Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sarah Palin, smart and personable

Sarah Palin supporter, defending the Governor after criticisms from the left and the right:

"Sarah Palin, on the other hand, has been spending the aftermath of the election quietly attending to state business in Alaska.

Sarah Palin is smart and personable, which is the real reason she has become a target."

Attending to state business?

Sarah didn't attend any of the meetings requested by the lawmakers to discuss the stimulus plan.

Sarah is ignoring 6 million gallons of crude oil sitting at the foot of an erupting volcano.

Sarah also ignored the humanitarian crisis in the Yukon Delta for six weeks and the best she could do was take an Evangelical circus to the wrong villages for a photo-op and insult a village elder.

Smart and personable?

Sarah rejected federal funds that would have gone to education, special needs children, training, weatherization and many other projects.

Sarah alienated several groups with her appointment of Attorney General, among them Alaska Natives and homosexuals.

Sarah picked a Republican to fill a vacant seat in the Alaska Senate, rejecting the choice from the area's Democrats.

Sarah issued a snarky and inflammatory response to an ethics complaint filed by an Alaskan citizen concerning the Governor's blatant advertising of her husband's Iron Dog sponsor.

Sarah continued to whine about the media.

Sarah insulted RNC staff, branding them not fit to pray with her.

Sarah is slaughtering hundreds of wolves and bears to pander to the wishes of her hunter friends.

Sarah Palin is not attending to anything, is not being smart and not being personable.

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Dianne said...

Well, I certainly take exception to the use of the words "smart" and "personable" with Sarah Palin. Ignorant and rude I think would be more fitting.

jo said...

Proof Palin Lied & Was Member of AIP - Vice Chairman of AIP says

This is on you tube, dated Oct. 2008. I tried to copy the address but it was too long I guess. CNN only reported on this one time and then for some reason never brought it up again. It needs to be shouted all over, she gets away with way to much.

basheert said...

Oh for heaven's sake ... Nailpins has spent the last week ignoring an erupting volcano in the backyard. This is not a surprise people.

I do take exception to anyone describing her as SMART. She may be a lot of things to a lot of people, but she can't even fake SMART.

Emily said...

Palin can be personable(at least to some), and that's why she's so dangerous. Also, the descriptor I found most surprising in that supporter's statement was "quietly". If there's one thing Palin surely isn't, it's quiet.

LisanTX said...

Oooooo Jo,

here is the link

I just watched it and around 6 minutes, the speaker says that Sarah Palin was a member of the AIP, but before she ran for mayor "she had to go along to get along" and left the AIP.

Good catch!!!

Regina, you've got to listen to this--at around 6 minutes.