Sunday, 19 April 2009

What will Sarah Palin do next?

The Alaska State House and Senate have both passed appropriation bills taking all the stimulus money.

House vote 40-0
Senate vote 15-4

With such a large majority, they can override Sarah Palin's vetoes.

The only option left for Sarah is to refuse to request the money, or try to misuse it when it comes.

In any case, she will either shortchange Alaskans and have to explain herself or get an almighty slap on the wrist.

Well done, lawmakers!

Bill text
House vote
Senate vote



FEDUP!!! said...

Definitely well done, Legs! ;)
She cannot mis-use it, I believe. If I have read correctly, President Obama has said that here are safeguards put in place, and anyone mis-using or trying to mis-use the moneys, will be 'called out on it'...

Anonymous said...

does she own a gun?

basheert said...

FEDUP: Yes, there are definitely ways you can and cannot use stimulus dollars.
Maybe to prevent the financial grab so many in office would try.
She's such a freakshow.

regina said...

The people at cee four pee don't use the word misuse the money, they say disperse.

Same difference?


basheert said...

Everybody run
Barbie's got a gun!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

basheert: Ha you gave me a idea!
Not as good as LynnRockets or Barrdette but...
Every body run
GINO's got a gun
Her whole world's come undone
From looking at the midnight sun
What did her AG do?
What did they put her through?

They say when GINO was arrested
They found him underneath a bus
But man, he had it comin'
Now that GINOs got a gun
She always gonna be insane...
Gino'sgot a gun
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Her wolf day's just begun
Now Leg. is on the run
Tell her now it's untrue
What did her AG do?

She's just the little bitty baby
Who's goin' insane
They say the spell that she was under
The lightnin' and the thunder
Knew that someone had to stop the pain

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Run away, run away, run, run away
Everybody run
Gino's got a gun
Her wolf day's just begun
Now everybody is on the run
Killin' moose just won't do
It's Janie's last I.O.U.

the problem child said...

Run, run, run, run, run, run, run awaaay!

Who sez you don't got it? You go, grrl!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Ooops! should of been:
It's GINO's last I.O.U

basheert said...

Hey did you see what she did now? She gave Juneau Egan...

Whaaaaaaaaaa ...
Brain Fart!

Whatcha think? Did she figure out everyone HATES her and thinks she is braindead?

basheert said...

Great CrystalWolf - cool and funny - atho all the songs have been HI-larious lately.

Everybody Run
Barbie's got a gun....
It's like a motto.

basheert said...

Barbie's walkin' in the rain
Giving Juneau so much pain...
Wishing she was now V.P.
Giving us all misery!

(I am NOT good at this)