Thursday, 11 June 2009

Shut up, Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has condemned the murder of the security guard at the Holocaust Museum. Her protestations sound hollow.

Sarah Palin doesn't know when to shut up and stop making inflammatory remarks or associating with the wrong people.

She started her dangerous rhetoric during the vice presidential campaign, accusing President Obama of association with a domestic terrorist. The so-called terrorist is a respected professor in Chicago. The president had very flimsy connections with Bill Ayers.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, proudly introduced an individual who advocates sticking hand grenades up babies butts and who called for the murder of an anti-war activist, saying "Put him in the firing range and I'll pay for the bullets."

"We have an awesome guest, a guest who is affecting our culture in such a positive way. We need him to keep on being bold and we’re counting on Michael Reagan to help educate America." ~ Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin doesn't miss a single opportunity to bash President Obama, stating that the USA will turn into a socialist state if Americans don't pay attention. Sarah Palin speaking to Sean Hannity:

HANNITY: You know but it goes back - It does go back a little to the campaign. I mean, ‘spread the wealth, patriotic duty…’

PALIN: Kind of a ‘we told ya so’.

HANNITY: Well, is that how you feel?

PALIN: That’s how I feel! I feel like… and I think that more and more constituents are going to open their eyes now and open their ears to hear what is really going on and realize ok… Maybe we didn’t have a good way of expressing that, or articulating that message of ‘here is what America could potentially become if we grow government to such a degree that we cannot pay for it and we have to borrow money from other countries, some countries that don’t necessarily like America.

And this many months into the new administration, quite disappointed, quite frustrated with not seeing those actions to rein in spending, slow down the growth of government. Instead Sean it is the complete opposite. It’s expanding at such a large degree that if Americans aren’t paying attention, unfortunately our country could evolve into something that we do not even recognize.

HANNITY: Socialism?

PALIN: Well, that is where we are headed. That is where we have to be blunt enough and candid enough and honest enough with Americans to let them know that if we keep going down these roads… nationalizing many of our services, our projects, our businesses, yes that is where we would head. And that is why Americans have to be paying attention. And we have to have our voices heard. And ultimately it need to be our will, the American people’s will imposed on Washington, instead of the other way around.

There are plenty of deranged people out there, they take her words as gospel. They still believe in "reds under the bed", they think the President is a Muslim because of his middle name, they believe some doctors are murderers.

Blog post on Team Sarah:

My Dear Angels With Hussain Barack Obama The Usa Will be Full Of Radical Muslims And We will not let This Happen to our Most Beautifull Country On earth, America.,, Do i Have Muslim Friends Never in My life Time ,I do not Want Them I do Not Trust Them I do Not relate To Them And Proud To say It Loud And Clear,,,,
i Adore you all My Dearest Christians Jewish, Budhist Friends,,,,, Tirdad
SARAH PALIN My angel for President Of The Usa And All Republicans,,,,,

Sarah Palin's interviews and speeches are dangerous. She is divisive, self-serving and downright stupid.

Sarah Palin: if you don't have anything constructive to say, please sit down and shut up.


FEDUP!!! said...

A bit O/T, but related in a way anyway re. the Dave Letterman controversy and his invitation for them (GINO and Dud [sic] to appear on his show:

Meg Stapleton just issued this statement:

“The Palins have no intention of providing a ratings boost for David Letterman by appearing on his show. Plus, it would be wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman.”

I can't believe that they are slandering him like that and are trying to make him into a pedophile!

FEDUP!!! said...

Oh, and KaJo posted these pics over on Gryphens blog, which show that Willow was not at the game, but it was Rudi's WIFE (that looks a bit like an older version of Willow, but with a bit more taste)

Anonymous said...

Also about Letterman: He issued his invitation to pay for her trip to NY, including Todd, or, Dave laughed, you can leave him at home. Willow was never mentioned. Not any Palin daughter.

Sarah has the thinnest skin of any person in public life. She has responded to every perceived slight, "They're not dropouts," when People Magazine reported that neither Bristol nor Levi was attending high school classes.

Since the last topic was undignified dress, this is a logical continuation of the theme. These are undignified responses. Sarah has to say ANYTHING just to keep her name in the press. Sometimes silence is golden, and it's a good time to THINK before speaking. But we've seen that Sarah does not think before putting in hair extensions, putting on excessive makeup, putting on outlandish clothes, or making outlandish statements. She is supplying Dave with guaranteed ratings for the next few weeks everytime she answers another one of his jokes. You see, he's joking, and she's not. Excuse me, Sarah Palin is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Regina, another brilliant, brilliant post. You are becoming my favorite blogger of all time.

You have such fantastic evidence here of the far right's hypocrisy and their incitations to violence.

One of their own (an Obama "birther"/Palin fan) murdered someone at the Holocaust Museum yesterday, and today, Sarah Palin fights with David Letterman as she signs a contract with Exxon in Texas? If I were an Alaskan, my head would explode! As an American, and world citizen, I hang my head in shame that this horrific, hate-filled woman is still in office and evidently trying to launch a "Presidential" campaign.

Casey said...

Reg...great post as usual. I feel so depressed my friend. I cannot tear away from the car wreck that is Palin, yet I find I am more disgusted with her each and every day. My heart is literally hurting, that this woman is standing on a stage as large as Alaska...and hoping for an even larger one.

I need a sign very soon that this nightmare of a woman will soon be resigned to history as the woman who did nothing of significance.


majii said...

I read Letterman's list on Gryphen's blog, and I knew he was poking fun at Bristol and at the skirt Palin was wearing. My dearly departed parents had a favorite saying---a hurt dog will surely holler. Guv Palin is a prime example of what they were trying to tell me when I was growing up, and that is that Guv Palin has a reason she has revealed to NO ONE as to why what Letterman said bothers her so much. She who is always on the attack doesn't seem to be able to take what she dishes out. An adult would have ignored Letterman and kept doing his/her job. If she had been president, nothing would get done because she'd spend so much time responding to criticisms that governing would be at the bottom of the list. I don't even want to think about her being POTUS. I can imagine her talking to Netanyahu, Ahminidijhad, Berlesconi, Merkle, King Faud, Medvedev, Sarkosy, Harper, Jintao, etc. It would be pure disaster, but, but, but her fans would consider all of the gibberish spewing from her mouth as words of wisdom all while the leaders and citizens of the world were scratching their heads trying to figure what in the h@!! she was talking about. I bet she doesn't have a clue how much people throughout the world were laughing at her during the presidential campaign. I visit a lot of web sites worldwide quite frequently, and people in other countries were appalled she was on a ticket running for national office, and they wondered how they'd be able to talk to America if she and JM won the election. They respect JM, but dismiss SP. They even noted how uneducated she was on national and international issues. People, we dodged not a bullet but a nuclear explosion.

tia maria said...

Majii said: "I can imagine her talking to Netanyahu, Ahminidijhad, Berlesconi, Merkle, King Faud, Medvedev, Sarkosy, Harper, Jintao, etc."

Hmmm... But she has talked to Sarkosy... at least she thought it was Sarkosy. Remember the "Hellloooo" when she answered the prank call?

Dianne said...

I'm praying to the god of iceburgs - please come soon, please come soon! This woman is SOOOO dangerous. She may not do it intentionally (then again, she might) but she is an inspiration to the fringe lunatics exactly like Von Brunn. I agree with you Regina and that is - Sarah, shut up!!!!!

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Basically if you don't have something gooey and complimentary to say to SP, she wants you to sit down and shut up.

WV: humbl (Someone teach the true meaning of that word to GINO!)

onejrkitty said...

Thank you for the courage to write this post !

I am wondering why our other popular local (Anchorage) bloggers are not even mentioning this, as well as remaining silent on the Letterman's courage in taking Palin on.

Emily said...

The Holocaust museum shooter is actually a fan of Palin, it seems, which doesn't surprise me one bit. Her condemnations are just more shallow political maneuvering, I'm sure.

Also, is that Team Sarah person saying that Palin's really an angel? All I can discern for sure from that message is that they type the way Palin talks.

basheert said...

Letterman has NOTHING to worry about. And being on his show will certainly NOT be about giving him a bounce. She's refused anyway.

The problem with this idiot is that she is down to taking herself much more seriously than she deserves.

She seems to think Letterman is a NEWS person. He's a late night comedian - he tells JOKES (and she's the biggest of them all). He of all people is not dependent upon the likes of SP to get a "bounce" in his ratings.

Now that we've talked about Letterman's ratings - what about hers?

Oh yeah - she ranked nowhere - not even 1% in the recent Gallup poll. "No one" won. She IS nowhere and is showing everyone she is nothing.

Knocked up was an OBVIOUS reference to Bristol. Letterman will survive but I doubt that SP will be with us much longer. Her feet of clay are sinking into the mud.

Anonymous said...

Nicely said everyone.

Dave Letterman has a following about 100% larger than WitchWoman. She is taking on much more than she can chew. He is not someone who will bow down to her.

She's such a blatant joke.

Anonymous said...

Let's see how this works. Sarah keeps protesting that it was young Willow at the game and not Bristol. All that does is draw attention to the fact that Bristol, who is an unmarried mother and is also an advocate for "just say no." Except, Bristol didn't say "No," she says, "Do as I say, not as I did." With that kind of hypocrisy, Bristol will be a target of jokes. She never should have been the "advocate" for teen abstinence. It was wrong for Sarah to put her on Fox for that GVS interview, and definitely not been all over TV for a ridiculous advocacy. When you put your kids out there, don't be surprised when someone makes a joke about it. And, by the way, everytime Sarah and Todd protest, Dave and everyone else get to play those jokes again. Keep on protesting, Sarah, we can't get enough of it!

Virginia Voter said...

Now we see that Palin is using this shiny object (her silly feud with A late night talk show host/comedian)as a distraction from her signing a deal with the devil...Exxon. Got to hand it to her...she saw a crack in the door, and plowed right thru it, just as her God wanted her too.

She is very dangerous...not only because of the hateful rhetoric she spews, but because she is a completely incompetent governor.

Anonymous said...

She's blabbing about Letterman to get her fans to stop watching mainstream media in any way.. more divisiveness.. divide the people into her commune thinking the rest of the world is evil she can be queen of all

Not very Christian like is it?
You'd think if she were this strong Christian lady her response would of been something that tucked in "Well, I'm sorry Letterman took that route but I will pray for him"
Ya know.. something a little humble?

I also think.. the way she lashes out practically moments after .. good lawdy if she was Pres. and another country got on her nerves she'd be like I'll show them.. Gather the troops! We are going to War boys!! Leading them with her red lips and shoes and bible in tote..

creepy lady

get real said...

It's simple:

Sarah Palin is a complete FRAUD.

Kyra said...

the thing that's always gotten me, is that even if President Obama was a Muslim, so what? Granted, he wouldn't have been elected president, but we do have an enormous Muslim population in this country and we do have freedom of religion. I watch the people in the video and I still have a hard time wondering where they've been (even though I know people just like them). I find my tolerance decreasing as I get older, in fact, I have NO tolerance for such people.

Kyra said...

Probably should go under style, but go look at the picture of GINO at the dinner Monday night (when she's on-stage with Todd being introduced). Hipshot, chin down, lips sort of pushed out, one shoulder up, one elbow cocked - total attitude. Has anyone, ever, seen a woman politician in a similar pose? I mean really! It's not just clothing, shoes, and makeup. Pay attention to how she stands, her expression, how she orients her body - it says it all.

LisanTX said...

Kyra, I know exactly which picture you're talking about! A photojournalism blog examined that photo at

lisabeth said...

What a week, can it get any weirder? Any more depressing? Laurie, I know how you feel. I feel the same way. I am very depressed today.
I sit here watching the news and I am thinking WTF is wrong with everyone!! Rush Limbaugh is saying the Holocaust killer is a liberal. Sarah Palin (a governor) and her husband are using their children in a SICK way by adding the words rape and pervert! She didn't just let the apology from Dave stand. She USED THE OPPORTUNITY (opportunist) to rally funds from her nutty followers.
Gee what else? OH Jerimiah Wright says "the Jews" aren't letting Obama talk to him. People are fighting over health care. They care more about money than they do about people who are really ill and don't have coverage.

Really I see the world out of control with hate escalating. The world seems sicker than it ever has. I see more and more violant hate crimes coming.... I think people like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh FUEL this. I really do...I will throw Reverand Wright in there too. What did Obama see in him???? I am really paranoid and upset right now and going off on a blog and none of you even know me.

I mean, my GOD, the Christian right is calling Dave's joke " a crime against Christians" in a fund raising letter!! Sarah is going on the today show tomorrow am to talk about this. Talk about an opportunist. She thinks she is making a point, but the whole world can see what she is doing!

Thanks for listening. And please iceberg come soon. I think Dave's ratings are going to go sky high because of this. I know I'll watch him tonight to see what he says.

indy_girl said...

Sarah said: "...that is why Americans have to be paying attention. And we have to have our voices heard. And ultimately it need to be our will, the American people’s will imposed on Washington, instead of the other way around."

Oh, Sarah, Americans DID that was called "The 2008 Presidential Election."

p.s. I can hear those doors slamming already. Keep up the good work!

FEDUP!!! said...

Lisa, Kyra: My take on that pic is that GINO is trying to muzzled Toad [sic] and wrestle-in in front of him...

Anonymous said...

Oh, lisabeth, I know how you feel. And this hateful women is still out there stirring up more hate and divisiveness. She took Letterman's apology and threw it in his face, then added a nasty insult insinuating he's an old pervert and pedophile. Now there are HUNDREDS of blogs out there going on about how Letterman joked about raping a 14 year old girl, which he DIDN'T. The joke was about Bristol and the only people talking about rape were the Palins. All the little sheeple are writing to CBS and to Letterman's sponsors, and he is going to pay dearly for this. Plus she's using the "women unite, we're all being attacked" line, and so many are falling for it. I thought this would backfire on her but it seems to be working!

My only hope is that in the end, he will get her back but good. Yet I fear he won't. She always seems to land squarely on her five inch red fake patent leather platform sandals.

Oh, god; my wv is "palen"

Sister Wolf said...

Can I just say, I LOVE YOU! God bless you for carrying the torch! I still have a few PAP Smear buttons (Patriots Against Palin) and I'd love to send you one.

Lisabeth said...

We should do something to support Letterman! Even if his joke was tasteless, he admitted it. Enough aleady let it go. The Palind added the words rape and pervert! They are twisted. I want to write Letterman and tell him what a kook Palin is and about all the gates. Including Trig and Dr Cathys specialty!She never owns anything yet she us calling him in his morals!!!! She drives me crazy!!

As far as that photo you are all talking about I noticed it right away. She looks furious!!!! She certainly does not look gracious and professional!

Yep hate groups are on the rise. And Sarah helped ahhhhhh! Iceberg come quick.

Anonymous said...

Folks, have no fear. Letterman did nothing that all late night comedians have done for 100 years. Actually, he did MORE as he apologized.

This is not going to work in Palin's favor. She and the Dude basically distorted what Letterman actually said in their reply.

Palin can't even navigate communicating with a comedian. Can you imagine how does with real issues?

The Right continues to look like they have completely fallen apart. They are the joke.

Anonymous said...

Good God Sarah, you are a certified nut case!

America voted for President Obama because we believe in the direction He is taking the Country.

We didn't vote for you, because you are too stupid to be President.

Don't you know, we wouldn't even follow you to the latrine. You are so incredible clueless.

Floyd M. Orr said...

Can anyone tell me if Letterman just moments ago discussed anything about the Palin issue? The TV station in Austin TX just did something I have never seen before. They continued the local news covering a dippy little thunderstorm until a particular moment at 10:52 CDT, when the news suddenly ended and Letterman was in the middle of his monolog! No explanation for this was offered. I smell a huge skunk!!

LisanTX said...

Lisabeth--all this crazy stuff is just the turbulence caused by the changes going on. The "old" outdated (racist, sexist, discriminatory, etc.) beliefs are on the way out.

They are being replaced by the higher beliefs of civil rights for all, concern for the environment, a broader worldview (instead of parochialism), respect for all, and so on.

We're in that time of change. Palin's crazy antics reflect the "old" belief system that is barking and striking out before it dies. Things will settle down.

If we keep a positive outlook, I think it will help. Try not to give in to fear. We can send love or light to Pres. Obama and the leaders that resonate with you.

Best wishes.

basheert said...

Wrong - this isn't going to hurt or damage Letterman in any way. Just my humble opinion, the people who watch Letterman do it because of what he says and the jokes he makes. He's a comedian, NOT a journalist.

I remember 1968 - it was horrible with violence. This is beginning to look like Vietnam redux. Scary - but it will pass. Most people steer far away from the violence. It's what makes this country the best!

Anonymous said...

Hi Floyd, Just watched Letterman and the only joke about Palin involved her calling him to say that everything was all right, in fact, she invited Dave to go hunting with her. Ha Ha.

The big joke will come tomorrow when Sarah is supposed to appear on the Today Show to continue arguing about how insulted she is. Isn't it getting a little stale? Letterman already apologized, Todd had his snappy comeback saying that they wouldn't come to NY to boost Dave's ratings, and they certainly wouldn't be bringing Willow. Actually, Dave didn't invite any of the daughters. Earlier today, Chris Matthews suggested that it's not a good idea to pick a fight with a comedian, since he has the microphone and all the good lines. So, as long as Sarah keeps showing up someplace to argue about insulted she is, she does boost Dave's ratings, and he doesn't run out of material. Thanks, Sarah.

Floyd M. Orr said...

Thank you for the Letterman response, Anonymous 6:53. I was afraid I had missed something important and my tin foil hat was feeling a little tight! I live in a frighteningly red state in which 77% of my county tried to put that crazy woman in The White House, so I tend to be a little paranoid about these issues.

Kyra said...

Yesterday, the Palins were the victims. Letterman apologized (which he never does). The Palins decided to make political points out of it today, and ended up losing any sympathy they may have garnered yesterday and made themselves look like hicks who can't take a joke. They are the ones who brought Willow's name into the discussion. They're the ones who escalated it into "perversion."

Someday, the wolf will really be at the door, and no one will care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Floyd, There's still reason to be afraid, (cue the scary music from Rachel's show), very afraid. We are misunderestimating Sarah and company. She is not insulted. I've been reading some of the other comments at Immoral Minority, and this time the wounded victim act is to serve as fundraiser. At the conservative websites, somehow the more money given to their good family values cause will wipe away the stain.

There's only one little problem. Bristol is an unmarried mother and an advocate for abstinence. I think that is funny! Some family values! Their other "value" is to like words like rape, pervert and 14 year old to raise money (when those words were never said).

jo said...

She is very hung up with rape, no abortion even if raped, victims pay for rape kit, state with the highest rape rate, ran with McCain who called his wife a tramp or something like that, told a joke about a women raped by a gorilla, now she brings up the word when it was never said. Could it be that maybe her daughter's first pregnancy was rape by a family member? Just asking.

She tries to make people hate everyone she feels slighted by as much as she hates them. She continually lashes out at people, like she wants the person to die that causes her the slightest little hurt. With the exception of John McCain, she said she loves him and will never say anything negative about the war hero. He must have threatened her but good, because you know she is sheathing about the McCain campaign. She sure has a lot of hate, not the love in her heart that Christians should have.

Anonymous said...

If you want to show your support for Letterman, you can go here:

There's also a feedback button on his website if this link doesn't work. I hope CBS realizes that the furious Palinbots writing in don't watch his show anyway. What worries me is that they are also writing to and organizing a boycott of his sponsors, such as Olive Garden and Red Lobster.

Where is the fury over her calling an innocent old man a pedophile?

Anonymous said...

"Those words" were calculated and said, by Todd and Sarah. From her angle god has opened a door and ordained her to walk through it. The "rape (pedophile) pervert" theme is on. David Letterman is a mouthpiece of her enemies. Media is the real bad guy, old perverts who are after purity and innocence.

I hope this is an opportunity for more investigation within the media. Sure, "babygate-troofers" looks conspiratorial and nuts if you don't dicipher the details. The Palins aren't only taking on Letterman, they are taking on media, they'd love to prove John Zeigler is right.

Now Palin is standing up for flight attendents. Don't they still wear uniforms? I didn't take that joke as against working women. I thought he was taking on the corporate look they must wear.

Had the media done a better job in the first place, Palin could have been over long ago. The public has this muddled view of the Palins, with the exception of her sycophants who are set in stone. They can all work that confusion for years. They have created an alternative universe it is easy to ignore the facts others want examined. They say the sacred mother and child vision can't be touched. Others want to dissect it like any other hoax or fraud. Her bad parenting doesn't hinge on whether or not she birthed Trig. She has left that open for scrutiny for whatever reason.

Letterman and more of the media must be more up to speed about what "troofers" are looking at. As long as the inquiry around her mothering image is lumped in with far out conspiracy theories they are simple to dismiss. There needs to be a larger consenses about the family dynamic and why this doesn't fit neatly into a "leave the family alone" theme. It is time for a book to lay things out on the table.

Supporting Letterman and sponsors is important. They are smart about their audience and ratings. If the truth isn't out there, the Palinbots are good at organizing and faux outrage.

Regina, you have the best over all blog about all things Sarah Palin, her character and politics. How can your work go a step further?
Palins Deception's is another exceptional body of work.

Casey said...

@onejrkitty....what are you saying? Do you read mudflats...or gryphen? Of course they are taking her on re: letterman. My goodness, there is a huge post with many comments on mudflats alone. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is getting ridiculous.

Then again, Sarah and her flying monkeys are ridiculous.

Try to imagine, if you dare, our country being run by this IDIOT. IF you think the GOP is snoopy about your personal life now, imagine what this cretin would consider fair game for her spooks.

She is hung up totally on sex and rape. Perhaps this might be some sort of reflection on the sick sexual relationships she may have experienced in the past? Or she may be a secret sexual sadist? Or into S&M? What is she hiding?

Does anyone know? Hmmmmmmmmmmm....

basheert said...

I've wondered what there was in Sarah Palin's life that gave her this sick, twisted and dysfunctional approach to sex. Obviously she is totally hung up on rape. Another poster mentioned this earlier.

She dresses like a trollop for attention and then complains when she gets it.

Her obsession for red shoes says nothing about red shoes but a lot about her and her hangups. She "obsesses" constantly.

I suspect growing old is getting a bit tough for the loser beauty queen. Poor Sarah - unable to stop the progress of time. She tries to make herself younger.

People like her tend to have miserable lives in their Golden Years which she is rapidly approaching. She reminds me of something.....

An image to evoke: Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard, the Classic -

"I'm ready for my close-up Mr. Demille"

Oh Sarah - two things to remember.....photoshop and smearing the lens with vasoline. Unfortunately human beings with ugliness inside often end up having it reflected on the outside.

I believe she is such a case.

Anonymous said...

@anon, 17:12, Try to imagine Sarah as POTUS! Now that's really scary! If this is how she handles a simple joke, imagine the emotional, childish response to a real threat!
And, instead of it being Letterman and CBS, what if she pulled this kind of stunt with an unfriendly nation where there a real consequences? Someone this unstable, supercharging the rhetoric should never be anywhere near a red button or the White House. In fact, her responses are undignified for Governor of Alaska. She's back in Junior High with the Mean Girls.

marie said...

Palin. Epic. Fail.

Alaska is the #1 state in the country for Rape and has been for 23 out of the last 30 years

Alaska's reported rate of rape per capita is 2.6 times the national average

Anchorage has the ninth highest sexual assault rate of any city in the United States, and Fairbanks is ranked first

Fairbanks rape rate is 4.7 times the national average

Alaska's child abuse rate is six times higher than the national average

Anonymous said...

Since the original topic was a hate crime, we have to take a minute to remember how good Sarah Palin is at Hate Speech. Remember how she riled up her faithful crowds to the point that they shouted, "Kill him!" meaning Obama. Her protest against Letterman includes the cry to her crowd to "rise up against him." Her speech is far more inflammatory than any joke made on the Letterman show. Palin uses words like statutory rape, not Letterman. She is very good at being the angry agitator, when her own record on supporting the rights of the abuse victims in her state is so poor.

LisanTX said...

jo--I wouldn't be surprised if you were right regarding daughter's first pregnancy. *Something* is causing her to react way out of proportion and outside the subject matter to the Letterman joke.

BuffaloGal said...

@anonymous, 16:20 said:

>>Letterman and more of the media must be more up to speed about what "troofers" are looking at. <<

I've spent much of today sending emails to journalists that have written about the Letterman/Palin nonsense and who seemed disgusted by her antics. I let them know that there are some exceptional researchers doing great work digging deep into Palin's tainted story. I suggested they'd be doing themselves a great service by reading the work that's been done these past months because they'd find a wealth of material to work with.

Also wrote to NBC letting them know they should be looking much more closely into Palin because it would be fabulous for their ratings. (figured I'd appeal to the pocket book)

Who knows if anyone will take it seriously but I wrote from my business account and from my position as a local news publisher. Thought maybe if I wore my professional hat I might get someone to take a look.

I think we need to make a concerted effort to let them know this is journalism and investigation that is going on and not just silly "blogging". ( I SO wish a different, less goofy term would've been coined for citizen journalism)

By the by - Today has been the WORST day of these 9 months as far as internal combustion building due to frustration about this woman. I just wanna slap her till she's fixed!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah, Please shut up for good. You have an evil mouth. Everyone is tired of you and your remarks about anything. Show some respect to our country and to our President Obama. Maybe if you put tape on your mouth every morning it would help you keep from putting you foot in your mouth daily. All my republican friends voted for President - elect Obama to make sure you were out of it. I do not know one democrat who voted for McCain. You ruined his chances. You were the democrats best weapon.