Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Sarah Palin's pipeline

This is the third post based on the 2005 interview. Once I've published all the posts about it, I'll give you the link to the whole interview. We're now moving on to the pipeline, an all-Alaska pipeline. Here's some background to put the question and the answer into context:

She appeared in newspaper and TV ads as an advocate of an all-Alaska natural gas pipeline. That effort semi-collapsed even as Palin sat for this interview June 1 when California energy company Sempra withdrew its financial backing. Sempra cited a lack of progress in Juneau toward securing a natural gas supply it could ship to the West Coast.

Q: It sounds as though you've adopted energy independence and a supply for Southcentral as sort of a cause. And so, I'm curious how you found yourself, for example, on the all-Alaska pipeline advertising, the only woman along with so-called elder statesmen. How did that strike you?

A: Well, the guys asked about it, what did I think about an all-Alaska line. Of course, my position is, all things being equal, of course it needs to be all Alaska. It's constitutionally mandated that our resources be developed for the benefit of all Alaskans.

It's not a difficult decision for me to make when asked, would you rather see the jobs, the revenue derived go more towards a foreign company and foreign country, Canada, or keep it all in Alaska? And I look forward also to seeing how, what kind of compromises in the best interest of Alaskans will come from this. I trust that there will be decisions that will be made, we better be able to trust that there are decisions that will be made by the administration that are open to public scrutiny. And that's the concern I have right now, the lack of open government that we see in state government.

How ironic that Sarah Palin's pet project since being elected governor is a pipeline going through Canada, she gave $500 million to TransCanada to study the possibility of building the pipeline and the target are the hungry markets on the Lower 48...

The word salad persists throughout the interview. Be patient, my friends.

OT: Don't forget to watch the cool governor on American Chopper tomorrow night!

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midnightcajun said...

That's hilarious. Why aren't people quoting these statements back to her?

And I love the photo. That's such a weird thing she does with those two pointing fingers.

regina said...


She's showing the size of her honesty and integrity!


basheert said...

She has NO honesty and NO integrity - she is out of her mind.

Crazy Crazy lady. She just fits in with the current Republic Party doesn't she?

AK Engineer said...

Love the countdown clock.

Floyd M. Orr said...

Regina, you might enjoy the comment I added to the Huffington Post American Chopper story yesterday:

A REAL governor with taste, discipline and dignity would accept the bike under the following conditions only. The builder would bring it to Alaska, either Juneau or Anchorage, and present it to a formally dressed governor standing on the Capitol steps, or some other such appropriate location. There would be an official press conference and/or photo op of the event, in which the governor would cut the ribbon, or push the starter button, and the admiring crowd would cheer. It would have already been publicly stated in the news, prior to the event, that this special machine honoring Alaska would have one of the following futures: (a) It would be donated to a museum of Alaskan artifacts or placed in some other such appropriate display; or (b) It would be auctioned off to the highest bidder and the funds donated to the village of Emmonak or some other such worthy, Alaskan group or entity; or (c) It would be raffled off and the funds earned donated to a similar entity. That's what a REAL governor would do!