Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Paying Sarah Palin's legal fees

Troopergate was a bipartisan investigation and the committee which commissioned it had 8 Republican and 4 Democratic members.

Could somebody explain how it became political?

The way I read it, it became very political indeed after the RNC got involved in the affair with their efforts to rescue their precious, shoddily vetted vice presidential candidate.

Sarah Palin had agreed with the original Branchflower investigation saying that she had "nothing to hide". The worst case scenario at that point would have been a slap on the wrist and that would have been the end of the story.

Then Sarah Palin was tapped by McCain and a possible slap on the wrist became a huge no-no.

Five Republican lawmakers filed a lawsuit against the original commitee, claiming the investigation was of a political nature and the AG filed another suit claiming the subpoenas issued by the legislative committee to the governor, her staff and her husband were not valid.

Kelly Shackelford, an attorney from the Liberty Legal Institute, Texas, was retained as co-counsel assisting Brena, Bell, & Clarkson, of Anchorage, to the tune of $185,000. The two suits were amalgamated and heard by Judge Peter A. Michalski, who ruled that the subpoenas and the investigation were valid.

Somebody must have advised Sarah Palin to move the investigation to the safer Personnel Board and to retain private legal counsel. Enter the $500,000 worth of legal fees in the shape of Thomas Van Flein. She hired a very expensive attorney to defend her against... herself, as the Personnel Board complaint was filed by none other than Sarah Palin.

The RNC operatives were very conspicuous in Alaska during the vice presidential campaign and heavily involved in the Troopergate proccedings, doing what they do best: smearing the reputation of an honest public servant. Walt Monegan was painted as some rogue, worthless loose cannon by Sarah Palin's knights in shining armour.

What happened next is also typical of their tactics and disloyalty. The Republicans lost the election, Sarah Palin was of no further use to them, so she was left high and dry with a huge legal bill.

Sarah Palin said many times since the campaign that she was poorly advised by the RNC team. For once I agree with her.

The much publicized $150,000 wardrobe is small fry compared to the $500,000 their advice cost her. Where are they now?

As far as they are concerned, Sarah Palin belongs in the same trash bags that hold her expensive clothes...

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Anonymous said...

It's very clear now why she won't go to any of the RNC dinners.

Being stabbed in the back is not so nice when it's YOUR back, GINO...


Dianne said...

She was poorly advised by the RNC. They did a bad job vetting her, she just does a bad job in general - but then again so do they. I'm sure they're lining up to throw her under the bus. It's what they do best.

basheert said...

I'm sure the RNC is avoiding her like the plague. She is way too out of the mainstream (of course so are they) but she has L-O-S-E-R tattooed to her forehead.
If they even think she is funneling dollars away from the RNC, they will crush her like a bug.
Her unfavorables are way too high. She was exposed in the campaign and people know who and what she is.
She's toast.
And if by some strange reason she actually becomes the nominee, I'll buy the champagne for all of us.
This is her last hurrah.

Kelly said...

Thank you for writing this out. I'm going to link this post to people who insist that Troopergate was a "Democratic witch hunt."

teal said...

...the were hunting alright but the Witch is Repug