Thursday, 23 April 2009

Levi on Larry King

Levi on Larry King Live was a bit of an anti-climax. The questions from the public were weak, Levi was nervous, but there was one interesting slip @ 4:15: Levi said Sarah Palin was shocked like any mother who was told her daughter was pregnant at the age of si...eighteen. He started to say sixteen and corrected to eighteen, which still isn't right, as Bristol was seventeen when the conversation was supposed to have happened.

Bristol was sixteen at the time of the other pregnancy, the one that really fires our curiosity.

Here are parts 1 and 2. If anybody notices any other discrepancies, let me know. I have a splitting headache today and may have missed some details...

Mercede looked so much better than on the Tyra Banks Show, this hairstyle suits her a lot more. Go Mercede!

Levi was a bit too cautious but very cute, he has a raw quality...

Go Levi!


midnightcajun said...

At first I was disappointed, too. Then I realized the Larry King Live appearance was VERY important, simply because of what was not asked. Dozens of people from Alaska and PD sent in questions about Trig. King is an entertainer; you know he would love to have asked one of those questions. The fact that he did not tells us that the Johnstons have made it a precondition in all of their appearances that no one ask about Trig. And THAT tells us that Trig is Levi's son. Otherwise, there is no reason not to have Larry say, "Hey, Levi; tell us about these rumors that Trig is really Palin's grandson," so that Levi could say, "There's nothing to them."

It's the dog that didn't bark in the nighttime.

basheert said...

Sorry I didnt get a chance to watch it..but I will catch it on the parts you posted, thanks!
Although I am a "truther" too, it is also possible that questions about Trig are off limits just because he's a little special needs boy.
Maybe Levi and his family do NOT choose to exploit a child for political purposes simply because (unlike the GINO) they don't want to bring him into the mess.
What a nasty mess all these families are in.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say, first of all, kudos to you, Regina, for being one of the few bloggers who knows that it is "Mercede" and not "Mercedes."

Secondly, I was not disappointed in it at all. This totally legitimizes any story about Palin-Johnston children. It opens up a whole new level for the story and its coverage.

I agree that there were obviously pre-conditions. Every interview has them on that show. Plus, Levi is about to start a custody battle.

But this LKL interview, by my lights, built a lot of sympathy for the Johnston family, and it definitely highlighted that Levi is just a kid--a teenager--surrounded by his mom and sis. Hats off to Rex Butler and Tank Jones!