Sunday, 12 April 2009

Over Sarah Palin's dead body

People magazine, January 19, 2009

Since the birth of Sarah Palin's first grandchild on Dec. 27, life at the Alaska governor's four-bedroom Wasilla home has gotten a lot busier—and a bit more crowded. Not only has tiny Tripp moved in with mom Bristol, but dad Levi Johnston has been staying over too.

Bristol actually may be better prepared for parenthood than most. As the second in the Palin lineup (after Track, 19, who is serving in the Army in Iraq, and before Willow, 14; Piper 7; and Trig), Bristol is a veteran babysitter. Having helped with Piper and Trig, "she knows what it's all about," Palin, 44, told PEOPLE shortly after becoming the GOP candidate for vice president.

Levi's mom says that Bristol isn't the only one with experience. After the birth of Trig, who has Down syndrome, "Levi would help out."

In their first week as parents, Levi and Bristol shared parenting duties. By day, says Sherry, they tended to Tripp and sorted through gifts from well-wishers; by night they traded off diaper detail and the task of soothing a crying baby.

Palin, who has been home with her family before the three-month legislative term begins in Juneau, initially declined to mention Tripp's birth, despite a handful of appearances last week. But finally, Palin was compelled to speak out after seeing media reports that her daughter and future son-in-law had dropped out of high school. Palin contacted reporters directly, twice phoning PEOPLE to say, "Levi and Bristol are working their butts off to parent and going to school and working at the same time."

Both Bristol and Levi, Palin said, "have faith they've made the right decision in setting aside their own interests to make this child their highest priority."

Bristol was also quoted in the statement from the governor's office, saying, "Teenagers need to prevent pregnancy to begin with—this isn't ideal. But I'm fortunate to have a supportive family." The careful cobbling of sentiments reflected the awkward line Palin has walked as an advocate of premarital abstinence and limited sex education, an opponent of abortion and a mother of an unwed teenaged parent.

Palin hopes that last part will change—soon. Asked to confirm reports of a summer wedding, she told PEOPLE, "Hopefully before that."

People magazine, February 18, 2009

Little Tripp Johnston has been described as a "bundle of joy" by his grandmother, Sarah Palin.

Bristol – now living at her parents' house in Wasilla, Alaska – has plenty of help.

But the new mom's biggest assist comes from her "hands-on" fiancé, Levi Johnston, 18, the former high school hockey player now working as an apprentice electrician.
"He has been staying (at the Palins' home) a lot with Bristol and helping her out," a pal of Levi's tells PEOPLE. "He really likes being a father."

Levi Lives with Palins

Then, in the first week after Tripp's birth, Levi moved in with the Palins, Levi's mother, Sherry Johnston, told PEOPLE in January. He immersed himself in childcare duties and bought his son a miniature hockey stick.

Lately, friends and relatives say, he's been back and forth between the Palins' and his mother's home 15 minutes away. Sometimes, he brings along Tripp to visit his paternal grandmother.

"Sherry sees Tripp," says a relative. "But it's not super often."

Sarah Palin talked to Eddie Burke on April 10, 2009

"... and by the way, I do want to clear up one issue that has really just been a bee in my bonnet over the whole Levi Johnston. Would have been over my dead body that I would have ever given permission for a teenage boy to live with a teenage girl."

Did Sarah forget to phone People magazine to correct the inaccurate details in those stories? We know that she's always very keen to put the record straight.

Sarah's statement to Eddie Burke was a bit vague. Either she meant a different teenage boy and a different teenage girl or Bristol's and Levi's names slipped her mind...

(The dates above are links to the full PEOPLE articles and to the audio of Eddie Burke's show)


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Palin is mentally ill. There is no other explanation for her inability to know what she says day-to-day, and for her lack of ability to realize that other people have memories. Her emphathetic functionality is extremely damaged.

Truly, it's just like the Bridge to Nowhere issue over and over again. Palin says she did one thing, but doesn't expect anyone to hold her accountable for what REALLY happened.

Levi is not lying. We all can see it. Palin is so mentally ill that she doesn't realize we see how mentally damaged she is. She needs a doctor's care.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, typo correction for above. That should have been "empathetic."

Ennealogic said...

Levi stayed over after Trig was born, too.

It's just so sad that Sarah now wants to 'Wooten' Levi. I suspect that the more she pushes back, the less likely the Johnstons will hold to their vow to protect her fake pregnancy story.

And I can't wait until seefourpee and harasmaet have to acknowledge that their idol lied to them, big time, about a major 'family values' issue.

Anonymous said...

Her dead body?
Why does Palin think she can get by with trashing the Johnstons? Is it all just her ego and stupidity?

What kind of protection do the Johnstons have?
I am suspect of Sherry Johnstons arrest. Was that a set up?
Does anyone think it is unusual that Diana Palin was not charged for taking a daughter to burgle?
Does the Palin name get a free pass? Is that legal in Alaska?

Rep veteran vs Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham vs Megan McCain, Palins vs Johnstons ! ! ! !
In truth, the most interesting aspect of the smackdown between Rove and Roe was, if accurate as reported, that it's yet another example of the Republican Party in rapid disintegration and continuing to eat each other alive. Other recent examples include the Republican veteran who recently smacked Rush Limbaugh down on air, the Laura Ingraham's attempted smackdown of Megan McCain after she'd dared to criticize Ann Coulter, and even the salacious internecine battle between the Palins and the Johnsons. All a sign of a political party in utter disarray.

Tom Feeney
Raymond Lemme

Basheert said...

I believe this is what human trash does.
Levi is the father of Bristol's baby..end of story. The Iron Maid cannot make that go away.
Palin is a lying skank...and where is Bristol in all this? She had a baby with this guy ... is she truly going to allow her MOTHER to run her life?
Granted she is a young lady to be a mom...but if Levi wants to help parent the Twerp, she could probably use the help.
As I see it, The AKWitch has done nothing to help her daughter - everything has been done to try and use the situation for herself.
The problem with SP is that nothing she does will ever make her look good. And frankly, she is not the first mom whose daughter got pregnant.
Bristol and Levi didn't have a chance with this piece of trash running everything. I sincerely hope that BRISTOL will wake up and realize she has no life - her mother is living it for her.

Tom: I haven't heard any speculation that the drug bust of Mrs. Johnson was a setup....but of course, with "that one" anything is possible. I'd love to see Bristol grow up and grow a spine.

What SP doesn't realize, is that one day Bristol is going to take her own life in hand and toss mom overboard. SP needs to let go and drop back or her relationship with Bristol will shatter.

teal said...

..well you know the GiNO must have the last word...except she keeps adding more last words...if only she would shut up...

'over my dead body' indeed...
Soon to come: MORE word-switching on this issue

Anonymous said...

So did Levi sleep in the Palin house over Sarah's dead body or Bristol's live one?

I am not Star Jones said...

One of the signs of a sociopath:


# Pathological Lying
Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.

This is Sarah Palin. I fear for the people who still support her as a viable candidate for anything.

Basheert said...

Pathological liars when they have no reason to...
i.e. see Bush, George

The Dame said...

This was an excellent post. If anyone has other sources where GINO referes to the living arrangement send it to Regina. Like the musk ox, we must circle our wagons, or whatever she said . ..

Anonymous said...

I used to think she was just stupid, then isaw a nastiness. As time goes on I am also convinced she is mentally ill and sociopath is the word that comes to mind. The scariest thing about her is that not only is she clueless about herself, she simply does not care. She is crazy and I feel for her children.
I hope Levi hires lawyers now! And if he is holding back about Trig, he should stop now. Imagine the outrage when everyone sees the truth. It also will help his case. If he doesn't get legal help soon, he could make mistakes. He seems like a good kid

Az Lisa said...

Great posting and putting things together. It is great that bloogers are calling out Palin on her outright lies and contradictory statements. What else can we do to make the public more aware? We can forget about her nutcase followers but most people are reasonable. It's insane that this kind of thing with her lying or doing something nuts is in the news almost every day!!!! She clearly has a mental illness of some type!

Anonymous said...

In the 20th Century, the lies might have worked. Some politician said that if you tell a lie often enough, anyone will believe it. But the internet has changed everything. In seconds, John Stewart (Daily Show) can pull up any past quote from a politician which contradicts his/her current statement. When Stewart does it, it's funny, but it is also widely circulated via YouTube, and it makes its way into other places.
You would think that some one would have figured out by now that it's easier to tell the truth, so you don't have to remember what you said the last time.

While we're talking about lying (all right, mis-statement), it was the downfall of John McCain, last fall, to announce that he was suspending his campaign, to fly back to Washington because the economy was "crater-ing." He canceled his scheduled appearance on Letterman that night, only to be shown getting make up applied prior to his Katy Couric interview. This may well have been the turning point in the McCain-Palin campaign. So, since this event had such a dramatic effect on Sarah Palin, you'd think that she would think twice before opening her mouth. It might have worked once in Alaska, where people aren't into the same kind of accountability as one receives on the national stage. Democrats say that she is the gift that keeps on giving.

Virginia Voter said...

As soon as I heard the "over my dead body" comment, I went on and looked up the articles, just like everyone else did. Does Sarah know how to use the Google on the internet machine? Apparently that is a problem alot of Republicans have...McLame claimed to be not very email and internet savvy, and it cost him big time when all his quotes were used over and over in Obama ads.

So I guess the Grim Reaper is headed for Juneau or Wasilla?

Alaskans really need to start a recall based on her mental inability to carry out her duties as governor.You can add short term memory loss to the other disorders she suffers from:

narcissistic personality disorder
paranoid schizophrenia
manic depression/bipolar disorder

They all fit...she shows definite traits of all is scary..

Basheert said...

All of this information is available on the internet and you can't take back an interview by making ludicrous statements like "over my dead body" (oh please!)
Sarah is a sociopath and a pathologic liar. She is also completely insane and needs care.
Unfortunately many people in Alaska are enraptured by what they see as her "cuteness". Her "cuteness" is an act - she is a manipulative twisted sick individual.
The fact that she uses her kids and her grandchild (if it is) against the supposed father is reprehensible.
Bristol needs to wake up and move out if she still has any type of sanity left.

regina said...

This is a very sad situation. It may be entertaining on some levels, but when we look at the human cost of Sarah Palin's lies, we get this pain in our hearts.

Everything Sarah Palin does has a high cost, to humans, wildlife and the environment. What else is left?

One day she will have to account for all her actions. I'm not a religious person, but a single word keeps reccurring, in posts and comments: KARMA.

teal said...

Maybe Talibunny has more than one body?

That's the only way I can side with what she said...but since the rest of us [ normal folks], know that ain't possible, she still stands alone in her foolishness.

With her 'back & forth' talk, maybe BPs bedroom is downstairs & Sarah & Todd sleep upstairs, so it wasn't OVER her body because BP & Levi were UNDER or downstairs...

WHEW! My brain hurts bad!

tina said...

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.
--Adolf Hitler

Nice company that Palin keeps.