Sunday, 28 June 2009

Open thread

I'll leave you with something to lighten the mood around here a little bit. It's Saturday, let's have a little fun!

Good night.


GinaM said...


Great smackdown of GINO in the comments section at the Alaskan Standard blog. It’s an alaskan conservative site but Dan Fagan is no fan of GINO. Post titled “Is Sarah Palin neglecting family for career?” Here’s the link:

PS. Syrin has some interesting comments herself.

Frank said...

BlackMountain wrote on 06/27/2009 03:27:42 PM:

Something for the Palinbots to think about- Palin violated the US Supreme Court Greer vs. Spock decision which banned partisan political speeches or rallies on military bases. Palin also caused every soldier to violate a military directive that bars service members from attending partisan political speeches either in uniform, on duty, or at any military base/facility.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who love to put the C4P Panties in a bunch, go over to Immoral Minority's comments, scroll way way down, and you can find some interesting information, all publicly available on Google, about C4P's Rebecca A. Mansour. It's not a bad idea to keep an eye on her, and the more we know about her, the better. Let's face it, nobody knew very much about Sarah Palin before she hit the national spotlight.

basheert said...

No seriously - I have NO interest in Mansour. She has no standing, she has no political office, she is an intellectual vacuum.

She is simply a remora on SP's butt.

Lisabeth said...

Basheert her background is more surprising then you might think. But I don't care either. I don't go to their site I don't care. They have a right to feel the way they do. I don't get it at all, and find it scary how naive they are but oh well.

Very funny cartoon!

And wow, that law is interesting about the military rules. Sarah does not have good judgement (obviously) to be campaigning and so partisan. It's incredible. But I don't think anyone will do anything about it though. She seems to get away with whatever she wants.

GinaM said...

Um...looks like everything about RAM that was on Gryphen blog has been REMOVED courtesy of Gryphen. Hmm I wonder if she contacted him??

Aleut Granddaughter said...

Regina - I don't know where you find your graphics of SP but they are always so appropriate and often funnier than he11. I LOVE the "Palin First" one today - yikes it cracked me up!

midnightcajun said...

I used to periodically scan the main posts over at Suckers4Peabrain just to see what Sarah was up to (could never actually read them--too boring and silly). But it's only since the CD affair that I took a serious look at the comments. Their comments about CD were gross personal slams about her appearance, weight, and morals. And they have the nerve to complain about anything anyone says about St. Sarah?! When RAM wrote about Shannyn, they were all, "She's so stupid!" and "Nobody reads her site anyway!" (which is hilarious if you look at her site statistics)

I left a civil but somewhat wry comment, and our friend JuJu blasted back with "You have the IQ of a 5 year old!" I pointed out that five year olds have the same IQ they'll have as adults (I remember having my neurosurgeon daughter's IQ tested when she was 5--it came out 168), but of course they deleted that.

What's really insane is if you read the comments on the open threads. There they tend to discuss who Sarah should pick as her VP, and who she should appoint to various cabinet positions, etc. They really think she's going to win in 2012 (I guess God told them so). Thanks to these nutcases, my opinion of the human race just went down. Again. I need to go have a bath.

Anonymous said...

Frank @ 28 June 2009 03:16 :
VERY interesting... Maybe time to fw it to Gryphen and also to CD?

Michelle said...

Hey - just my opinion here - Not a good idea to make this a blog vs. blog event. I never ever go to the other sites - can't stomach it. In the beginning I though the people @ C4-P were actually very calm & cool - didn't agree with what they said (their blog posts) but the comments, compared to other sites were pretty civil. The last time I went was over a month ago & it had gotten worse. I don't go anymore, have heard that it's not turning out too good. If they are doing personal attacks that's not good. But if it becomes blog vs. blog w/personal attacks on both sides we will lose any authenticity - it will become all about the fight.

Michelle said...

Hey Palingates - just to add - I love this site & visit every day. Please keep digging. And digging, and digging. INFORMATION will win.

get real said...

True dat.

Knowledge is power. Something Palin-bots don't have and never will.

regina said...

I agree with Michelle and Basheert.

C4Pees personal lives have no bearing on what we do. We have established that they behave like a cult, which means they're not going to change their minds about Sarah Palin. They're entitled to their fancies just as we're entitled to challenge Sarah Palin's policies and stance on various issues.

We have a better chance of unmasking the governor by focusing on the issues rather than the personalities and lives of some of her individual followers.

A blog vs blog approach is not going to to help us in the least. It's a distraction and gives them further ammunition for further attacks on us.

When I wrote the Piper Palin post, it was a parody of their "calls to action". They didn't respond to it at all. I didn't attack Piper or them personally and I'm not in a position to challenge Sarah Palin in the same way as the Alaskan bloggers and citizens.

Apart from a few troll incursions, they mostly leave me alone. So let's leave them alone, unless it has some relevance, but leaving personalities and personal information out of the discussions.

They can't cause me much harm, but they can make things awkward for Alaskan bloggers and citizens. For their sake, let's tone things down a bit, yes?



Anonymous said...


I agree with you, Basheert, & Michelle. We're better than that. No one wins if we respond & get down in the dirt the way they do. I gotta admit it's tempting sometimes, but in the long run taking the high road is the best way.

For some reason, logging in with my blogger account doesn't work here so it's easier to just sign in as anonymous.

Thanks so much for your great blog. Can't go a day without reading it! Habit forming for sure!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the tone, everyone. C4P, I'm just not that into you, and neither is anyone else. Most esp., the electorate at large is just not that into you.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Have you seen this?!? Letterman Pregnancy Hoax vs Palin Pregnancy Hoax:


my WV is: angst, which is what SP must be feeling right now!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Regina, you need to get Palingates added to that list on the right side! You have the best overall information on Palin!

Letterman Pregnancy Hoax vs Palin Pregnancy Hoax:

CC from far away said...

I agree with PCG. You do have the best overall information on that charlatan.

Hope you're having a lovely Palin-free Sunday!! :)))

BuffaloGal said...

PCG - wow, indeed. At the moment it looks like Palin pregnancy time line is the only content of the site. Also looks like it was just set up a few days ago.

Babygate's catching on!

And all thanks to the recent Letterman/iconic image brouhaha in the news. Good work, Meg !

I betcha Sarah's going to thank you with a lovely new dress and a pretty "pink slip" to go with it.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

You think maybe Sarah was inspired by Bree’s fake pregnancy on Desperate Housewives? Here is a comparison of the fake pregnancy from the episodes of that TV show and how it may have inspired Sarah what to do with her daughter’s first pregnancy with Trig.:

Desperate Housewives Script Plagiarized by Sarah Palin?

Here is an article about the storyline:

I just looked at the article with the hilarious video when Bree gets stuck with a fork at the garden party - funny! Perhaps Sarah should not have gone to David Letterman's garden party, because I think she just got stuck with a fork, so to speak:

Anonymous said...

Palin will not get rid of Meg. Stapleton has been with Palin for all of this, and is one of Palin's closest allies. She has her head so far up Palin's butt that she can see Palin's tonsils. There is NO WAY Megomouth is going anywhere.

LOL...wv: sinemate (perfect meg/sarah relationship..sin-mate)

Buffalogal said...

I'm going to weigh in with a slightly different view about c4p and visiting the site.

For me, it's important to have a handle on where their heads are.

I don't think there's any reason to post on their boards and none for them posting here because discourse just doesn't seem possible with them. However, I think if we are determined to shed light on Palin and get people to really hear us then we need to watch their approach because they are the ones countering us.

I agree with Regina that they have every right to believe what they like but they are now beginning to make aggressive remarks and are entirely heating up about things. When folks are willing to lay down their lives for a person they've never met, that says to me that a closer watch is a good idea.

No need for interaction but I'm all for keeping an eye on unfoldings.

regina said...


I'm all for keeping an eye on them, as they start all these outrages based on distortions of the facts. But we don't need to discuss any of it unless something happens and SP reacts, etc.

Dissecting their personalities and personal lives won't add anything to the overall plot.

We have to draw the line somewhere and not resort to their tactics just because we're pissed off.

Everything in a meaninful context... that's how I see it.

Sarah Palin provides plenty of material to be discussed. Her followers, on the other hand, are incidental and don't warrant some much energy spent on them.

Keep an eye, yes. Blow a gasket? Naah...


ProChoiceGrandma said...

I can hardly wait for the next David letterman show. I hope he will be OUTRAGED that anyone claims that his pregnancy was a hoax! (snark)
I am sure he will produce a copy of the birth certificate.

Buffalogal said...

"Keep an eye, yes. Blow a gasket? Naah... " Nicely put, Regina.

( probably also good logic to use while dealing with my early 20ish adult children )

PCG - I'd love to know if Dave gets a kick out of it. Right now I just hope that enough people see it and at least raise an eyebrow and let themselves consider the possibility.

basheert said...

Regina: RE: C4P - I do not go there, they don't interest me. I remember Stephanie Miller's comment on her radio show - "we watch so you don't have to". It is vitally important to keep someone at their site to keep a tab on what they are discussing. I agree.

Lisabeth: Re: RAM
She may have a good education and a decent background. She might even be bright and talented.
However, she has chosen to ally herself with a group of professional "haters". Therefore all her good qualities prove that she chooses poorly.

I am not interested in her personal info. She has made the choice to follow a cult leader and these never turn out well.

She is, to me, proof that a good education and background do not make up for a very poor character and very bad judgment in picking those individuals to support.

Being smart does not translate to being bright. Her judgment is flawed so nothing else in her background will matter.

She has hitched herself to a sinking ship. Now that nilaP is a has been, never was, her supporters are still clinging. They cling by choice, because none of them has the good judgment to recognize she is not what they believe.

In the end, they will lose. SP will never get to the top and they will always be following a failure.

Anonymous said...

The Immoral Minority has posted Letterman's and Palin's fake pregancies!

I, for one, would like the whole fake pregnancy story kick dirt on Palin's feet. I want to know who was involved in the conspiracy to defraud. The shame was lying; not a daughter who has an unplanned pregnancy. Or a grandparent who adopted a grandchild for the best interests of that child. Faking a pregnancy can only be for political gain. Role model? A first grandbaby was understandable, but the second made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Irregardless where the baby came from, photo evidence proved Palin was never pregnant; thus, a lie and cover-up by a hypocrite fundamentalist. Just the arrogance itself should be frightening. The Jesus I read about would never condone lying or deception.

Seems like Palin is working on one of those seven mountains. You know, the seven mountains the spiritual warfare warriors are trying to take over. All at Talk 2 Action site. I think Palin is after MSM. To affect freedom of expression by using others to shame or condemn for manipulation of the masses. A look at history shows the dangers of such. And all the family and baby drama are mere distractions for lack of leadership while giving her avenues to condemn MSM and bloggers on the internet. I hope my government is protecting me from folks like her.

Anonymous said...

basheert said...
It is vitally important to keep someone at their site to keep a tab on what they are discussing.

Have no fear it is being taken care of! :)

FEDUP!!! said...

Just a little historic side note here.

Do any of you remember 'Carlos'? He was one of the most notorious terrorists during the 70s and 80s. He was HIGHLY educated - and because of that, he was highly dangerous...

So, just because someone - anyone - is highly educated, does not mean they will not turn cookoo and violent...

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick said...

Posting personal info about other bloggers is absolutely wrong and should never be supported.

And why should anyone want to stop crazies4palin anyway? They are doing a fantastic job and demonstrate to the whole world that Sarah attracts a nazi-like cult following of people who don't allow one little bit of criticism directed at Sarah "Virgin Mary" Palin. They are censor-crazy and have no hesitation to twist the facts, spin deliberate lies and insult their opponents as they see fit. They scream "screw political correctness", but for them it means that they are allowed to do anything they want, whereas they scream "that's wrong and sexist" immediately if anybody dares to criticise their Alaskan queen.

Crazies4palin originally created the "outrage" that led to the infamous "desecration" statement by Megasaurus Stapletongue. Only the tragic deaths of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett on the same day prevented Sarah from being slated prime-time on TV-channels all over the country. However, as we know, Megaphone is the gift that keeps on giving, and the next faux scandal is certainly not far away.

And if Sarah goes down, which will be inevitable, then all of her cult followers will be disgraced, too. Therefore, C4P, please don't stop, you are doing a heckuva job.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I would love to see Letterman walk out on stage Monday night to give his monologue wearing an empathy belly and scarf, and let his writers take it from there.

basheert said...

How true. Hitching to a shooting star is a good thing. Hitching yourself to a sinking ship shows an appalling lack of judgment.

When she goes down, and she will go down, she takes all her supporters with her.

Jim Jones and David Koresh took their cult followers with them. Manson's followers are still in jail, as is he.

Cult leaders are dangerous individuals. They are not all killers but they do demand absolute obedience. If they really want to see what SP is made of, they should just criticize her one time.

Intelligence and judgment are two separate things. Many smart individuals make horrendous personal choices.

The C4P people will not last. The fakery they worship has no staying power and most importantly, no appeal to rational individuals.

But that is their problem, not ours. The goal of those of us from the Lower 48 is to keep her out of our national politics. We did it in 2008 and we can easily do it again since her base has gotten much smaller since the election.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Bashereet:"She is simply a remora on SP's butt."
remora:LOL! had to look that up, a suckerfish! How True!

I have to agree with midnightcajun, peelanders generated the faux letterman & Diva debacle straight off their blog and twitter pages! I saw it evolving on there, then it was twitted to megamouth and all the other places they blab too and it blew up! They did it. That is why they need to be watched. They also have allot of anti-Obama stuff on there. I wish I knew where to report them.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Oh forgot to add...
lets not forget "Piper's lemonade stand" the lie that started directly there!!! The next week GINO, actually goes to Juneau and sets up a lemonade stand to justify THEIR lie!!!
It is very important to keep a eye on them!

KaJo said...

I'm sure Dave Letterman would have had something to say about the "malicious desecration" of the "iconic" mother-and-child imagery last Friday if only he taped his monologue on that day.

But, unfortunately, he tapes Friday monologues early in the week.

Hopefully his writers are busy as we "speak"... :)

(ha, ha, WV are so much fun! Mine this time is "dingses")

Anonymous said...

@crystalwolf: have you tried KO had one of their reps on recently.

Anonymous said...

Regarding C4P and RAM - I think that it's possible that the emails that Celtic Diva will request from the State of Alaska will contain some information connecting either RAM or C4P to Palin through the medium of Eddie Burke. I think that is why they have stirred up such a fuss about C. D's campaign for truth. In fact they are still looking for ways to punish Diva before she gets a chance to get hold of the emails.

I hope that my theory is correct - perhaps some magical thinking is a good thing?

blown away said...

What kind of publicly elected official would even think of sending out a press release that suggests something like:
The Malicious Desecration of Saint Sarah and the Holy Special Needs Child?

It sounds like something a cult would do. Or a domestic or foreign fundamentalist extremist group.

Is Palin and her Pee-bot group for real or just incredibly stoopid and inept?

KaJo said...

just a bit OT: From the continued discussion at HuffPo about Sarah Palin's (political) speech to the National Guard troops stationed at Kosovo, it looks like she's really put her foot in deep doo-doo this time.

Seems there's actually some Department of Defense regulations she's violated when she made the reverse-sexist remark about Senator Kerry's lantern jaw visage. I can't find a cite, but I read also that she made a disparaging remark during her speech about VP Biden wearing a suit and tie in his visit to Kosovo a few weeks before. Her response to insult is to get too personal and considering her targets, illegal.

See the most recent page (as of right now) #60, scroll down to Martha12's entries.

This video is interesting to watch -- -- especially the touchy-feely first minute or so (Todd isn't there -- I think she was telling the soldier he still had his earplugs in):

Well, at least when she quoted Ronald Reagan this time (@ 3:24), she actually SAID she was quoting Ronald Reagan -- maybe she learned her lession about plagiarism after all.

Boy, if that's not a political speech, I don't know what it is.

KaJo said...


I've seen some Palin apologists/supporters saying that it's entirely logical and proper that her destination and arrival and itinerary were kept top secret, after all, she was going to "a war zone". (?) And she was going with an enhanced security detail.

So what do I read on

Palin said this: “Here in Kosovo too it is absolutely beautiful. Last night I got to do some jogging on those hills. The hills really kicked my butt but it was really great to be out there, with those beautiful rolling hills and gorgeous sunset.

“We like to think of Alaska, that it is God’s country, it is his creation and he dumped extra beauty there...."

Besides having the typical Palin way with words, it seems like she either ducked out on her security detail, or things aren't all that dangerous (and therefore no need for secrecy) in Kosovo.