterman. It's time to start putting together a neat little file of all of the Republican, conservative nasty comments and see how they hold up to Palin's morality standards.

The first thing that comes to mind is an audio book that Bill O'Reilly recorded. When she had her Air American radio program, Randi Rhodes would play portions which were positively pornographic. It involved our male hero (think Billo) in a crack house with two underage crack ho's (his words). He asks them to put down the crack pipe and work on getting "his pipe" to stand up. Yes, it's nasty and it's O"Reilly. So, what would Sarah say about that?

I am also reminded that there exists on tape comments that John McCain made about his wife, Cindy, calling her an unpleasant four letter word for female anatomy, and accusing Cindy of troweling on her makeup like a trollop. Not underage, but degrading to women.

Surely we can find some more examples of outstanding conservative spokesmen who shouldn't have been hanging around with young teen aged girls. The party of family values, indeed!

Gail said...

There are over 7,000 comments on this interview over at HuffPo! Sara Palin is such an idiot it defies belief!

onejrkitty said...

Why doesn't anyone from the media ask Guiliani who was at the ball game?

It appears that it was his wife that was mistaken for Willow.

He won't offer the info up, but he would have to give some kind of responese, even if it was "NO Comment" which in itself makes a big comment.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to double post as I am sure you all read mudflats but I posted this earlier

Does anyone else see Sarah Palin’s way of doing things
very Cult Leadership like?

Be afraid of the government (calling it “the Feds”), remarks about Obama (today saying “the One who must be obeyed), don’t trust all the corrupt politicians in Washington

Be afraid of the media. Don’t trust them. Letterman, Couric, two people that have been respected and followed for many, many years by people. Calling Couric snobby and played with the tape to make her look bad cutting out parts, Letterman is now a Pervert she wouldn’t let her daughter near.

Get people afraid of the government and not watching mainstream media.

With her many appearances / personalities she could be anyones mom (hockey mom and slew of kids), neighbor, friend, sister, or lover (her red shoes, hair extensions.. ect..)

She is governor of Alaska.. a small remote state where a large population is native and therefore desperately dependent on her, hands out fatty checks each year to make herself popular, she wants to drill at all cost no matter the environmental consequences but will only prove to make her more powerful (money)

And tie all this together with sharing a feel good syrupy bible message tied in with good time America in the 50’s apple pie, hunting, church going… country music

I know it sounds silly… but hello?

basheert said...

Maybe we should just all agree that Sarah is sick in her head?

Doesn't anyone notice that she's a bit out in left field at this point?

All I want for my birthday is for her to just shut up. The fact is, when you go on and on ... and on and become a giant TURNOFF to people.

She's already a joke and a loser, and now she's a turnoff.

When are the men in the white coats coming for this idiot?

Anonymous said...

Now that Sarah has this new "crusade," namely Women's Rights (she's late to the party), it is time for her to denounce all of the other anti-women things that she has previously supported.

So, let's start with beauty pageants which DO debase women, reduced them, in their skimpy bathing suits, to sexual objects. The talent and question things are thinly veiled disguise for what it really is, oogling pretty young things. So, Sarah, where's the outrage-- not at Ms.Prejean being fired, but for having to bare her body to pose for an underwear ad, and for entering a sexist beauty pageant in the first place.

And, this would be a good time to tell us that while your beauty pageant was a wonderful experience and a symptom of the times, how that when you look back, you really wouldn't want to parade any of your daughters in the same kind of show. You can say that, can't you?

Floyd M. Orr said...

Regina, allow me to bring this rerun by again for all those who may have missed it the first time around. I have been studying the sort of madness that SP has brought to our consciousness all of my life. I know it intimately. Without having to regurgitate it all again, I invite any newcomers to visit my site(s) and read the details of the causes of this madness. Thank you.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

I searched and googled and found ZERO mention of Willow at the game.
Lots of references to SP+TP+RG+JG, but not poor Willow. Another one under the bus. Mommie dearest wannabe leader of the free world strikes again.

LisanTX said...

Anon at 22:49--great idea about collecting sexist statements made by Sarah's colleagues. I'm sure there are hundreds of such statements! This sounds like what Jon Stewart does with great results.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to put another one of those *upstanding* righteous guys there also, too: Rush Limpballs...

teal said...

...i wonder if she heard that her BFF, Miss CA loss the title...what about her Mrs Todd Palin? Oh, I guess shes a great role model...