Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Sarah Palin's respect

The same 2005 interview mentioned in my last post provides another insight into Sarah Palin's thinking:

Q:What do you plan to do next?

A: We talked in the beginning about our passions and what piques our interest.

And as much as I've become so frustrated with the Alaskan political scene, that still is my interest is serving Alaska in whatever capacity Alaskans may see fit in the future. And I recognize that there is a time and a season for everything. I don't know exactly when the season would be, but I would like to serve somehow statewide at some point because this is my home. I have great respect for my husband's native roots and I'm so fortunate to have married into this family that has ties to Alaska's, our foundation. Bush Alaska, villages, Native communities ... I think deserve a lot more respect. It's another one of my passions, and it's another kind of driving force that gets me thinking if Alaskans would choose me to do something in the future for them, I would love to serve them.

Sarah Palin said she thinks Native communities deserve a lot more respect.

How come she treats them with utter contempt, dismissing their pleas for help in preserving their livelihoods and way of life? When she took the Evangelical circus to Western Alaska, the best she could do was give them some cookies and urge them to emulate Native Todd: go and seize opportunities upon the North Slope.

They don't have to go and seek opportunities hundreds of miles away from their villages. They have a local economy based on salmon fishing, presently being wrecked by the salmon bycatch which is a result of factory trawlers from out of state fishing for pollock.

Did Sarah Palin support the Natives during the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council meeting in Anchorage last month? Did she help them make their case for a limit on bycatch allowing the salmon population to recover so their economy wouldn't collapse and they wouldn't have to face another winter without cash to buy fuel and groceries?


To the Natives of Western Alaska, salmon fishing means a whole lot more than a photo opportunity.

What is the exact meaning of the word respect in Sarah Palin's dictionary?

Excellent post about salmon bycatch: Mudflats
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Kyra said...

You mentioned the phrase "word salad" earlier. Link that to your question about SP's definition of respect :-) I would also add "magical thinking" to my professional analysis of SP.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether I should post this remark here or not. It really belongs under Classy Sarah Palin, but maybe people have moved onto the next post. Speaking of Class, HuffPo has an article pointing out that the American Chopper Boys (that's motorcycles to those of us who don't ride choppers) are making a special motorcycle to celebrate Alaska's 50th Anniversary. The Governor is all dolled up in blue jeans for the meeting in her office. I wonder if she will get a commemorative tattoo to celebrate. Then, the Ancorage Daily News can put it on the front page with the other Alaska 'tats. Classy!

basheert said...

She is such a dunce. I still cannot understand how anyone could attend SIX colleges to get one silly 4 year Journalism degree and I am NOT maligning journalists!

This is what happens when you add, and blend salad - and then use a spinner.

Her brain is absolute mush. She's also a lying hypocrite.

She's also expressing interest in a Statewide position...translation: Senator. Lisa had better watch her back.

Ivyfree said...

"I still cannot understand how anyone could attend SIX colleges to get one silly 4 year Journalism degree and I am NOT maligning journalists!"

And still be unable to name a single newspaper.

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

Waht is the exact meaning of the word respect in Sarah Palin's dictionary?

HA, nothing but vote for me cuz I say I respect you.....gimmie those native votes.

BTW......go here and vote for our real guy.....LA times must be a crazy ass conservative paper!

Kyra said...

she is, however, quite adept at twisting words to suit herself. Katie Couric asked her what she reads, meaning, what do you read? and since SP doesn't read anything or know anything, she twisted that to say "poor me, look at the big, bad journalist trying to demean us poor Alaskan hicks by trying to make us look stupid and uneducated by implying that we're out here in the back of beyond and don't get newspapers and magazines."

does this woman never look at her videos? as a narcissist, I find that hard to believe. when I look at the clip with her saying "but it's not about you, Katie" or the video of her news conferences or cabinet meetings, she leans on her hand, she twirls her chair, she slouches, she rolls her eyes, her tone of voice is dismissive, bored, and whiny.

You could turn the sound off and know that here is someone who does not want to be there, is not at all interested in anything anyone has to say, is better than anyone else, and that whatever is going on is a total waste of her time. Just give me my paycheck, and I'm out of here.

It's like watching a trainwreck.

Mini14 said...

Your posts rock! Keep them coming!

midnightcajun said...

I am so tired of hearing this woman talk about Todd as if he were a Native Alaskan. He is 7/8 white and 100% redneck, and Sarah is a racist who uses her husband's tiny percentage of Native ancestry as a figleaf for her own intolerant belief system. Grrrhh.

Anonymous said...

I can understand one being proud of family heritage; but actions speak louder than words.

A spokesman for a rural community asked the governor of the state for assistance. In response, the Palin administration waited for two preachers and a purse instead of providing immediate emergency aid. Is that how one helps family or constituents?

Anonymous said...

To: Basheert

I have a theory as to why she went to five/six colleges:

She starts school and is immediately popular. Being attractive, charming, friendly personality, nice figure and that dazzling smile!

I'll bet she had plenty of first. Then, as people got to know her, saw her flawed personality, vindictiveness and her back stabbing ways, I'll bet by the end of the year, she wasn't so popular!

What to do? Hey, don't go back to the school where they don't like you...start another school and be popular all over again!

This is just another of my crazy theories but it kind of makes sense.