Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sarah Palin's team mates (UPDATE)

Kathleen Sebelius is a very accomplished politician. Here we have a competent, hard working state governor whose private life is not all over the tabloids. Sebelius is awaiting confirmation to the post of Health and Human Services secretary in President Obama's administration.

What have Sarah Palin's supporters been doing to derail this appointment? Because Sebelius is pro-choice, they put out a call-to-action, urging all 70,000 members of Team Sarah to make phone calls to the Senate Finance Committee voicing their objections.

The Committee received 40 calls from Team Sarah members opposing the appointment and 80 calls supporting it!

With the threat of a swine flu pandemic looming, these people should keep their noses out of serious politics and go back to sending little tokens of affection to Sarah Palin's family.

: Kathleen Sebelius was confirmed 65 - 31. Yesss!!! (updated 00:18)

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basheert said...

it's interesting that supposedly the right wing radical anti-choice Susan B. Anthony Society (aka MEAT HARRASSERS) can only muster 40 - FORTY - phone calls in opposition when they claim 70,000 members.

These individuals care only about sticking their nasty little noses into other people's private business and individual medical decisions.

They are undoubtedly out looking for witches to hang.

lisabeth said...

I wonder if the Susan B Anthony society realizes that there is a great deal of historical evidence that Susan B Anthony was a LESBIAN.
They don't ever talk about this? I wonder why. Here is another story for you Regina. You are doing a great job. Don't let crazy people stop you!

jo said...

basheert, I am from Tucson, we need to keep our eye on our new Governor, she stumped with JM/SP. So if she supports her she could mean big trouble for us.

Kathleen Sebelius is a very good pick, she has done a lot for Kansans. Her latest veto regarding late term abortions would have allowed anyone involved to be sued later on. It could have been brought by parents, boyfriends, and husbands too, so it was not fair to health providers. I think they write these bills just to make people look bad when they uphold the law.

Palin and others who say Obama is a baby killer, twist his votes and comments also. Obama on partial birth abortion "all I've said is we should have a provision to protect the health of the mother, and many of the bills that came before me didn't have that. I strongly believe that the state can properly restrict late-term abortions." "Present" votes were on five horrendous anti-choice bills. His statement above his pay scale was a reference to him not being God, but Palin must think shes better than God.

No one is pro abortion, we are for women rights, privacy, and health.

If Republicans can overturn Roe V Wade, and that's the only reason some support them, why after 36 years have they not done so?

Dianne said...

These people are so narrow minded I'm surprised their heads aren't shaped like boards. What any woman chooses to do with her own body is her OWN business. Not the concern of this bunch of busybodies.

basheert said...

Hi Jo:
We got screwed when Napolitano left - and we ended up with a Republic governor when we ELECTED a Democrat to keep the 90 Dwarfs under check and balance.
The one to really watch is Kyl. He is a rat bag. Fortunately he doesn't have any political aspirations for the future, he seems happy being on the take from all the industries in the state.

The SUSAN B. ANTHONY MEAT HARRASSERS remind me of those people who love to snoop in bedrooms. I've never understood why it is so freaking important to these Nervous Nellies what people do when they have sex. Like it's anyone's business.

I've wondered if maybe it's because they really aren't getting any?

They are debating Sebellius now - the thing is, nothing in the job of HHS has anything to do with her stance on abortion rights.

The Republic are self destructing. YAY!

Lisabeth said...

I am from Arizona too and hopefully our Gov will be voted out next election.I have heard Terry Goddard might run against her. She is ruining our education system. Also the guy running against McCain is really extreme! I keep hoping a Democrat will run. And don't get me started about the log of deadwood Kyl.

Also I only brought up SBA being gay because that group is so narrow, hateful and nuts that if they knew this they would probably change their name.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that a pro-life anti-abortion group has chosen Susan B Anthony as their symbol. I just spent 5 or 10 minutes reading some of the material that pops up in the first pages of a Google search of her name. Born a Quaker, Anthony was more spiritual than religious and would be considered liberal left wing by today's standards. Quakers in the 1800's were strongly anti-slavery, and that led to her promotion of equal rights, regardless of sex or race. (Would that apply to equal marriage rights today, as in gay marriage?) She was a strong advocate for women's rights, regarding women's property, equal pay for equal work, the right to control her own earnings, enter into contracts and be sued, have joint guardianship of children in a divorce. Anthony was also a staunch advocate for Temperance, founding the Daughters of Temperance. Would the Susan B Anthony List people today mount the same militant campaign against alcohol? Would they be teaming up with MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers? Hardly seems their cause, but that would save many lives of the already born. The information is less clear about Anthony's sexual relationships. She never married and had close friendships with women. On-line sources quote a lovey dovey letter exchange that she shared with another woman. Let's leave the sexy issue aside. Anthony believed so strongly in her cause of voting rights for women that she willingly went to prison for her cause. The only thing that I could find about her views of abortion was that at the time she opposed it because it was a dangerous practice and one that was in the hands of men. I resent that such a one-issue narrow-minded group of people have adopted a liberal equal rights thinker as their mascot. People who are for A Woman's Right to Chose do not say that the Woman HAS to get an abortion; it is a choice that she makes-- much like having the right to chose in an election. Surely the Susan B. Anthony people can find a better symbol of their cause, say, Phyllis Schlafly.

basheert said...




basheert said...

I'm waiting for the vote breakdown..I know that dirtbag Kyl voted NO .. I heard Brownback was a YES.
The GOP it is shrinking down to nothing.
Take That PalinBots! All those phone calls...all FORTY of them and YOU LOST just like you LOST the ELECTION.

Lisabeth said...

I HATE Kyl!!!! When is he up for re-election? Kyle,MCain, sherrif joe and others need to go!!

About Susan Anthony,yes,can you believe all that stuff about her on line? I think Sarahs supporters might be horrified!! Susan was considered very progressive for her time.

Great news in Sebilius!!! She will do a great job!

JCarter said...

Arlen Specter voted "yes." He's officially on board ! Yea !

basheert said...

Lisabeth: Everyone hates Kyl - except of course for TEP, SRP, APS, and all the other corporations he supports and lobbies for - that fund his PAC.

He's a sack of manure but I'm afraid in "this" state we are stuck with McInsane and Kyl. It's still pretty red although turning purple.

I love Terry Goddard - he's amazing and would walk away with Governor if he chooses to run. My other absolute Fave is Rick Romley, our former AG - he's a big supporter of the Foundation I'm on and a really good guy.

Jo: Tucson is one of our favorite places. We live So of Phoenix...and try to get down there. Allen just got asked to come down and give a couple lectures there. Hey you guys lost your burn center didn't you?

SoCalWolfGal said...

Great day! Specter moves to the Dem side and Sebelius confirmed - and by a large margin. Looks like the Palinbots are losing it - 40 calls. Gee, that's impressive.

basheert said...

RE: Those 40 calls

Honestly, only 40 people either figured out how to dial, or 20 people called twice.

Major turnout PalinBots - hilarious and just another laugh riot for US!!!

Dear PalinBOTS - YOU LOST the ELECTION and YOU LOST THIS VOTE. Get over yourselves and go do something productive like Volunteer.

drew from lil ol texas said...

40 calls out of 70000 people?!

No way there "call to action" stirred up 40 calls!!

I would believe 8 or 10 calls maybe!

You go aras cap!!

basheert said...

This is so totally amazingly hilariously FUNNY - if this is an example of the power the MEAT HARASSERS have, this is freaking AWESOME.

As Drew says - out of 70,000 supposed people, they made 40 ... count 'em FORTY phone calls.

Now that is ORGANIZATION ya betcha!!

jo said...

St. Marys burn center was closed and now the closest one is Phoenix.

We moved here almost seven years ago and I really love it. On my moms side we have tons of relatives in the Phoenix area, and one cousin, Mary C. lives in Mesa. Her dad the only one close to us lives about 4 miles away.

I am sick of McCain and Kyl both. I keep sending them e mails and calls to quit grandstanding. I think it is time for them to retire I hope there is someone good running against then. I can't wait to vote these do nothings (except for their rich pals)out of office.

I too was upset we got a Repug replacement for governor. I wrote her when she first got in and asked her to please not cut education funds and remind her that we did vote for a Democratic. A lot of good that did, look how much she cut, and right away the same story with them all, blaming someone else.

It will be good for the country to have Sebelius working for us. Bring on health care for all yeah! Yes even the silly republicans, after all they have children too.

basheert said...

I learned a long time ago that the Senate in AZ is NOT friendly. They don't answer and they do not care. They are a product of corporate lobbying payoffs to their PACS. I don't even bother at this point - they do not hear and they do not listen.

Right about St Mary's - we're getting all your patients...SCREAM bloody murder if you need burn care up here ok...we are terrific and we are aware ...

I love AZ but I hate their politics. I did get to Terry Goddard and I've also gotten to Rick Romley - we do have a few GOOD guys. I had mixed feelings about Napolitano but I can tell you that Bayliss (the CEO of the hospital) had HUGE aspirations that she would be joining the McInsane administration...and it was FUN to watch her get smashed.

I truly believe that CindyLu was HORRIFIED at McInsane's pick of nilaP.

By the way, check out today's photo ops of McInsane..he has had something removed AGAIN from his forehead!

jo said...

I like Gifford, her office called me back after I sent them an e mail. She also saved us from having to buy flood insurance here in Marana. Maybe she should run for Governor. I think she could do a good job.

Here is a transcript of the interview on PBS with Michael Carey.


Lisabeth said...

Do you two know anything about Harry Mitchell? He has answered every email I have written. He is the house rep for my area. He is not asvliberal as I am but... I moved here from very progressive places where education and diversity are valued not ridiculed so it has been a real shock for me! When I first heard Sarah Palin speak at the RNC and they thought it was wonderful I knew I had to become more involved to not let someone like her anywhere near DC. Friends of mine say MCCaain has really changed! By the way I read his tweets at twitter. He wrote ".I did not vote for Sebelius because I don't want socialized medicine."

Gwen said...

The teeny tiny team is now claiming credit for 25,000 telephone calls in their campaign. Somebody can't count.

basheert said...

Harry Mitchell ROCKS....gotta love him. He was a teacher - we supported him both politically and financially.
When I had an issue with ID fraud he was the ONLY person who responded to me.

The teeny tiny team cannot count.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed something interesting - Your post mentions that 40 people called on Sebelius, and someone has told me that a Scientology post on their site got 37 comments which is a lot for the Saracites. I'd like to keep paying attention and see if everytime they have an action, around 40 people participated. Something is telling me that with one of the most controlled registration processes on the internet, and rigid selection according to views that agree with their agenda, Team Sarah might just be about 40 or so people. This 70,000 member clam? no way. Remember that's about half the amount of people that participated in the teabagging thing, and that was promoted nationally for weeks. Even wingnut conservatives probably don't want to give out their home telephone number.

KaJo said...

When I actually was registered at TeamSarah.org, I would have bet that there weren't more than 50 individual separate usernames on all the forums, or in the chat room.

Maybe the other 69,950 can't figure out how to log on....

basheert said...

I think they actually ran out of pseudonyms. From what I've read, these are not the brightest individuals and they certainly have a lack of good judgment.