Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sarah Palin and DNC operatives

Sarah Palin's supporters are absolutely convinced that the ethics complaints against their beloved governor are part of some conspiracy orchestrated by people in the higher echelons of the Democratic Party. I received a comment on "What do you call this, Sarah Palin?" which ended like this:

"Oh, and tell your buddy Pete Rouse hi for me. We got his number too!"

(I had to google Pete Rouse)

I assume this is the same person who wrote on his own blog:

So I’m reading the 9,324th story on the absolutely ridiculous “ethics complaint”against Sarah Palin, filed by operatives of the DNC, namely Sondra Tomkins, who is aided by Shannyn Moore, AKM Muckraker, and Linda Biegel.

Operatives of the DNC? Seriously? Sondra Tomkins is a registered Republican...

I also saw some comments on other sites (I honestly can't remember where) which said that liberal bloggers are paid conspirators, receiving their orders from Axelrod and Pete Rouse.

The progressive bloggers in Alaska are a group of concerned citizens who happen to be friends. They experience Sarah Palin's governing style in their day-to-day lives and they are not happy. So they blog about it and support people who are brave enough to challenge the governor. No more, no less.

I blog as a concerned citizen of the world and developed a deep sympathy for Alaskans in the process of researching the issues relating to Sarah Palin. No more, no less.

What Sarah Palin's supporters fail to grasp is that the DNC doesn't need to orchestrate any campaigns agaisnt the governor because they're really scared or something. They don't take her seriously. Her record speaks for itself and that's what really scares Alaskan citizens.

I was under the impression that we were the ones wearing til foil hats with an inclination to believe in conspiracy theories...

If I were to take these allegations seriously, I would write to the White House and complain.

Where's my money?

Recall Sarah Palin


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Cute dog! Anklebiter?

witsendnj said...

As an ardent Obama supporter, a progressive, and a US citizen extremely concerned about the deleterious effects of climate change, I am so grateful to Sara Palin. Her immense stupidity, her arrogance, and the parade of scandals cost McCain the election. Hopefully, she will continue to do her part to marginalize the Republican Party ensuring massive electoral losses well into the future.

This is excellent news:

It's pretty obvious, since most of these "tea-baggers" actually get tax reductions, that what's really intolerable to them is having a black President.


Pipsqueak said...

Thank you, Regina, for your excellent work. It is always so logical, thoughtful, and well-researched.

It is clear you are a compassionate humanist--a true world citizen.

Isn't it hilarious that SP's supporters think that to use intelligence for causes to advocate means you MUST BE ON SOMEONE'S BANKROLL? How cynical, uninformed and bitter they are!

FW said...

I never understood how Sarah's supporters could seriously make a connection to Alaskan bloggers and the they think they get secret calls or emails from David Axelrod or Rahm Emanuel?In what alternate universe are they living. They blame it on ACORN, the liberal elite media, the DNC, and even Obama he doesn't have enough on his plate.

During the campaign, he hardly mentioned Sarah Palin's name...except to say that families should be off limits, and that she and McCain threw every name in the Rove political playbook at him...socialist, communist, Muslim, unAmerican...on and on.

I read some comments on C4P, and some of these nutballs actuially see this as a Palin vs Obama world. They think she will actually get the Republican nomination for President, and run agains him in 2012. While that is a dream come true for Democrats, there are a whole gaggle of Republicans ready, willing, and able to take her down by any means necessary. She won't even come close to the nomination...the Republicans will chew her up and spit her out. Running for VP is way different than being on the top of the ticket.

lisabeth said...

I agree with you!!! To me it shows me how stupid they are and I hate saying that but come!! Do they honestly think we are paid by Obama or the DNC to express our opinions about Palin. How many of you on a day to day basis think that Obama, Axelrod or the DNC even worries about her as if she is some big threat. If anything they are laughing at her or apalled like we are at her lack of intellect (and her supporters as well).
So why do they think this silly stuff?? What do you all think? I think they are either a) very ignorant uneducated people;b) so against abortion that Sarah is a goddess to them or c) they are so racist they can't believe a black man is in the white house. I mean honestly how could any intelligent unbiased person thinK Palin is capable and that the white house is SO concerned about her as a threat that they already have an organized effort against her! It is insane!!! Obama just started and our country faces so many serious problems!!!!

lisabeth said...

And when they mention acorn it rally shows stupidity!!! I hate to say it but it's true!!! Do they even know what acorn is and what they do? They actually do a lot of good fir the homeless and if these people would READ instead of listening to rush or fox they might see the world in a real light instead of thru colored biased lenses!!

Anonymous said...

Palin unites racists and rabid anti-choice people. I think that about sums up her crowd. It is definitely a "base" combination.

But the good news: there are many, many more Democrats, moderate Republicans, and Independents in the US than in the racist/anti-choice axis.

sandra said...

When someone suspects another person's actions, he/she often attributes these to what he/she would do. In this case you have to wonder who or what is orchestrating the Palinbot movement. Who is paying them to blog and post? RNC?

I hope when you start getting paid, we will start getting a per word allowance for our postings. Do you need my address?

Say NO to Palin in Politics said..., if we're getting paid to blog against Palin, they must be getting paid to blog for her. Makes sense to me.

Who knew? LOL, I'd love to get paid for blogging against Palin! Where do I sign up? I've been missin out since I began bloggin about her "stuff" last Aug. Now I'm feelin ripped off!

jo said...

Maybe they are getting paid, I wouldn't put anything past the Palin clan. The sad truth is they are so intellectually challenged they don't recognize how dumb she is. The other sad truth is a lot of racism. Last week Sarah gave a shout out to the tea bagers showing once again how racist and unwilling to be bipartisan she is. Thank goodness they are only about 24% of the population, they are just loud. One poster actually said that on July 4th Obama will be overthrown, there will be a special election and Sarah Palin will take her rightful place in the White House. Talk about out of it, we did have an election and the truth is most of America loves our new president. It is refreshing to have someone worthy of being president for a change. They will really blow a gasket when they find out she will never be the nominee for president. As bad as the republicans are, there are much better candidates then SP. NG doesn't even support her anymore, so we know what his plans are. The republicans need to get it together fast, or there will only be one party and we do need a two party system.

Lisabeth said...

Very interesting theory about them getting paid!! I'd love to get paid-I could use the money. But seriously I would not take money for something like this. It would take away from the seriousness of all this. I just strongly believe corrupt people, liars like Palin should not have any position of authority or power.

Anonymous said...

"over the moon", nice, LOL

Helen said...

Awww and I thought they were serious! I was looking for my check in the mail any day now!

Helen said...

OMG I love that pic! Didn't even see it first time around.

Anonymous said...

Helen and Regina

Sorry for the oversight. I have spoken to David and Rahm and the checks will be mailed this week.

I look forward to seeing you and the other Alaska bloggers at our secret meeting next month. We have several ideas for new ethics complaints to discuss.

We also need to find out who is leaking information about this effort to the other side. These leaks must stop!