Friday, 24 April 2009

What do you call this, Sarah Palin?

I found something very interesting indeed. When you visit Gov Sarah Palin's page on the official Alaska Government's website, there's a link to the First Gentleman. Within the First Dude's page there are links to sites regarding his outdoor activities, among them the Tesoro Iron Dog, which in turn link to Todd's sponsors.

There's nothing wrong with Todd Palin competing in the Iron Dog or taking money from his sponsors. There's nothing wrong with Todd Palin having his own webpage with links to whatever interests him. But...

Let's recap: from the official Alaska Government website you are 4 clicks away from Todd Palin's sponsors. Neat!

Oops! Another little ethics headache for Sarah Palin?

Hat tip to UQ!

First Dud's page
Tesoro Iron Dog page
Todd's team page
Sponsors' page

Tesoro's Gold Sponsor


Dianne said...

If this doesn't inspire another ethics complaint, I don't know what would. This is a very clear violation. Better save those links - they may be scrubbed soon.

km said...

Whoa! Great catch.

Anonymous said...

The official State of Alaska website links directly to a sponsor that pays money (or products) to Sarah and Todd.

Sweet deal!!!!

patstevens said...

I personally don't see an ethics issue here. In a sense, it's information to the citizenship that Todd Palin's activities are supported by some company. This is a lot different than Palin wearing Arctic Cat clothing when she's acting in her official capacity (which as we know is 24/7).

basheert said...

So ... tell me again, WHY is First Dud even on the State Website?
Was he elected?
Why is he privy to STATE confidential business?

Face it, there really is a huge ethical dilemma in the Gov's office. If she chooses to share info with her hubs, that is one thing. But this gives the appearance that Alaska elected a "first couple".

Perhaps he will "off with her head" and take over? Doubtful - he appears to be lacking a pair.

Gunner Sykes said...

You, and every previous commenter on this post, are idiots.

Just thought I'd let you know.

teal said...

...gee, thanks Gunner for your mighty fine professional opinion!

'every previous'

...your knowledge is underwhelming

basheert said...

Gunner is obviously a Palinista ... a good old C4Peer. I'd say he was a professional troll but even she wouldn't pay 5c a post to a guy who can't form a sentence.
Oh right...sorry.

Anonymous said...

Gunner is mentally I'll. Only a truly disturbed person would say that to others they don't agree with. Poor thing needs her medicine

Emily said...

Being named "Gunner", he's probably also in the NRA. Watch out, he could come after us from a helicopter!

Helen said...

I think this is a good catch. The thing is at this point, Palin should be watching out for herself. She needs an "Ethics Task Force" lol. She is under fire - memo to Palin and to Gunner - Alaskans DON'T LIKE THEIR GOVERNOR. That is the real crux of the matter here. So when there is an ethics boundary that is crossed by Palin, it WILL be explored. Palin is "in the sights" of her constituency. Even you, Gunner, should be able to understand that terminology.

Gary said...
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