Monday, 27 April 2009

To be a Palin child...

Eight year old Piper Palin is a very cute child. But something tells me that she's going through too much, too soon, too fast and that can't be a good thing.

Recall Sarah Palin


Helen said...

This last video says it all. When Piper childishly tells the truth about not being so hot on campaigning again, Sarah pipes in with her control word "sister". Sarah's voice sounds almost pleading. Piper knows what to do when The Governor breaks in - immediately agree.

Kyra said...

Well, she didn't need all those children to work the farm, she needed them to create the perfect little family for her campaign brochures. it's the unposed images and the miles of video from the campaign trail that tell the real story of this family for those trained to read them.

This is not a healthy, normal (whatever that is) American family and whatever their values are, they're certainly not mine.

BTW. Does anyone else think it's odd that Bristol's child/ren are obviously named by Sarah? What's up with that? Did Levi have ANY say?

Anonymous said...

Disturbing to read that Sarah took Piper, her 7 or 8 yrs. old CHILD to the POLICE STATION .....ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!to give account of what she witnessed while in the van that Wooten approached to talk to his kids some weeks earlier. Disgusting, vindictive.

This was on Esquire magazine showcasing the glacier dud dad.


Dianne said...

Is Piper the most maleable? Poor baby - she needs a big hug, a snuggle bear and a night-night story - not what she her mother is making her responsible for. She's a tough little dickens.

Anonymous said...

Rose Rosetree included a brief reading on Piper in one of her blog posts back in January. Rose's blog is called "Deeper Perception Made Practical." (I know many readers don't understand/accept this type of perception, but fwiw.)

Rose found that much of the sparkle of childhood has rubbed off for Piper, not from public attention but from a lack of bondedness to a parenting figure.

Rose also found that Piper had an underlying belief to the effect of “Pay attention to me. I’m fed up with being dressed and pushed out on display. When are you going to care about how I am, not just how I look?”

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Helen noticed that strong use of the word, sister, when Sarah needed to exercise control over Piper. I read it a different way. As a devoted follower of Palin's Deceptions, I think that there is at least the possibility that Trig might actually be Bristol's child. Piper was too young to be let in on the "family secret" but she did have this new brother show up mysteriously. I think that "sister" is meant to emphasize Piper's (so-called) relationship to Trig. I think this was the same interview where Piper, wearing Sarah's high heeled shoes, tottered up the stairs carrying "brother." I can hear it now, "Sister, take care of your BROTHER!"

People who collected photos of Sarah when she was supposed to be expecting Trig noticed that Piper was a frequent prop, often accompanying her mom on lots of state events. Piper was even placed in front of Sarah, obstructing our view of her abdominal area. And doesn't that kid ever go to school? No wonder she can't write her own thank you note. She can sign her name on a sign at the rally. Poor Piper aleady has alot on her plate in that crazy family.

PS My Word is ouseess, as in oh! you see ss! Fill in your own blank for ss.

Kyra said...

I can't comment on auras or chakras, just my training in counseling, learning to read people, body language, expression, what they're not saying. The words someone says are often not as important as how they say them and what's going on as they say them.

We say empathy is the most important skill in our field - being able to make that connection - and images are a powerful tool for us to learn about people we need to learn about, especially when we have the ability to see unscripted, unedited moments.

I agree that Piper seems to be a tired little girl.

The Dame said...

There is some kind of legitamizing thing going on with Sarah and Piper. For a while it was stand in front of my stomach from 2/08 until her "birth" of Trig--let's keep them guessing. There is the pictures with reps from around the world and Sarah is wearing a aqua ski jacket and has Piper in the "official" picture. Everyone else is wearing suits and appropriate attire, and no other childern, it was just inappropriate and wierd.
And then it morphed into a look at my cute daughter and you will forget that I am hiding something or that I want you to be distracted from the truth of who I am, what I am and what I am hiding about my soul.
Dragging Piper out onto a hockey rink when she is being booed, the wierd 50th anniversary speech where Piper is standing there bare armed looking bored, tired and cold, many examples. I think Piper became a persona for Sarah to deflect her feelings of mis deeds. The public won't hurt a child, will forgive a child. ..

Kyra said...

The Dame,
I always wondered about that. On the official government site, and in tons of photo ops, official events, Sarah Palin is wearing jeans, ski jackets, etc, and others are dressed formally. Whether it was during a time when she was supposed to be pregnant or not. To me, it just shows a disrespect for the office, or the event, or whatever.

midnightcajun said...

I know everyone raves about how "cute" and "adorable" Piper is, but, um, does everyone really think so? I mean, she's a fairly ordinary looking child. Certainly not pretty, and not really all that cute, either. Just kinda blah looking. And never dressed well.

GinaM said...

LOL @ Midnightcajun...OUCH.

My daughter is 7...she'll be 8 in June. I can't imagine her missing so much school and feeling like she can't catch up. I hope they got her a tutor or something. As far as that radio interview. That was so stupid...I almost felt sorry for Piper having to listen to that stupid drivel from the radio host. Even she had to remind him that she had to go to school. SHEESH!

The Dame said...

Kyra, the "pulling close up in front" pics I have been studying start just before announcing she is pregnant until just after "giving birth" to Trig. It overlaps nicely with her "penchant" to wear concealing scarfs and the "fashionable parkas and jackets" worn indoors when no one else is and in some pictures she has parkas and people have no sleeve tops. Go figure. Before that period and after Piper is still always in tow, but not hiding her belly. After that period, Piper becomes a tag along, a "prop" if you will (not to overuse the theory but it's pretty obvious) kind of a deflecting shield. I have felt this since I started to see the odd pictures with Piper. For some reason the analogy I cannot shake is when you see very obese people wear overcoats in hot weather. As if "I wear this coat you cannot see how fat I am."

basheert said...

I have always felt very badly for Piper. She is exploited and probably extremely embarrassed for her mother. I remember when my grandgirl was 7 and thought her mother SO embarrassing, she didn't want her to come into class, and my daughter is normal!
It is a great age but also an extremely delicate age for a little girl. They are easily embarrassed and just beginning to emotionally separate while at the same time being very needy.
I'd like to go on the record and say that Piper is heading for major emotional issues. She will probably do what Bristol did. Find a guy and have a baby - a lot of young girls do this simply to have someone who loves ONLY them.
She has NO childhood.

Anonymous said...

I am not a supporter of SP's. I think she definitely uses her "motherhood" politically.

That said, I can tell you that growing up in "southern" states, calling a daughter "Sister" is not that unusual, even in this day and age, although it is retro. Go read Tennessee Williams' plays (GLASS MENAGERIE, for example) if you need further corroboration!

Ennealogic said...

It is a freakin' crime what SP has done with Piper.

She is going to be affected for life.

Damn you, SP. Damn you to hell.