Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sarah Palin goes fishing

Salmon fishing, Yukon Delta

Sarah Palin's official government website has released a video of the Emmonak Job Fair 2009 narrated by her Rural Adviser, John Moller.

I can't embed the video, but you can watch it by clicking on the link above. See who was chosen to illustrate commercial salmon fishing...

What I don't understand is why fishermen from the Yukon Delta would go fishing in Bristol Bay, shown on the video as an example.

It seems to me that this Emmonak Job Fair video was put together to show what a fantastic effort the state government is making to solve the villagers' problems. As they never took any interest in those villages before the bloggers drew attention to the energy crisis back in January, I suppose they didn't have any footage of real natives doing some real fishing in their own area.

Should we expect to see Sarah Palin starring in the next series of the "Deadliest Catch"?

Recall Sarah Palin

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Dianne said...

I vote for Deadliest Catch if they throw her overboard.