Sunday, 14 June 2009

When will Sarah Palin shut up?

Sarah Palin never misses an opportunity to criticize President Obama and her rhetoric is inflammatory, as usual.

Regarding the stimulus package, she says things such as "That's a very scary place for America to be, for our economy and for our national security." and "That - that's not a safe place to be." On defense cuts, she says the President shows signs of weakness.

We have already seen some of the extreme right wing lunatics in action, from teabagging parties to more serious incidents. Sarah Palin may not advocate extreme actions directly, but her words resonate with some deranged people.

Sarah Palin doesn't understand the basic principles of economics, doesn't understand what happens in times of recession or how it could lead to a full blown depression if the right steps are not taken quickly. She doesn't understand the concept of diplomacy or how fragile world peace is at the moment.

The governor promotes and celebrates the likes of Michael Reagan, for whom hate speech is a way of life.

For the third time in one week, I beg her to shut up. Her own statements are peppered with meaningless soundbites and she employs words that are red flags to ignorant people (who happen to own guns, protected by her pet 2nd Amendment).

On a lighter note, her reference to Bristol looking after her young family starts @5:15. In normal speech people don't normally refer to one child as a family...


Virginia Voter said...

Yeah, Regina, I wondered that too...her "young family" remark was weird, since according to the Palins, Bristol only has one child and no husband/fiance. Freudian slip, maybe? We all know Bristol is Trig's main caregiver, anyway...she had to stay home and take care of her babies, or I mean FAMILY.

KW said...

She loves the sound of her own voice too much. She'll never shut up!

Letterman should sue her. He never said or implied anything about rape, he never said the word sex. The Palins introduced rape and perversion into what was just a joke aired at a late night show. A comedy show is NOT a news bulletin!

How to make friends and influence people - not! If she thinks the media has been unkind to her so far, she should start growing thicker skin, it's going to get worse...

Maybe SOMEBODY could make her please please please SHUT UP! Who's advising her?

midnightcajun said...

She's that popular, nasty girl you knew in high school, the one with the pretty smile who was full of hate, always stirring up trouble, telling lies about people and trying to turn one group of friends against the other.

She is constantly talking about the elite vs the rest of America or the real America. She calls on people to rise up, to take back Washington (um, that's what we just did, nitwit), to stop the President from making us unsafe (she keeps saying he's cutting defense when, unfortunately, he is not), from making us socialists, etc.

Some people respond to the pretty smile, guys like the flirting and the FMBs, some suck for the anti-abortion just-like-us hockey mom image. But a big chunk of her following is viscerally responding to the hate. Spend some time at Crazies for Pee, esp. on an open thread, and you'll see how those people just ooze hatred (for liberals, for Obama, for non Christians, foranyone of color)--combined with a really creepy image of her as the Second Coming.

barb wire said...

Blogger midnightcajun said... She is constantly talking about the elite vs the rest of America or the real America.

Is she staying in Texas on her own dime? She is at an elite Texas hide out. The Texas elite are elite and criminal like no other elite.

EyeOnYou said...

barb wire~ I beleive the claim has been made that SarahPAC is paying for this trip. So no, she isn't paying for it, her supporters are. No matter how you slice it, she has someone else paying her way no matter where she goes. Either the state pays because she claims it is state business, or her PAC pays (iow her groupies) because she claims it is a political trip.

She isn't forking out a dime for anything she can get others to pay for. Heck she has even convinced her groupies to pay her legal bills and those bills of her family and friends via that Legal Fund/Scam she set up.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she is hunting on that ranch where Cheney shot that guy in the face.

basheert said...

Now think back - who always used the term "rise" and "rise up".

Charles Manson

It was his trademark phrase to get all his little minions to go out and KILL PEOPLE.

It's a trigger word.

Do not for one second think this woman is NOT dangerous. She is very dangerous, and she is very ill.

Anonymous said...

I must agree, the phrase "rise up" (and I think she nearly said "riot" but corrected herself) is extremely inflammatory. She is reminding me now of the fear that I felt last year during her rallies...and I don't live in America. She is a very dangerous woman!!

Anonymous said...

Inappropriate - allowing your 17 year old daughter to get knocked up in your own home.

barb wire said...

If you want to check out who will "rise up"
google Michael Patrick Leahy
He is a "grass roots" tea bagger who is helping with the "Fire Letterman" campaign. This guy could grow up to be another James von Brunn. He will never have to be directly connected to a Palin or Wasilla tea baggers.

The 4pee cons are high with the "Bring it on" image. They are satisfied they can frame the words to be Letterman attacked a child and it was a rape joke.

The legal fund has failed. They are launching a "webathong" money drive to pay her legal fees. They need to use the fake outrage against late night comics.

Darklady said...
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Darklady said...

Palin is a deluded fool, no question about it -- and she's capable of inflaming other deluded fools.

But PLEASE don't demean the 2nd Amendment just because some deluded fool supports it. She's exercising her 1st Amendment rights, too... shall we suggest they be limited, as well?

I'm probably one of the most 1st Amendment loving people to post on this blog. I'm on the board of the Free Speech Coalition and I've been a professional sex writer for longer than Bristol's been turning into a sex pot with no useful information about sex.

And I own a firearm. I possess a conceal/carry permit. I know how to shoot straight. If I must, I can defend myself.

As the Pink Pistols, a GLBT group inspired by the murder of Matthew Sheppard say, those who dislike us can "Pick on someone their own caliber."

I fully grok why liberals fear the power of firearms, but the 2nd Amendment exists for ALL of us, not just right wing deluded fools.

It's one of the important talking points and Amendments that liberals need to stop conceding to conservatives. We have the right to say "Fuck" and we have the right to say "Stop right there! I'm armed!"

jo said...

She makes me so mad, always criticizing President Obama, she is still trying to get him killed as well. Matt should have called her out when she said "the candidate who must be obeyed." That little c.... he was protecting her daughter because she was too stupid to leave them at home. I can't wait for karma to catch up with her, if she gets back even half of what she's put out, she'll be sitting in jail flapping her gum's with no one to listen to her. She supports the worst of Americans, Beck, Regan, Hannity, Savage, etc. and these AHs promote violence and lie 24/7. Something has to change b......s like her and her kind need to get hit where it counts the most to them, the pocketbook.

regina said...


Sarah Palin has her 1st Amendment rights, but as she doesn't know how to tone down her inflammatory rhetoric or how to take any responsibility for anything at all, I can only beg her to shut up. Not by force, just by having a conscience and a sense of ridiculous, not much hope there.

As for the 2nd Amendment, I'm not American and this love affair of some Americans with firearms eludes me. I would never in my life own a firearm. To me, the need to own one is a reflection of a sick society where people feel unprotected if they're not able to shoot someone.

Don't worry, I have no power to modify the 2nd Amendment or to vote on anything related to it. But I do not like firearms and the need to carry one is alien to me. I don't believe that owning and carrying a firearm has anything to do with freedom. To me, firearms mean killing or harming people and I can't find it in my heart to defend or approve of it.

You keep your 2nd Amendment and I keep my views.


onejrkitty said...

People running the Michael Reagan appearance here were a little nonplussed when Our Sarah showed up, prepared to speak, trailing her own "introducer," right-wing radiomouth Eddie Burke. Apparently the right-wing radiomouth already on the program, Rick Rydell, wasn't acceptable. Rick's fans say it's because he's been known to utter a disparaging word about our governess..." ( From Alaska Ear 6/14/09

Remember Burke and Palin lauging on the radio bout Lydia Green and calling her a bitch and a cancer ( Palin knowing she had cancer)

Remember Michael Regan's remark about putting grenades in babies butts and blowing them up ?



Anonymous said...

When a week before Obama got sworn in as our President.. she was doing a Zeigler whine fest interview.. with that callous How Obama Got Elected title... despite my disgust of her during the election .. that tacky interview was the icing on the cake

No she won't shut her flapper.. she's probably off running thinking of new garbage to spew.. she doesn't pay attention.. is clueless of all the hem haw going on now thanks to her latest hate attack

As I posted before .. i think she is a cult leader type using politics as her forum (probably due to that loony church telling her it's her "calling")

ON a positive note, I think she is actually helping the Christian cause.. people are seeing through all the fake wingnuts out there and what Christianity really means
Just the exact opposite of her and her following

indy_girl said...

This woman's idea that she is even remotely qualified to be President of the United States would be funny, if it weren't so delusional. Having her backward family "values", rabid anti-intellectualism and provincial worldview anywhere near our nation's capitol would be a "scary place to be" for America.

peninparadise said...

Check out Shannon Moore's most recent post:

you go girl!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

basheert said...

Now think back - who always used the term "rise" and "rise up".

Charles Manson

It was his trademark phrase to get all his little minions to go out and KILL PEOPLE.

It's a trigger word.
CHARLES MANSON WAS A SCIENTOLOGIST TOO! I believe he claimed to be a Theta or CLEAR!
Yes she is very dangerous and so are all the wingnuts that follow her.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...


With all respect the 2nd Amendment is what keeps us Americans free from total tyranny. The gov't knows as do most Americans that we are armed to the teeth. I am a GTL, Gun Totin Liberal. I would NEVER fire in anger only in defense of my life, not my property. Please understand there are MANY DEMS and LIBS that hunt, fish and own guns,.

Ed Shultz on MSNBC, Joe Biden. ME.
Darklady. I dont belong to the NRA, and believe that FAR too many psychos own guns in America.

But the gov't better not even think of trying to take my legally obtained firearms away.

NOW, can ANYONE verify that Willow was at the Yankees game?