Monday, 8 June 2009

Sarah Palin's dress sense

The RNC did a wonderful job helping Sarah Palin look presentable. When she's left to her own devices, these are the results:

When the RNC dressed Sarah Palin and took care of her hair and make-up, the results were quite different:

Some expert advice and $180,000 can work miracles! Even on Sarah Palin...

(Click on each picture to enlarge)


MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

The group of photos on top certainly shoots to hell SP's assertion that the Arctic Cat jacket was the only "warm coat" she had to wear at the snowmobile races.

Great job, as always, Reg! Here's a virtual just-baked fresh blueberry scone for you: {{0}}

Anonymous said...

The RNC had her wear longer skirts than what she picks for herself.

They also gave her much nicer business type attire and SHOES.

You forgot to include picture of the red leather jacket the RNC bought her to wear. It was a big dollar jacket!

Anonymous said...

1 picture = 1000 words. Your collection is priceless! It is so clear that when Sarah was made up and dressed by the Republican Party, she looked professional-- at least until she opened her mouth. But left to her own devices, OMG! And many of those top pictures would be just fine if that was a private citizen going out shopping, going to the park, visiting friends. But she was in her official capacity of Governor; what a image.

leu2500 said...

SP does dress like a professional. Unfortunately, the profession she is dressing for is not governor.

regina said...

Mrs Biscuitbarrel,

How did you guess that I love blueberries? Yum, yum, thanks!


CC from far away said...

Regina, I agree with all the posters ... a masterful collection of photos!!!

Thank you!!

C--who is successfully procrastinating studying for big exam...(yikes!) but is enjoying Regina's wonderful post. Merci, Reg.

KW said...

OMG! The first collection is unbelievable! I wouldn't wear some of those outfits for a bet...

The contrast is amazing. SP looked reasonably classy during the campaign, but quickly reverted to her usual Valley Trash style.

You can take the girl out of the trash, but you can't take the trash out of the girl!

Tut tut...

lisabeth said...

Wow!! Regina, what a huge difference between the first and second group! I was shopping the other day at Nordstroms and just wishing I had someone to help me because often I have no idea how to choose what clothes I look best in. Unfortunately I don't have the money for a personal shopper!! It is amazing what they can do!

Lilybart said...

The story that these photos tell is about a woman who has no ability to learn from others. If I were dressed and made-up everyday by pros, I would learn what works for me.

How is it she learned NOTHING?

midnightcajun said...

I would love to have a professional stylist, hair stylist, and makeup artist "do" me for 2 months; what a wonderful, incredible learning experience that would be! Sarah, obviously, learned nothing. I guess because that would have required her to admit there was something wrong with the way she was dressing before?

I've often wondered about that line in the news article announcing she was pregnant--you know the one where they say something like: "Palin, known as something of a fashion plate around Alaska, suddenly started sporting all these beautiful (sic) scarves..." Far from being a fashion plate, she is typically so inappropriately dressed as to be an embarrassment.

But I never before realized how often she wears red sandals to official functions. What a ho!

FW said...

Love the post...I am a confessed shopaholic, so I marveled at the huge difference in appearance in Sarah's before and afters. Look, McCain took one look at her, and knew he had to send her ass to Neiman Marcus. If the clothes were bought by a stylist, then it's obvious from these pictures they were worth every penny. She actually looked like a competent person. When I first saw her at her coming out on Aug 29th, first thing I noticed was that she was wearing a BANANA clip as an actual outside of the house hair accessory.

Two things...Regina there's another two crazy outfits she wore last summer which was like some kind of pink housedress with a ruffle at the bottom with jeans underneath and fuzzy boots, as well as a black trench with clouds or a cow pattern on them...they are mind boggling. If I find links I will post them.

Lisabeth...many department stores offer free personal cost to you...they get commissions off what you buy, but they can be invaluable. You can start there and figure out simple cuts and styles, then replicate them in the bargain stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Loehmann's and even lower priced mall chain stores. A subscription to In Style Magazine and People Style Watch is worth every penny. I help out many of my mom friends who have no idea what to buy or where.

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry you got the trench coat. I'll look for the pink dress...I think she wore it to an official function

sandra said...

FW, leave the pink outfit alone. It is native Alaskan wear, and she was honoring natives on the day she wore that. The cow thing, I agree was a problem. Most women who are photographed frequently wear mostly solid color fabrics. The clothing does not distract from them. I tend to gasp a bit when I see Michelle Obama wearing something patterned. She seems to be careful not to wear that again.

regina said...

FW and Sandra,

I was careful not to pick any photos where she was wearing Native dress or from events that would justify casual attire, such as pic nics, Iron Dog (apart from the one she looked like a walking billboard).

Her overall style at the office and at official events seems to be either too casual or completely inappropriate.


sjk from the belly of the plane said...

More Alaskan bush, please.

Anonymous said...

Although there was the day when the make-up/fashion people slipped up and she wore the infamous red, white and blue (Democratic) donkey scarf.

espresso4me said...

Palin can field-dress a moose skillfully--but she has no clue how to dress herself tastefully.

Patrick said...

Guys, I am just having so much fun over at Cee4Pee, it's great. And I am just friendly and polite to them! It's incredibly entertaining there, really (in the new "Trig Truther" thread). They even mistook me for Regina (I corrected it, but the answer is already deleted). Now they think I am Dennis Zaki!

Anonymous said...

Nice work! The $180,000 did make a substantial difference. Until she opened her mouth during unscripted interviews, she made a very attractive candidate.

I still feel anger and disgust at the betrayal of the McCain/Republican party for the highest good of the American people.

Ana Marie Cox says she knows McCain aids that swear SP was a nutcase during the campaign, and (here I ultimately blame McCain) still her nomination was not pulled and a more qualified candidate put forward.

Instead, every trick in the book was pulled and no expense was spared to give this woman the appearance of a competent professional.

Only a few anonymous whispers suggested the self-serving, ignorant, childish, petty creature she is.

I will say this for her own wardrobe choices: she has a strong appeal for the toe-fetishist vote.

LisanTX said...

Regina, you are the master of Graphics/Pictures! Another solid point made.

Thanks again for your blog.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...


How much is Alexrod paying you to post there? I havent got my check yet but the c4p gang swears I am a paid "troofer"!

Patrick said...


I just got handed a sandwich as a reward!

Oh, it's really so much fun there today, I would even PAY money to post there ;-)

By the way, AXELROD: Where is my damned cheque??

sjk from the belly of the plane said...


That RAM barbarian creature is quite sensitive. I would be leary of any sandwich from that demented bunch.

Patrick said...

Yes, you are right, RAM doesn't really like it when you don't agree with their goddess Sarah. On a more serious note, the nazi-leader cult was very, very similar. The leader can never do any wrong, has no faults and what he (she?) says it law for their followers. The only thing you can do with these people is to ridicule them, because that's the best way to expose them, and it works very, very well.

Anonymous said...

I have been following you on Twitter, but the link to Regina's blog brings up E-Bay. Can that be corrected?
Thanks for ALL you are doing. You & Kathleen & other PDers are amazing.

FEDUP!!! said...


"Governor Sarah Palin and youngest daughter Piper address the large crowd assembled at the Anchorage Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center for the Gala celebrating 50 years of statehood."
Here she is at the State Gala, wearing PAJAMA PANTS and some knit cardigan with a fur-collar!

FEDUP!!! said...

OOOPS! My bad - YOU GOT HER! :) The one in her blue-flower pjs... YUCK!!!

Lisabeth said...

Hey FW Thank you! Do you know what stores offer that service? I used to love to shop but since gaining some weight it's harder.

To all of you, why is Sarah already running for president? It is far far too early! Also I wish the iceberg or whatever would come out. No offense to anyone, but it's going on too long (the hints) Sarah thinks she can get away with anything and the upsetting thing is, she has!!

Lisabeth said...

Patrick, you are hysterical and brave! Those nutjobs annoy me too much. Oh and Axelrod cut my check finally this am and Obama sent me a thank you text for blogging negative things about Sarah. And don't forget our HUGE secret meeting where we are going to plan a big coordinated effort to discredit Sarah! Bonuses for all!

PS I hope you recognize sarcasm:)

KaJo said...

FW said, "Look, McCain took one look at her, and knew he had to send her ass to Neiman Marcus..."

No kidding! Did you see the picture of the outfit Palin was wearing when she and the rest of her, entourage greeted John and Cindy McCain at the Minneapolis airport August 31st last year?

It was some kind of pale beige generic MOCK-button-front jacket and skirt -- and she had the front of the jacket buttoned when it clearly was never meant to be.

It was grotesque.

A good view of it is at MSNBC:

Regina, you should really add that picture to your "before" pantheon.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin = "Follow the fashion."

It's part of her extreme narcissism to assume she "always looks good."

get real said...

Lipstick on a pig is just that.

KaJo said...

Patrick, if you come back to this topic, I have a question: Are all your comments at Mansour's blog C4P the ones that say, "Comment deleted
This post has been removed by the author."?

That's not exactly the "Troof", is it?

regina said...


When they delete comments, they disappear completely. The ones deleted by the author are from their own people. Mine were there for about 2 minutes, then poof! Gone!


Diana said...

Oh my God, that is so funny. Thank you for my laugh of the day. This was great!

the problem child said...

As a not-very-snappy-dresser who occasionally wishes I had not made certain fashion choices by the time the day is partway over (we have very variable weather where I live), I have a tiny bit of sympathy for GINO on this one. The difference, though, is that she repeats her fashion no-noes, over and over. I, on the other hand, learn from my mistakes. I have certain tried and true items that work for me in a professional context, and that I don't need to worry about whether they are too shiny, or ride up, or make me bulge where I shouldn't or show my bra straps or are an unflattering colour under flourescents.

I, too, would love to have a personal shopper. And I would learn from her, because I am teachable.

the problem child said...

Oh, and Patrick (and Reg), I loved watching you on the peepers site today. I was refreshing like crazy once I realized what was going on.

Anonymous said...

I just saw a picture of Willow in her shorts and sandals....on stage....words fail me.

LisanTX said...

Anon. at 3:52--you saw that pic. of Willow also? If my kids flew all the way to NY to participate in official events, you can be sure that I would be sure they are dressed appropriately.

'Course sp is too busy worrying about HER clothes, makeup and hair to take care of anyone else, including her children.

Anonymous said...


equally disturbing...? horrific extensions visible in yesterday's
hannity interview.


Patrick said...

This slideshow is a very convenient way of checking out what was going on yesterday in the censor-crazy land of Cee4Pee:

It also contains some screenshots from the previous days.

Don't be afraid of the cee4peers. All they can do is bark at you...

"Get off my blog and never come back here, you sick motherf+++++"! (R.A. Mansour)

...just for being a Trig Troofer, BTW! I don't insult anybody. Not like Videmus Omnia from Cee4Pee, who called the Trig Truthers "subhuman scum".

FW said...

Lisabeth...I know Macy's, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales all have personal shoppers. Many of my friends have told me the same thing...they don't want to buy clothes because they have gained weight, and they want to wait until they lose it. This is exactly the reason you should buy clothes! You should know what looks great on you at any size range. Pay no attention to the size on the tag, buy what fits!

I noticed Sarah had some kind of hairpiece flopping around the side of her head, also , too!

FW said...

BTW, I know this is now an old thread but you need to check out Huff Po...the sandals are back with some decaled toenails, and her daughter Willow is on stage in some ripped up Daisy Dukes and a super tight t-shirt.

Sarah definitely put in hair extensions

lisabeth said...

Thanks, FW, I don't know if you will see this, but I wish i had a friend like you near me! I have those stores though.....

I kind of hate criticizing Sarah for these things because it can't be easy to always have to look great..

basheert said...

In the world of fashion, she's nothing but an aging 'Ho trying to look young.

...and then she opens that mouth!

She dresses like a whore - sorry she does. She's an aging ex-loser beauty queen ... that ALL she has ever been.

No brains.
Losing her looks.

Dresses like a $2 hooker.

That's the Gov in AK.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Anonymous said...


equally disturbing...? horrific extensions visible in yesterday's
hannity interview.

09 June 2009 08:20
I read when she got to NY (Auburn) she got her hair done at a "beauty school"! Maybe you or I would do that (to save $)I guess SARAHPAC just not "bringin' in the bacon" huh???? If she has to go to a beauty school to get her hair done????
REALLY???? What is wrong with her????

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

"Mutton dressed like lamb!" my grandmother would sniff, when she spied a woman dressed far, far too young for her age. As we frequently did, it being southern California. I don't remember ever seeing my gran in anything but a dress or skirt.

Patrick, you are brave & wicked, and your tech skills wow me!

CC, good luck on that exam!

lisabeth, you can have a session with a personal shopper at Nordstrom even if you don't intend to buy a thing. Pick a plausible occasion, tell your size, and you and she will have a fine time. After several years of total at-home-mom-wear, I once had to buy several appropriate "grown-up" outfits. I went off to Nordstrom, having been advised by wiser friends, and felt as though I was about to undergo a root canal.

Never have I been so wrong. I had a blast! I never had a Barbie doll, but for once in my life, I felt like a real live one, thanks to that blessed personal shopper, who kept ducking out and coming back with armloads of garments to try! And I learned from her what looks good on me, what I can sit down in (ohhhhhh, GINO?!)... Nordstrom is smart that way: Treat a customer like gold, and they'll come back when they have the gold.

CC from far away said...

Mrs. BB,

Thank you so much for your kind words. :-) I always enjoy your posts. They are reasoned, articulate and very witty. My God, what a contrast to this creature we are describing. Shudder!!!

I am happy to be among such a wonderful group. Thank you so much, Regina, for providing such a great forum.

It is so refreshing to read the observations and musings of intelligent people.

C---who may indulge in copious amounts of alcohol tommorrow after the FSOT (exam).

regina said...

Good luck, CC!


Anonymous said...

This is so late in the thread, probably no one will see it. I'd just like to point out something:

Sarah is cheap, cheap, cheap! Here are a couple of stories I read that might enlighten you:

She was in a coffee shop in 2005 talking to a reporter. Along came Track looking for gas money. After giving him some, she complained to the reporter that she was out of work.

Also, she told the reporter the only time she and Todd had any arguments, was when he asked for gas money for his snow machine.

Fast forward to the SNL broadcast. She complained to the SNL staff about the red suit they gave her to wear. She thought it was cheezy. When they explained to her it was the same suit Tina Fey was wearing, she wore it.

Sarah has money stashed away but it's a mental thing with some people, they can have millions but for some reason, it kills them to have to spend it.

Now, if someone else is paying..."that's another story!"
That explains why she screws Alaska out of every cent she can. One thing in particular that galls her is having to pay for AIRFARE!

What I am trying to point out here is that I think Sarah has quite a taste for quality. She'd like everything "first class"...airfare, hotels etc.

But, "she doesn't want to pay for it!"

Thank God for SaraPac and her other funds!


MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Totally Nancy Reagan-like behavior, Ginger! Remember those "borrowed" designer gowns intended to "promote" the American fashion industry?

The main difference is that though NR was a petticoat president, she wasn't, in fact, the candidate. Still, she proceeded through most of her married life with her hands out--to GE (when her husband was its corporate spokesman), to Reagan's "kitchen cabinet" who paid and paid and paid from his governorship throughout his presidency, buying the couple houses first when Nancy refused to live in the historic governor's mansion, and then for retirement, to all of the top-of-the-line hotels, designers, etc., from whom she felt that free or cut-price was her due...

CC, that was very sweet of you to say. We ARE among friends here! With a few exceptions...

Anonymous said...

To: MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel

Do I ever remember Nancy Reagan! I read Kitty Kelly's book about her.

One big difference between her and Sarah though was she had style! Some of the gowns she wore (I'm sure they were borrowed) took my breath away.

In one of your post,you mentioned you read celebrity magazines. Well, I do too. I love the fashions, jewelery and the life of the rich and famous.

Maybe some day I'll run into you at the Cannes Film Festival or on the French Riviera!

But for me, it will have to be in my next life!


MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Or perhaps we'll bump into each other as we lunge for a copy of the National Enquirer somewhere, somehow! A meeting I'd relish! Big hug, Mrs. B

Anonymous said...

To: MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel

Just had to get the last word in!

Someone suggested we all take a cruise to Alaska. Of course, that would have to be after Sarah's "fall from grace!"

There are so many of us, we'd need a ship to get together. The cruise lines could use the biz!

Maybe Gryphen, AKM, Shannyn and other bloggers would meet us. I know they are in Anchorage and the ships come into Juneau, but we could work out something.

And, maybe "One Jerk Kitty" (or whatever her name is), would join us. She cracks me up!

Something fun to think about and a big hug to you...too!


Dreika Awesone Pants said...

You people are media drones! She looks the same in ALL those photos! She is stunning and breathtaking no matter what she wears and sorry to say but half the top pictures are DURING the campaign! None of you idiots would have even cared or noticed unless you were told to! GAH, she is drop dead fuckin' gorgeous no matter what! She could wear a sailor's cap a mu mu and be delicious!!!