Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Sarah Palin given a free pass on being unethical

It's official: Sarah Palin doesn't need to behave ethically.

The twit twittered:

We won. Another expensive, time consuming false ethics charge thrown out. Remember the one: I wore my coat w/Arctic Cat logo & was charged?
about 1 hour ago from TwitterBerry

We'll attach press release re: win against Democrat blogger's ethics charge that I shouldn't wear my warm snowmachine coat to cold Iron Dog
about 1 hour ago from TwitterBerry

Any investigation carried out by her Personnel Board will have the same result and Sarah Palin will be free to violate the Ethics Act to her heart's content.

Sarah Palin can't manipulate a federal investigation, so there's hope...


basheert said...

She can only manipulate the local stuff. Once she gets overconfident and tries to play with the big dogs, they'll send her into the trash heap where she belongs.
Ethics is an interesting issue. Ethics and lies.
Something she excels at regularly.

Maybe Alaska will tolerate her stupid childish games, but the Lower 48 will demand a bit more - but then again, she'll NEVER get into office outside of Alaska.


MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

SP certainly wears her wingnut colors as well, by using the word "Democrat" as an adjective.

regina said...

Mrs TarquinBiscuitbarrel,

She's a Republic governor and can't get to grips with the word "Democratic" at all!


get real said...

Palin is STILL a liar, a hypocrite, an ignoramus and a fraud.

You betcha, engage, also.

lisabeth said...

WOW, she is a nut case to post stuff like that. I can't stand this woman. She is a bully to everyone around her. She is NEVER EVER WRONG. I think that is what I just can't stand about her. I do not trust the ethics board ONE BIT. I don't care if they "hire independent counsel!" How do we know they are truly independent.

The reason I don't trust them is not ONE Of these have stuck. I know Sarah Palin and her nutcase fans think it is a coordinated effort funded by Obama, but it isn't! My understanding is that several of these people are Republicans and there is absolutely NOT a coordinated effort. I don't think all the people know each other or discuss how to proceed.

Is there hope Regina?? I am beginning to have my doubts. If I knew there was a federal investigation I would have more hope.

I am sorry, but she is a bitch. If you don't want me to say that, you can remove my comment. I just can't stand the woman. Why is she writing stuff like that? This is giving her a false bravado. She is such a low class, lying ignorant piece of trash!

lisabeth said...

Also why is she blaming it on Democratic bloggers! I know at least two of the people who filed complaints are Republicans. She is so stupid.......

regina said...


If the FBI is investigating her we wouldn't know, they wouldn't proceed until they had a lot of evidence.

We have to keep our fingers crossed. Ethics complaints are a bit of a waste of time, she has everybody in her pocket...

She's so cheap!


Anonymous said...

If all of the Artic Cat Gear was a gift, how much can she (as governor) accept before she has to pay taxes on the gift? I'm think of Travelgate, having to pay back taxes. They never convicted Al Capone of any crime like murder; he was in Alcatraz for tax evasion! I think that the IRS has better claws than the FBI.

Anonymous said... too, when I read GINO's comments; I said to myself "what a bitch"!!

Is that really what she intends to use Twitter for?

Oh, and, FWIW, whenever I read anything/hear anything from her I think of M. Scott Peck's book "People of the Lie". She is so blatantly all about the Lie.

For those who never heard of the book, it's about evil, and evil people, and how they affect others. The saddest cases are parents of the Lie who are evil to their children. They deny deny deny and twist words and it's just so so sad.

basheert said...

All gifts are taxable. Doesn't matter what they are.

I still am baffled as to why Alaskans still put up with this fruitcake.

Just her stupidity alone disqualifies her from governing.

Having the personnel board handle ethics complaints hardly seems fair to the citizens...then again, she certainly doesn't care.

Anonymous said...

Imagine President Obama complaining to People magazine about those darn conservative bloggers in pajamas. Just try.

The Yellow Porcupine said...

Imagine using Twitter to broadcast your ignorance - well done, Sarah!

the problem child said...

Ah, yes, the wingnut colours. Red, neon lime, and black. My read on the decision is that it is circuitous and disingenuous.

espresso4me said...

Palin is nothing less than a con artist. She has the illusion that she is so much more than a small-minded, small-town, semi-literate nickel and dime thug.

Being "right" is one of the most important "values" she cherishes_at all and at anyone else's expense.

She is so impressed with herself that she thinks she deserves to do whatever she pleases, to whomever she pleases without any of those annoying consequences.

Have a cup of Karma Sarah? Eventually it will be served. She will then be filled with falsely righteous indignation when her lies, manipulations,and schemes are brought out into the light for all to see. Hopefully, that day will come sooner than later.

Keep up the wonderful work you do Regina. It is important_as well as impressive. Glad you are here.

Attica is a prison in upstate New York ;)

honestyinGov said...

It is obvious Her ' PERSONAL' Board will do nothing to reign her in. Even if they dismissed it they should have at a bare minimum admonished her... or SOMETHING..?
It will be up to the FBI or CREW.

I posted to one of your posts about a week ago with the link to Heather Burke who broke the Parliament Scandal. Were you able to ask her advice about using the FOIA as a way to get info and the letter that Andree has requested and GINO is failing to hand over. Everybody should email Ms. Burke and ask for her input. The link is here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you America, for keeping this woman out of the White House.

It's disheartening to see how the Personnel Board is willing to tie itself into legal knots to keep from angering the Ice Witch. May their names be remembered for the cowards they are.

She can throw her weight around in Alaska for a little while longer, but I am a great believer in karma, and in the end.. you know, I was about to type that only she, and a small group of dim-witted fans will think that she is anything more than joke, but, in a way, that has already happened.

America took one look, and said NO WAY, YOU NUT JOB!

KaJo said...

Well, technically she wouldn't have been in the White House except as an occasional visitor to the Oval Office, as VP Biden is, to consult with his President.

But from some of the comments she'd made during the campaign you'd think she had starry-eyed plans to move the whole danged family and Chuck & Sally and sisters Molly and Heather and THEIR kids into the East Wing, maybe let John and Cindy McCain have a little closet-sized bedroom just off the kitchen...

Anonymous said...

This is like sweeping the dirt under the carpet and pretending that the room is clean, and no one will notice. If Sarah is thinking about running for president in 2012, this is a little reminder that the media loves to poke under peoples' carpets and find all the stuff that they thought was forgotten long ago. Look at how the media treated Giuliani's marriages, how he treated his wife, pictures of him dressed in drag. Or how about the long ago forgotten incident of Romney sticking the dog on the top of his car? Hilary's story of running for cover in the Bosnia airport? Ethics charges may be dismissed but not forgotten. Missing emails? Gonna have to answer for them when the MSM gets nosy. If the MSM doesn't nose around, there will be plenty of other candidates waiting to use this material. McCain had a powerhouse outfit to clamp down on the baby-gossip, but this time, during the primary season, there won't be the same cleanup squad. This stuff may be gone for the moment, but not forgotten. Not in the computer

Anonymous said...

It's going to take Federal agencies to uncover Palin's lies and shenanigans. Alaskans have been rendered powerless by the corrupt ethics system in place. In fact, I suspect that Federal agencies are planning or are already quietly looking into Palin.

Anyone who does a little research can find many troubling questions about her current administration and personal business dealings. It's just a matter of time....and "The Feds" are NOT going to take chances that the case will be dismissed on a technicality like "Uncle Ted's" case. The people who have assisted her schemes will be held culpable as well.

Keep up the great work, Regina!