Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sarah Palin on American Chopper

Sarah Palin is a big fan of the guys from American Chopper:

"Oh, guess who came to my office today, Todd. You'll appreciate this. The Orange County Choppers guys! They're making a bike for Alaska's fiftieth anniversary. Paul Sr., he was there in the office. It was cool."

Apparently she will appear on the show scheduled to air on April 30.

Cooool... it will help keep her mind off the trouble that's brewing in Alaska.

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Dianne said...

How perfect!!! Biker Caribou Barbie.

The Dame said...

At some point it is all going to collapse. At the press conference on April 19th, not only did she not smile, but she does not look well.

KaJo said...

Maybe I'm an old fogie, but it sorta grates on my nerves to read/hear a middle-aged sitting Governor of a state refer to her husband as a "Dude", and sprinkle "that's so cool" or "it was cool" in her conversations like a fresh-out-of-college hip single.

Isn't there any adult way for her to express herself?

I'm not including the previous Sarah Palin topic "It's not my fault" in that question. THAT whine is more middle-school in its tone.

basheert said...

Hmmmmmm let me think about that. She is trying very hard to be "hip". In high school (or Junior High in the case of Caribou Barbie), it is important that you be "cool" and "with it".
Unfortunately the neurons in that itty bitty brain are still stuck back in the 70's. She is still trying to rule the school by being a trampish little bully. She has that small cadre of remoras who believe that if she is popular, her smell will make them smell better.
Unfortunately she is still just a rotten stinking pile of fish guts with no brains, no ethics and no real boyfriend.
Betcha Toddo is a Cheat.

teal said...

KaJo you're not an old fogie...GiNO trying to hard...remember the SHOUT-OUT during the VP Debate?

In other words, she is F A K E on so-so many levels!

OH! her lies are real!

Bones AK said...

This is a joke right?