Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sarah Palin's Babygate returns

Sarah Palin at 7 months and 6 1/2 months with Trig, 8 months with Track, 7 1/2 months with Trig

Babygate is gaining momentum once more. It was one of the first of Sarah Palin's "gates", together with Troopergate.

Due to the Desperate Housewives element of it, Babygate drew the attention of people not necessarily concerned with Sarah Palin's politics. Troopergate fell into the political category, even though family issues played an important part in it.

In both cases the RNC became heavily involved in providing Sarah Palin with acceptable outcomes. Their people migrated to Alaska and started taking care of things.

Troopergate was being investigated by Steve Branchflower on behalf of a bi-partisan committee - eight Republicans and four Democrats. The RNC turned the investigation upside down in a three pronged attack: the committee was accused of acting against Sarah Palin for political reasons, Walt Monegan became the target of a very ugly smear campaign and an outside law firm from Texas was brought in as reinforcement. Subpoenas became optional, people who had been cooperating with the investigation, including Sarah Palin, became hostile and the results of the investigation were discredited. The Governor then turned the investigation over to her Personnel Board and was absolved of any wrongdoing.

Babygate didn't involve a formal investigation but had the potential to cause untold damage to Sarah Palin's reputation. In the absence of proper evidence to prove Sarah was Trig's birth mother, the only way to counter the rumours was to present Bristol to the world as a five month pregnant unwed teenager. Taking into account Trig's presumed birthdate of April 18, Bristol being five months pregnant made it impossible for her to be the mother of both babies. But it still didn't prove that Sarah Palin was Trig's birth mother...

While in Alaska, the RNC also took the opportunity to control all communications between the families involved in the Trig question and the media. Computers were hacked into, pages scrubbed, photographs of Sarah Palin during her "pregnancy" disappeared from her official website, a campaign operative became a friend of the Johnston family...

This is a snippet from an article on ADN, dated September 2, 2008:

A family friend answered the door Monday at the Johnston home, outside Wasilla. When a reporter mentioned Bristol Palin, the friend, Anna Arodzero, said, "You can contact the McCain-Palin headquarters."

Anna Arodzero's name appears on McCain's campaign expenditures list:

Arodzero, Anna, TIGARD, OR $ 183 October 23, 2008 TRAVEL
Arodzero, Anna, TIGARD, OR $ 627 September 30, 2008 TRAVEL
Arodzero, Anna, TIGARD, OR $1,667 September 30, 2008 TRAVEL
Arodzero, Anna, TIGARD, OR $1,028 November 14, 2008 TRAVEL

After they lost the election, Sarah Palin returned to Alaska without the support of the RNC and has since done her best to alienate RNC staff.

Babygate continues...

The Johnston's recent interviews revived public interest in this saga and Sarah Palin's family values are being questioned once again.

Another thing being questioned is the Governor's inconsistent behaviour regarding press statements. Articles on People magazine stated the Levi was living with the Palins and the details went unchallenged. Considering that Sarah Palin was very quick to put the record straight when People indicated that Bristol and Levi were high school drop-outs, it's very strange that she let details about Levi's living arrangements stand for months. Her dead body must be at an advanced stage of decomposition by now!

Two excellent recaps appeared on a couple of blogs: Palin's Deceptions and Hypocrites and Heffalump Traps.

Sarah Palin appears to have more control over the political "gates" because Alaska's Constitution gives her too much power and she can abuse it more or less unchecked.

Babygate, as innocent as it seems, may be the one that will eventually bring Sarah Palin crashing down because it falls outside her political influence.

Sarah will be left with the ghosts of the political ambitions for which she sacrificed the only people who could offer her some support: her own family.


basheert said...

I'm not sure how this will ever be resolved - unless Bristol gets so mad at her mom that she just simply throws up her hands and walks away from that horrible house she lives in.
The fact is, I don't care whose baby this is - if the Trippster IS Levi and Bristol's, then Levi needs to be involved, especially if he wants. It would surprise me if he didn't live in the Palin house during that time period.
At some point, hopefully Bristol will decide she wants to be on her own, away from mom's controlling sociopathic behavior - take her baby and work with Levi to raise this child.
This is such destructive behavior - and generally kids eventually rebel and tell move to "shove it" ...
And why is Levi the bad guy? He wants to be involved with his child. He appears to want to share custody.
This is a horrible story for everyone - except SP who is loving all the attention for herself.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Thank you especially for this article and including such pertinent information. This is a great place to visit, every day! Thanks to you, Gryphen, AKMuckracker and Celtic Diva, your sites are always informative, researched, and intended to serve the people, not use and abuse them like Governor Palin.
Palin bellyaches about how the media has been unfair to her. Hogwash! I have been astounded at the virtual free pass Palin has been given by MSM, and when there has been coverage by MSM, it is full of incorrect dates, incorrect names, and clearly the “journalist” has not done their homework but merely skimmed over the subject. How tough is it answer what newspapers you read? OMG, a gotcha question! Frankly, I was irritated that Katie Couric failed to ask more pertinent questions. That was such a lame question, but Palin couldn’t even answer that. But I guess it is difficult to get an interview with Palin unless the interviewer promises it is a friendly interview. Glad to see the person who wrote the article about the pipeline told her thanks but no thanks. Can MSM ask Sarah to sing the alphabet song, and graduate up to reciting the times tables to qualify as really tough questions?

Lisa Az said...

How do you and others think babygate will finally come out? Any thoughts? Also A question about your photos. Is one Palin in a previous pregnancy showing how big she got and is one her supposedly pregnant withTrig??

Emily said...

The picture of Palin in red, third in the top row, is of her pregnant with Track.

Whatever the truth behind "Babygate" (and I'm reluctant to draw any conclusions because of all the questionable information out there), we can be certain that Palin's family values are of no value, and that she's treating her children as she treats her state-- as something to lord over and exploit for her own ambitions.

Anonymous said...

RuthI recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


ProChoiceGrandma said...

Thanks for identifying the pictures showing the stages of Sarah's "pregnancy" with Trig and the comparison photo with the red shirt when she had Track. People who have not kept up with the babygate issue are confused easily.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

"Her dead body must be at an advanced stage of decomposition by now!"
Oh Reg....HeHeHe!
I think its coming out now, that Trig is really Bristols baby, but since they have probably secretly adopted him it will be hard to dig facts out. They have tried to blur 2007 with 2008 but looking at travel records and tax forms you can pretty much read the handwriting on the wall! GINO is going down like the Hindenburg, in flames! Although that was a great tragedy this is not!

NoMore said...

Check out the post and the pictures on this site:

I would say this is the nail-in-the-coffin documentation that GINO was NOT pregnant with Trig (but NO indication of WHO WAS!)

jo said...

This is just a thought of mine, maybe she won't show medical records because she's had a hysterectomy after Piper and before Trig was born. One thing for sure there is only one picture that shows her looking PG, and all the rest of the evidence shows she could not possibly be the birth mother, and there is a lot of evidence for that. We are suppose to take her word for it and we all know what that is worth.

Patrick said...

And not to forget this TV-clip, which was recently rediscovered - statement by Michael Carey, former editor of the ADN:

Sarah Palin may get away in the end with the ethics complaints (even if they are justified, what they most certainly are!), but what will really seriously damage her is BABYGATE.

The fact that she is not the real mother of Trig will drive even many of her most hardcore-supporters away. The lie is too blatant and the deception is too serious.


It is a shame that the MSM still is not prepared to touch this issue.

Patrick (PD research)

gigabite said...

The best way to resolve the question "is she or is she not the mother of Trig" would be for a community minded Alaskan to ask Mercedes Johnson. I bet she is at the point of ready "to tell all about the Palins."

Anonymous said...

No data, just speculating, but I wonder if the April '08 baby is the son of the older Palin son and an unnamed girlfriend who didn't want to be a single mom if the father was in jail? (he escaped jail by enlisting) The 'pregnancy' was a way to slip him into the family 'unnoticed'