Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Come on, Sarah, tell us the truth about the babies!

Sarah Palin and her invaluable RNC advisors had the brilliant idea of deflecting the rumours surrounding her fake pregnancy with Trig by announcing Bristol Palin's 5 month pregnancy in September 2008.

In order to reinforce the credibility of Bristol's advanced enough gestation (which prevented her from being the mother of both babies), they probably thought: "Hey, let's shift the rumours from pregnancy number 1 to pregnancy number 2 and everything will fall into place!"

It didn't work very well because the rumours about the first pregnancy were out there long before the Trig truthers really got busy, long before Sarah Palin was chosen as vice presidential candidate, long before the RNC started "helping" Sarah Palin with her little scandals.

Bill McAllister himself is on the record saying that Sarah Palin approached him to deny the rumours about Bristol being pregnant before she had announced the Trig pregnancy as her own!

The following video dates the rumours quite well. Enjoy!

Recall Sarah Palin


MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Great! You posted it! Someone over to Audrey's place mentioned this clip, and when I went to YouTube, I saw that it only had been viewed 314 times. So, friends, go to YouTube as well and show some love!

Anonymous said...

Once again, great job, Regina!!!!

Anonymous said...

He he he...

That's what happens when you cover a lie with another lie.

It will unravel! Pass the popcorn.


Duncan said...

Thank you Regina,

I use Firefox with Download Helper to save the video clip to my ever growing file of Palin related "stuff."


Anonymous said...

You people are out of your tiny minds!!! Take some medicin for your PDS!!! You make me sick!!!

B said...

Anonymous said,
"You make me sick!!!"

Glad to be of service, Anonymous.

basheert said...

If you don't like it, you can always leave.
Glad we had an effect on you - psychos so often ignore their feelings when their mental midgetry is noted.

Sarah in SC said...

basheert--love your comment. excellent!

oh, i just love it when someone finds a little nugget like this and the p-bots go berserk.

the truth will out!

now, somebody save several copies of it before it gets sucked into the black hole of disappearing palin information!

The Dame said...

Thank you for posting this, it is very powerful and adds a new/ old perspective to where we are in the Babygate mystery. Why did it take so long for this to make it to the public. Since the time of Sarah's nomination there has been comments and postings referring to this interview but it was never made public. (or at least widely distributed). Why now? Who is behind putting it on youtube, or who released it to the poster or allowed it to be found? The silence can be deafening, but people know, why are they still waiting?

The Dame said...

Anonymous @18:15, please take heart we are 100% behind Sarah when she says "I pray that the truth about my family / Trig finally comes out", so do we!

And what is PDS? Is that like PMS for Palin's Deceptions?

The truth shall set you free.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous@18:15 who complains of illness. PDS....Hm...does that mean Palin's supporters have it, too? So, might we attribute your anger on this thread to PDS as well?

Sign me,
A concerned citizen who tries to check in with extreme right-wingers in the process of flipping out on public boards.

basheert said...

Palin Derangement Syndrome?

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

PDS originated with GINO, and she still has it.

My WV: comenerd. I'm right heeeere!

FW said...

I saw a link to this video over at HuffPo this morning in the comments section under the story about Sarah's latest ethics snafu.

You know this story (Babygate) just does not die, when Sarah could have made it all go away if she is truly Trig's bio mom. According to Gryphen's latest post, he has learned quite a bit of new information lately...so it seems this may be getting some new legs.

basheert said...

She cannot ever admit anything - it's her pathology.
No matter what comes out with Babygate, it will hurt her children.

But I don't think she has ever cared.

Truth Lover- said...

Hey Anonymous, if anyone is sick, it is "you people." "You people" are in denial and are false Christians! You cover up for someone who lies and uses people. You make constant excuses and one day you will repent for this!!

By the way "PDS" Palin Derangement Syndrome is a great description for what "you people" have. You are so obsessed with Sarah Palin that you are unable to see the TRUTH about her. But our Lord sees what she does.

Lilybart said...

This photo is damning but there are others at least as curious. One from an Urban Hike she took at 6 1/2 months where she is NOT pg. Whole video on that one.

But the most curious is the fact that AND and the State website purged all photos from Jan-April 2008. When she was made the VP candidate, people on blogs found photos and then went back and poof, gone. If you go now there is NOTHING LEFT. Why? This Gov does noting without a photo-op. The leg was in session. Where are the photos and the videos from the local TV stations???

Kyra said...

Even when ADN tried to do a story to HELP her put this story to rest, she flipped out and accused them of perpetuating gossip and rumors. WTF? She can't even listen? Really scary for someone running a state, much less wanting to run a country.

As stated repeatedly, all she has to do, is either 1) give her doctor permission to release a statement that she delivered Trig, or 2) the hospital or delivery or maternity nurses, or 3) release his birth certificate. Although, at this point, doubtful anyone would believe that.

Lisabeth said...

I am pretty sick of ADN. They have ruined their forums by too much editing and team Sarah nuts pressing the abuse button. I feel they are caving in to them. If they want true debate they should have few brief rules period-no swearing, no spam.

drew from lil ol texas said...

oh joe!

tell me it ain't so!

you betcha!!

gotta love the truth!!

Gino is shooting her toes off trying to keep all the lies straight!

Can you imagine trying to live a life of lies the way she does?!

I cannot think of anything that would be worth the while!

The karma is in the process of chewing her up!

Gino, you deserve every bit of it!!

just my opinion!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Regina, thanks for this! We as "Trig Truthers" cannot let this die! This will expose GINO for the liar that she is!
I heard this rumor on a blog @ newspaper and they guy said he was a friend of a lawyer in Wasilla and it "was common knowledge in Wasilla" that GINO was not preg. it was Bristol! I think when she learned she might be "tapped" the deception began..
also too,
as Trig was DS babe and was not easily adoptable....she quietly strapped on the fake belly, started the fake pregnancy, not for Bristol or Trig but herself, look what a great campaign prop he made for her!!!!
And to the palinbots when your whole world crashes, when all the skeletons tumble out of GINO's closet, you will still be making excuses for her, will blame others b/c your all as sick as your queen, talk about derangement syndrome!!!

get real said...

I wouldn't worry too much about the Palinbots, most of them think that Earth is only 6,000 years old. What do they know about the Truth?

In other words, they are so breathtakingly ignorant it's like trying to reason with an amoeba.
It just can't be done. So why bother.