Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sarah Palin is NOT pro-choice

A liberal newspaper in the UK picked up on Sarah Palin's "choice" stance at the Indiana shindig. Everybody seems to be a bit puzzled by her moments of doubt.

But hey, God came through for her and she "chose" life!

Sarah Palin's hypocrisy gives me a rash and a headache.

The real message is that she was tempted, but God guided her. It has nothing to do with having any empathy with women in the same position, it's all to do with her faith and her own personal Evangelical agenda.

It must be very difficult to be Sarah Palin. How can she reconcile her religious beliefs with giving ageing redneck wingnuts a raging hard-on?

Article on Guardian UK


Ennealogic said...

This reminds me of ...

Some time ago, when I was a serious student of religions, cosmologies, and the practices that go along with them -- we discussed how the 'Lord's Prayer' might really have been worded initially.

"Lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil..."

That always made sense to me instead of how that line is said now. This means we ask and expect to be tested but we pray to be helped to make the right choices.

Those who would remove the possibility of that choice are removing a very vital aspect of human evolution. How do we grow stronger without practice? Anti-choice advocates would rob people of making a choice for themselves, and insisting that the same choice is the only choice anyone should ever make anyway.

Life doesn't work that way unless the world is only black and white.

Anonymous said...

Oh ICK - honestly she makes my ears bleed and at this point, my brain shuts down and I go fetal if I hear her name.
I just want whatever god or entity controlling the universe to shut this one up. She's like the parent or the teacher in the Charlie Brown movies...all you hear is WA WA WA.

Geez what a freaking moronic IDIOT she is.

lisabeth said...

I can't stand her!!! Have you ever seen a politician so hated? But then the group that loves her feels just as strong. It is pretty interesting psycologically. For me narcissusts and opportunists really bother me. I just want something to really stick so she is gone.
I bet that if it came out that Trig was not really here that her supporters would still adore her. Don't you think they would make excuses for her lies? They do it now!

lisabeth said...

Ugh sorry for my spelling mistakes!! This iPod corrects words on it's own and is often wrong! I meant to say that if it came out that Sarah is not trigs mother her supporters ( I think) would overlook it. They are a scary group!

regina said...


I know the feeling... after writing a really good, articulate comment we spot a bunch of typos and go duh!

Sometimes the new technology conspires against our best efforts. In my case, the thoughts go faster than my fingers on the keyboard.

However it comes across, one thing is clear: Sarah has to be stopped!



regina said...


I don't know how to submit stuff to the Huffington Post. I've written a couple of diaries on DailyKos, but they tend to get buried very quickly.

I'm gradually getting more hits, maybe one day I'll make it big!


anne s said...

i have never posted here..but read this blog daily :) Thank you!

One comment in todays post caught my eye.. something noone talks about and it was blazingly obvious to me the first couple times I saw S.P.

Here was a lady in shiny pink gloss lipstick, licking her lips, winking and doning 6 inch heels.

And then .. I'm a born again Christian.

Huh ? See it would be fine with me, just another wacko politician using whatever he/she thinks "works" but then to spill God all over it?

And no Christians were saying anything... were they blind? Are they still? I would find it quite offensive. I spent a chunk of my life in a very religious setting (whew! all over that.. now just spiritual in my heart) and one of the "MAIN" Christian teachings for women was .. do not cause "lust"
I know it sounds silly.. but that is serious teaching in the church.

And yet.. here she comes out on stage doning porn star wanna be paraphernalia? And no one says anything? Do they truly hate Obama so much they overlook this?

Just thanks for this post.. all these months I thought I was a little crazy..

LisanTX said...

anne s--She did get a pass on the lack of modesty. Maybe modesty was an issue they pushed several years ago. It seems like one of the issues "du jour" is abortion. So if a person agrees with the abortion issue, then modesty becomes a non-issue. Especially for a cute, "charming" person. If SP been smart and experienced but unattractive and not blatantly "sexy," they wouldn't have overlooked the heels, winks, etc.

Kinda weird. I wonder what kind of reaction would have occurred if Palin had been a Democrat?

Anonymous said...

Anne S., an excellent point. If you read the Jane Mayer article from the New Yorker 2008, you find out that all those all guys in the GOP who helped to pick Palin (Barnes, Kristol et al) thought she was "a honey," and a real looker. They definitely "lusted" for her. The GOP consciously traded on this "appeal" in her public appearances. She WINKED for goodness' sake in the VP debate! How embarrassing is that???

Where was the outrage over that from the Christian conservatives? Palin is someone who shocked a couple of McCain aides by coming into a meeting wearing only a towel, remember? Conservative Christians, you sanctioned that behavior.

I have found that those who support Palin, no matter how "fervent" they may be, have no ideological consistencies. They don't know why they are for her. If you try to get them to explain, all they can do is bash Obama. Oh, like we won't notice you can't defend your candidate's actions, votes, record in office, or her policies or even her rhetoric?

To me, Palin is a faux Christian type. She is horrible to people, threatening them, bullying them--even the father of her grandchild who is a teenaged boy!

Palin doesn't seem to understand the most basic tenets of Christianity: the golden rule and forgiveness.

Why don't her Christian followers excuse Palin's lack of Christian behavior?

Anonymous said...

oops - correction. Sorry. Should be: "Why DO her Christian followers excuse Palin's lack of Christian behavior?"

Regina, have you applied to Huffington Post directly? You should!

Anonymous said...

Regina, re: HuffPo. Have you tried e-mailing a query to The other thing to do is look at the editorial staff listings (esp. the blog editors), and see if any of them have written articles on HuffPo. You can sometimes find their direct e-mail addresses there?

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about the comments made by Anne S. On one hand, I can recall seeing devout Christian TV programs with beautifully made up women who were, to be frank, sexy-- business is business, and they want to appeal to as many people as possible. My objection to Sarah's pink glossed lips, wink wink, sexy black boots has nothing to do with her religion, or her use of religion to appeal to the conservative elements in the Republican Party. My objection is that it doesn't look professional, or rather, it advertises the wrong profession (lol). I can remember an early job that I had during the time when ratted hair and beehive hairdo's were the fashion (no secrets here). I was taken aside by several members of the staff, male and female, and told politely that my hairdo wasn't appropriate for the job I was doing if I wanted to be taken seriously. I know, it was before the days of gender discrimination and sexual harrassment, but they really were right. Watch the other women in politics who regularly appear on TV and compare their overall look with the Palin Look. We're agreeing that the lip gloss and wink wink isn't the right look for her, whether or not it is unchristin or simply inapproprite. She is still the Pageant Queen, cue the wave wave wink wink to the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Regina...I found that all rednecks in my world never heard a word coming out of her's that red lipstick!

Oh, and I tried to post your blog on HuffPost twice the other day...I don't believe they made moderation. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Great blog, Regina! Thanks!

anne s said...

The crazy church I attended back in the day was a holiness church.. long sleeves the whole nine yards

Well, 20 years later I am in touch with many of those fine folks via Facebook. They are all Palin fanatics.. The pastor's son has photos of her rally all over his page (and a few of just him and her taken specially)..

And these are the people that gave you a stern eye if you dared put on clear nail polish.. ooh evil girl

See.. to me it just shows the holes in so many religious groups (I am a Christian.. but I hope a genuine one) ... they can't stand Obama.. and hear she goes to church .. hates abortion.. blah blah
Blind eye to the rest

Interesting thing.. I read an article during the election where she actually said she doesn't attend church regularly anymore... ok.. once again. a blind eye

And not to mention her hatred speeches.. a real head shaker

AKPetMom said...

"The higher the hair the closer to God"
(I'm an Alaskan that grew up in the South. Case in point I still wear makeup when I hike or climb....old habits die hard!)

lisabeth said...

Regina there are instructions at huffington on how to be one of their bloggers. Go for it!!!! Getting these stories and info about Palin to the public is so important!

Dianne said...

Regina, The comments here are very inspiring. Your blog has been the path to a lot of great communication and ideas between and from a lot of intelligent people. Absolutely, work on getting your pieces on Huffington Post. It's obvious you work very hard on your posts and I would love to see you get there.

jo said...

I thank SP for my conversion from Christianity. Before she came along I went to Church once a week or more, listen to Christian music in the car, read my Bible everyday, and felt good to be a Christian. I couldn't believe that with all her lies, hatefulness, etc. that she also claimed to be a Christian. Top it off with the Christian right who play just as dirty and I was ashamed to be associated with that. Before the election I had a nightmare and I woke up hollering she's the devil, I had dreamed she had two small horns on her head. I started researching the Bible not just reading it. I could no longer agree that it was inspired by God. Talk about baby killer. So many contradictions, fairy tales, and just stupidity. We now know that spilling sperm on the ground is not killing a baby, people with physical illness such as epilepsy are not possessed by the devil, people cannot live in the belly of a fish for three days, do not rise from the dead, and on and on. There may have been a man named Jesus, but I doubt all the tall tails, my God is better than your God stuff. Copied off of Greek Mythology. I do believe there has to be a God and there is more to life after this one than we know, but religion is just mans ideas of what God is.