Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Sarah Palin, not updated

Dave Letterman top ten highlights of Sarah Palin's trip to New York had as number 2:

“Bought makeup at Bloomingdale’s to update her ‘slutty flight attendant’ look.”

Her reaction:

I loved her immediate response: she didn't go to Bloomingdale's! Is she stupid enough to think Letterman was trying to be factual? Her logic: he was wrong about her going to Bloomingdale's, so he must be wrong about her slutty look.

Wait! Maybe she wants him to know that she didn't update the look!

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basheert said...

She doesn't need to update her "slutty" look. She looks like an aging hooker - not a flight attendant who generally is clean, hair and nice makeup, and a nice manner.

She's more like that slutty tramp you knew in high school. Everyone knew she slept with everyone to be popular.

And now ... she's getting OLD. Watching the 'ho age is gonna be fun!

Anonymous said...

In previous posts, people have remarked that even though Sarah wore fabulous clothes during the campaign, she didn't learn anything from the experience. She also didn't learn something else from that campaign. Don't mess with David Letterman.

Last fall,McCain blew off his scheduled appearance on Letterman (reminds us of the Diva's behaviour the other day), announcing that the "economy was crattering and he had to fly back to Washington right away." Except, McCain didn't return to Washington right away, he lingered for an interview with Katie Couric, a dinner and left the following morning. Letterman skewered him relentlessly, reminding people over and over of McCain's irratic behavior and outright lie.

So, when Sarah thinks that she is going to one-up Letterman with a snappy comeback, "I don't shop at Bloomingdales," he will only make more sport of the remark and pick another store. Better to just laugh it off, but we've learned that Sarah responds to every little insult, dignified or not. Keep it up Sarah, it is so petty.

get real said...

Only the most simple minded people go after messengers - and comedians.

Palin is such a person.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin has NO SENSE OF HUMOR. Maybe it's lack of IQ????

Anonymous said...

i was at c for pee pee
finally a christian brings up this point.. she/he was slammed of course.. there are more but here are a few comments

Paula & Christian & Guests said... The Lord does not support women wearing short skirts and red shoes. It's haughty and certainly not modest. Ms. Palin should know this if she actually read the Bible. Shame on her. She needs to dress like a woman of the Lord. What would Jeus think?

Paula & Christian & Guests said... If Sarah is to be a true Christian leader, then the least she could do is dress according, regardless of what Lettermen said. If she dressed properly we wouldn't be hearing about these comments, would we?

I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God. (NIV, 1 Timothy 2:9-10)

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight. For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to make themselves beautiful. (NIV, 1 Peter 3:2-5)

Anonymous said...

I definitely understand the strong reaction that many of us have to this woman, nevertheless it is not cool to use words like "whore," "tramp," and so on. There is plenty to criticize legitimately without stooping to name-calling, which a lot of us resented when she was the one calling names. Can we please try to stay on the high road here?

regina said...




Anonymous said...

To anon 2:54 I agree totally. When women namecall it makes us look catty. I don't like it at all and I've written about it other sites. It also takes away from the seriousness of our important criticisms. None of us should call her names based on looks. It's shallow.

Lisabeth said...

If Letterman sees her response, he will be relentless! My guess is he'll be talking about her tonight!

wes_ben said...

The really sad thing about her Letterman reaction is that it shows that she doesn't really get it. She has the same weird reaction to anyone who makes fun of her (the Canadian radio guys, Tina, Leno, anybody).

I do think she is simple minded (much like a young child). I hate that she's put herself (and the rest of us) in this situation and I don't think she has enough "grown up" in her to recognize her strengths and weakness and live her life accordingly.

She is dangerous and I will do everything in my power to ensure she does not make it to a position of power outside of her state.

FEDUP!!! said...

Somehow I think she does not get that D.L. is making fun of her - she talks (to my ears) like she is just kind of 'winging it' in this interview - "good 'old' (emphasized it, IMO) Dave Letterman", and 'must have been a slow news day' He is a Buffoon??? Oh, well...
I hope this 'buffoon' rips her another one tonight! I believe she just opened herself up BIG TIME for the rest of the satirists/entertainers.

midnightcajun said...

Wow, Sarah makes two serious faux pas in one little interview: calling a comedian "pathetic" rather than laughing along with him, and defending her plagiarism rather than apologizing for it.

I don't understand what it is about these emaciated conservative women dressing so inappropriately and seductively. It shows a serious lack of professionalism and a lack of judgement, and is such a blatant, undignified play on their sexuality that they need to be called on it.

Anonymous said...

I can understand that calling her names might of been inappropriate in the past. The day she hike her skirt up to heaven on Memorial Day at a very serious occasion that was when it was over as far as forgiving her apparent lack of judgement for appropriate dress. She should know better. And letting Willow where those awful shorts with those tree trunk legs. Geez. Just priming her to end up like Bristol.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but related to all these fashion "machinations" she goes through. When does she have any time to spend with Trig? She travels frequently, governs the state of Alaska, twitters, facebook, radio shows, reads the blogs,argues with the press, gets endless manicures, hair extensions, dye jobs, shopping, goes running, hmm something tells me her mothering instints did not kick in when she had that latest birth, maybe it was just too easy. Maybe she forgot she has a special needs child at home that needs her. There is no way she spends nearly enough time with the child she claims to have birthed. Liar, Liar.

onejrkitty said...

"...nevertheless it is not cool to use words like "whore," "tramp," and so on. There is plenty to criticize legitimately without stooping to name-calling, which a lot of us resented when she was the one calling names. Can we please try to stay on the high road here?"

When we lower OUR bar to HER level, we become as shallow as she is. There is so much wrong with this psychologically unstable woman that there is no need for such "name calling" and worse, IT ONLY OPENS UP ANTI-PALIN SUPPORTERS TO LEGITIMATE COMPLAINTS FROM PALIN'S FAN CLUB.

Never,Never, NEVER give your adversary a legitimate reason to attack you.

I have noticed a disturbing "taking of the low road" on the part of many commentators on quite a few of our progressive sites.

When OUR side stoops to the "valley girl mean queen" level, it is just the pot calling the kettle black.



Go David ! And humor is such an excellent vehicle to show the "real" colors of someone like Palin anyway.

AKPetMom said...

I do have to chime in and say that I personally believe that clothes and shoes should be a personal choice and not something dictated by by regulations set forth by the christian bible or other religious stories.

I've never understood the modesty angle put forth by different religions. Why have muslim women cover their entire bodies with burkas? Why do certain christian people require that women wear their hair long and only wear skirts and not pants?

I really just don't get any of it on any level. As far as I'm concerned people can wear as little or as much as they want based on personal choice. The "modesty" thing just seems really weird to me.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the modesty thing, I was at a holy roller church for a few years.. women had long hair/skirts/sleeves had to cover the elbow.. ect..

I am not speaking for all Holy Roller people (actually it was Pentecostal) but the preacher that would be up in arms saying be decent cover those elbows!! Were quite pervy..
There were so many odd behind the scenes sexual things like incest .. just creepy

Maybe those extreme churches where man made rules dictate things.. sexual pervy people flock to ..makes them feel "clean" just there were so many odd weirdos there like creepy people

Virginia Voter said...

Let's not forget the point here...this woman is THE SITTING GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF ALASKA, not Paris Hilton, not Kate Gosselin, nor Britney Spears. I agree that people can choose their own clothing and I think religions that dictate how people should dress in order to be holy are ridiculous.

Put it this way...Sarah is the CEO of the State of Alaska, and as such should carry herself and dress herself as would any CEO...instead she dresses and acts like the dumb gossipy office secretary. She can wear whatever the F she wants to wear in her own free time, but when she makes an appearance as the governor, she should dress the part. When she shows up at nationally covered events with ridiculous hair extensions, talon toenails, and cork wedges, she reflects poorly on her state, and quite frankly this country, as she was a VP nominee not so long ago. She makes McCain look like a total idiot, even now

Lilybart said...

Anon, I think her looks are fair game. Her looks are her calling card, America's Hottest Gov and all that.

AND presentation is important. She dresses Unprofessionally. What other elected female in high office wears hair extensions, tatooed lip liner,short skirts and decorated toes?

Sure, her record is full of enough crap to sink her, but her dress and presentation show that she lacks seriousness, so talking about her appearance isn't catty.

basheert said...

In one way I disagree. The term trailer trash for example, is widely recognized as a category of individuals who are perceived to be rather slovenly, sloppy, not too bright, undereducated, dullards. I know, my D-i-l is true trailer trash and yes she grew up in a trailer. Not all people who live in trailers are trash, but I believe the phrase does tend to represent a particular category of people when used to describe someone's demeanor.
RE: media whore.
A media whore is someone who says and does anything to grab media attention. It indicates a person who has no boundaries in good taste, but rather is only interested in publicity. Think of a 2 year old who tosses tantrums. To a 2 year old, attention is attention, negative or positive. The term media whore perfectly describes her behavior. She seeks out publicity and when she is criticized for her behavior and lack of ability of speak in any form of language understandable, it doesn't matter. It gets her name in front of the public which is all she wants.
I don't think it is catty and it isn't something we have made up. It is a response to the behavior of a rather shallow insecure narcissist who is being seen for what she is and doesn't like it.
Since she is a true media whore, she will also grab negative attention as well. She can't have it both ways - anyone who seeks publicity is going to have to deal with both sides.
Sorry just my opinion.

basheert said...

Just one small PS: I would like to apologize to flight attendants everywhere. Letterman's comment was pretty insulting to them. They work their legs off under very adverse circumstances and conditions, taking care of snotty passengers who are crowded into miserable cattlecar airplanes and being told they have to SELL water to angry people who are crammed into seats that fit a 4 year old.

I think most flight attendants have a lot of class - and admire their ability to keep their cool - and save people's lives.

Comparing flight attendants to SP is insulting to them. I cannot even imagine depending upon her in an emergency.

lisabeth said...

Just saying, Letterman went after her again last night and I bet he will continue all week. I only saw a small part of it though, and it wasn't that bad......

patstevens said...

Not that she hasn't asked for it, but I think the negative publicity has made SP punch-drunk. She forgot one of the exceptions to the general rule of thumb for politicians to immediately negate negative publicity: Comedians.

basheert said...

The hallmark of a reasonably intelligent politician is to have Letterman LIKE you. When Colbert, Stewart and Letterman treat you like pond scum, you can bet at least half of their audiences believe all they are saying.
The successful people laugh along with them.
SP will NEVER EVER manage to shut Letterman up....she's throwing gasoline on a flame. She hasn't learned that you CANNOT win if you don't play along.
I have noticed that SP also has NO sense of humor about anything and am wondering if perhaps she is unable to grasp the concept of a "joke"!!!

onejrkitty said...

Let's not forget when Palin was on the Eddie Burke radio show and LAUGHED, GIGGLED, WRT REMARKS ABOUT LYDIA GREEN WHO HAD CANCER.

Lydia was a mentor of Palin's but was thrown under the bus when she stated she did not think Palin was ready for a run at govrnor of Alaska.

Palin is as mean spirited as they come and sure can dish it out.

While I do not agree with using the "vally trash mean queen" type of remarks about Palin, I DO BELIEVE IT IS FINE TO COMMENT ON HER LACK OF PROPER ATTIRE.

My gripe is that we should use adult language in our critical comments. Shyannan Moore's blog article criticizing Palin for her mini skirt at the veteran's memorial was RIGHT ON.

What was low class and NOT right on was a commentor's remark about Palin's "twat" being almost visible to those in the audience.

It is not the criticism that I objected to, it was the low class way the commentor said it.

Moore's artile was written with class and style and made the point much better, without opening her up to legitimate attack, like the commentor's comment did ! ! ! !

KaJo said...

Letterman has issued a statement today, about the reaction he got from the Palins about his two-nights-running riffs on the Palin family.

First, his Top Ten list from Monday night, and his joke about ARod knocking up Palin's daughter during the 7th inning of Sunday's game (Palin and her husband were photographed there with Rudy Giuliani, but I could never find pictures of Willow) -- then another joke Tuesday night about keeping Eliot Spitzer away "from her daughter".

Neither were really very funny, of course, but it isn't the first time Letterman has had Palin in his Top Ten -- just the worst.


That's as close to an apology as the Palins are going to get, and if they don't quietly shut up about the flap, Letterman will probably ramp up his ridicule, and probably take more direct aim at the adults.

He SHOULD leave the younger Palins out of his monologues -- I'd say Bristol is as fair game as Sarah and Todd Palin, but not the younger ones.

KaJo said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Basheert, for the kind words for flight attendants!

My daughter is one and has been flying international for years. The pressurized cabins dry out their skin and my daughter wears very little makeup but uses a lot of moisturizer.

And, yes, it is not an easy job. People complain about everything. Some, get very nasty!

She is on vacation now and I haven't had a chance to talk to her about Letterman. All the flight attendants at her crash pad really like Dave.

It will be interesting to see what they have to say about Dave's remarks!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Basheert, for the kind words for flight attendants!

My daughter is one and has been flying international for years. The pressurized cabins dry out their skin and my daughter wears very little makeup but uses a lot of moisturizer.

And, yes, it is not an easy job. People complain about everything. Some, get very nasty!

She is on vacation now and I haven't had a chance to talk to her about Letterman. All the flight attendants at her crash pad really like Dave.

It will be interesting to see what they have to say about Dave's remarks!


Anonymous said...


Sorry for the double post!


KaJo said...

I deleted a comment above in which I said I'd seen Willow attending the baseball game as told by Sarah Palin to some-but-not-all reporters, who'd dutifully reported it.

I was wrong. The screen captures I'd gotten along with an accompanying news media still picture show the person who was sitting between Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani was Judi Giuliani.

Willow Palin was no where to be seen, and I STILL have not found a picture of her attending that game, after 2 days of looking.

You'd think, if it were true, there'd be some eager Palinista posting it on THEIR blog, at least.