Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Don't miss it! UPDATED

Please read this: "Anti-WAR letter: Opposing Wayne Anthony Ross ". It provides very solid evidence about WAR's unsuitability for the office of Attorney General.

There's very little time left, but the Legislature have to reject this guy. The more I read about WAR, the more depressed I get. Surely Alaskan Senators and Representatives have some common sense and compassion? They cannot leave the women and children of Alaska at the mercy of this man's whims.

Sarah Palin's family values are deeply flawed. Her recent behaviour is not just erratic, it's criminally insane.

UPDATE Extra link: WAR's Anti-gay letter


LisanTX said...

Excellent letter from Ms. Green. It was very professional and offered specific reasons for and evidence of her concerns.

Now only if the legislators actually read all the letters being sent to them! I hope that their staff at least presents Ms. Green's letter to them for reading.

Basheert said...

Excellent letter - it was WAY too long, detailed, intellectual and used big words.
However, this is making the assumption that the AK Legs can actually read, absorb facts, come to conclusion?
These guys are your basic lowlife community politicians - who work for scratch and are beholding to SP. I don't see any hope that W.A.R. isn't going to be confirmed to provide legal cover for her illegal activities.
Hey Alaska...
from the Lower 48
C'Mon down!

Dianne said...

Excellent and well-written letter. This guy, like Sarah, is a dangerous joke.