Thursday, 9 April 2009

Sarah Palin is too busy

Sarah Palin has declined the following invitations to Republican events:

House Republicans annual winter retreat January 31.
Claimed to be too busy with pressing state business, but went to Alfalfa Dinner.

GOP's Senate-House Dinner on June 8.
Too busy with the 2009 Legislative session, which ends on April 18, but is going to Indiana for pro-life banquet on April 16.

The South Carolina GOP Silver Elephant Banquet in May.
Same as above.

Why does Sarah Palin use the state of Alaska as an excuse to decline invitations by her own party to high profile events?

Too busy?

Sarah Palin's business:

Whining about the media.

Giving interviews to Fox News.

Operating the hotline to People magazine.

Whining about "frivilous" ethics complaints and lawsuits.

Appointing crony Joe Schmidt as third in line to step in as governor should anything happen to her or the lieutenant governor.

Travelling with the Evangelical circus to insult native elder regarding energy crisis in rural Alaska.

Attending Iron Dog race in her official capacity in full Arctic Cat garb.

Slaughtering bears and wolves.

Playing political games with Juneau Democrats by appointing a Republican to vacant Alaska Senate seat, calling the usual process unconstitutional.

Appointing another person to above seat whose name was not on the list submitted by Juneau Democrats.

Appointing anti-native crony Wayne Anthony Ross for the Attorney General position after Talis Colberg found himself under the bus.

Calling for legitimately elected US Senator Mark Begich to step down, calling for a special election so corrupt Ted Stevens may reclaim his seat.

Playing political games with stimulus money for education and social projects.

Dodging Alaska lawmakers who asked for a face-to-face meeting to discuss stimulus plan.

Doing absolutely nothing about 6 million gallons of crude oil sitting at the base of an erupting volcano.

I don't see how her presence in Alaska benefits the people of the state.

Sarah Palin should sarahpac her bags and move to the Lower 48 as soon as possible.

Which brings me back to the initial question: why does Sarah Palin use the state of Alaska as an excuse to decline invitations by her own party to high profile events?

Is she afraid of saying the wrong thing? Is she afraid of having to answer questions from the media?

Keeping a low profile shields her from awkward situations, but she shouldn't use the state of Alaska to that end.

Perhaps it's time for Alaskans to do the "shoe thing".

Just a word of advice: don't waste your time piling the shoes outside the Governor's mansion in Juneau. Sarah would NEVER see them there!


Dianne said...

Please don't send her to the lower 48!! We don't want her, either. Perhaps prison.

basheert said...


Not the Lower 48.
We don't WANT HER and we have nothing to shoot from her helicopter.

Thanks for clarifying though. I had wondered what she does.

FEDUP!!! said...

Well, maybe TEXAS, but NOT THE REST OF THE LOWER 48!!! We don't want her/don't need her!!! (unless we can put her to use, scrubbing the floors in our federal 'strong-houses', i.e. prisons, that is! ;) )

Ella said...

I honestly think she is AFRAID to speak. Meg and People Magazine speak for her unless she has a prepared speech written for her.
I am beginning to think she knows she is way over her head - what if someone asks her a question or a follow-up question? Now that she has alienated the RNC, most of the media (except Fixed News), and most of the GOP, what can she do?
Best I can see is 3rd Party ticket in 2012 or a gig on Fox (likely).

FW said...

Don't send her here...the nation voted to keep her a$$ and the rest of the Wasilla hillbillies in Alaska...besides, with all her talk about being a "soverrign state", I think she wasnt to appoint herself Queen for Life of the Frozen tundra.

LadySam said...

You people need to wise up. You are making yourself look not only clueless but totally uneducated. Governor Palin has been totally devoted to this legislative session, has presented many bills of which maybe 10 have been acted on. Stop believing the uninformed bloggers and MSM do some research. Sarah Palin is fulfilling political office the way is should be done!

regina said...


Just nine of the 419 bills introduced have passed through the full Legislature so far. Governor Palin couldn't be bothered to send representatives to discussions on the bills she supported!