Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sarah Palin and the Concerned Citizens for Wasilla

The following is a snippet from an article on ADN, published on February 11, 1997:

A recall of Mayor Sarah Palin is off the table, at least for now, according to a group calling itself Concerned Citizens for Wasilla.

The group of about 60 residents was formed Friday in response to Palin's controversial firing of Police Chief Irl Stambaugh. Members say they're concerned about the direction taken by Palin since her election last fall, and discussed a recall. But members of the group decided instead they first want to hear Palin's explanations in person. The group developed a list of 25 questions and plans to ask Palin to meet with them sometime before Feb. 21.

''In all fairness, we need to allow the mayor in her own words answer the questions we have for her,'' said Kathryn Rounds, the group's acting chairwoman. Among the questions: Why did Palin fire the police chief if she didn't have a better person in mind? Does the city have an ethics code? Would she resign to avoid a recall? The group also wants her to clarify her goals for the city. Palin was non-committal Monday, but seemed resistant to the idea. In an interview, she described her critics as the same ''few disgruntled citizens'' who have been against her since she was elected.

I looks like Sarah Palin started her collection of disgruntled citizens back in 1997. Now she has changed "citizens" to "bloggers". I suppose it sounds more "frivolous"...

What are bloggers if not citizens? Why can't citizen-bloggers challenge her statement "Hold me accountable"?

Image: Sarah Palin being sworn in as Mayor of Wasilla
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basheert said...

This is what happens when the idiots take over the asylum.

Although in deference to AK, I don't think they knew 1/3 of what they know now.

Dear Alaska..GO INTO THE LIGHT...!!!

palinoscopy said...

The full of shit part of this is that SP once famously commented that "the difference between a small town mayor and a community organizer is that a mayor has actual responsibilities." Ironically, after Sarah was nearly recalled, the city hired a city manager at nearly the same salary as Sarah's to take care of the " actual responsibilities" she couldn't be trusted with, while she continued to draw 60k+ a year for being a figure head. Go figure. Part of the reason she thinks she can be an absentee governor probably springs from her experience as mayor, when someone else actually did the job she was elected to do.

midnightcajun said...

She's made so many enemies--some of them very powerful people. I don't understand why they haven't been able to unite and destroy her.

Anonymous said...

did she answer the questions with word salad that confused the masses who walked away dazed and hypnotized?

maybe we could put together a list of questions and twitter them to sarah