Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sarah Palin: "It's not my fault!"

Shannyn Moore put together a handy list of all things great and small that are not Sarah Palin's fault.

Troopergate was her brother-in-law’s fault. Walt Monegan was a rogue commissioner. Her pro-Pebble Mine stance during a contentious election was the fault of a “Governor’s hat” wardrobe malfunction. Her criticisms when her witch hunting, governor-anointing pastor, Pastor Muthee, was exposed, were the fault of people who hate Jesus. Her failed interviews were Katie Couric’s and Charlie Gibson’s fault. Her exorbitant wardrobe was the RNC’s fault. Her charging the state per diem to sleep in her own bed and flying her family around the country at state expense weren’t her fault. Her daughter’s problems are Levi’s fault. Her VP political loss was John McCain’s fault. Her image problems are Tina Fey’s fault. Turkeygate was the cameraman’s fault. Her policy on aerial wolf hunting was Ashley Judd’s and Outsiders’ fault. The empty Juneau Senate seat wasn’t on her, it was the Senate Democrats’ fault.

There is another little story, in which the violation was somebody else's fault. It happened during her campaign for governor, in 2006. From an article in the Juneau Empire:

A glossy postcard promoting Republican Sarah Palin's candidacy for governor violates Alaska law, state officials say.

The postcard, featuring a picture of a smiling Palin, was sent out by the Washington D.C. based Republican Governors' Association.

Sarah Palin's response, through a spokesperson, as usual:

"What would Tony Knowles have us do? Have everyone give it back?"

"The Palin campaign had nothing to do with the Republican Governors' Association or the postcard."

"As far as I know, they sent this mailer out on their own volition."

Knowles asked a similar Democratic group to stay out of Alaska politics, and they did.

Sarah Palin failed to do the same... and blamed the outsiders, while reaping the benefits.

Some people never change!

Juneau Empire article
Shannyn Moore on HuffPo



Dianne said...

Poor, poor Sarah. Such a victim. Won't someone come and save her?

KaJo said...

Regina, I added this "whose fault was it?" item to Shannyn's blog post yesterday, and I thought I'd pass it along here, since you've reprised the topic:

Whose fault was it in that infamous recorded prank telephone call during the election campaign to giggle and agree with everything for 8 minutes and be completely oblivious to what otherwise would have been international protocol violations, national election campaign violations, running-mate disrespect, and just plain stupidity?

Oh, yeah, she blamed that on her RNC handlers. Well, they DID let the call go through after the pranksters spent two days getting through RNC security.

Floyd M. Orr said...

Regina, have you seen the latest at The National Enquirer or heard about the Johnstons on Larry King tonight?

regina said...


Oh, yes! I'll have to watch it on some blog when it gets embeded. I can't access the NE for some reason, but a friend sent me a copy+paste by e-mail.

I'm waiting to see what happens to comment on it.

It should be fun! I sent a question to LKL to stir things up a bit.

I've included your new link, but there's not a lot of Palin in your new blog...