Thursday, 2 April 2009

Sarah first, Sarah always (updated)

The first video shows the vice chairman of the Alaska Independence Party, Dexter Clark, addressing a meeting of party members. It's interesting to note what he says about Sarah Palin six minutes into the video.

In this one, Sarah Palin addresses the 2008 AIP Convention.

UPDATE: In this next video, Sarah Palin makes a speech to mark the 50th Anniversary of Alaska Statehood. The speech is somewhat boring, but @8:18 she mentions "independence" for Alaska in the future. What could she mean by that? (hat-tip to an alert reader)

Sarah Palin wants to be the President of the United States. She has upset the RNC, NRCC and NRSC on a few occasions recently. In fact, she's doing her best to alienate the whole GOP.

It goes without saying that she can't stand the present federal government.

In her op-ed for the ADN, she wrote:

"This federal involvement locks us into government dependency for longer periods. Alaskans must read the fine print on these federal mandates."

"When Alaska was granted statehood, it was with the expectation that our independent, innovative spirit and rich resources would largely sustain us, rather than depending on federal government."

"Creating more dependence on Washington steers us away from Alaska’s magnificent potential and destiny, and that, to me, is a problem."

"We are up to the challenge. This is the best lesson we can teach our children."

Is Sarah Palin going to run as an independent? Of course she can't run for the AIP, but wouldn't it be fun if she made it to the White House and finally seceded Alaska from the US?

Maybe Sarah really does believe in Alaska first, Alaska always!

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Anonymous said...

I have often wondered about this topic. Palin still seems like a "Manchurian Candidate" or a "stealth candidate" for the AIP to me; she seemed that way through the whole campaign last year. She's always been a lot more AIP than GOP.

And now Palin has deliberately alienated the nat'l GOP, and they are signaling back that it's mutual. They have sent that message in various ways, recently (e.g., John McCain not wanting to support her for Prez, and the GOP June fundraiser response about Palin being a disaster).

But if Palin ran nationally as an Independent, she would not stand a chance; I don't think she stands a chance no matter what on the national level. So I don't see how it can help her move forward the AIP agenda. Does running for Prez as an AIP or Independent just make people AWARE of the AIP? Is that what she is trying to do? But if anything, that would bring more negative scrutiny to AIP. Maybe Palin is trying to get all wingnuts to move to Alaska--as in a massive migration of extremist rightwingers to leave the lower 48 and live in Wasilla? Maybe that plan is combined with her "Alaska is a last refuge" end times myth? (Having been to Wasilla, I wish them a lot of luck with that.)

That's what keeps me dizzy about Palin's moves: they never make any logical sense. I think that Joe McGinnis' article explaining Palin's "magical thinking" is the only helpful way for us to look upon her plans and ambitions. Palin's magical thinking means that her plans will never really succeed, as they are not grounded in a reality that the rest of us live in. Palin definitely suffers from delusions of arctic grandeur.

I really enjoy your blog, and your rational, logical examinations of all of her plans. Please keep up the excellent, intelligent work.

jo said...

I know not all Alaskan's support SP, but it would be nice to split the state and any who support her have to move and can have her as their very own King. Then she can make whatever Biblical laws she deems moral law. Of course it would be every man for himself, because like she said it's not fair for tax payers to take care of anyone. Don't forget her crown.

Ratfish said...

Sarah goes on vacation

Although she is ‘focused on Alaska,’ Palin still agrees to attend a Right to Life fundraiser in Indiana.

Earlier this month, the top congressional GOP fundraising committees issued a press release announcing that Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) would deliver the keynote address at their annual fundraising dinner. The groups eventually had to backtrack when Palin’s staff claimed that the governor had never made such a commitment because she was too busy with Alaska state business. However, First Read now reports that Palin is still planning to attend a Right to Life fundraiser in Indiana on April 16:

On April 16, Palin will be attending the Vanderburgh County Right to Life dinner in Evansville, IN, as well as a breakfast the next day for S.M.I.L.E., a nonprofit organization for people with family members who have Down syndrome. Palin’s spokeswoman, Meg Stapleton, said Palin will be taking a “36-hour vacation” to attend the events in Indiana. Palin’s political action committee will pay for the travel. […]

Stapleton said Palin would not agree to political events until after April 20, when the Alaska legislative session ends. “She is focused on Alaska,” Stapleton said today. […] Stapleton could not explain why Palin would say yes to a political event in Indiana and not attend a political event in Washington.


So she can go somewhere during the session- in fact take a vacation right near the end when her presence is needed- and not take one in June?

So what is missing here besides the truth and common sense?

Anonymous said...

She's attending "Seward's Day" in Auburn, New York on June 6. The father of Meg Stapleton (her PAC administrator/PR) set this up.

So, what's in New York that isn't at the GOP dinner, two days later?

Anonymous said...

Off of this topic - I apologize. I just don't know where to post stimulus funding issues. Apparently, it's no longer an issue of interest? I dunno. The only Alaska print media that seems to have an interest in publishing information is Fairbanks Daily Newsminer and Dermot Cole.

Interesting speech by Lt.Gov Sean Parnell, defending the rejection of stimulus funds.
"...Washington is clearly trying to overtake Alaska with its agenda, and we are standing against that interference. In Alaska, our freedom is not for sale."

"When school districts flood the capital seeking to double the amount they are accustomed to using in one program, they should be asked, “What is your plan? Will you use this money to better train the teachers, specialists, and aides you already have so that we have a lasting investment here? How will you assure Alaskans that we have to perpetuate the increased spending levels in future years when our state budget and savings are under heavy strain?”"

Clearly, Parnell and Palin have nothing but disdain and disrespect for Alaska's public school system. [Palin's kids are homeschooled (?); Parnell's go to a Christian school].
But never mind. So public schools should be asked "How will you assure Alaskans that we have to perpetuate the increased spending levels..." What the heck does that mean?

Anonymous said...

You know how a person who is anorexic looks in the mirror and doesn't see the skeletal person that they are, they think they see a fat person-- well, I look at Sarah Palin's actions in the sort of the same way. Far more than just being tone-deaf, there is something fundamentally wrong with the way she perceives herself and how she plays to the public. Think of the laughing woman standing in front of the turkey slaughter. Think of the crazy story she told us about toughing out that long airplane ride just before giving birth. Think about how she drags her kids around as photo-props, when other politicians do not have an adoring spouse and kids always in the picture of official events. What might have worked for her in Alaska, a crowd that gave her much less scrutiny, isn't working here in the lower 48. (And, don't you just love it when we're called, that? Sounds like she's looking down on us "lowers." Not a unifying message on a national scale). Her other problem is that as she has tried to grow beyond Alaska, the PAC people and the loyal state staff are really at odds with each other, so the messages are bound to get lost in translation. And, let's face it, the quality of real leadership is something that is missing; we are back to the person looking in the mirror and not seeing the image that we all see. 'Nuff said.

Ennealogic said...

I honestly don't see what some people seem to see in her. They call her a 'natural.' I see her as a natural disaster.

SP has always flown by some plan that only she knows. She turns down advice right and left. She contradicts herself. She makes a fool out of herself consistently. Yet, apparent to some, when she walks into a room she has that special "IT" that is irresistible.

Is she a witch? Does she cast a spell on men and women alike? Maybe I'm lucky I've never seen her live...

I come to one of two conclusions: either she has an ulterior motive that she keeps extremely well hidden (end-times 7 mountains person, or AIP infiltrator?) or ... her political savvy is as underdeveloped as her sense of ethics is.

My word verification is 'asess' ... as in assess or multiple donkeys!

Anonymous said...

Every point you've made about SWWNBN (she who will not be named) is dead on target.
What people fail to recognize is that this Alaska Governor is nuts and probably certifiable. She is unable to see herself in a reflective way (no I don't mean she's a vampire).
Most of us recognize when we are being awful, lying, or basically acting out of the mainstream, selfishly, etc.
She has NO self perception. The fact that she has so much pathology tells me this person is very very dangerous to everyone.
She is not able to tolerate disagreement, dissent or criticism. She is not able to see herself in any type of negative light. Her only self perception is positive.
No one is perfect I understand. However this lady is way out of the mainstream. It is vital to the health of Alaska that she go away while you still have anything left.
If she had the opportunity to SELL the state, she would if it would benefit her.
She is a sociopath and dangerous to all living things.

Floyd M. Orr said...

Have you seen this excellent new article at Daily Kos about Palin's religion?

Anonymous said...

Agree with previous comment.
Vindictive, with no insight, no ability or desire to analyze,with her grandiosity (e.g.accepting candidacy for VPOTUS with less qualifications than some high school students), her lack of empathy for those less fortunate, we have a poster child for narcissistic personality disorder, in my opinion. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck--run!!
Though she has to be watched, whether we are anti-Palin or pro-Palin, we are giving her her fix, as long as we keep her in the spotlight, sorry to say.

regina said...

Hi Floyd,

Yes, I saw it and recommended it. This Christian domination agenda is very frightening!


FW said...

Agree with all posters here, especially anon @20:56...SP has no idea how things she says are perceived, i.e. the wild ride,wacky comment about no one she wanted to hold hands and pray with before her VP debate...even in the Zeigler documentary when she watched herself have an epic fail during the Katie Couric interview, she just blew it off, and threw it back on Katie.

I saw this AIP video during the campaign, it actually aired on CNN and MSNBC. It is clear that she is of the same mindset as these AIP wingnuts...Alaska is the last refuge, etc, and she cleverly pushes their agenda. The MSM has clearly written her off as a viable candidate, and I hope it stays that way.

Emily said...

Maybe Palin ought to secede her state from the union right now-- or better yet, found an independent theocratic kingdom(on that island from which you can see Russia). I can just see her as a cult leader, claiming divine right and taking her crazed followers as far as possible... That way, the rest of us wouldn't have to deal with them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to launch a "Crazygate" category for Palin...

basheert said...

I agree with "CrazyGate".

I find it difficult to get a handle on how MOST Alaskan's perceive her. No really, many of us in the Lower 48 see this as someone the people support. There is no outcry (except the blogs), no recall petition, no loud disagreements.
It's almost like Alaska has curled into a little ball and is waiting until she goes away.
And they'll probably re-elect this crazy fool.

Judith & Melissa said...

I believe she has the diagnostic traits of a narcissist. If you read the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders, you might see the very behaviors that Ms. Palin exhibits.