Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sarah Palin's lawsuits

I've noticed that a lot of the searches that lead to palingates are about Sarah Palin, lawsuits and ethics complaints. So I put together a handy list of everything I could find.

Ethics complaints

August 2008 Cronyism in hiring
September 2008 Troopergate (Palin complains against herself)
September 2008 Releasing protected personnel file information
October 2008 Charging Alaska for children's travel
November 2008 Campaigning on Alaska State property
January 2009 Palin aides using official position to advance Palin's campaign
March 2009 Used her official position to benefit herself and her family financially - Arctic Cat advertising
Links to all the cases listed above can be found here.

Lawsuits, cases still open:

Gregory Charles Royal vs Sarah Palin ( failure to issue Juneteenth proclamation)
PsychRights vs Sarah Palin et al (forceful drugging of children in care and state institutions)
Andree McLeod vs Sarah Palin (secret e-mails)
Ben Latham vs. Sarah Palin et al (personal injury, no further details)
Richard C Traylor vs Sarah Palin et al (details not known)

As a bonus, I found a couple of old cases:

Location: Dillingham
Date Filed: 06/26/1993
Criminal - Offense: CRIM NEG FAIL REG NT (fishing without a license)
Criminal - Felony/Misdemeanor: Violation
Criminal - Dispo: No Contest Plea

Location: Dillingham
Date Filed: 06/28/1993
Criminal - Offense: C/F W/O PHOTO ID (carrying away fish without a photo identification on her person)
Criminal - Felony/Misdemeanor: Misdemeanor
Criminal - Dispo: Dismiss

In my search through the Alaskan court records, I found loads of traffic violations, it looks like every third person has gone through a red light at some point... Either the State Troopers are extremely overzealous or Alaskans are really laid back about driving rules and regulations!


Anonymous said...

"Either the State Troopers are extremely overzealous or Alaskans are really casual about driving rules and regulations!"

Or perhaps, as part of Palin's existing mental health condition(s), she doesn't think traffic laws apply to her...or any laws at all.

jo said...

I can't wait until your list includes indictment and of course later a conviction. I'm thinking there will be 10 counts or more. Blagojevich has nothing on her. Her crimes are for personal gain and vindication.

witsendnj said...

Do you mean traffic violations in general or Sarah's?

If Sarah's, can you post them??

Just having a synopsis would be fun!

regina said...


They were general, not just SP. She has one for tinted windows. Track, Todd and Bristol have some too, also.

It's difficult to navigate the court website, it's not intuitive at all. It doesn't give many details or it uses legal jargon, not my forte.


witsendnj said...

hengh! Tinted windows, figures!

So much for TRANSPARENCY Sarah!

FEDUP!!! said...

Wrong date on the Cronyism - must be August '08, not '09 (even though this is a continuing saga, IMHO!) - we are in April '09. ;)

Anonymous said...


August, 2009?

Anonymous said...

witsendnj---GREAT analogy!!!! I love it!

basheert said...

Sarah Palin and the Law



Anonymous said...

Traffic tickets bring in money. That is their priority. How are the police doing with the meth problem in the area? Do they ever arrest parents for endangering children that are caught up in adult crimes? I can't help but wonder why Diana Palin didn't get charged for what happened with her daughter. Is that typical of the police or was it the Palin name?