Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Sarah Palin, does style matter?

The last few posts have invited a lot of criticism of Sarah Palin based on her appearance and some of the comments were less than charitable.

Why are we so unforgiving and pick on her clothes, shoes and hairstyle so ferociously?

Sarah Palin is not unattractive. She has good bone structure and a good figure for a 45 year old woman who had many children. Good for her.

I observed three stages in her fashion style: she went from that poor taste, drab look we saw in the first collection of photos posted in "Sarah Palin's dress sense" to a very polished and professional look in the second collection of photos on the same post and now she appears to have settled for looking "hot".

Her fashion sense only becomes remarkable when taken in the context of her record as a politician.

There have been several eccentric politicians who departed from the norm in the fashion department. When they're competent and effective, they're remembered for their records, their bad taste in dressing a minor quirk in the great scheme of things. If they don't have a solid record of achievement, they're quickly forgotten or enter the realm of comedy and that's that.

We live in a world of fast communications. Anybody in the public eye is filmed or photographed relentlessly and the results are broadcast far and wide in an instant. Rightly or wrongly, image matters.

There are exceptions.

I started thinking about dress codes, trying to find examples of people who broke with convention.

I remembered the headteacher (principal in the USA) of my sons' primary school. Mrs Dexter dressed like a barmaid (or worse), in loud, glittery dresses, her hair was a very peroxided shade of blonde, her jewellery and make-up completely over the top, her car was a sporty silver number, etc etc. Her image didn't go with her position.

But she was a very successful educator, ran the school very efficiently and there were long waiting lists for places in the school. The parents and the children loved her. There were jokes about her appearance and style, we went to parents evenings laying bets about her next outrageous dress. These jokes were made affectionately, everybody respected and trusted her judgement.

The day she retired, thousands of parents and pupils (past and present) gathered to say goodbye. She didn't disappoint the crowd: in her most garish dress, make-up and jewellery, she toured the playgrounds in an open car, nicknamed the Dextermobile, waving and beaming at everybody.

Did her image matter? Yes, at first. Once her record was proven, nobody could care less how she dressed or presented herself. If she had dressed conventionally, people wouldn't have such a vivid memory of her, she would have been only one more efficient educator.

Can we say the same about Sarah Palin?

Drab, polished or hot, where does she stand? If we had never seen Sarah Palin and only had her record, speeches and interviews to go by, what conclusions would we reach?

- She couldn't run Wasilla without an administrator. She ruthlessly fired qualified, competent people and replaced them with friends and people from her church. She famously said: "I'm the mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can't."

- Running for governor on an ethics platform, she chose a former Big Oil lobbyist as her running mate. In the debates she either had prompt cards or strayed from the topics.

- Once in office, she repeated the Wasilla drill: hired and fired in the same style, high school friends in, dissenters out. Troopergate, Dairygate, ethics, expenses, all these became part and parcel of her record.

- Anti-environment and anti-wildlife.

- The campaign for the vice presidency brought forth many inconcistencies: bridge to nowhere and the non-existent gas pipeline, for example. The governor who professed to embracing bi-partisanship came across as deeply divisive. Her well documented rallies attracted a large number of racist people; she made inflammatory speeches accusing the then Senator Obama of having terrorist connections.

- The very few interviews she granted to the media were a complete disaster; she was pranked by some Canadian comedians and would have carried on the conversation with "President Sarkozy" for much longer if the comedian had not identified himself.

- She paraded her family, day in day out, using them as political props; announced to the world that her teenage daughter was pregnant to silence the rumours about her fake pregnancy.

- After the campaign, the same woman who had criticized Hillary Clinton for whining about the media proceeded to whine non-stop about the media.

- She repeatedly sacrifices Alaskans in order to position herself for a 2012 run for the White House.

- Her family appear regularly in the tabloid press.

- Every speech and interview come with a large serving of word salad, where she makes sweeping statements about things she can barely understand.

This list could go on forever. Read it once making a mental image of a frumpy, conservatively dressed, physically unattractive woman. Then imagine a polished, smartly dressed woman, then finally think of the latest "hot" version she chose to project.

Does her image matter? Are we being unkind, or has Sarah Palin made poor choices in clothing and style?

If her record had been impeccable, could we have learned to live with whatever style she chose and love and respect her in the same way Mrs Dexter was loved and respected despite the "out of character" appearance?

Would Dave Letterman and other comedians have picked on her and her appearance had she been an effective and sincere politician?

Departing from the norm is a privilege to be indulged only by the super competent...

Americans had to suffer embarassement on a regular basis during the eight years of the Bush administration. He dressed correctly but let himself down every time he opened his mouth.

Sarah Palin would be a double whammy! She would be an embarassment with or without opening her mouth!

Interesting article on Sarah Palin, by Kathleen Parker.


basheert said...

Nice thread Patrick/Regina.
It isn't a style problem. I just sent you Kathleen Parker's column today that explains (kind of) why she is what she is and how this is probably all anyone will ever get.
People do not change.
SP will not change.
She will always be the ex LOSER beauty pageant contestant who hires her high school clique buddies who are qualified because they like cows. She has no depth - she is not smart or intellectually curious.
I personally do not care how she dresses however it does reflect how she perceives herself.
While insulting, the term "lipstick on a pig" is very appropriate. You cannot make her something she is not and never will be. SP is not capable of being POTUS material and no one can make her different than what she is.

Lilybart said...

Her unprofessionalism is on display whenever she wears strappy red sandals and decorated toes. Or jeans and shiny coat to signing for Juneteenth. Or when she lets her daughter wear hillbilly cutoffs to an official event.

It's not her clothes, it's the poor choices and lack of seriousness.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is who she is and will never be qualified for position of any importance. She is delusional in thinking she is qualified.

Sarah is not smart or quick on her feet. To prove this is easy.

Sarah was asked by “Charlie” Gibson if she had ever met any heads of state. Even though she had met the President of Iceland about a year earlier in her office, she answered “no”.

I believe most people will always remember meeting with any President of any country. Sarah could not remember that encounter.

Sarah was asked by “center of universe” Couric if there were any other Supreme Court decisions she did not agree with. Sarah had the “deer in headlight look” and could not remember one other than Roe v Wade.

Sarah forgot she had press conference just a couple of months prior saying how much she disagreed with Alaska v Exxon.

Sarah makes GW look like a Rhodes scholar.

Dianne said...

Her manner of dress shows disrespect. Disrespect for the people she represents and disrespect for the base she is trying to build. If she doesn't care enough to look professional then she obviously can continue to having jokes and comments made at her expense. If she did dress professionally (like at the RNC) we'd all have to wait until she opens her mouth - and that, of course, says it all.

Cathy in Colorado said...

No matter how one wraps the package, the contents are still the same.

She is sorely lacking all qualities of a leader, in my opinion. Some of these qualities include: Integrity, Honesty, Intellectual Curiosity, Analytical Skills and Empathy.

So, no matter how she "dresses herself", she will remain an empty package.

Anonymous said...

When my daughter graduated from college and was heading for her first "real job" in the working world, she asked if we could go shopping together for some suitable clothes. She knew that she couldn't wear her "college clothes" to the job and be taken seriously. My daughter knew this when she was 21 years old.

There is a charitable organization in my area that collects professional-looking tailored outfits suitable for the first job interview to give to women being released from prison. The women want to make a fresh start but lack the funds for that important first impression.

How do all these people know about looking right for the job-- and it is something that's missing from Sarah Palin's outlook? Does she think that we all want to love her no matter how she looks?

As other posters wrote, she represents her state when she makes public appearances, and goodness knows that she loves being before the camera. She has gone to all that trouble to always appear in full makeup. We have even guessed at tattoo'd lips.

So the answer must be that she just doesn't see how she looks to other people. I doubt that she knows how she sounds to other people, or she would have done something to modulate that voice.
The GOP saw fit to spend $$$ for the right image, and it was lost on her (well, lost until she had to give the clothes back).

As others have written, if she had something important to say, no one would notice whether the shoes were open-toed or not. But her antics give her away. On-again off-again theatrics regarding an important GOP dinner, responding with such emotion to tabloid reports and Letterman jokes, she is losing it! Some have suggested that she may be on some form of medication causing her to spin faster and faster. Once I was afraid that she could actually occupy an office a heartbeat away from a 72 year old president. Now, I don't see that she could be taken seriously for that or any other political office. Thanks, I must say, to places like this which allow people the freedom to talk about these issues before the Main Stream Media got wise to her. Many thanks, Regina!

basheert said...

Dianne: I disagree with your rationale. Disrespect implies that she is conscious of how she is perceived. In the SarahBubble, SHE is what matters. She sees what she wants to see when she looks in the mirror. She dresses for herself, to call attention to herself and to try and appear much younger because for a narcissist, aging is a very threatening issue.
She actually believes she looks good - then again, look at the dress code in the red light district.
She dresses for men, only. Which is fine since she will never be any more than what she already is. She thinks that women hate and attack her because she is pretty ....

In reality and truthfully, women detest her because she makes all of us look shallow and as stupid and clueless as her.

b-p-p said...


Another home run thread with dynamic visuals!

Style and substance matters. Sarah Palin is lacking in both arenas. The tabloid family label will endure. Willow is now helping to kick that up a notch. Critique, comedy and satire will not end because one political contender can't take the heat, one "hot" and desperate contender. McCain wanted a rock star when he was in need, well he got it. He still needs to pay for saddling us with this very bad joke. She is an opportunist that will run as long as she can with whatever she thinks works. He is allegedly a seasoned politician.


MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Excellent post! I also agree with basheert, who says that SP is oblivious to the signals she's giving off to other people, unless she's pleased by being ogled. She's only acutely aware--hyper-aware!--of criticism that implies that she's doing anything wrong, in any instance. Regina provided us plenty of those.

Fashion hasn't changed much for D.C. male lawyers in decades. My husband has been wearing the same kind of preppy clothes since I met him. His office has had numerous clashes over what constitutes "business casual," especially for women. One young, slim, chic woman appeared on Office Casual day in a linen blazer, silk shell, and capri pants matching the blazer. She looked perfectly appropriate (by me and the female employees), but the head of the firm hit the roof.

When Mr. Head was an adolescent, capri pants were worn by Barbie dolls, Playboy Playmates, and were intended to be skin-tight. Of all people, I--fashion victim of all time!(except when advised by personal shoppers)--was called in to mediate.

In the end, the young woman was congratulated by me on her chic, and advised to not wear the capris to the office. In the case of a stout woman who wore tight slacks on Casual Day, everyone just averted their eyes.

I now have amused myself endlessly imagining what would happen if GINO showed up at my husband's firm dressed the way she usually does. No way she'd get the job! Any job!

midnightcajun said...

Another good post, Regina. I think one of the things that bothers me the most about her appearance is that it gives the lie to both what she says and what she claims to stand for. She says in interviews that she deliberately played down her looks in Alaska (before the GOP fling) which is ridiculous: women who are playing down their looks don't tease their hair into an elaborate updo, tattoo their lips, and slather on tons of makeup. She was going for the "sexy librarian" look and knew exactly what she was doing. Now she seems to have simply settled on "sexy." She's like Candie's--she uses sex to sell her product (herself) but talks about family values and abstinence. Disconnect.

It also bothers me because I think that Sarah has shown us that for female politicians to get attention in this country, they need to be young and pretty. Now, there are young, pretty, competent, intelligent women out there; it can be done. But Sarah isn't one of them. She seems to have spent all of her time on sports and hunting and running, rather than on educating herself and keeping up with world affairs or economics, or building up a solid resume of accomplishments. Yet her success says, It doesn't matter; be photogenic and look hot, and no one will notice you're nothing but a shell. As a feminist who has fought her entire life for respect for women (I was the first woman in my department to get a Phd, the first woman hired at the first university where I taught, etc) , this is very troubling.

I worry that her appearance is like her childbirth: a taboo subject, although it screams something very important about her. That said, I admit I have also been guilty of falling into trap of talking on blog discussions as if chatting among friends, and therefore saying some things I perhaps should not have.

Anonymous said...

There is an excellent post at Daily Kos about Sarah, "I coulda been a contender" which sums up the person, not the clothing. The phrase that I liked was that she was blinded by her own light. The comments are also very reasoned, and the conclusion is that she does energize the far right wing base, and she is good for raising money. However, she does not know how to play politics in the big leagues.

lisabeth said...

I think the media has backed down a bit from saying negative things about Sarah although they do still list a lot of other peoples quotes. The reason is her complaining NON STOP that the media hates and her she treated badly by them. She is always constantly complaining about the media. She simply is not cut out to go any higher than her current position. She isn't qualified for that one really.

OT, Last night I was reading more about the Transcanada deal she made. If you search on Gryphens blog, there are some interesting articles. I don't know if Regina has written on it. That was an incredibly foolish deal she made and a huge mistake. I am not sure why the MSM didn't report on it more.... It cost the state of Alaska 500 million dollars apparently. Take a lookie.....
Someone mentioned they think this is the iceberg. I have no idea if it is or isn't.......

About her looks, I think it is ok to talk about her being inappropriate. Personally, I stay away from calling woman names or commenting on specifics like tattooed lips, or droopy knees. I also would not comment on the legs or body of a teen. Regina, you did a good job talking about why her style is important without being petty in attacking her. Some posts have called her a lot of names from slut to whore, and so on. I don't like that, sorry. And I am not a prude, but I don't know enough about her to say that. I have plenty of other legitimately negative things to say about her. And I would not want someone attacking my body... I agree with some of the anon posters that some of the name calling goes too far....

Virginia Voter said...

Regardless, just be thankful that our country dodged a bullet, and Sarah Palin will never get close to elected office again. I do not think she would get reelected for governor even if she did decide to run again.

Whenever I see someone out on the street, in a mall, or at work, in an ill-fitting, inappropriate, totally outdated, or just plain slutty outfit I have to wonder if they actually stopped to look in a mirror when they left the house. Apparently Sarah does not look in the mirror, does not hear her won grating voice, and does not listen back to her interviews. If she does, then she is seriously deluded to how she comes off.

KW said...

GINO is an insult to all women who fought long and hard to be on an equal footing with their male counterparts in the workplace. The way she dresses, the way she talks, the vacuum that is her mind makes her far worse than Bush.

Being hot doesn't add to her credentials, it only serves to make politics a hot topic for the tabloids.

I bet there are some pop celebrities out there who have a better grasp of economics, who are more articulate and better educated than GINO, but who chose to pursue careers that don't involve any public speaking about serious topics or running for public office.

GINO wants to have it both ways, I'm afraid it doesn't work.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Lisabeth, I agree with you in general about derogatory remarks because of someone’s appearance or dress. However, Sarah is dressing “hot” knowing her appeal to all the old white males in the GOP and her “base” who were so impressed with her looks and cheerleading their racist bigotry that they didn’t care that she was totally incapable of the position for VP of the United States of America, and a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Rupert Murdoch certainly drools over her. He owns Faux Noise and MySpace. I frequently wonder if he authorized the scrubbing of all the incriminating MySpace entries as a favor for his beloved Sarah. Fortunately, they missed a few and PD captured the screen shots!
I cringed at the comment someone made about Willow’s legs. Her shorts were inappropriate for the occasion, but the comment about her legs was unfair and not worthy of the discussion here. I think she is a beautiful young woman and I hope she does not follow the path of her mother and sister.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes work in branding, and I can tell you that Palin has total brand/image confusion at this point.

The GOP/RNC recognized this, and tried to establish an acceptable public brand/image for her during the campaign. It cost a lot.

Palin was too dumb to maintain her "GOP re-branding." And since it was false as to who she truly is, it is just as well. Palin lives in a state of confusion.

What you see, what puzzles you in this array of photos, is that Palin doesn't really know who she is or what she stands for, other than she wants to be looked at. While that would be acceptable in a teenager's psychological development, it is not acceptable in a 45-year old woman, esp. one who is a governor.

basheert said...

Great comments. She is a very confused woman which is why she appears ditzy most of the time. The fact is, yes women don't like her because she gives lie to the theory that all women are STUPID. She plays to the guys and uses her looks to try and be sexy because she thinks that makes her special. Actually it is insulting to all other women who have worked very hard to attain positions of power and authority legitimately.
One of the hallmarks of maturity is realizing who and what you are, what you can and cannot do, and your limitations.
SP has no self awareness other than the shiny penny syndrome. Being "hot" when you are aging is NOT necessarily a reason people will vote for you and it makes women think you are creepy.
Mentally SP cannot go any further in her life. She doesn't have a capacity to learn or be taught. They obviously tried to groom her and she's already forgotten that there are two sexes in this country that vote. Guys may still like to look at her, but they won't vote for her and women will hate her for being phony.
And she will never know or realize she is her own worst enemy.

KaJo said...

I was just thinking when I read the litany of Palin's "executive competency" and your question "Does her image matter?" question, Regina...

What if Sarah Palin had the glorious singing voice of Susan Boyle, and was on "Britain's Got Talent"?

She probably would have won, not come in second place as Boyle did.

Remember Susan Boyle's first appearance -- a bit frumpy, frizzle-haired and graying, nearly no make-up -- and the audience's initial reaction to seeing her, before she began singing? They were rude, and the expressions on the judges' faces were reflective of that.

But she won them over the second she opened her mouth.

The problem with Sarah Palin is, she isn't singing (a script, from beginning to end). And when she DOES open her mouth, what comes out is grating on the ears and makes no sense.

It really doesn't matter how she looks.



But I appreciate your two blog posts on Palin's "Before"..."During"..."After" sartorial splendor.

Palin's appearance thusly is just reflective of Palin's narcissism -- whatever she sees in the mirror is what she wants to see, not what she really looks like, and that she's truly not capable of learning from her teachers and/or from her own mistakes.

lisabeth said...

MS. PREJEAN has been dethroned!

Perhaps, Alaska's "queen" shall be next??

I am sitting watching CNN horrified about the shooting/killing at the Holocaust museum in DC. The killer was an 88 year old fringe right guy affiliated with a neonazi group. Just the type of person that Sarah Palin got all riled up at her rallies... This is why that kind of thing (her rallies) can not be allowed.........she and McCain denied they were inciting people, but they did. This kind of extremism is on the rise as the recent homeland security report stated. Domestic terrorism by far right extremists is real and it happened again today. I am so sad for the man who died, his family and all the people who were at the museum today. As someone who is Jewish, this kind of thing scares the hell out of me.......

onejrkitty said...

Let's not forget when Palin was on the Eddie Burke radio show and LAUGHED, GIGGLED, WRT REMARKS ABOUT LYDIA GREEN WHO HAD CANCER.

Lydia was a mentor of Palin's but was thrown under the bus when she stated she did not think Palin was ready for a run at govrnor of Alaska.

Palin is as mean spirited as they come and sure can dish it out.

While I do not agree with using the "vally trash mean queen" type of remarks about Palin, I DO BELIEVE IT IS FINE TO COMMENT ON HER LACK OF PROPER ATTIRE.

My gripe is that we should use adult language in our critical comments. Shyannan Moore's blog article criticizing Palin for her mini skirt at the veteran's memorial was RIGHT ON.

What was low class and NOT right on was a commentor's remark about Palin's "twat" being almost visible to those in the audience.

It is not the criticism that I objected to, it was the low class way the commentor said it.

Moore's artile was written with class and style and made the point much better, without opening her up to legitimate attack, like the commentor's comment did ! ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Loved your visuals and the story about Mrs. Dexter. Good point, if SP had more substance, her poor sense of what is appropriate could be laughed off.

I'm sure the good people of Emmonak could have cared less if she wore moose antlers on her head, if she would have shown up with food and fuel the moment she knew their community was struggling.

I'm sorry for Alaska that her record of incompetent and deceitful management is only highlighted by her ex-beauty contestant style. It looked to me like she had two hairpieces stuck to her head during her interview with Hannity.

I see over at The Huffington Post there are nearly 900 comments (most of them pretty funny) about the (glued-on rhinestone?) toenails she displayed in on a public stage in New York this Sunday. To think this woman believes she was qualified to be president. She can not even dress herself or her daughter in an appropriate way.

If she is going to have another go at the national stage in 2012, she had better be ready to spent her SarahPAC money hiring back the wardrobe, hair and makeup people that made her look like a sane person during the campaign.

I do think her unsupervised wardrobe choices indicate some basic inability to see herself or her world accurately. On some level, I believe she is still running for the beauty queen's crown.

Anonymous said...

Here's some help for Sarah Palin! Someone should e-mail her this new article on "What Not To Wear To Work."

regina said...


The Lyda Green incident was on the Bob & Mark Show. Well, they're of the same ilk as Eddie Burke...

You're right, we shouldn't descend to their level and use inappropriate language to refer to SP. Our arguments loose their strength that way.


Anonymous said...

Great, great post, Regina! And I began reading comments, and found some really great ones! I couldn't come close, excellent posts.

Now, as I hang my head in shame, I must confess that I, myself, have been guilty of wearing similar clothing in my lifetime. I like the two suits. I owned 3 denim skirts in my time, mine were prettier, oh yes. Clothes do make a statement in the professional world. I was taught never open toed shoes at work, if you want to be taken seriously. So the shoes would not be my choice. baseert @ 17:41 made an excellent point of why she dresses the way she does. I have also thought red shoes draw attention to the ankles, aren't they pretty? Or maybe it's the bare legs.

Trials and tribulations befall on everyone; it is how one handles it that matters. GINO lied. Not leadership material. Too much baggage

I think you have done an excellent job with this site, Regina.

Thanks. Outstanding work. A book.

BuffaloGal said...

If you've not seen this yet, it's an open discussion with Kathleen Parker who wrote yesterday's article about Palin's disorganized staff. She was taking online questions about what she wrote:

Anonymous said...

I just read a rumor on another blog that the terrorist/murderer who shot people at the Holocaust Museum in D.C. today (and killed one) was a Palin's supporter. Does anyone know if this is true?

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Parker is a solid Republican op ed writer. Please read her column of today, (June 10) "Palin is missing opportunities." Parker writes about how stacks of invitations addressed to Palin immediately following the campaign went unanswered. She writes about how the PAC earned $400,000. early on and never followed through. Fans beg for an on-line town meeting which never happens. They couldn't even agree on office space. Parker is one of the columnists who realized early that Palin wasn't ready for Prime Time, and Palin's theatrics with the recent dinner show that she still isn't ready. Since our topic is Palin's appearance and what it means-- we can take our choice. Falling apart, unable to organize a major campaign on her own, no sense of self or direction, doesn't think things through, doesn't realize how she looks or acts out on the political stage. Need any more? She, Todd and her film maker friend Ziegler are still picking a fight with Letterman. Letterman is a comedian who gets laughs at the expense of others, usually targeting people with a swelled sense of their own importance. Her fans are trying to launch a protest with CBS. It will only boost Letterman's ratings, which will endear him to CBS. And, he'll just add more jokes. Doesn't Sarah remember what happened to McCain? Relentless jokes for weeks after McCain canceled. Meryl Streep, a big star, showed up despite a terrible cold, joking, "I was afraid to cancel you, Dave." The clothes are just the wrapping on a package filled with turmoil and trouble. Even if Sarah looks in the mirror, she doesn't see what we see.

Anonymous said...

No one is going to be joking about Palin now that the Holocaust Museum murderer/terrorist has been revealed to be one of her supporters via one of his online posts:

midnightcajun said...

Apropos to this discussion, a very telling comment from Republican Kathleen Parker, responding to a question about Letterman's joke about Palin:

"I also think it's out of line for a woman to sexualize her candidacy, which Palin did. .. maybe when you play the flirt and invite males to see starbursts bouncing off the walls ... then maybe you invite the sexual punchline."

Lisabeth said...

It does not surprise me that he is one of her fans!! Of course not all right or conservatives are like this but far right fringe types.

There is far too much hatred in our world. Extremism in any form is dangerous. Many of Sarah Palins views are extreme. Many of her followers are too. I have to wonder out of curiosity, how do people who are AIP members feel about Jews and blacks, anyone know?

Sorry to be off topic, but this story is everywhere and very upsetting...

ProChoiceGrandma said...

After the gunman at the Holocaust museum today: Check out the video on Palinoscopy ( I have to give a big kudos to Shepard Smith on Fox News for calling out the extremists and talking about the hundreds of hate filled emails each day and how frightening they are. Welcome to the human race, Shepard. I don’t know how long you will remain working at Fox after this, but I can only think it would be a good thing for you to work elsewhere. I stopped watching Fox News in mid October and will never go back.

basheert said...

I predict that Shephard Smith will be required to apologize to the radical right wing.

Today's news has reported that Van Brunn had a list with him that included the White House, Congress and FOX NEWS! Wow - even nutjobs hate them.

lynnrockets said...

I believe that her choice in clothing reflects her need for attention in all matters. It's like her recent kerfuffle with Letterman. By responding to his jokes, she put herself in the spotlight which she seems to like. The problem is that she does not appear to know the rule that if you heckle the person with a daily tv show and millions of viewers, you will suffer the consequence of continued humiliation on that show.

basheert said...

Letterman will outlast her by years. She makes him look like a rocket scientist.

I loved his comments: "I go for cheap laughs, it's what I do". He's a comic for heaven's sake. No one likes everything he says.
If she is like this "now", just imagine what Sarah in Menopause is going to be like?

DUCK ....!!!

Sister Wolf said...

I love this post and I love all you commenters! You are all right on the money about Mrs. Palin.

Her cluelessness re her style is just another example of her philistine mentality. She is trash, through and through.

Much like 'obscenity,' we may not be able to define trash, but we know it when we see it. And so does David Letterman.