Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sarah Palin, autism and fruit flies

The twit:

"Tomorrow's Autism Speaks walk brings natl awareness to research needs. AK's support for autistic community is commendable & we can do more"
about 20 hours ago from TwitterBerry



MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Okay, I'll repeat this, since it was still in my mouse. One of BlowPopPalin's links went to a scary SP fan site, at which the following comment was made:

"I hope I am not the only person that feels that she isn't being advised wisely enough. I hope she isn't being naive and not brushing up on some issues. If she decides to run again, she will be scrutinized like no other politician on the national stage. They will play on ever slip up she has on the campaign trail

"She needs to understand that... I am trying to be negative here, I love her but she needs to be prepared for the war that's ahead."

The remark SP made about "fruit fly research in Paris, France" that to her "didn't make a lot of sense," was dubbed by Richard Wolffe the dimmest remark that SP had made, ten days before the 2008 election. (And the research was, in fact, carried out in North Carolina, not Paris.) Now SP hasn't got the petty fetters of McCain camp to rein her in.

If "genus drosophilia" is too long a phrase for GINO, she should know, if only in the interests of TriG and her autistic nephew, that fruit fly research provides cutting-edge information to help those with genetic disorders. Or are her family members thus afflicted expected to just sit on the porch in rocking chairs, as long as they live?

Anonymous said...

It's a nice day to look out the window at the bird feeder and check out crazy websites in the ethernet. (Well, that's what Norm Colman calls it). Surprised to find some friends name in a paragraph from cee4pee. It's way way down, meaning you all have probably commented on it before, but just in case:

Mae day! Mae day! Just who might be expected to turn up to an odious Troofer’s Convention@Immorality ? A quick name check revealed these unhappy campers out on a coach trip from Dirt Central, just breezing by to dispense a little cyber harassment: KaJo, Regina, crystalwolf aka troofingrl and sjkfromthebottomofthetrashcan.

Well, they left out alot of names, so I hope no one's feelings have been hurt, especially all of us who are just anon. Love!

sandra said...

I wonder what Chuck Heath taught about genetics. Fruit fly research is so basic. She could at least have run that by him. Who was it that gave Golden Fleece awards? When you don't go past the title of many research projects, they seem absurd, but if someone applied for a grant there must be some merit.

Anonymous said...

C4Peers are so illiterate that they don't even know how to spell May Day (or to be totally correct, it is from the French, "M'aidez!")

But I feel sorry for them, as they are in an illiterate cult, intellectually challenged, unable to face the fact that their leader is finished at the national level. They are in various stages of grief. They are angry, depressed, and delusional. They need a progressive shrink.

Anonymous said...

Regina, this is OT, but I was reading some comments about the "wild ride" and I was wondering, has anyone checked for sure where or not Todd did go to the phone and change that flight home? Would it be top dollar for same day tickets even if you had prepaid ticket? I don't fly, so I was just wondering.

regina said...


The C4Peers used Mae Day because of a "troofer" who annoyed them previously, her username being Mae...


I suppose a state governor having a "medical" emergency would have received special consideration.


Anonymous said...

@Regina, so "Mae Day" was a C4P insider pun? Hilarious (NOT). No wonder these are some of the same folks who think Stephen Colbert is serious.

Anonymous said...

When I first heard her fruit fly earmark remark at the Autism speech.. I Googled Earmarks
One of the first websites to come up with an acutal list .. listed this as the first

I got thinking..I bet she didnt have a clue.. and had to add earmarks to her speech somehow
So.. Googled and grabbed the first one
And then went on and on like she actually had been aware of it

Turns out it was truly in regard to the France one.. not the Autism one but

Goes to show how her brain doesn't think things through.. perhaps that reference isn't the best to use under the conditions.. hmm??

She has the personalitiy and drive.. but nothing as far as a thinking mind
She is able to take tidbits and run with them and wink and smile and act like she knows what she is talking about but she is a hollow shell

And people still follow her?
In just a few short years she is going to turn haggard 100% of the time (already have seen in in little stints when things get stressful).. once her looks go, once cake makeup, glasses to cover baggy eye wrinkles, veneers make the rest of her look older than their years .. on and on .. she is done.. and we are talking about 5 years max

I hope she does try to go for 2016.. she will be a joke in all sense of the terms

Anonymous said...

I'm writing with a suggestion for another one of Regina's fabulous photomontage-collections of PalinPics (I made that up).

Here is a link to the shoes that Sarah wore to that important event in Auburn NY. Anyone else would wear a professional ensemble, including shoes, but Sarah opts for casual accessories, for example cork sole sandals. The link is:
(in case of confusion, the second character is not #1, it is the lower case letter "l" You can't tell them apart in this type face).

So, Regina, when you run out of material, how about a collection of highlights from Sarah's Serious Shoe Collection.

Anonymous said...

The people at c 4 per are certifiably insane AND dumb to boot! See juju's post on gryphens blog! She is one of the nuttiest ones Along with dopey Mansour. They think Sarah is capable! They actually give her money! They actually think Sarah is sincere. They are an example of what is wrong with the education system in this country and are an embarassment to our country. They are as unAmerican and as unChristian as Sarah

Juju is threatening lawsuits which shows how dumb she is. It is perfectly legal to say what you believe on the Internet. It is a first amendment right. I can say over and over that I think Sarah is dumb as a brick and her followers are even dumber. And I can say Sarah is not Trigs mom. All of this is my opinion, my right. So the pea heads should spend there money in therapy (and a psychiatrist) instead of giving their hard earned money to a crooked politician like Sarah

Anonymous said...

You cannot be sued for telling the truth about someone.

Anonymous said...

Juju IS a nutcase-her comments show it.

Patrick said...

Anon at 1:11

(regarding Todd changing tickets for the "wild ride")

This is a very good question!

As far as I know, there is no evidence whatsoever that the flights were changed. I know that there was a "rumor" that this was done, but there was never a confirmed report saying that the flights were changed.

Unless somebody proves me wrong. I would really be interested to hear about it!