Thursday, 9 April 2009

Sarah Palin at W.A.R. with the US

Wayne Anthony Ross, Sarah Palin's appointment to the position of Alaska Attorney General, made some disturbing statements to the Alaska Legislature.

Senator Donny Olson challenged some of WAR's positions regarding subsistence and rural Alaska. Some snippets:

Olson: ...they’ve (rural Alaskans, i.e. natives) had to go to Washington D.C. to get some type of arrangement to continue to do what they’ve done for years? What do I say to them?

WAR: You don’t go to Washington D.C. anymore. Washington D.C. is not friends with Alaska. The General’s job is not to cause casualties with its own people. The General’s job is to win the war against the enemy. Alaskans should be working together.

Instead some people went off to Washington to try to get rights over others which was violative (sic) of our constitution. It wasn’t willing to handle it, in my opinion. And now we’ve got the federal government sticking its nose in the state of Alaska, and we need to realize that we’ve invited a giant to our state and that we need to work together to protect all of us from the giant.

But, you don’t invite the giant into your house, or the bear (if you want to say that) invite the bear in your house and expect not to get eaten up. We’re being eaten up and we need to get together.

Sarah Palin is in the habit of challenging the federal government over endangered species and subsistence matters through costly lawsuits. She also seeks to open up federal lands for oil drilling and resents the fact that there are vast tracts of land under federal control.

She talks a lot about the independent spirit of Alaskans. From a recent speech:

"When Alaska was granted statehood, it was with the expectation that our independent, innovative spirit and rich resources would largely sustain us, rather than depending on federal government."

"Creating more dependence on Washington steers us away from Alaska’s magnificent potential and destiny, and that, to me, is a problem."

"We are up to the challenge. This is the best lesson we can teach our children."

When reacting to president Obama's call for cuts to nuclear programs, Sarah Palin referred to Alaska as "a sovereign state".

Sarah Palin and Wayne Anthony Ross appear to have BIG issues with the US government.

Do they sound a tad secessionist or what? Is Sarah Palin an AIP Trojan horse?

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SoCalWolfGal said...

Unfortunately, this man is as dangerous as GINO. I think you have hit the nail on the head as it were; Palin is an AIP Trojan horse.

womanwithsardinecan said...

Yes, she is. But she forgot to close the little trap door, and all of the villagers are looking up into the belly of the beast, saying, "hey, that's not a horse, it's a snake!"

Lisabeth said...

What a horrible attitude towards the US government of which they are a PART of even though they obviously hate it. To me this type of talking, this way of viewing things is very unAmerican. People in public office should not feel like this. They both belong in some fringe party. If your legislature is foolish enough to confirm him as the lead lawkeeper, I feel sorry for all if you.

basheert said...

Let's NOT forgot his statement "if a man can't rape his wife, who should he rape"?

Yee Haw ...

Anonymous said...

Regina could you along with Alaskans who may know more delve into the AIP issue? how underground can this be?

patience said...

emphasis mine

In his own words, WAR clarifies that he didn’t call them (the guy out in Kipnuk) the dogs. He’s setting the dogs on them. What I get is the guy out in Kipnuk is the sovereign enemy and WAR doesn’t like ‘em looking down their noses at him. Thats how you make enemy’s don’t ‘cha know. They could have handled it long ago if they weren’t so dang uppity and since (the guy out in Kipnuk) couldn’t handle it he ran to mama. Which WAR says your not allowed to do anymore.”…how those people who didn’t have the financial resources had to go 5000 miles away to [Washington D.C.] to try to get something done with federal law that preempted state law….that’s the problem…” And a good dressing down at the end “you should be working with other Alaskans to develop solutions, rather than (the guy out in Kipnuk) going out and cryin’ to Mama out somewheres else, and saying, “Mom, you gotta help me.” ”
He’s more calling them (the guy out in Kipnuk) the enemy. Not the big back up Bear whats on his side. The way I read this is he's calling the native an enemy of the state of Alaska.