Saturday, 20 June 2009

Open thread

People are feeling bad for going off-topic on other posts and there's a lot of interest in some comments made by "anonymous @ 02:31" on June 20 and @02:04 0n this post.

So here's an open thread to discuss it without guilt...

I'm out for the evening and will enjoy your comments tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Regina, for all you do.

Oh my gosh, I hadn't seen the second comment before. Wow.

basheert said...

Interesting comments and I agree. May be a plant to just start a rumor and then StapleTongue will say "oh those nasty Palin haters" ...
It's an interesting idea and thought, and if the Feds are involved, I can tell you that they move quite slowly but they DO move.
We've seen a lot of SP - and she is exactly the type of individual who would try something illegal or underhanded or cheat on her taxes because she has a god-complex.
That does not mean she has done it, it means she's that "type" of individual and her behavior leads me to personally believe that if she thought she could get away with something illegal, she would try.

I'll wait for the evidence or hopefully an indictment.

Please everyone, read the NYTimes editorial today on Lyin' Palin and her non-chance to EVER be a nominee again. It's classic.

Helen said...

To Anon 2:31 I have only one response - Bwhaaa HAAAhaaaa, BhwaaaHAAAAAhaaaa, AhHaaaahAHAAAA, and so on.

basheert said...

Helen: I really believe at some point, there will be an issue, a case, a violation, a tax issue or something that will literally bring SP down.
She is too cocky, she is too arrogant and she has a bit too many stuffy little closets and strange personal peculiarities.
It is very possible she and TAHD have done some clever tax manipulation - she believes she walks on water after all,
I am not saying Anon 2:31 is the answer. But there are many many questions, and so far she is a bit clean for the filth she carries around with her.
She has skeletons...mark my words.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to scare away anon02:31 because I think that person should be encouraged to post again and tell us more, especially about sodomy, rape and murder-- who doesn't love a good sodomy-rape-murder mystery?

But, I do have some ideas:
1. Red Herring, in the sense that it is a deliberate attempt to change the subject or divert the argument, long way of saying TROLL

2. Some one enjoyed too many spirits and/or other chemicals which give the illusion of brilliant creativity and actually have the opposite effect.

Anon1530 said...

I agree about the "skeletons." Too much smoke for too long for there to be no fire.
But I have no idea re: the legitimacy of these specific posts in question.

They were both placed "downthread" which is a notorious "troll" position, I have noticed.

basheert said...

True - and I realize the "downthread" tactic.
My point was simply that if there are FEDS anywhere, it is a long slow process.
Also SP is a fount of illegalities. She twists and turns in the wind - and frankly she's freaking nuts.
She's also sneaky, underhanded, dirty, sly, manipulative, and insane.
No one lives their life as an open book. We all have things that we've done that would not look really terrific if they became public.
SP has to be one of the high rollers of the hidden past mavens. This rapidly aging fruitcake probably has more skeletons than your local cemetery and much to hide.
It may have nothing to do with the anon post.
But there is stuff she wants hidden - mark my words. The FEDS are the most likely agency since the IRS does not play favorites OR games and are immune to bribery.

Anonymous said...

I don't doubt there are skeletons!

Kristan Cole has close ties to the Palin family and their finances. There was an interesting comment
_______An interesting side note is that her mother was convicted of embezzling close to a million dollars from two Trust Funds….one in Kamloops, BC, Canada and one in Iowa…from realty companies. Keep your eye on her. She also was involved in shady dealings with the dairy industry. Hey, Legislative Audit… is that audit going on with the “irregularities” found at the Board of Agriculture, headed by Kristan Cole, Chairwoman of the Board?

Why won't RICO apply to what is going on with the Palins?

Mary said...

The anonymous post almost sounds like lyrics to a song with the words modified to fit Palin.

I wouldn't get my hopes up too much. Almost reads like a teenage prank.

Anonymous said...


Troopergate was mentioned as well as child support. Seems the parents may not live in Alaska. I remember Todd took some pics of Wooten on a snowmachine in an effort to prove he was faking a workman's comp claim, which he was not as he had surgery in CA. Wooten?!??

Just love whodunnits!!

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting there is all this talk about an "Iceberg", yet to date on any Alaskan blog there is absolutely no evidence of anything.

This anonymous post says nothing. Yeah it sounds great, but from an outside stand point it looks like a little kid wrote it. It's a garbled mess with half structured sentences.

If anyone actually has the ICEBERG... why wait?

Palin is getting away with more and more everyday, yet those who supposedly KNOW SOMETHING are letting here get away with it.

This in the KNOW are basically accomplices in letting Palin get her way. They are just as bad.

Every anti-Palin blog has referenced this ICEBERG that is going to bring her down. Some keep teasing and saying IT'S COMING, IT'S COMING. When??? Someone tell me that.

You have the Trig parentage question, Palin's House question, Palin affair, Palin sponsorship and many more I don't have time to list her. Which is it?

Do we really think Levi is going to rat her out? I highly doubt it. He has to deal with her for the rest of his life.

Will it be Levi's sister? Doubtful unless Bristol setup her mother.

This whole ICEBERG has been blown way out of proportion and it's so big now, even if it is good, it won't live up to the legend it's been built up to be.

Come one people... take her down. If you're going to do it, do it now.

Sorry for the rant.

charlie said...

This is something I saved from September 2008. It MAY help some people (who are smarter than I) to decipher some of that cryptic message we are discussing. I am thinking the Richter's have something to do with it:

"Scott A.Richter who allegedly had an affair with Sarah Palin filled an emergency motion to seal his divorce records but it was denied.
The Palins own few undeveloped properties on the Safari Lake and Big Lake, AK in Alaska in partnership with Scott A. Richter and his ex-wife Debbie under “Richter Investments LLC."

”...Debbie Richter was Palin’s campaign treasurer. Richter was awarded a job as the Director of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Division for her service.The State of Alaska gives its citizens “free money” checks every year out of this fund. This “free money” comes from oil royalties collected and investments. The Fund is currently worth $35 billion.

...Under Sarah and Debbie’s leadership in 2006, all Permanent Fund claims from residents (you have to make a claim for your check) were lost in a computer data entry failure.According courtrecords at /

Drew said...

My 2 cents is that the word salad posted by "anonymous @ 02:31" on June 20 reminds me of something that gino herself would write.

It makes about as much sense anyway.

I am very lerry right about now of any wacked out theories being tossed out there because gino desperately needs some major diversions to get our attention away from the stuff that we already know about.

My favorite right now is the artic-kat deal where she claims she can't reveal the total amount of graft received due to "It's a secret".

That's the best her "Kindergarten Crew" could come up?

I guess her next defense is gonna be the same one "Waterboard Dick" is trying that says they can't release the info because it will be material for "Late Night Comics"

God forbid David Letterman from ever getting ahold of any evidence of gino "Raping Alaska"

just saying!

Anonymous said...

Should we now have a WillowGate?

I keep reading that there has been no proof of her being at the game even though Palin use this as the reason she was so upset at Dave's joke. Todd said that Willow was the only child in the photo from the game with Giuliani, but I have yet to see Willow in any photos. Where are the official photos Todd was speaking of? Where's Willow? Did Palin lie?

Anonymous said...

I had the EXACT SAME THOUGHT. I scoured the internet for just a photo of Willow at the game. NOTHING!!!

I went to all the news sites and again NO PHOTOS OF WILLOW at the game.

You would think at least one photo would be there.

The only pictures I saw were Todd, Sarah, Rudy's wife, and Rudy... THAT'S IT NO WILLOW!

Drew said...

Regarding Willow at the ballgame.

Did anyone notice in Letterman's last apology he mentioned Willow being at the game 2 or 3 times, stressing that he didn't know she was there.

It came accross to me like he was trying to cement the fact that the Palins were adamant that Willow was there so that he could later reveal that they were lying!

Reminded me of a cop show where they get the guy to say he never knew the girl and was never ever at that address while they already have his fingerprints from her bathroom door and his dna from her bed.

Don't ya just love how our msm does there "Investigative Journalism"

Gino has some nerve saying the MSM is trying to bring her down.

If the MSM was doing there job, she would have been long gone prior to the gop convention.

lisabeth said...

All very strange and I don't know what to think. It sounds like rambling drunken craziness. I just hope something bad happens to bring her down. That woman (Queen Sarah) needs to learn that she is not above the law. From all I have read, I truly believe she thinks she is entitled to do whatever she pleases regardless of how it might effect others. She is the most dangerous type of politician - greedy, narcissist and not too bright.........A lethal combination..

If there is any truth to the strange posts.....I'd like to know
1. who would possibly have a trust fund that that Sarah could just start accessing
2. who told Todd to kill who?attempted murder charges?
3. why would Sarah cover up a rape and sodomy case? and what does that have to do with this.......
4. what does support have to do with this??

All very strange...Anyone know who in the Palin's circle has money??

Anonymous said...

Ok, on Miss Wasilla's twit page, she links to photos of a bill signing. Had to look. the coast guard guys are in full dress uniform and she is wearing a wrinkly white linen skirt and SANDALS. Casual sandals. But the funny thing....

Her spray-on tan stops at her ankles.

Anonymous said...

Todd Palin released a statement saying:
Willow was the only one at the Yankees game and the only Palin child included in the photo opportunities with the Giulianis, as was obvious.

So where are these photos of Willow with the Giuliani's at the game? How come no one can find them? There are photos of Todd & Sarah at the game, sitting with the Giuliani's, but not of Willow.
How come no one mentioned one single solitarty word about Willow at the game? Todd & Sarah are mentioned, even Rudy didn't mention Willow on the Eddie Burke show when he was talking about the game and how excited people were to see SARAH & TODD! Not a single mention of her anywhere. She was photographed with her family at the other events, the parade, the autism walk, but oddly enough not at the ballgame.

The Palin's are lying.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

It was Brad Hanson GINO had the affair with, not Scott.
Anon@21:02 sick of waiting for iceberg, well I personally don't give a rat's ass if you are sick of it or not, its there believe it or not. Gryphens also got some devasting info as well.
I guess you post anon as not to have so much egg on your face when it comes out?
As for other anon postings about secret palin stuff, I'm not to swayed.
If they really had something they would be telling the FBI not a blog! And if they really had info it could be verified.
When Gryphen's info and Alaska Report info come out you can bet it will be verifiable.
Its driving megamouth crazy and she's coming out with crazy azzed media reports, even mentioning Trigs "identity"???Wow.Something is up. But Anon sources....take with a grain of salt.
And everyone wondering about willow, she wasn't at the game. There are no pics. Rudy Guilini did a interview (that Reg posted here) and he did not mention on time about willow being there or even the Joke. It was a convenient smokescreen to cover up for GINO plagiarism!! And how she fired Bev Woolery!!!!
Not to mention the big mistake in promoting Micheal Reagan (without vetting him first) and see he was blabbing about putting grenades in babies butts.
The Willow joke took care of All that!

basheert said...

It's all going to continue to be speculation, one way or the other, until something concrete comes out.

We all suspect that SP's skirts are anything but clean. We all agree that SP is hiding a ton of skeletons in her closets.

None of us is perfect and as I said before, we all have things in our past that would not paint us in a favorable light. That doesn't mean we've done things necessarily illegal.

But SP is skating along like she's perfect and the fact is, she isn't any more than any human.

If she's screwed with the IRS, she's toast.

I don't know if "anon" has anything specific, but I'm willng to see what comes out that can be backed up in court.

If there is an ounce of truth in "anon's" claims, it will have to be provable with evidence that will stand up to shrill scrutiny.

I agree that SP is going down - but the squeals from her cult following will be deafening and very worth waiting for.

Anonymous said...

@crystalwolf, no. On some blogs, Scott R. is listed are Sarah Heath's very first boyfriend, pre-Todd. We're talking high school.

Anonymous said...

What does the lettering on her jacket say??

I think some of us should emaiil Palin and ask her whose trustfund she stole and who was sodomized and raped? Anyone in Alaska up for it?? I'll do it but I'm not there. It would be good.

Drew said...

Anonymous @ 20 June 2009 23:53...

It sounds like you are trying to start some trouble here!!

Are you trying to create some diversions?

Who did you say you work for?

Anonymous said...

@crystalwolf, I retract! I retract! I'm sorry. (I'm Anon 23:52)After further probing, I see that you are right and that Scott R. denied it, and did not know SP from high school (that was Bitney, I guess). My apologies!

Anonymous said...

I don't think we should be counting on the MSM. Those who still have their jobs are trying hard to hold on to them; papers are folding fast. And, for quite some time, they haven't had time for real investigative reporting. Yes, a few good reporters are at it-- but if you remember the stink over one little joke on a late night comedy show, they don't want to stir the pot. Gryphen lives in Alaska and talks to people, and the only mystery to me is why someone in Alaska hasn't come forward to talk and collect money from the tabloids or others that do pay for stories. Are they so frightened of the governor??

jo said...

Her 2007 tax return is suspect, just because it was filed in Sept. 2008, after she was on the campaign trail. We all know taxes are due April 14th. Also, Piper (why just one child?)had 1,700 in interest earned. That would take a considerable chunk of money. I have never had that kind of investment return. Interest rates have been very low for years. Most of their charitable donations was for goods given away, not cash. They must have left off their interest earned, because the financial disclosure from this year showed millions, like 7 million in investments.

About icebergs, c 4 pees wrote:
The bottom line - sorry, Linda and Andree, your Arctic Cat thing has no traction. I'm actually more concerned about this recent news - Governor Palin apparently accepted gifts of a very personal nature from a powerful man on the East Coast, and she's seemingly been involved in gambling. Could this be the "iceberg" that sinks her?

GinaM said...


The Cee4Pee were referring to Gov Sandford and GINO bet that they made over some hockey game.

basheert said...

Look, this woman has more corners than Rubrik's cube.
Nothing that she has said or done would surprise me.
I would like to see her finished once and for all, but it needs to be legitimate and legal, tied up in a red bow around her neck.
Just think of her like a little squirrel ... leaving a little trail of nuts where ever she goes. All roads will lead to her misdeeds.
She obviously has much to hide and rather than just go on normally, she continues to draw a lot of attention. People are digging, digging, digging.
I have always believed that once more than 1 person knows a secret, it will never be a secret again. SP has a big mouth and is dumb as a rock.
Someone knows something and it will come out. I have no idea what it will be, but SP has done something rotten and it will smell up the place until it is exposed.
I'm hoping it's the tax issue. The FEDS won't tumble to her perkyness. They'll toss her into Leavenworth and throw away the key.
And it will be legit.
There is no point in trashing her with innuendo and speculation.
She's trashed herself. It just needs to be uncovered.

Anonymous said...

After reading both comments, I think anon sounds like Wooten. Anon indicated that the theft was the reason for Troopergate. And it sounds like someone once close to the family. Just sayin' ... guess it could be a troll.

midnightcajun said...

So where did a couple whose combined income is only a couple of hundred thousand get $$$seven million?

And about Brad Hanson; he had his alleged affair with Sarah in the "mid-nineties." Anyone have a more exact time frame? I'm comparing his picture with 14 year old willow and going, "Hmmm."

onejrkitty said...

OK people, I think we have a nut case posting this.

First off,so you know where I am coming from, I have worked in the legal profession and went through 6 yr civil rights employment discrimination with Human Rights Commission against Chief Prosecutor of Alaska, Attorney General's office and Alaska State Troopers.

I think this person is mentally ill because much of what they are posting is not really coherent. IF they have a valid law suit going on, ESPECIALLY IF THE FBI are involved, then NO ONE is going to be leaking ANY information.



I am NOT saying Palin doesn't have some kind of Big Secret, BUT what this poster is hinting at does not sound like something Palin is likely involved in even tho I personally--having researched and read about many narcissist, believe Palin could become physically violent before she "retires." ( Because her narcissistic supply is turning nothing but negative and she has no place to go to get away from the National Media Attention she brings on herself. When her delusions are shattered, she may explode.)

As much as I want there to be some great unknown "secret" that will topple her, I think taxes, the building of her house, eventual ethic complaints that even the personnel board cannot deny will be what brings her down.

Sorry, but this person does not sound like they are functioning on all cylinders.

onejrkitty said...

Random thoughts:

I know ATF is working on the Wasilla church fire. THey also work slowly and quietly.

I dont know if Palin was involved (wanting publicity and creating an opportunity since SHE HAD JUST LOST THE VP RACE--VERY UPSETTING TO SEVERE NARCISSIST LIKE HER)


if she simply took advantage of the opportunity.

I find it strange there have been NO other church fires in Wasilla nor the rest of Alaska. In other words, we do not have an "arsonist" at work, but rather someone for whom this one time deal was enough.


Guilani's wife looks a lot like a Palin, and she sat between Palin and her husband. Guilani would have to respond yes, no, no comment, or be totally dismissive.

ANY answer or nonanswer would be signigicant.

onejrkitty said...

Everyone seems to have missed Letterman's joke about Palin during his Friday 6/19 monlogue:

About 3:30 into the clip Lettermen mentions that "...tomorrow starts gay pride week here in NY city.

Liza Minellie will be out husband hunting.

...where else can you see 300 gys dressed up like Sarah Palin...."

Hopefully we will hear more from Letterman on Palin. He cannot be too happy about one of her "protestors" mentioning that Letterman's son Harry "... is a bastard." ( Guess she forgot about Tripp.) Nor, the lie that Letterman had a daughter out of wedlock prior to his current relationship and marriage to Harry's mom.

Anonymous said...

Jo at 1:27 - Piper's $1700 income is her Alaska Permanent Fund dividend, so no capital investments required. Also, it is quite common to extend a return from April 15 to october 15. What I thought weird was that they would file and release the return directly after the nomination without having a CPA look it over. The most egregarious issue on the return was that Todd was claiming his snow racing as a business, when it is clearly a hobby.

Anonymous said...

Crystalwolf you are incredibly hard on people. How do you know for sure their are icebergs coming? Are you 100% sure positive? Do you have inside information the rest of us don't have? And why are you so hard on people! I have seen you attack others and it's over the top and insensitive.

And Drew, WTF are you talking about? Who do I work for and Im trying to make trouble? I was being sarcastic saying someone should call Palins office and ask whos trust fund she stole from? Ever hear of sarcasm?

Some of you are too literal and you attack people for no reason. Mellow out!! Most of us want the same thing-Palin to destruct.

jo said...

Why wouldn't they have to declare all the children permanent funds and their own? You are right about snow racing as a business, winning is rare and most every year would be a loss. Not many people if asked, even if they race, would answer that is their business. Must have been used just to get a write off on their taxes.

About c4pees concerns, the gift was from SC Gov. Mark Sanford, a gift of shrimp, grits and soup from a restaurant, not a very personal nature. Gambling for the most part is not illegal, so not sure what's up with their statement. It might just be hoping we make it into something it's not.

basheert said...

Onejrkitty: I totally agree with your comments. I believe SP is sick as she's ever been and decompensating because she cannot control all the bad press she is bringing onto herself. She is an obvious narcissist and will explode as you say. These individuals do not get better, especially when people figure them out, start calling them out, and they start losing the game.
The fact that if you're not in her cult, you think she's a walking freak show probably doesn't help either. She is all about Sarah - and frankly those morons who worship at her feet are really dumb if they believe she cares anything about them.
She is not capable of real emotion. She is a sick sick woman.

RE: the IRS thing
If you file a complaint against someone with the IRS, you CAN discuss it if you wish. They will not talk about it and in fact will deny any knowledge about the complaint. They maintain 100% confidentiality. A complaint can be filed anonymously or with your name.

If she has tax issues, she is literally toast. It won't matter how much $$ SPac or Meat Harras raise - she's in Leavenworth and best friends with Big Madge. Not only that, but her clothes will be selected for her and there won't be any f*ck me red shoes (who is she, Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz????)

Face it, this one is going down. And it will be something legitimate that does it. It isn't going to be bloggers or rumors. It will be hard facts.

As someone said earlier, Al Capone went to Federal Prison on Income Tax Evasion charges. And then he died a sad ugly death from syphilis.

Frankly I don't care who she's boinked or how many kids she's had. She's dumb and sick and shouldn't be in charge of anything. She needs a rubber room.

Also....a muzzle.

basheert said...

Jo: If Arctic Cat is GIVING Todd a price break on his racing gear every year AND he gets to keep his old sleds, I will bet the IRS would consider them a gift. The price break may not be the issue. It's the fact that he gets to keep them for advertising their product. It makes no difference whether he wins or loses - he is receiving financial "assistance" and gets to keep the product after the race.

That makes it "income" with a capital "I" on your tax form.

I'd love to let the IRS decide.

Going out on a limb, the IRS isn't dumb. I'm guessing they are scrutinizing pretty much everything on their tax returns.

"Income" can be either money, goods or services. The ONLY way he can bypass that is if he is reporting it and no one knows, OR he is donating it as "in kind" and taking the decreased value as a donation. Don't see "donating" to Sarah as Tax Deductible.

Again, I'm betting someone is on this already.

RE: the Gambling. Depends on how, what kind and is she in some way involved in a RICO matter. She's just dumb enough to be on the take and think she's so smart she won't get caught. I believe if "gambling" is an issue, it isn't just a matter of placing a bet or playing a slot machine. Usually "gambling problems" relate to organized crime and skimming in the lexicon. I have no idea if she is in any way involved in this - but she's arrogant enough to think she could do it and get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Can't complaints to IRS be filed against Artic Cat? Have all her funds been scruntinized by the tax man? Bristol Palin wanted to be in real estate when she grows up. She might see that Kristen Cole, her mothers long time pal, has a lot of control with all the money angels she plays. I think Saar is going to take a few dozen people down with her.

onejrkitty said...

I think the only gambling was this bet with the other governor over the hockey game and please, this little bet is a non-issue.

It is nothing. Nada. Zilch. Let it go.

There are so many issues surrounding Palin this harmless bet with the governor of the state the other hockey team comes from is not worthy of attention.

"Crystalwolf you are incredibly hard on people. How do you know for sure their are icebergs coming? Are you 100% sure positive? Do you have inside information the rest of us don't have? And why are you so hard on people! I have seen you attack others and it's over the top and insensitive."

I think her words to me were that I needed " a cup of STFU" when I chastized about the "ice burg" c.r.a.p. which is becoming another Non-Issue.

While I know, admire and respect Gryphen, the "teaser" style wore thin quickly. I think he does know something he cannot reveal as it was toldhim in confidence. If it was told to him by who I think it was told to him ( still with me LOL ) they are not going to tell him anything he can publish until after they reveal it. IN LAWYER LAND YOU DONT TELEGRAPH YOUR PUNCH AND YOU DONT TALK OUT OF COURT. ( Unless you publish it in a book when it is to your client's. advantagae and not cause anyone else is writing a blog and needs to reveal their "iceberg."

I think Gryphen just got ahead of himself and now finds himself in an embarassing spot. ANOTHER REASON TO STOP WITH MENTION OF THE DAMN ICEBERG ! HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THE POSITION GRYPHEN IS IN FOR GOD'S SAKE.

Thank you and can we all please not use 14 year old language like "STDU." That is what Palin's minions sound like.

Anonymous said...

It looks like there is recent inquiry.

Why did media ignore Wasilla Bible Church arson?
Why did the press ignore the firebombing of Sarah Palin’s church?
Friday, June 11, 2009

Did you see the Kevin “Coach” Collins interview of a church Elder? Heaven help us all.

Anonymous said...

Last week was the first time I heard anything about sex videos from an anonymous blogger. And then I read Meg Stapleton's statement, found at Gryphen's blog:

"There have been many falsehoods and distortions regarding a range of topics, ... and disgusting personal insinuations about Trig's identity, alleged fake sex videos, doctored photos, ..."

Does anyone have any information regarding "alleged fake" sex videos? Could this be the iceberg that everyone has been talking about?

Mariah said...

Sex tapes? We need to see what comes out in the wash. Meantime, we have opinions. When a contenders mouthpiece comes out addressing the Jon Gosselin question, you know it's over except for the death throes.

We saw how Letterman was turned into day after day of Palin attention grabbing news cycles, and there was nothing there. Scratch the surface and you see the desparation. The "GRASSROOTS" beg-a-thon is going down so bad that you can almost feel sorry for them. They are clumping together now and you can see who stands in support of Sarah Palin. They are all fringe nut cases that love her! She has attracted big money oil polluters, but she's so goofy they will one day see the folly of their ways with her. If he wasn't so corrupt he would lose the next election in Arizona.

I stopped in to see how RAM was doing and they are proud of the kooks that will talk to her, Eddie Burke, John Ziegler, Dan Fagan, Tammy Bruce, and G. Gordon Liddy. Sarah Palin also has butt-bomb Michael Reagan and proud lunatic, John Zeigler. McCain hasn't stepped far enough away from her, so he is still in her camp singing "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" and telling jokes about Chelsea Clinton.

What do they have besides extortion? They must threaten law suits. If they go with SLAPP they must consider being left with the bill. They aren't about reason, they could do anything. There is a monsterous public relations machine that will pump out all the crap they can dream up.

I hope we are spared the likes of a sex tape, that's not necessary. The woman is a crook. It takes time but the sun will shine in her darkest holes and the world will see her stripped naked . We should celebrate a moment of calm, she hasn't manufactured another scene stealer for a few days.

KaJo said...

Yeah, that RAM aka Rebecca Mansour, John Ziegler's squeeze, she's a peach.

A one-hit wonder in Hollywood, wasting that honors degree but..

...feeling POWERFUL leading her dog-pack of, what, 10 loyal followers?

There's a word for female leaders of, what is it?

basheert said...

I'm in the same corner here. I hope it isn't sex tapes (not that it would surprise me at all). I want her in jail for crimes committed.
And I want it solid and proven in court.
The thing is, sex tapes are so "yesterday" in the Republic circles. Everyone has at least one. It's common for their politicians.
I want her for corruption, graft, RICO, Tax Fraud. Something really good.
SP snowed Alaska. She was elected by a populace that wanted "anyone but" and that's what they got. As long as SP stayed under the radar and in Alaska, she was probably ok.
Then along came "BombBomb" McCain. Holy freakshow Johnny. But it exposed that soft vulnerable underbelly to scrutiny.
And of all politicians, SP cannot stand up to scrutiny. She ends up looking really BAD! Because she is not open and transparent. And she has secrets I'm sure.
Many many many dark hidden nasty secrets.
I want to see those secrets and I want them to be egregious enough to get her into Leavenworth.
But like everyone here, I want whatever brings her down to be legit.

Anonymous said...

I think perhaps the rape and sodomy rumor is from the prisoner story, he tried to sue Palin, it got kinda lost, he got kinda lost.

Wonder if he's blackmailing her?

Regina did a write up on it.....look in the prisongate articles.

just a guess.......

Alaska Is My Home said...

Just running through the blogs, and did a quick read of the post by Anon. I have no other opinion or info to add to what any of you have said, except that this person is NOT Alaskan. Alaskans call snowmobiles, snow machines instead - almost 100% of the time.

My comment adds nothing really since the Anon poster never stated where they are from. Just wanted to throw that in there, from a long time Alaskan.

I also, too want no more to do with Palin in my state, or anywhere else. I don't believe in making things up, and believe it's just a matter of time before she is revealed as the creep she is (putting mild words on it!). I have noticed in skimming the blogs that tempers do run high - so the posters who are asking for respect and decent conversation are completely correct for doing so.

Many of us, even though we share the burning desire to have the lying, drama goon gone from politics and our lives, would not necessarily be friends outside of these shared desires. So manners & tolerance toward other posters are very important to maintain. I believe, with care, that we can refrain from taking our frustrations out on others.

Most of would like to think of ourselves as intelligent, mostly kind folks - I do, anyway - and that comes with certain responsibilities in order to BE who we describe ourselves to be.

Try to be thankful for all the others who give us the power in anti-Palin numbers we enjoy, and keep in mind that we are no better than the whacko Palin turds if we act the same. I appreciate everyone's hard work in this matter!