Friday, 24 April 2009

Queen Sarah's Court

The trustee of the new and improved Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund is Palin's childhood best friend, Kristan Cole.

Kristan Cole represented Alaska in the Miss America beauty pageant in 1983. Sarah didn't win the Miss Alaska contest 1984, losing to an African American contestant, Maryline Blackburn.

Kristan Sapp, as she was known then, didn't figure among the semi-finalists in the Miss America pageant and Miss California won the crown...

But our Sarah won another crown, she's now the Queen of Alaska, known to the rest of us mortals as governor.

Sarah Palin's court consists of no less than 100 high school and church buddies. Oh, yes! The Queen bestowed the highest honours on the chosen few, drawn from the Mat-Su Valley nobility.

Kristan Cole holds two honourable positions in Queen Sarah's court: she was appointed to the Royalty Oil and Gas Development Board in May 2007. Her term expires in 2012. A month later, Kristan was appointed to the Board of Agriculture and Conservation and her term expires later this year.

All members of the Board of Agriculture and Conservation were beheaded, oops, sacked by Queen Sarah in June 2007 and replaced by people closer to her own heart in what became known as Dairygate.

Kristan's consort, Brad Cole, wasn't left out, being honoured with an appointment to the Alaska Real Estate Commission. He is the current Chairman of that commission.

Who better than the Queen's loyal lady-in-waiting to preside over the backlash against the peasants, otherwise known as the citizens of Alaska?

Further reading about Dairygate


Dianne said...

No wonder nobody in the valley will speak out. They all owe Queen Sarah big time. If they did, it would be off with their heads!

Lana said...

Hey everyone, check out the wording in this article at Vanity Fair.

Note this sentence: Levi Johnston, the father of Sarah Palin’s first acknowledged grandchild, appeared on The Tyra Banks Show two weeks ago to end his silence

Pretty interesting coming from Vanity Fair, you betcha, don't ya think?

RLS said...

A suggestion was made on to lay out graphically the whole "family tree" of Palin Wasilla crony appointments. It would be interesting to see the whole group in a single chart.

Anonymous said...

I second that suggestion!
[Hi RLS, I followed your link from mudflats ;) ]

btw, Regina, your post has a minor error/typo. If Palin lost to Maryline Blackburn, it was in 1985, not 1984. If she lost in 1984, it was to Jennifer Smith. Not that it really matters, but I assume you would like to be accurate.

Thanks for the info...keeping track of her cronies cannot be an easy job!


lisabeth said...

It is interesting that Kristin Cole lost to an African American woman. I don't know if you have sen the articles where her ex husband was a "white nationalist" and they actually moved to South Africa to SUPPORT the apartheid. Scary racist stuff!! I always wonder if Palin was a bit racist as well based on comments she has made and her hiring record.

lisabeth said...

Regina, Have you heard of this? The Alaskan senate sending a bill that supports succession from the US??

regina said...


I was a bit puzzled by the dates when I researched this fascinating subject (Oh yeah!). I think the Alaska competition must happen the year before the Miss America... hence the disparity.


Anonymous said... are correct in regards to Palin losing to Maryline. Maryline was interviewed on one of the news stations during the campaign...I think it was MSNBC, but not sure.

KaJo said...

Re: Kristan Cole,

Read Andrew Halcro's blog entry for February 2, 2009 labelled "The Valley Dairy: Got Fraud?" for a little background into lady-of-waiting Kristan's credentials in what may be another ethics violation, or worse, a felony, for both her and her Queen.

Kristan Cole's part in the Matanuska Maid/Valley Dairy fraud case is under the paragraph "The Loan Process".

It's a wonder how -- even with information like that at our fingertips -- these people have skated along without apparent fear of the law.

Would any of YOU put your donated money in the hands of this woman?

Anonymous said...

Ah, that makes sense to explain the disparity, Regina. Thanks for clarifying!

basheert said...

OK -
I vote for taking the entire weekend off.
The Governor's office is more incestuous than Henry VIII's court.
I can only assume that NO ONE in SP's high school class was able to find a job so she's supporting them all with State jobs.
Welcome to Wasilla High - obviously SPs class was composed of very low achievers.
Of course she's a racist - geez ...

teal said...

...don't ya know it's not that The GiNO is picking those high school folks on's just that Wasilla ia a small town...

You believe me...RIGHT?