Monday, 29 June 2009

Global warming and the Holy Spirit. (updated)

Prophesy for Alaska

May 22, 1997: Rev. Harold Caballeros
(given at Intercessors 500, Atlanta, Georgia)

I saw a map of this great nation. . .and I saw this hand crossing the map with some lines, and I started to watch closely. . .the second line started in the state of Texas and went up from Texas to Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Chicago, Illinois. But something happened and this same line started to go again from Texas, and it made a turn to Montana and then from Montana to ALASKA. And dear brothers, the fire of the Holy Spirit came, fell down on Alaska in such a way that the ice and the snow started to melt. I asked, "What can this mean?" He said, "I am going to melt the ice and the snow and it will turn into water because the water from the snow and ice will be a mighty outpouring of rain, but not normal rain, not regular rain, the rain of the Holy Spirit." I am prophesying in the Name of Jesus, the rain of the Holy Ghost will descend from Alaska. Then, He said, "the divine connection between Alaska and Puerto Montt, Chile, because Alaska is in the north extreme, while Puerto Montt is in the southern most extreme. . .the showers will go north from Puerto Montt, and the showers will go south from Alaska and they will meet in the middle of the continent. Revival! Revival! Revival! A mighty revival of the Holy Spirit!"

This drivel comes courtesy of a website called Windwalkers International. Some background on Mary Glazier, who wrote the Overview on the website:

Mary Glazier heads an Alaska-based prayer ministry called Windwalkers International. Charisma caught up with her on her way to a prayer meeting in Anchorage, the purpose of which was to pray specifically for Palin. This is nothing new, according to Glazier. "We actually began to pray for [Palin] before she became mayor of Wasilla," Glazier says. "We felt then that she was the one God had selected."

For several years, Glazier and other members of Windwalkers have prayed for Palin regularly—first when she was the mayor, then when she was the governor of Alaska, and when she was a vice presidential candidate. Last spring, Palin called Glazier and asked her to pray with her over the phone, and they met at the governor's prayer breakfast.

"She asked me to pray with her for wisdom and direction," Glazier recalls. "I sensed a real heart of surrender to the will of God in her. God often chooses the least likely people to be at the forefront, and I do believe that God has equipped [Palin] for this hour."

Glazier told Charisma that members of Windwalkers had received words of knowledge about Palin being "called to impact the nation." At that point, they had no idea she would be running for the office of vice president of the United States.

The Christian candidate Mary Glazier mentions in the beginning is Wally Hickel, who won the election running on the AIP ticket.

They believe the melting of the glaciers is an expression of the Holy Spirit. This Mary Glazier character is clearly not sane and Sarah Palin continues to make appointments based on faith. In 2006 she appointed Rev Pat Donelson to the Suicide Prevention Council.

Donelson, of Wasilla, is a minister with extensive experience in Bush Alaska doing work in drug, alcohol and suicide prevention. He was director of Northwind School of Ministry in Wasilla from 2000-06, and for eight years was youth director for the Alaska District Assemblies of God, responsible for youth ministry to 87 churches. He founded and served for eight years as president of Carry the Cure, Inc. Using donated money and aircraft, this corporation took a multimedia inspirational program to villages across the state, encouraging youth to lead positive, sober and straight lives. Donelson received his ministerial training at the Ichthus Bible Training Center in Salem, Oregon, and has been ordained by the Assemblies of God and by Northwind Global Ministries. He was appointed to a seat reserved for a member of the clergy.

People who are suicidal are extremely vulnerable, easy prey to a church hellbent on converting "lost souls".

Now she has a bible thumping, testosterone pumping spokesperson.

UPDATE: I had to add this video!

I find all this VERY disturbing...


BuffaloGal said...

Ha! You beat me to it. I've been reading from that same place today and was on my way over here to post this link:

Really good deep links explaining Muthee, Glazier, Palin's connections, etc. Like I've said before , for me - this is the most frightening aspect of the Palin story because it doesn't stop with her. They have been quietly working behind the scenes since the 80's on this heightened agenda. And, I doubt it would be a reach to say that what we're seeing online is only a fraction of the scary.

Drew said...

Drew from lil ol texas said...

Maybe they could perform a exorcist on the good gov!

Buffalogal said...

This happens to be the one topic that I tend to post to most often so apologies for hogging.

Here's another video well worth watching. Listen for all of the keywords that Palin uses and the concepts that are her main focus of attacks.

basheert said...

It may be drivel, but these people are nuts and dangerous.

Gail said...

The fundies welcome climate change, it fits right into their Armageddon Rapture philosophy. It's disgustingly vain and arrogant of them to imagine there is a god who created an earth for them to exploit.

There are quite a few of them, but not enough to win a national election.

At most they are amusing.

regina said...


Thanks for the link to the video. I updated the post and added it.


midnightcajun said...

Here's a documentary on the Dominionists taking over the military:

I had no idea this had reached as far as it has until I started researching Sarah and her church (and thanks, Buffalogal, for some great links)

Anne Whitney said...

I so agree - for me this is the most disturbing thing about SP potentially achieving a higher office. For all of her ethical deficiencies and willful ignorance, her religious beliefs are prohibitively frightening.

And every time I think I am overreacting about SP, she goes and does something like this appointment that reminds me that she is as dangerous as I think she is.

Lisabeth said...

I can barely stand reading this stuff, yet it can't be ignored!

This has to overall be a small percentage of the population,don't you think?

They are out of their minds, ignorant and ignore science.

All if this is good news only in the sense that I don't believe Americans would ever elect someone this extreme. It is extremely extremely far right fringe. Even Bush who was religious was respectful of all religions and I don't remember him being into all the nutty stuff. I know there have to be some sane conservatives out there who realize this goes against everything America believes in!

buffalogal said...

When you watch that particular video and they start to talk about taking back the media - Didn't all of her "gotcha media", "main stream media", "liberal media", etc remarks make much more sense ? I think her reaction was indeed part personal paranoia but it was fueled by this mental conditioning from this religious bent.

I also think this is the reason that she's not concerned whether the kids are enrolled in traditional schooling and ALSO why she's SO freaked out about Obama "takin over the banks and the businesses".

For me, it's all falling into place. She's no republican. She's a prayer warrior for Jesus and she has no true political affiliation.

I'm going to toss a prediction out there that, if there comes a time that she has a run on the national political stage and is allowed to speak openly - I betcha she distances herself from this faction and she'll do it with their blessing. My guess is that they're going to tell her to get in their under cloak of night and dark clothing and say what you need to say to get there. They'll assure her that they've got her back and they know she's doing what she has to do for the kingdom because once they're in, it'll all have been worth it.

MidnightCajun - I'm off to watch your posted video now. I have a feeling the Palin nightmares are coming back tonight after all of this footage.

Anonymous said...

Remember Palin said she had no one to pray with during the VP campaign? Kind if weird. No one was religious enough so she prayed with Piper.

I am a person of great faith, but it is personal and private as it should be.

What we need is a spy in Alaska who goes and listens to what is being said.

Her followed call us godless liberals. Shame on them. Do you think Jesus would look at that favorably? No, I am convinced of it.

Anonymous said...

This is Palin in a nutshell: What pumps would Jesus wear?

I am not being funny.

Lisabeth said...

Buffalogal, you know how she is always saying she is a "reformer." did you hear them on the video? Now it makes more sense. She is constantly using buzzwords from this movement.

That video should be sent everywhere. Also Bruce Wilsons writings are excellent.

The part about Jews all being rich and contolling the banks and finances is creepy to me. I am not rich nor was my family growing up. And I don't even know anyone in banking. I can't stand these sterotypes but more importantly it shows how dangerous they are they want to take over every aspect of our society. Can you imagine what Scarah would try to get away with as president? Look at her now.

Anne Whitney said...

I have no doubt that she will publicly distance herself from a lot of this in a run for national office. Unfortunately, it seems nothing is left of the GOP but these religious voters, and the recent polls look quite promising for SP to get the nom from them. And then it will be Sarah's winking and nodding and red pumps and down-home folksiness v Obama and whatever state the country is in at that point - and we're at the mercy of the low-information voters at that point.

As you can see the dangers of someone with these beliefs holding high political office are many. It creeps into all aspects of domestic and international policy.

I've been interested in the Christian extremists' influence on politics for a long time. I grew up attending the church of D.James Kennedy who is one of the key founders of the Dominionist movement. They really want to make this an explicitly, officially Christian nation, in all aspects, and their brand of Christianity at that.

wes_ben said...

This is just FRICKEN CREEPY and scares the sh*t out of me.

buffalgal said...

Lisabeth - I had the same reaction when the word "reformer" came up.

She was on the campaign trail tossing out that reformer word and it had nothing at all to with the way the way anyone else was using it.

The Jewish stuff also makes me roll things around because she was SO very " we must protect Israel " during the campaign. I'm thinking it's because Israel factors greatly into end-times and also into the land of Jesus.

Anonymous :02 - That has always bothered me that she openly said a few times that she had no one to pray with. How telling is that ? The Republican camp is filled with folks that pray. It seems that she was looking for a fellow prayer warrior.

Anonymous :06 - I hear that. Dress easily, speak honestly and lovingly, and, if you believe you have been asked to give words to others, then pray every morning that your words are without arrogance.

Citizen of Snark City said...

@Anne. Regardless of what any polls say right now, SP will not make it through what promises to be a rather difficult GOP primary season in 2010. She has a team of amateurs on board; the other guys have been building pro teams for awhile, are seasoned and much more disciplined.

I am not saying we shouldn't watch her and her supporters.

But there is a lot of information that those other guys in the GOP have on her ("opposition research") that they will use. The GOP is just not that into Palin anymore.

There will never be a Palin debate with the President, regardless of any C4P fantasies. The GOP will take care of that. They do not want it. Not for a New York minute.

Anonymous said...

Buffalogal, have you run across any video/writings by anyone who has left this cult? I, too, find this the most disturbing think about Palin. Her attacks on the media, Obama, and the environment all seem to be infused with code words from this religion. Are all the churches called Assemblies of God? What other names do they use, if any?

I know others have pointed this out, but if you want to be more frightened read Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale" with Palin and her breatheren in mind.

Anonymous said...

This is the real deal why she must be stopped. I think she will crash and burn long before she gets to higher office - all things crossed! - but I don't think my nerves could take the uncertainty of a campaign. Although it would be very entertaining :)

Lisabeth said...

Anon 0:47, I hope you are right. I used to feel that way but I am not sure anymore. Look Bush got elected and he is dumb. With the right money behind you, who knows. She has connections to "big oil" which is scary.

I think she could get the nomination. Who else is there? That is the problem with the GOP. Not much young great talent there

Anonymous said...

Rev Pat Donelson.
'Carry The Cure' is the Healing Trail event last weekend in Wasilla, that Palin sent rural advisor John Moller to.

"Thank you Wasilla for Trail of Healing! May God bless efforts of reconciliation; it shall be manifested in more respect for AKs First People"
11:39 PM Jun 27th from TwitterBerry

"Trail of Healing: Moller, Will Mayo, other Native leaders say important to remember past as we move forward, but must not live in the past"
11:31 PM Jun 27th from TwitterBerry

John Moller attends Trail of Healing for admin today, says it was "awesome"! Many Natives from all tribes & non-natives from around AK went
11:25 PM Jun 27th from witterBerry

Anonymous said...

@lisabeth, I am not saying we shouldn't keep track of her. But the GOP leadership does NOT like her, from McCain on down. They treat her like she's toxic ("diva," "whack job") because their internal polling shows she is. If she gets anywhere near a nat'l ticket, it will be the end of the GOP, because about 90% of the general electorate can't stand her (that's the 80% who are Democrats & Independents who vote, and at least 10% who are conservatives who vote).

Look at how many Republicans already left the party because of her! Many of them post on this blog. There may be some Repubs who think she's "high profile" enough to win. But just wait until Romney, Huckabee, Jindal and Pawlenty are debating her (if it even gets that far). Think about how the GOP primary debates will go. Look, she couldn't even handle Letterman without losing her cool.

The GOP is scared of her now, the way most men are when they learn the "hot" girl is also wacko "crazeeeee."

Lisabeth said...

Anon I TRULY hope you are right! I am not disagreeing with you-it's just there is so much corruption I don't know anything anymore. I am very disturbed she has gotten this far and nothing stops her!

Everyone, there is a very odd post on Bob Lynns blog. I can't make sense of it-maybe others can. The link was posted recently. I'm sorry I can't cut and paste. It is at the bottem of his post about introducing new legislation. The stupid legislation to stop the public from knowing about the ethics complaints.

Anonymous said...

Indoctrination and fear-based teachings and certain people anointed by God with “The Truth”.

People not willing or capable of independent thought and reason are filled with fear and alienation by opportunistic, self-serving “religious” whackos--or seriously delusional and un-medicated outpatients from the Seven Psychosis of Transformation Mental Facility. Either way=very scary and quite disturbing.

They rant and preach that: “Sin of the land must be replaced/ displaced…Church goes in and takes the territory…We are waiting for transformation…Kingdom of god--opportunities to change and see god’s light…Take back the chain of command…Men and personnel to support Sarah…Social ransformation …Focus on Transformation of community god’s kingdom…
7 mountains=Template for warfare…Business = glory of god build for glory of man…People have to be displaced …”

Got my attention.

ACLU=please get A CLU(e) ASAP!

Patrick said...


this is a very interesting video regarding the religious beliefs of Sarah, too:

Sarah Palin: Witchcraft and War

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Regina, for posting those videos.

I also ran across a letter on YouTube from a person raised in the religion who told about desensitizing of the children by showing videos to get them ready for spiritual warfare. The video that GINO did with the turkey was not by accident.

This is a worldwide organization based out of Colorado. Whosoever does not agree with their doctrine are witches, that is me.

When you look further into the religion, you'll find that they believe in portals where demons arise from and they have folks surveying neighborhoods to find where those portals are located. Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

Ol' GINO purports to be a Christian, yet she faked a pregnancy for personal political gain. Then it must be acceptable with her religious beliefs to lie and deceive as long as she is doing God's work. Guess she doesn't know Satan is the deceiver.

Oh, and I can understand ol' GINO not being able to find anyone to pray with that time, I heard she really makes long ramblin' prayers. Guess everyone ran the other way! LOL

"Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." Mark 7:7.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:48 who is the main leader based in Colorado and do they consider themselves Christians? Do they accept other ChristIans or only those in their group? Wow about the witches (given the witchcraft exorcism) and the turkey video. It is scary.

GinaM said...


The GINO Vanity Fair article is out, here is the link:

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anonymous said...

Patrick-I am looking for your comment about knowing Palin is not the mother of Trig and that Bristol did not know that the Queen was going to fake a pregnancy! If that is true...just imagine Bristol having to live this forced lie for the rest of her life.....or until us bloggers get the truth out there. This story is taking on a life of it's own and could be THE thing to bring her to her knees.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who have stated that you have no doubts she will distance herself from these beliefs in order to run for office either for Gov., or higher, you have hit the nail on the head.

If you doubt it, remember the article done long ago on the AIP members who claimed that Palin was indeed a member but was, with their consent, distancing herself from that organization because she needed to "go along to get along"? They quite openly at their meeting stated that she was doing what she had to do in order to get elected.

Freedom fighter

The Palins' un-American activities

Meet Sarah Palin's radical right-wing pals

Interesting reading if you are so inclined.

Lilybart said...

The problem is, the MSM doesn't take this relgious crap seriously, or they feel the CAN'T because you are not allowed to dis someone's religion.

Palin will appear like any fundie to the media. They will NOT make this witch-be-gone prayin' crap an issue. And maybe for the simple reason that they can't believe an actual candidate could be so looney, so they will reject.

Lilybart said...

I might be more worried if she had chosen an actual professional to be her new spokesman. Instead, she chose a fellow religious nut. Good times.

Anonymous said...

It appears the MSM won't critically examine any candidate's religion. The problem is that Sarah thinks the separation of church and state only means that the state cannot curtail her promoting her religion however she sees fit. What was that she said about how she can do anything she wants until a judge tells her she can't? That seems to be the way she sees her religious spouting as well.

Verbose said...

Want to know what SP would be like as President? Imagine Jim Jones as President.

Fortunately, SP seems to be destroying the entire movement. Her high profile is exposing all the crazies. It's gonna be net-negative for them.