Monday, 22 June 2009

I'm back!

I couldn't get used to Wordpress, sorry...

I've wasted a whole day faffing about over there and didn't manage a single decent post. I'm researching a lot of stuff, so you can imagine my frustration.

Some of the features were cool, but Blogger is a LOT easier for an old gal like me. I was very excited at first, but it's better to admit that I made a mistake sooner rather than later.

As you can see, I've tweaked a few bits and pieces, changed some of the graphics, etc. You can make suggestions, OK? Whatever makes life easier.

I have to go and cook dinner. It's getting really late and my husband will pass out any minute now.

You can use this thread to continue the discussion about the financial disclosure, misplaced decimal points and all that.


FEDDUP!!! said...

I like this old home better, too, also! ;)
One thing I was now wondering: Is there any way you can get all posters to register with a valid email address? 9Potentially to be verified by an automated response to their given email account - like that you at least could block *SOME* trolls...0

Gail said...

Oh good, when I saw you left blogspot I started getting anxious about perhaps I should move too. I suppose there are fancier features elsewhere but I've become used to it so I'm glad you did all the frustrating experimenting for me, ha ha.

Enjoy dinner!

angela said...

welcome back! I am glad we are still HERE. Only suggestion I have is IF there is a way to delay comments until you have a chance to review them, it may keep abusive posters away. Notice I did NOT say posters with opposing viewpoints - but those who resort to foul language and name-calling should be bounced IMO. I realize it will slow things down, but may be worth it?

Floyd M. Orr said...

I think you made the right choice, Regina. I changed all of my websites to Blogger at the beginning of '09 because their system is so effective and easy to use. I particularly like the way Blogger is owned by Google and so is Picasa, which makes the whole process run smoothly.

Dianne said...

Welcome home!

regina said...

I'm glad to be back.

Gary is still trolling on the form post. And they call US anklebiters!

If he carries on like that, he's going to blow a gasket...


regina said...

I'm going to experiment with registered users and open ID for the comments. Let's see how it goes...

midnightcajun said...

I've never used Wordpress, but I've been happy with Blogspot (in my real life, I have a blog!). I'm wondering what features you did like there?

KaJo said...

Thanks for trying, Regina...

You're doing such a great job researching and organizing information, I agree it works best when you're working with tools you're most comfortable with.

Don't worry about it.

(I was thinking your hubby would cook dinner! I have a few quickie recipes over on Mudflats in the open thread from yesterday...heh)

regina said...


Hubby is useless in the kitchen. But he's brilliant with everything else: he does his own laundry and ironing. To be fair, I'm only good at cooking! We share the cleaning, so all is good in our corner of France.

I made a quick, improvised cassoulet. It was OK.

We're off to England next week. I'll take the laptop to do a bit of pedestrian blogging!



mdlw56 said...

Well, I am glad you're back here. I did go to the Form post to check out Gary's last comment, at least the subject of his rant...IRS and Arctic Cat. That is what sounded the alarm. IRS. Snowmachines??

lisabeth said...

I am glad you are back here. I personally like how you had it set up before. Sometimes I feel like posting anonymously.

I really can't stand that Gary creep and if I were you, I would ban him totally. But I am not you. I just don't see him anything anything positive. Anyone who comes on and calls people names like he did is a nut. His ideas about our President also show us what a nut he is. I mean a real fruit cake!! And not a very bright one either. I have to laugh at him telling everyone that liberals have low IQs. Please don't keep him on the board. I can't stand redneck idiots like him.

PS oh you did change it. anyone can make up a blogger name though so I don't know what it does really

trish in SW FL said...

I'm glad you're here, whether it's Blogger or Wordpress!

Anonymous said...

Earthquake reported in Alaska, 5.7, methinks it could be Palin. Found this on Progressive Alaska blog:

"Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's friends at the web site, Conservatives4Palin, held a fundraiser that ended late yesterday. ... The goal was set - undoubtedly in a highly unrealistic moment - at $500,000.00. The fundraiser raised just over $110,000.00. That was out 22% of their goal."

Bet Diva mets her goal before Palin!

Emily said...

(Let's see if the Name/URL option still works.)

Personally, I might let Gary keep posting(although deleting really abusive comments) but discourage people from replying to him("dont' feed the trolls")... It's almost useful to have people like that around, to demonstrate how Palin supporters think and act.

By the way, these new flying pigs are very cute-- I think I prefer them to the old ones.

regina said...

Hi Emily,

I like these pigs better, they're very cute. The layout seems a bit cleaner now.



SoCalWolfGal said...

I like this home just fine. Some things are just better left as they are!! Thanks for all you do to keep us informed Regina. Have fun.

b-p-p said...

I'm glad you are back here!

After posting: Creamery Case, Kristan Cole and Sarah Palin

I got this:

This blog has been locked due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations. You may not publish new posts until your blog is reviewed and unlocked.
This blog will be deleted within 20 days unless you request a review.
Your blog is marked as spam

WT ???? They also said others would get a warning. What warning? Can anyone check to see what happens?
I have requested a review.

regina said...


You must have stepped on somebody's toes BIG TIME! The link to your blog still works, though. Didn't they explain HOW you may be in violation of the Blogger Terms of Service?

I haven't received anything...

Things seem to have gone very strange since yesterday!

Let us know how the review goes.

Chin up!


jo said...


You must have really pissed of the c4pee pees, they are all posting sarcastic things you "said". They must have deleted your post, I didn't see anything you wrote. Boy they sure are worried about Celtic Diva's fund, if it will be totally accounted for, reported to IRS, etc., one guy Dave, I think, even said he donated $5.00 so he can demand an accounting of how the money was spent. Funny they have no requirements for their god, their god is an angry, vindictive female.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

BPP-I hope you appeal or whatever, I really enjoy your blog but can't post to it.
Everything you posted is truth, you aren't allowed to post truth anymore???
Good luck and I hope it was just some sort of misunderstanding.

Lisabeth said...

Bpp is it possible the warning email is fake? Can you not post? That is REALLY weird. I know someone who was trashed day after day on a blogger blog and he's sexual secrets were shared. It went on for months. He tried to get google (blogger) to shut down the blog and even hired a lawyer. They refused citing freedom of speech. I have heard they never shut down blogs!

Maybe you hit a big nerve and palins lawyer called the CEO of google. She would do something like that and then talk about how our soldiers fighting in Iraq to protect our freedom of speech:)

Please blowpop let us all know. This is just wrong!!! You need to get an investigative journalist from Huffington on this! I mean Palins trying to change the law so you can't talk about the ethics complaints, now she's trying to shut down blogs that say something negative about her?

Palin and her followers are insane!!!!!! You can't stop people fro
saying negative things! How could she ever be in higher office? Can you imagine. I wonder if your post hit too close to the truth. Make copies!

Helen said...

What is it about us humans? I got kinda attached to the original adorable flying pigs...and I just knew they were all tarted up with lipstick, of course.

But I like the new glitter-piggies too, flying in formation...They are already growing on me!

Ennealogic said...

Hi Reg, welcome back! I changed my link to you and now have changed it back. hehe...

Comments -- wanna try Disqus? That's what I use. I don't make it so I have to approve posts but folks do have to register with a valid e-mail address. I don't get anywhere near the traffic you do (nor do I have anywhere near the content you do!) but I haven't had problems with trolls.

Floyd M. Orr said...

BPP, the locking of your blog by Blogspot is probably not anything to be concerned about. It does not concern the content of your blog. It is triggered by some sort of technical issue. I have been running a blog called PODBRAM for three years that got locked the same way earlier this year. After someone at Blogger looked at it, they unlocked it. The blog was offline for a few days, and then back to normal. In my case, I think it was because PODBRAM has so many links to pages within and without the blog itself. Go look at PODBRAM, and you will see what I mean. The large numbers of links that cross-post to different pages and sites are legitimate. Blogger is trying to eliminate sites that are nothing more than advertising scams containing tons of links. PODBRAM is obviously a real blog, not a business scam, but an actual person has to look at it to see that.

the problem child said...

I like the new mosaic piglets very much, they have an "old world" feel to them that I find very encouraging (resolution was better in wordpress, but who cares if this makes you happy. Enjoy )your vacation, Reg!

blow-pop-palin4 said...

I don't know what is going on with Blow-Pop-Palin. It is only saying that it is spam. I tried to inquire and the mail thing was a run around. I'll see what goes.

None of that article was new, so I don't think someone would flag it?
I did an excerpt version:
at blow-pop-palin4
Here are the links.
1. Creamery Case Has Palin Critics Taking Aim at Fiscal-Conservative Claim
2. Palingates more Dairygate
3. aft agreement
4. June 19th, 2009 at 9:52 AM
5. Under the category of “you can’t make this stuff up

ss said...

I am a friendly anonomus commentor and I think it was fun to have your comments open and unmodorated. The unfriendly writers get all worked up and something usually will spill out that gives us clues to something else. Just my thoughts.

lynnrockets said...

Just wishing you, good luck and continued success.

jo said...

Everyone, but SP, is talking about what her expenses from ethics complaints are. I remember last summer that a lawyer from TX taking care of her expenses from that, I think about $83,000, and it turned out to be a group from Focus On The Family. Regina do you remember this I think it was an ADN story? That dang Dobson between this, his stance against gays, abortion, and his horrible talk about our President, his tax exemption should be null. Of course he had Palin on his radio show. Just another example of the wonderful people who support her.

pacos_gal said...

BPP, someone must have complained to blogger. Bet it was some you know who's.
Anyone using blogger should make backups of all their post just in case this is a new trend. (should probably do that anyhow)
Another form of attack, like taking over the comment sections on ADN, using the report comments for anything they don't like.

regina said...


I used disqus for a while but some people were having trouble posting comments, so I switched back to Blogger.


The Texas lawyer from Focus On The Family represented the lawmakers who tried to derail Troppergate claiming the subpoenas were not valid, the investigation was political and biased, etc. The bill came to $185,000.

Here's a post about it:


Helen said...

Jo, I talk about that ADN article and quote it here:

This artilce states that Texas Evangalicals paid some of Poor Slob Sarah's legal bills already - to the tune of almost $200,000. This is really looking like a shill game.

C4P raises $100,000 this week, and guess what~?! Strangely, the legal fees just went up by $100,000! This week! How very coincidental.

RAM 4P can devote her life to milking ever more money out of fanatical people $10-$100 at a time for voracious She-rah Palin. No wonder Palin is fine with Scientologists - looks like she's taking a page right out of the Scientology playbook actually.

CC from far away said...


A bit late to the party as I had a hectic day yesterday but wanted to let you know that I don't care whether your blog is on blogger or wordpress or otherwise ... I just enjoy reading your thoughtful/well-researched posts. And, except for the trolls the other day, courteous and intelligent commentary.

Again, thanks ... and have a wonderful holiday in England!

Duncan said...

Hi Regina,

I love your site wherever it is.

My WV must refer to GINO's shoes:

Best regards,


jo said...

Thanks Regina and Helen, I'm am so thankful you care enough about America and the world to keep all this important information out there. I hope the MSM reports more and more on these very important stories. I hope there is a truthful eye like this on anyone who is or wants to work for us. We have had enough of the lies and cover ups.