Monday, 13 April 2009

Beautiful Sarah Palin pictures

These beautiful photos were borrowed from Celtic Diva and Mudflats.

Only the Alaska Senate can start impeachment proceedings. Perhaps Alaskans should write to their senators asking why they haven't started the ball rolling yet? There are lots of reasons to impeach Sarah Palin, dereliction of duty being one of them.

They had to chase her around to discuss the stimulus package and were humiliated in one of her press releases.

Sarah Palin was absent from Juneau for great part of the 2009 legislative session ( the 2008 session as well, remember the "Where's Sarah?" buttons?) and the executive wasn't represented even in some discussions dear to the Governor's heart, such as the parental consent bill.

The Legislature didn't achieve very much in this session due to the unavailability of the Governor.

Sarah Palin declined several invitations to GOP events from May onwards, stating that she was too busy and couldn't consider any events outside the state until the end of the session on April 18.

But... she's going to Indiana on April 16, missing the crucial final days of this year's session.

Sarah Palin's attitude to the Legislature is contemptuous, to say the least.

Alaskans should start asking their senators why they put up with a Governor who doesn't have any respect for elected officials and the people they represent.

State Senators

Gary Stevens
Johnny Ellis
Gene Therriault
Con Bunde
Bettye Davis
Fred Dyson
Johnny Ellis
Kim Elton
Hollis French
Lyman Hoffman
Charlie Huggins
Albert Kookesh
Lesil McGuire
Linda Menard
Kevin Meyer
Donald Olson
Joe Paskvan
Bert Stedman
Gary Stevens
Gene Therriault
Joe Thomas
Thomas Wagoner
Bill Wielechowski


Anonymous said...

Another excellent post, Regina. Thank you for caring so much about Alaska.

More and more signs point to the end of Sarah Palin's "reign."

Basheert said...

Interesting that the citizens of Alaska don't have the power to impeach a governor for malfeasance in office.

Josh Painter said...

"Sarah Palin was absent from Juneau for great part of the 2009 legislative session..."

Got any evidence to back that up?

I didn't think so. The truth is that she’s only left Alaska once since the legislative session began, and it was on a weekend so as to not miss a day of work.

But don't let actual facts get in the way of your smear campaign...

- JP

Pat said...

Poor must not realize that Regina was not referring so much to being out of the state but to the fact that very little of her time has been spent in Juneau. Please stay on top of things before getting so huffy!

Anonymous said...

Josh, yes absent from Juneau, not participating with the legislature, not even pushing her own bills. But she definitely has time for the media and her family drama.

KaJo said...

Josh Painter certainly has an interesting Blogger bio (click on his name).

My best guess: Apparently Josh had one of those patented rightwing anti-liberal "knee jerk" reactions on reading Regina's comments.

Or perhaps he was trying to emulate the Gov and her rightwing, er...right hand spokesperson Meg Stapleton in a pre-emptive strike on Regina.

Hasn't worked too well for the Gov, and doesn't seem to work very well for her wingnuts either.

Anonymous said...

Well, Palin defender Josh lives in Texas. No wonder he doesn't know where Juneau is, and that Palin is never there.

Anonymous said...

@Josh. Were you googling "Beautiful Sarah Palin pictures" and found this blog? Surprise!!!!

ella said...

Basheert said...
Interesting that the citizens of Alaska don't have the power to impeach a governor for malfeasance in office.
Basheert - The citizens DO have the power to RECALL, but only the Legislators have power to impeach.
Perhaps it is time for the citizens to NOT count on the Legs.
That is how we did it in CA - we did a recall of Gov. Davis(nevermind that we may have gone from bad to worse, because that is unlikely in AK's situation).

drew from lil ol texas said...

hey josh,

Texas has enough embarassment to overcome without you piling on.

How about you keeping the mouth shut and being thought a fool rather than opening it and removing all doubt.

btw, are you related to joe da plumber?

just asking!

Anonymous said...

That Impeach Palin sign with the campaign star in the middle was most rockin'.

I hope it stays up till she is out of office, but I'm betting Todd or Sarah jump that fence with a chainsaw as soon as it is dark.

Basheert said...

Just a quick note on "trolls" - at the height of the campaign season, trolls got about 5-10c a post for anything that remained after the blog owners deleted their spew.
Their purpose is simply to take a thread and change the subject.
I'm guessing that Josh isn't a real troll - just pantin' after SP.

Ella: Thanks for the clarification - that is what I meant and just used an incorrect word. Whatever it is, get rid of the skank. She is so useless - and such a joke.

It's like watching Married with Children all over again...only I don't think they were giving birth to each other's babies.

Basheert said...

September 2008 - Politico article regarding Lady Nailpins non-attendance/participation in the legislative session -

Doesn't like Juneau much does she?

Anonymous said...

Since you mentioned S.P.’s contemptuous attitude with the Alaskan Legislature, here’s a quote from the Bradner’s Alaska Legislative Digest for April 13, 2009. This can be downloaded from a recent post on Andrew Halcro’s blog at .

“In a serious breach of respect Gov. Palin suddenly appeared in House Speaker Mike Chenault’s office last Friday and “forcefully” scolded at Chenault’s chief-of-staff Tom Wright. Apparently the governor heard that Wright, one of the Legislature’s longest serving staff members had printed up the governor’s schedule that included her forthcoming trip back East to a national right-to-life convention…

“Luckily for Palin, House Speaker Mike Chenault was elsewhere.

“This may not seem a big item to the public, but it is a terrible breach of respect of the Legislature by Gov. Palin. This kind of lack of decorum has never happened before…”

Anonymous said...

Here's the latest HuffingtonPost article on LADY Nailpins - please read it and DIGG it!